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  • Title: Rogue
  • Author: Allen Renfro
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  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Rogue By Allen Renfro There s something about evil that I want inside me By any measure Sean Tyler has the perfect life He is a rising star in the FBI he has a fantastic apartment in New Orleans and the pleasure of being one of the sexiest men alive New Orleans is the ideal city for a man that loves wild nights and wild men As a special agent of the FBI his job affords him the ability toThere s something about evil that I want inside me By any measure Sean Tyler has the perfect life He is a rising star in the FBI he has a fantastic apartment in New Orleans and the pleasure of being one of the sexiest men alive New Orleans is the ideal city for a man that loves wild nights and wild men As a special agent of the FBI his job affords him the ability to indulge his dark fantasies of seducing criminals before arresting them When he is assigned a case in his hometown the past that he left behind comes flooding back The secret that he still hides, a boyhood crush, his first love, his sexual awakening, all of it is still waiting for him As he assists the local police in their murder investigation the secrets of his past begin to reflect in the clues of the case It s only when he realizes that dealing with the demons in his own life will he be able to stop a serial killer This book is intended for mature audiences.
    Allen Renfro
    Allen Renfro is a native of Tennessee and a graduate of Tusculum College A published poet and artist in the zine culture of the 1990s he considers himself a fringe artist who unabashedly tackles controversial subjects An admitted history buff, horror movie watcher and reader of fiction, he is the author of ten novels.

    Rogue By Allen Renfro


    A story about the darkness of hate and ignorance, sex and power, loss and innocence and of the fear of being gay An angry story, and not without reason Once you have been betrayed by your own parents because of sexuality the world shifts to reveal that ravenous darkness Fierce, full.of truth and sometimes oddly poetical.

    Brandon Shire
    First, this is not a romance If your looking for characters who fart rainbows and work at the dog pound cuddling puppies, move on This story is about an arrogant man who lusts and fu ks and loves doing it For a gay man who lives in the South, it resonates with characters you meet every day From the haters, to the closet queens, to the young guys looking for a way any way out of the small backwater town they were born inO, Renfro knocks it out of the park This is one of the few lgbt stories in a [...]

    an ugly walk down memory lane into the land of bigotry where keeping the fa ade is all and it doesn t matter how high the price ise book had all I enjoy suspence, mystery, darknessthere were times when I felt the hurt creeping under my skin


    This review has possible spoilersThis was one of if not the worst books I have ever read, the story is supposed to be about Sean Tyler a star FBI agent who is called to solve a possible serial killer in his home town where he left fourteen years ago under a cloud as child of the damned because he is homosexual and the town is only basically full of homophobic bible beaters including his parents There is a mystery of who the killer is but the writer also writes the story as if Sean s backstory of [...]

    L. Layale
    It s a good thing this book was free I would have been mad at myself for spending money on this I really didn t like this The MC was an asshole There s nothing remotely redeeming about him and he s a complete manwhore slut The mystery wasn t all that hard to pinpoint considering it s a small town and what not The author gave it a good shot but failed There was no romance in this just smut Not my cup o tea.

    Love Bytes Reviews
    5 Heart Review by DanWow, what a fantastic book Can I stop there No OK, stand by because I m about to rave again An author friend posted a link on his Facebook page the other day with a high recommendation to read this book which is currently free on in the US I am so glad I clicked on the link.Mr Renfro has brought us a murder mystery whodunit, with gay characters, a gay FBI agent, a bunch of straight men who like to have sex with other men, and set it in the middle of one of the most intoleran [...]

    If there existed a For The Love of Wicked Men universe, this book would be in it no holds barred, literally.The prose in this book is on a whole higher lever than usual So clear, so crisp, so descriptive that I felt I was actually there, present in the woods with the leaves crinkling underneath my feet kneeling down with Sean in front of the trucker inside the rest room stall, enjoying the fruits of my pursuits feeling the angst in my heart over my long left behind high school love now sitting n [...]

    I kept thinking he was gonna have to have his stomach pumped a la Rod Stewart from swallowing so much come I m all for the anti hero cos hey nobody s perfect but what I don t like is a self centered, egotistical sociopath There was nothing likable about this book not one single thing FBI agents like Sean can only exist in someone s imagination cos in the real world guys like him would be in a psych ward or prison just cos this book was free didn t mean I didn t end up paying for it with the time [...]

    Stick With It It s difficult to really like a book when you can t like the main character A couple of chapters in I was ready to admit defeat and find something else to read That said, the case was interesting even if I guessed the culprit very early on and I had to keep reading to find out if Special Agent Tyler redeems himself personality wise He doesn t but would I read about him Probably Someone, somewhere has got to break him.

    The story was excellent I thought I only finished the book to find out what happened I couldn t stand the Main Character which mean he must have been written well He was arrogant, demeaning and probably not as good looking as he thought he was I find it hard to believe that every many he met, gay or straight was dying to suck him off The sex became a little much If the writer had focused on the story instead of every guy wanting to have sex with everyone else, I would have enjoyed it a whole lo [...]

    Hot FBI agent is asked by the Sheriff and former baseball team mate to return to town to help solve a crime They think they have a serial killer in his former home town in a southern conservative town that they both grow up in Young gay men are showing up dead but who is doing this and why Good sexy read with lots of twists to the mystery.

    Really enjoyed this story Great writing I enjoyed the mystery, the heat, the crickets and frogs singing this is a re read for sure is there any chance of this becoming a series I d love that

    Isabella ~Mikku-chan~
    The case in the book was good and I have had hopes for the MC but at the end he doesn t change a bit The end is quite unsatisfying but somekind it fits I don t know if I like to try out the other books of the author but maybe I give a second try.

    Dawn Black
    It was a good read I enjoyed reading it wish it was a part 2 to continue the cocky FBI story with his small town police and sheriff

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ↠ Rogue - by Allen Renfro
      Allen Renfro