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  • Title: Cross Kill
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780316317146
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback

  • Cross Kill By James Patterson Alex Cross, I m coming for you even from the grave if I have to.Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has been dead for over ten years Alex Cross watched him die But today, Cross saw him gun down his partner Is Soneji alive A ghost Or something even sinister Nothing will prepare you for the wicked truth.
    James Patterson
    Official US SiteOfficial UK SiteBookShotsJIMMY Patterson BooksOfficial Site for James Patterson s Middle School SeriesReadKiddoReadJames Patterson has created enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today with his Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women s Murder Club, Private, NYPD Red, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Middle School series As of January 2016, he has sold over 350 million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers In addition to writing the thriller novels for which he is best known, he also writes children s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and is also the first author to have 1 new titles simultaneously on the New York Times adult and children s bestsellers lists.The son of an insurance salesman and a schoolteacher, Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York, and began casually writing at the age of nineteen In 1969, he graduated from Manhattan College He was given a full ride to Vanderbilt University s graduate program in English but dropped out after a year, knowing that he wouldn t be able to continue reading and writing for pleasure if he became a college professor.Instead, he moved to New York to become a junior copywriter for the advertising agency J Walter Thompson, eventually becoming CEO of its North American company.In 1976, while still working for J Walter Thompson, Patterson published his first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, with Little, Brown and Company After being turned down by thirty one publishers, it won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel Patterson s 1993 novel, Along Came a Spider, his first novel to feature Alex Cross, was also his first New York Times bestseller in fiction.In 2001, Morgan Freeman starred as Alex Cross in a film adaptation of Along Came a Spider, and Tyler Perry also played the character in the 2012 film Alex Cross A film adaptation of Patterson s middle grade novel Middle School The Worst Years of My Life will be released in theaters in October 2016.For his initiatives to help kids become passionate readers and for his philanthropic efforts, Patterson was awarded the National Book Foundation s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community James Patterson has donated than one million books to students, emphasizing some of the most under resourced schools and youth programs in the country In 2015, Patterson donated 1.75 million to school libraries throughout the United States, and 250,000 in holiday bonuses to individual bookstore employees He also gave 1 million to independent bookstores in 2014.Patterson has recently donated over 26 million to his and his wife s alma maters the University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt University, and Manhattan College and he has established over four hundred Teacher Education Scholarships at twenty four colleges and universities throughout the country Patterson has also donated over 650,000 books to U.S soldiers at home and overseas In May 2015, Patterson launched a new children s book imprint at Little, Brown, called JIMMY Patterson, that is unwaveringly focused on one goal turning kids into lifelong readers This imprint also provides resources, strategies, and programs to serve teachers, parents, librarians, and booksellers Patterson will be investing proceeds from the sales of JIMMY Patterson Books in pro reading initiatives Patterson has also founded ReadKiddoRead, a website designed to help parents, teachers, and librarians ignite a new generation s excitement for reading.

    Cross Kill By James Patterson


    For such a short little book, it really packed a punch I didn t even know this book existed until after I had already ordered The People vs Alex Cross Good thing my library had a copy I could pick up because I needed to read Cross Kill before I could start that book Cross Kill was a fast and fun read and it was a great way to get reacquainted with Alex Cross and Co I ll probably start The People vs Alex Cross next weekend.

    Detective Alex Cross was working in the soup kitchen alongside his partner Detective John Sampson when they heard gunshots from behind them in the kitchen Their immediate response saw two injured kitchen workers, one seriously but the shock Cross felt when the culprit opened fire once again, downing Sampson and hitting Cross in the chest, was immense Because the person shooting at them was Gary Soneji who had been dead for ten years Heartbroken at Sampson s injuries, nonetheless Cross was determ [...]

    Oh James, you sly dog That ending though JP did what he s famous for doing keeping the reader wondering what s going to happen next, even after the book is done.Great little read Fast paced obviously And genuinely had me guessing if Gary Soneji was still alive or not

    Cross Kill is a novella in the popular Alex Cross series by prolific American author, James Patterson It is released under the BookShots stories at the speed of life banner, and at a mere 113 pages, it is intended to be a one sitting read Alex and his best friend and colleague, John Sampson are working the free Cafeteria at St Anthony of Padua Catholic School when shots ring out There are two victims in the kitchen, and soon, a third Sampson has a bullet in his skull Alex sees the shooter It s a [...]

    James Patterson does it again It was non stop action from the beginning to the end and a cliffhanger ending A must read for all JP fans Checkout all of his BookShot books and enjoy the ride read.aranteed

    I m surprised Patterson released this as a novella It ends on a cliffhanger and feels like the first 100 pages of a full novel especially given the subject matter instead of a stand alone novella The writing is fine but I m giving this only 2 stars for putting out an unfinished book as a novella Certainly this is the beginning of the next Cross novel The continuity seems off to since the novella Detective Cross released after this one makes no mention of this book even though it clearly impacts [...]

    Dianne Bright
    The new Bookshots format is quick and convenient for readers on the go I read this in less than two hours and felt like I was on a roller coaster all the way to the end Witty and smart to be expected but how could Patterson pull out such an array of emotions in just 113 pages Psychological thriller holds hands with Gospel vignette, or something like that the point is, I liked it and wanted The cliffhanger ending left me wishing I could read Bree s eyes.

    Patterson takes the reins in this BookShot that tells a great story from the author s longest running series While working at a local church to bring hot breakfasts to those in need, Alex Cross is confronted by a man firing a gun When Cross and his partner, John Sampson, try to corner the man, Sampson is shot in the head and left for dead as Cross tries to pursue Failing to do so, Cross cannot help but realise that his old nemesis, Gary Soneji, is the man doing the firing Problem is, Soneji has [...]

    Rachel Nicole Wagner
    5 5 stars I received an ARC from Little, Brown and Company of Cross Kill by James Patterson in the new Bookshots format Like the book says on the back, I did read this at the speed of life and within about 2 hours I really enjoyed the format, size and plot of this story Another job well done by the amazing James Patterson This new Alex Cross story from Patterson does not disappoint in any aspect Every single chapter left me hanging on the edge of my seat and wanting to know what was going to hap [...]

    Thanks to Matt for the book and recommendation This novella and his last novel remind readers how James Patterson established himself as such a popular writer In this short book, Alex and John Sampson are attacked by a man with two handguns while serving hot breakfasts, paid for by Nana Mama s lottery winnings Sampson is air evacuated, and Alex goes on the hunt for the shooter, who is an archenemy from his past, but whom Alex killed The novella follows Alex s investigation as John fights for his [...]

    Cross KillI liked this short book a whole lot than I have liked any of James Patterson s recent novels This seemed like his older writings The only downside was how short it was, his novels have always been fast reads but this way really fast considering how short it was All and all it was a welcome change with the writing I hope all of these new BookShots are as good as this one.

    Alex Cross has been working with John Sampson and been friends since they were kids and grew up in the same neighborhood They now work together in the Washington DC Police Department That morning they were eating Breakfast and suddenly there were shots fired, and Sampson was hit severely in the head and a minimal chance for living The emergency team do amazing things to John, and he holds Alex Cross, I m coming for you even from the grave if I have to Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has b [...]

    This was a 4 star read until the ending, which was a total cliffhanger That made it feel like an advertisement for the next book than a novella If your tolerance for cliffhangers is higher, you may like it

    Amber Garabrandt
    Cross Kill is the newest adventure in the Alex Cross series, and one of the first Bookshots to come out While, being a Bookshot, it was quite short I found that it was still packed with the charm and action that the series is known for We begin with Alex and his best friend Sampson serving in Nana Mama s hot breakfast kitchen after winning the lotto, Nana opened up a soup kitchen to feed the needy Oh, and bought a 3D TV The two are serving people and talking, Alex explaining that he is wearing K [...]

    Simon McDonald
    This bite sized Alex Cross thriller sees the return of his long thought dead nemesis first introduced in Along Came a Spider, Gary Soneji.Stories at the speed of life All killer, no filler The ultimate form of storytelling These are just some of the taglines associated with James Patterson s line of Bookshots titles And while the latter instigates an irrepressible eyelid twitch, I ll admit, there s something to be said for the sheer pace of Cross Kill As a lapsed Patterson reader, and a one time [...]

    Patterson has apparently coined a term for his.5 additions to his long running Cross series Bookshot Nice term for these little novellas that mystery writers are putting out between the next full book in a series This one, however, annoyingly is a cliffhanger rather than a self contained story view spoiler At least one assumes it s a cliffhanger given it ends with Cross under arrest for murder Something that can t be swept under the rug in the next installment hide spoiler Had I know, I would no [...]

    I really enjoy James Patterson s books Pure James Patterson, not the co written ones I found that out early on Believe me, I tried to like the others But when he has someone else contribute to his outline and or write the majority of the novel, I feel the quality diminishes greatly That being said, I couldn t wait for his BookShots to be published I thought they would be a wonderful idea, perfect for a quick read on a trip, at the beach, whenever One hundred and fifty pages of excitement that I [...]

    Kate~Bibliophile Book Club
    I read Along Came A Spider years ago, so this was a welcome return to Alex Cross and Gary Soneji The idea of this one is really good too It makes the reader question Soneji s death, just like Alex Its very quick, but the pace doesn t really let up, so it s very easy to read this one straight through Made me feel like I need to go and read all of the Alex Cross books

    Lucas Carlson
    True to its promise, you can read this novella in a couple hours And it has everything you want from a good novella Twists Good plot Page turner And less grusomness than his full length novels I really enjoyed it My only criticism was that the big reveal at the end left me disappointed I wished it was something interesting Overall it was a fast fun read that a lot of people would enjoy.

    loved this short story quick read will definately be reading the other short stories that James Patterson has released Cross Kill ending has left us hanging but I know in my heart Cross will be okay.

    it was a quick fast read, exactly what you want in a book shot However, I m not sure i like how this book ended with Alex Cross as i don t like to see a good guy hero s character being questioned.

    Gemma Burns
    Could have been doing with this being a full length story.left on a cliff hanger

    jv poore
    It doesn t really matter what Alex Cross John Sampson are doing, I want to read all about it.

    Quick read, fast paced and very enjoyable.

    Obviously a short sharp little 113 page book I think this was worthy of a full novel given it focused on amazingly the long departed Gary Soneji I enjoyed it Is there to be a sequel With an ending like this one there must be surely.

    Josh Newhouse
    I have to admit I was not excited about the idea of trying for mini novellas but having enjoyed the first 6 7 Alex Cross books I figured I d give it a shot.It started out with a literal bang I was curious The plot moved fairly quickly Then it ended with a case of main character taking dumb pills, a underwhelming final scene and to top it all off the Bol didn t even conclude Nothing felt resolved The twist in book 2 I felt was telegraphed It was like part 1 of a 2 part season finale for a cop sho [...]

    Catherine Mihm
    I found the book in the checkout lane at HEB I love the Alex Cross series, so I bought the book 4.99 US It s short but filled with action Alex believes a serial killer, he watched burn to death long ago may still be alive and after him following an attempt on John Sampson and Alex s lives at the local school where they were serving a hot breakfast to kids While John fights for his life in ICU GW Alex goes searching for the suspect Alex is working by emotion and finds himself ambushed He ends up [...]

    1 I love the size of this book, it s so easy to squeeze into my purse or gym bag Super handy NOW onto 2 The actual book part 2 In the beginning I was thinking yeahokaywhere s this going and then all of a sudden I couldn t put it down and needed to know every last detail so I could freak out James Patterson always has a crazy plot that you never expect and UGH I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

    One of the new Bookshots Less than 150 pages Seems like a serialization of a longer novel, with the story dead ending at what would be a pivotal point in a full length novel Definitely a money maker at 5 each This one included chapters for another, a Lindsay Boxer Bookshots, and advertises for 5 others, including a romance line Patterson is a genius or someone marketing for him is.

    Kate Hartman
    I like the idea of bookshots and I liked this storyline However, I felt like this just ended without any wrap up Like the last chapter is missing If that is suppose to lead into another bookshop, make it all one normal book Annoying

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