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  • Title: Long Time Gone
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: 9781941869925
  • Page: 446
  • Format: ebook

  • Long Time Gone By Lorelei James The right love is worth the wait Calvin McKay can t understand his twin brother s rush toward the altar until he lays eyes on the bride s younger sister But she s far too innocent for him to pursue and yet something about that little blonde tornado gets his blood pumping and his heart all twisted up Kimi West is used to boys chasing after by her, but Cal McKay is a maThe right love is worth the wait Calvin McKay can t understand his twin brother s rush toward the altar until he lays eyes on the bride s younger sister But she s far too innocent for him to pursue and yet something about that little blonde tornado gets his blood pumping and his heart all twisted up Kimi West is used to boys chasing after by her, but Cal McKay is a man all man and his hot kisses are like nothing she s ever experienced But he s a rancher, tied to the land, and she can t wait for the day she can escape from Wyoming and see the world After a tragedy sends Kimi running from her family, Cal gives Kimi a place to stay and oh so many tantalizing reasons to stay while she sorts out her plans Now she ll have to decide whether the adventure she wants is in a new frontier or right there by Cal s side.
    Lorelei James
    Lorelei James is New York Times USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary erotic westerns and erotic romances She lives in western South Dakota.

    Long Time Gone By Lorelei James


    Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    5 Devouring Stars After reading Turn and Burn, which belongs to another Lorelei s series, I remembered that she had written a short story about the other parents in the Rough Riders series, so I decided to read it And let me tell you, it was fantastic Long Time Gone is the story of Calvin McKay the funny and hot twin brother of Carson and Kimi West the fiesty younger sister of Carolyn, Carson s wife Also, if you have read this amazing series, you may know them as the parents of the hot McKay twi [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI knew one thing going in to Long Time Gone and that was I was finally going to get some insight into the couple that birthed my favorite McKay, Kade and his twin Kane What I didn t expect was to see a man who completely understood a woman enough to let her go and experience life while he stayed home and prepared for her return This is a novella that reads like a novel and I loved it but, I won t lie and say I could have easily read another 5 [...]

    Kim O
    If you love someone you have to be willing to let them go, if it s meant to be, they ll come back, right So the saying goes Cal and Kimi McKay are one of those couples you know without a doubt love and care for each other deeply, but because we were given a look into how they met and fell in love, it only cemented what we already knew THEY are one of the great McKay love stories and I m thrilled to have read how it all came to be My face hurt from smiling the first 4 chapters It is so sweet, so [...]

    Beanbag Love
    This was a fairly short novella about Kimi West and Cal McKay Cal, as Rough Riders readers will remember, is Carson McKay s twin brother Kimi is Carolyn West McKay s younger sister I loooooooved the origin story of Carson and Carolyn, Cowboy Take Me Away, but this one fell short And not just because it was a fraction of the length When Kimi and Cal first meet we saw this in CTMA she s only sixteen They hit it off, but he s 24 years old so while they do kiss, he doesn t let it go any further The [...]

    Review of Kindle ebook purchased in June, 20153 starsA pleasant read, but there s nothing that knocked my socks off I can honestly say I have never met a man that would wait all those years for a woman to sow her wild oats It also seems like maybe the time frame doesn t jive with their ages in some of the last books of the series, but it s really vague as to what era this happens This story would have to occur in the 1950 s for them to be the ages they were in the last of the series They would b [...]

    3.5 stars.A bit confusing for me.H h meet when h is very young h 16, H 24 h has a yen to roam so H lets her go though they write to each other and they get back together after 5 yrs.Its confusing bcos IRL, I might want the kind of guy like the H who loves me enough to let me go do my own thing and wait for me to come back But in romancelandia, I want a guy who wouldn t want to spend a minute apart from the h, who would pack his bags and go along with her wherever she went In this case I felt let [...]

    Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    I swear I could read about the McKay s and West till my dying days This was a special treat to get an even better glimpse into the early days of Calvin McKay and Kimi West romance than what we got in Cowboy Take Me Away Don t know what I can say about Long Time Gone other than I loved it And if their story wasn t enough of a treat finally getting a sneak peak at Sierra and Boone s story that will be coming out next year made me even giddy.

    I m pretty much a fan girl of the Rough Riders series and even after sixteen books Kimi and Carson have always been the couple that I wanted to know about Part of it is due to the fact that the Wonder Twins aka Kade and Kane are my favorite McKay s and wanting to know about their parents goes hand in hand The other is that whenever Kimi was apart of a scene she always captured my attention and after Cowboy Take Me Away, I really, really wanted to know about Kimi and Cal, so you can just imagi [...]

    3 starsIt could have done with being a little bit longer it felt rushed at times.

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    Another look back in time to the origins of some of my favorite heroes in romance Yes, after the epic story of Carson McKay and Carolyn West in COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY, Ms James goes back in time to show us how Calvin McKay and Kimi West got together.I ve always been intrigued by the fact that twins Calvin and Carson McKay ended up marrying the West sisters I had already fallen in love with Carolyn, and it was fun to see the differences between the brothers as well as the sisters.LONG TIME GONE give [...]

    Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    3.5 stars.

    Shelby P
    I had a hard time with 24 year old Cal being attracted to 16 year old Kimi so I really couldn t get into the beginning of the book And although nothing happened between them until she was 18 it was still creepy How would you feel if a 24 year old man had the hots for your 16 year old daughter Also Kimi was a bit too aggressive for my liking I like my virginal characters to be a tad bit submissive and inexperience and not asking to blow the guy the first time out having sex There really wasn t v [...]

    3 starsAaaw, how much I missed the McKay Boys I love this series so much.

    Sometimes you read a book and it just sticks with you no matter how you feel about the subsequent books you read after But, for me, it has always been this entire Rough Riders series It s just something so exceedingly special, you have to read it to understand where I m coming from I just can t quite put into words to tell you all just how much I absolutely adore it The series warms my heart in ways that no other book or series has ever been able to accomplish, so I can t highly suggest enough t [...]

    Rough RidersThank you Lorelei I was sad when we read the last Rough Riders book Yes, I know that after 20 books, Lorelei probably wanted to write something else, but the McKays were a part of our lives We waited on pins and needles for the next book Having her write about the parents of the original characters is awesome.Cal McKay is the calmer of the twins He doesn t get too excited about much.Until he sees the blonde bombshell eating ice cream Kimi West has been living g with her aunt for year [...]

    4 Stars OMG OMG OMG Is it terribly wrong that while I loved this book, I got really excited about the letter from the author at the end Sierra and Boone s story is coming Unbreak my Heart, 2.8.16 Not only that we get McKays She is starting a spin off series, Rough Riders Legacy, with the next generation I am beyond thrilled OK, back to Kimi and Cal what a sweet, hot story I was so happy to see their beginning I loved how Cal treated her They refused to take the easy path, it wouldn t have worke [...]

    Becky Condit
    What a nice surprise to find another Rough Riders story This time we bridge to the West side of the family with Calvin and Kimi s story, set before all those McKay kids came along and everyone s favorite twins, Kade and Kane were born.It s a short novella and I don t want to provide any spoilers so I m not going to retell the story It s been a while since I read a Rough Riders book but even if you haven t been a fan of this series for years, pick up this book and enjoy the romance, smoldering se [...]

    Book Faerie
    While a fan of this series, I m not overjoyed with this story any than I was with Carson and Carolyn s I guess is was nice to know their struggles story but after so manyI m pretty much done with this world and ready to move on Plus, I m not a huge fan of short stories or novellas There never seems to be really enough story to make an engaging journey for me While these characters have all the wonder and joy Lorelei puts into her writingere really isn t anything that pushes this over the medioc [...]

    Okay, I knew that Calvin was 24 and Kimi was 16 when they met He really liked her then And I understand the time period has to be like late sixties, seventies the elder McKays lovestories but Kimi was just too young the time It sort of bothered me Yet, the love story was definitely not as profound as Carson and Carolyn s.Oh well I like Kimi s character though, especially in the later books.

    Laura DeSimone
    There is nothing better than a McKay, West love story The love story between Calvin McKay and Kimi West was fantastic It was nice to see that a five year long separation between the two kept that chemistry alive for when they reconnected This book was just as hot as every one of the Rough Rider series books were Also a thanks to Lorelei for giving us a glimpse of Boone and Sierra s story, another couple that will burn up the pages.

    Karen Roma
    Lorelei James never fails to deliver with the Rough Riders series, and I love that she is going back and providing readers with an insight into the events surrounding the relationships of the founding fathers of the McKay clans.Without this story readers would not have known that Cal waited many years for Kimi to satisfy her need for adventure before coming home to claim her place at his side.I m so happy knowing that there are stories to come about the next generation of McKays

    Loved Cal and Kimi story This book just made me love Cal even letting her go and have adventures even tho it killed him to experience them Gonna miss this lots so much but can t be sad with LJ promising McKay West in future If you haven t read any rough riders or Wild West and blacktop cowboys you a absolutely missing out.

    I loved the chemistry between Kimi and Cal, loved that neither shied away from what they felt I did find myself sort of pissed that Kimi stayed away for as long as she did I could see the first year, but 5 years was a bit much Cal s way of letting her know it was time to come home was great The ending to this one made me smile, loved that they lived according to how they wanted.

    Paige Turner
    I love these cowboys I loved reading about Kimi and Cal It s proof that if you truly love someone you re willing to give them wings and hope that your roots are strong to bring them back These McKay men are sweet talkers picked some feisty women I also loved the glimpse for the new series

    Good short novella with Cal and Kimi s story However, let s get to it there is an excerpt at the end of the long awaited story of Boone and Sierra Feb 2016 the wait is over I trust Lorelei so I m reserving judgment, but it s not exciting to me that it s going to be considered the New Adult genre or that it seems to be written in 1st person

    Loved this book I have read all the Rough Rider Series and I loved reading Kimi and Cal s story I love seeing how it all began My only problem is I didn t want it to end This book will be added to one of my favorites in the series I read just about everything from James, and I look forward to .

    Riverina Romantics
    I loved this novella I can t pinpoint how Lorelei hooks me I think it must be the southern drawl of those sexy cowboys, but every damn time I fall in love.The preview at the end was fantastic too.

    Liah B
    3.5 It was just too dang short I just adore this series I was really sad when it ended This book was a good way for me to read a happy ever after look into the future especially about how it all started.

    Calvin McKay is one of the sweetest of all the brothers I loved reading this novella it was a beautiful sight to get to know all the McKay and West kids it really is an awesome series one to quickly grab hold to especially when you lose yourself in their world

    Laz the Sailor
    Another important addition to the history of the McKays Not the best, but still a good read about this fun and sexy family.

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