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  • Title: The 100 Year Miracle
  • Author: Ashley Ream
  • ISBN: 9781250082220
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The 100 Year Miracle By Ashley Ream Ashley Ream has an absolutely astounding voice she is one of the most compelling, sharpest writers working today The 100 Year Miracle is already one of my favorite novels of 2016 Gillian Flynn, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone GirlOnce a century, for only six days, the bay around a small Washington island glows like a water bound aurora Dr Rachel Bell, a Ashley Ream has an absolutely astounding voice she is one of the most compelling, sharpest writers working today The 100 Year Miracle is already one of my favorite novels of 2016 Gillian Flynn, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone GirlOnce a century, for only six days, the bay around a small Washington island glows like a water bound aurora Dr Rachel Bell, a scientist studying the 100 Year Miracle and the tiny sea creatures that create it, knows a secret about the phenomenon that inspired the region s myths and folklore the rare green water may contain a power that could save Rachel s own life and change the world When Rachel connects with Harry and Tilda, a divorced couple cohabiting once again as Harry enters the last stages of a debilitating disease, Harry is pulled into Rachel s obsession and hope as they both grasp at this once in a lifetime chance to save themselves.But the Miracle does things to people Strange and mysterious things And as these things begin to happen, Rachel has only six days to uncover and control the Miracle s secrets before the waters go dark for another hundred years.
    Ashley Ream
    Ashley Ream got her first job at a newspaper when she was 16 After working in newsrooms across Missouri, Florida and Texas, she gave up the deadlines to pursue fiction Her debut novel, Losing Clementine, which sold at auction, was a Barnes Noble debut pick, a Sutter Home Book Club pick and was short listed for the Balcones Fiction Prize She and her books have appeared in L.A Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Bust Magazine, the Kansas City Star and Marathon Beyond Magazine, among many others After a decade in Los Angeles, she recently moved to Wisconsin where she runs ultramarathons and is finishing her next novel Her new book, The 100 Year Miracle, is coming in Spring of 2016.

    The 100 Year Miracle By Ashley Ream


    Dale Harcombe
    The stunning cover first attracted me The idea of tiny sea creatures that once every hundred years for six days make the water glow phosphorescent green was fascinating It is understandable that scientists would want to study them Dr Rachel Bell is one of the scientific team To her though there is involved than just studying the creatures She has heard many mythical stories about these tiny creatures and hopes they will provide answers to her own painful secret The other main characters are Har [...]

    If you are looking for a feel good book, keep looking Although I found the overall story somewhat compelling, I developed no warm feelings for any of the characters The ending of the book was irritating and aggravating on many levels and I was actually happy to have it over with.

    Gripping, atmospheric almost exhausting in a good way read These characters and this story will stay with me for a long time.

    Muse Monthly
    It is, primarily, a story of hubris.The 100 Year Miracle begins with Dr Rachel Bell, a member of a small research team who have set out to study the Artemia lucis, a small sea creature that glows a bright green during it s mating period, which lasts for five days every 100 years, only around an island off the coast of Washington Dr Bell, however, betrays her research team to conduct a study of her own investigating the mythical painkilling properties of these sea creatures in order to cure her c [...]

    Actual rating 3.5 The writing is very well done, I thought However, while the story is compelling, I didn t connect with any of the characters and that makes it hard for me to really enjoy a story But overall, this was an engaging read.

    As in her debut novel, Losing Clementine, the author employs an almost flippant approach to her prose and to her character s inner conversations In the first novel, this approach played brilliantly into the main character s own disregard for convention and paved the reader s way on a wholly enjoyable read.In this work, however, the same playfulness serves to dampen any compelling tension as it begins to form Loosely defined characters arrive, mill about for a while and are then discarded easily [...]

    A.M. Bostwick
    It s been a long time since I was so caught up in a book that I forgot about and burned my dinner I found The 100 Year Miracle riveting, inspiring, heart breaking and evocative I became a fan of Ream after reading her first novel, Losing Clementine Ream s writing is both dynamic in prose and narrative She creates so many well drawn characters Even when someone behaves badly in The 100 Year Miracle, you can t help but feel their pain and put yourself where they are As someone who copes with a pro [...]

    This book has a fascinating premise a microorganism living off the coast of an island in the Puget Sound becomes luminescent for six days every 100 years Scientist flock to the island to discover the properties of this organism A young scientist with debilitating chronic pain has read in Indian Lore that people who drink the water with this organism become pain free She is determined to discover if this works and if this will help her personally.The plot becomes tangled as she gets involved with [...]

    This was one of those odd books where I never really liked any of the people in the story I didn t care what happened to any of them so the story kind of got lost for me Even though the miracle is only made up in the author s mind, I thought she did a good job of making it appear realistic I did like that part of the story I just wish she d given her people some likeable qualities Even if we just had one or two likeable people, the story would have been better.It was a decent story and I would [...]

    Just because you re paranoid doesn t mean they aren t after you Full disclosure I received a free electronic ARC for review through NetGalley Trigger warning for suicide and child abuse It did things to people, this miracle Strange and not wholly wonderful things Do you know what it s like to be terrified of a shower Harry asked Rachel did know Unfamiliar showers sometimes had abrupt changes in temperature, which hurt her back terribly, but she did not say this to Harry, who had continued talkin [...]

    Kelsi H
    Find all of my reviews at ultraviolentlit Once every century, the water around a small island in the Pacific Northwest glows green, caused by tiny sea creatures called Artemia Lucis The miniscule arthropods complete their lifecycle in six short days, and their occurrence becomes known as The 100 Year Miracle Ream s new novel is set in the fictional Olloo et Bay, within the actual San Juan Islands Olloo et Island is the traditional home of the First Nations people who share its name although they [...]

    How I Came to Read This Book I was honestly intrigued by the fact Gillian Flynn named it a favourite The publisher sent me a copy.The Plot Dr Rachel Bell is on a fictional island to witness a miracle the emergence of a unique sea creature that only appears once every 100 years and has been said to have incredible healing properties Rachel suffers from chronic pain after a childhood incident and is desperate to find a way to capture the creatures and make them reproduce, but doing so quickly draw [...]

    Meg - A Bookish Affair
    3.5 stars The 100 Year Miracle is the story of Rachel, Tilda, and Harry, three characters who come together in some very surprising ways Every 100 years, water surrounding the area where Harry and Tilda glows green with bio luminescence Rachel believes that she knows how to harness the power of the water in order to create life saving substance It ll change the lives of her and those around her This is a very original story that captivated my mind and imagination.The characters in this book fasc [...]

    This book was pretty amazing Following the 2 main characters relive their daily pain and when they believe they have found, not a cure but a strong pain reliever which would be all natural and could possibly save the world But sadly they are choosing to ignore the horrible side effects, while family and friends are terrified of their behavior, all for a few hours of what they consider a normal pain free life In the end, it was all for naught because in the very short time they thought they were [...]

    This book was fascinating and intriguing especially with how all the characters seemed to center around this 100 year miracle Dr Rachel Belle was believable and it made you feel sorry for her at the end What I liked most about the story was how real the characters were They weren t perfect by any means, but that is what made the story real to me In fact, their faults seemed to make them human such as Dr Belle s paranoia and reluctance to ask for any help whatsoever Another great aspect of the [...]

    3 1 2 There is a lot to like about this, solid four star book for maybe the first 200 pages or so I felt like it really fell apart in the end and I don t know why every storyline had to ramp into high drama Tilda and Tip s story was the most believable least dramatic, everything else went overboard for me Nitpicking, but the one month later chapter at the end made it feel very rushed a LOT happened in a month Would ve made sense to be three months later I really liked her first book and I m sti [...]

    My very favorite kind of book is one that you continue living in while and after you are finished reading it This is one of those books It is so sensory, so sharply vivid frankly, I am wondering if the author has cast a spell with language that causes her reader to slip in to hallucinations along with her character, Rachel The 100 Year Miracle doesn t need my words to dampen the spell its words cast Get your hands on a copy as soon as possible.

    Kate Schwarz
    Things I really liked about this book a local author, local settings the San Juan Islands, a place I d like to know better, that s now nearby The plot was fascinating and unique I love how scientifically minded many of the characters were.The thing I didn t really connect with in this book the characters I just didn t care about a few of them as much as I would have liked to.

    Katherine Olson
    Slow, and not worth the struggle to finish Spoilers.Its been quite some time since I ve truly disliked a book quite as much as I do this one I m not sure what I missed that those who gave such glowing reviews on the book jacket clearly saw, but I found it to be incredibly hollow and honestly just disappointing It took me two weeks to trudge through , and as a person who regularly reads one to two books per week it said something about my lack of commitment to the story and characters that I had [...]

    Paperback Paris
    Ashley Ream s The 100 Year Miracle is about three people trying to figure out how to save themselves from their past.You start off with Rachel Rachel is a very intelligent scientist, but that is one of the reasons why she has only a few friends and no family On top of all this, she is hiding a secret from everyone who tries to get near her A secret that could affect those people if they were to get close to her.Next is Tilda She is going back to her home to take care of her ailing ex husband She [...]

    An intrigueing plot that went nowhere Every 100 years, for only 6 days, the bay around a Washington island glows Naturally scientists pull out all the stops in trying to determine what are the tiny sea creatures that cause the flow within that 6 day window One scientist is Rachel Bell, who has suffered since childhood with the burn scars covering much of her body She is nearing the peak or the end of pain medication available to her Her scientific work deviates from her team s she wants to deter [...]

    I was excited to read this novel chosen as the Whidbey Reads for 2017 While the novel takes place on a fictional island in the San Juans, the author notes that she borrowed heavily from Whidbey Island of which I am a resident and native.The plot revolves around an event that happens once every hundred years For six nights a bay on a small island glows, tiny creatures giving off light The event has been a part of native lore, passed down from generation to generation Researchers descend on the ba [...]

    Melanie Coombes
    I thought this was a very well written book The characters were flawed, but very believable Everything centers around the fact that once a century, for only six days, the bay around a small Washington island glows like a water bound aurora Dr Rachel Bell, is a scientist who discovers that these strange ocean creatures may be able to save her from a debilitating injury Rachel soon connect with a older man, Harry, who is also suffering from disease Harry suddenly finds himself pulled into Rachel s [...]

    Lois Bouchard
    Wow What a great premise I loved the idea that this exotic albeit fictional phenomenon could happen on an island off the coast of the US The book had mystery, a really different protagonist a former woman senator I liked the fact that she moved back to help take care of her ex husband when he became too ill to care for himself I liked the supernatural element, which did not become goofy and seemed plausible in this instance A good read.To the author as far as I know, phenomenon is still the sing [...]

    Gina Cochran
    A compelling story about a flawed scientist, a dying man, and his ex wife who has come to care for him during the middle of a natural phenomena and how their lives and desperation impact those around them Ask yourself what price would you pay for hope, what lengths would you go to in desperation to save your own life As the story builds to the slow inevitable climax that the reader can see coming, you know there will be no happy ending The question is who will be left to pick up the pieces

    I wanted to love this book, because I truly loved Losing Clementine, but it ended up being a slow read for me I found the story idea fascinating and the characters sympathetic at the outset The pacing began to lag at the halfway point, though, and I skimmed the last 75 pages to what seemed a patched together ending A little disappointing, because Ream is an accomplished writer, but not disappointing enough to keep me from reading her next book.

    I was liking it pretty well, interesting pretext, forgiving some trite phrases now and then The end was really disappointing, though Felt hollow and contrived, covered with too few details, rushed to conclusion I also felt the John character could have been much developed.

    April Kelcy
    The author has quite a gift of words and skill in scene setting and suspense However, there really was NO miracle, and the end of the book was both weak and not really supported all that well by the story line.

    Carol Hammal
    DisappointingLoved the first half then it turned into a continuous disappointment throughout the end of the book Would have appreciated a better plot

    The science concepts in this book are incredibly detailed Smart, well researched descriptions and explanations I thought about the ending for days after finishing the book.

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