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  • Title: Czar
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  • Czar By Julia Sykes The Eighth book in the USA Today Bestselling Impossible Series Can be read as a standalone After a lifetime of being sheltered, I decided to study abroad in St Petersburg to push myself out of my comfort zone Dimitri definitely fits the bill He s gorgeous, mysterious, and everything I never knew I wanted I m willing to give him my innocence, but he demands WhenThe Eighth book in the USA Today Bestselling Impossible Series Can be read as a standalone After a lifetime of being sheltered, I decided to study abroad in St Petersburg to push myself out of my comfort zone Dimitri definitely fits the bill He s gorgeous, mysterious, and everything I never knew I wanted I m willing to give him my innocence, but he demands When it s time for me to return to America, he won t let me go My lover becomes my captor, my tormentor He wants all of me, even if that means pushing me to my breaking point And he won t stop until he owns my body and soul.
    Julia Sykes
    Julia Sykes has always kept dark stories tucked away in her mind, so she was thrilled when she discovered that other people actually want to read them Her books blend romance, suspense, and BDSM.You can usually find Julia in Starbucks with a venti iced coffee clutched in her hand two pumps of mocha, liberal half and half If she s not in Starbucks, you will find her with a glass of prosecco in hand, probably reading Harry Potter Again.Julia loves connecting with readers Please feel free to contact her on facebook, through twitter, or email her directly at juliasykes193 gmail You can find out about Julia s current and future projects at juliasykes.

    Czar By Julia Sykes


    Recommended by Expresso from The Mafia Connection group I m willing to give him my innocence, but he demands When it s time for me to return to America, he won t let me go My lover becomes my captor, my tormentor He wants all of me, even if that means pushing me to my breaking point And he won t stop until he owns my body and soul I loved this twisted and dark tale which initially started off as regular romance but wow does it change You have Alicia, a sheltered American student studying abroad [...]

    Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance
    This is my kind of story I am a soul who truly lives through dark stories and Czar is LIFE Dimitri and Alicia s story is not romantic, it s not vanilla, and their HEA is definitely not a typical one Before the preface Julia, the author, include an eloquent warning of the subjects covered throughout this lovely story Please consider the warning carefully.For those souls who live for the dark, pursue this story with due diligence The elements of this story include but are not limited to American w [...]

    Kimberly Crysel
    I started out reading Czar, knowing that it was going to be one of Julia s darker books I was able to read up though Chapter 6 There was nothing dark in the previous chapters until the end of Chapter 6 I had to take a little break before going on and reading Chapter 7 I also had to take a break after reading each chapter thereafter To me this book is way darker than Mentor Reading this book after it got to where it was in the dark area, my chest would get tight I would feel like I was going to s [...]

    Meghan March
    After reading the reviews for CZAR, I thought I knew what I was getting into, but what I didn t fully comprehend was the phenomenally written and emotionally rich journey that Julia Sykes was going to take me on The warnings may scare you, but I urge you to dive in headfirst This book will push your boundaries, but for me, I found it pushed my boundaries deliciously I loved feeling the evolution of Alicia s emotions as she fell, fought, outright rebelled, feared, and accepted the unique brand of [...]

    I liked this kinky story I felt bad for the heroine she feel in love,she trusted himShe was confused on why he would do this to her, I kept saying you should have never told him you loved him that s what started this whole thing He kept telling her you will like this.azyexcept for a couple of things she did get off on what Dimitri did to her and that just made her feel worse Book 9I will need to read this, who is after Dimitri UPDATE OCTOBER 17I like this better the second time around 4 stars on [...]

    3.5 stars

    Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    A great read and I like dark romance Even though it at times was very dark The only thing that irritated me was Alicia s shifting feelings towards Dimitri.

    Lynde Shaw
    Review to come

    The heroine and hero meet in a nightclub and start a relationship Heroine is from America and hero lives in Russia She eventually tells him she loves him so he kidnaps her and starts a BDSM relationship without consent from her.He tells her she s his He tortures her and tells her safe words don t matter, then gives her safe words and punishes her for using them Heroine tries to escape but hero has guards and it doesn t work I had a huge problem with how things turn out in their relationship late [...]

    Michelle Cristiani
    This book deserves its warning label it s dark For every reader there s a line past which the story doesn t work this story approached my line The relationship made me uncomfortably squirmy But Sykes does such a good job of expressing Alicia s point of view that one starts to understand where she s at She manages to seem liberated by the end of the story, when all accounts would point to the polar opposite of that It s thought provoking Thrilling For me at least though, erotic but particularly u [...]

    What Human trafficking and the debasment of the female and he ending disgusted me No happy ever after Don t want to spoil this as I don t like this author, but this was just breaking this woman and the ending was just sad

    Warning this novel is really dark, the darkest in the Impossible series

    Level of craziness was off the charts Yes

    Really rough BDSM A little much for me.

    Peggy Lee (Reading Keeps Me Sane)
    Czar begins as a romance with a strong alpha male and a college student who is studying abroad In June 2009, Christine, Alicia s friend finds a study abroad program online They decide to study St Petersburg, Russia While in Russia, one evening they decided to go to a a club, and Alicia catches Dimitri s eye Dimitri immediately begins seducing Alicia Alicia is a virgin and does her best to deny Dimitri of sex This doesn t stop Dimitri from pursue Alicia Why did you want to see me again You re not [...]

    Julia Sykes warns the reader right away that this is a dark and scary book with many triggers She s right It does She writes it so well It s scary The main man is not a hero nor anti hero He s downright sadistic, depraved, and evil I m glad the heroine gets to find true love in another book This is not a HEA It s scary and f ked up.

    I really don t know what to think of this book Dimitri was determined to have Alicia for himself, by whatever means necessary I didn t like him He was arrogant, he was a bastard and he really on cared about himself He was so wrapped up in his mobster lifestyle that he didn t think he could have had Alicia the traditional way No he had to drug her, kidnap her and hold her hostage through fear He took what he wanted, when he wanted I would consider him the ultimate villain really Nothing I have re [...]

    ~ Cariad ~
    Good Lord I m drained, that was a lot to take in So pleased that it was a standalone read Overall if you re looking for an unrelenting, dark, horrifically cold read this should be a 5 star one for you For me, it was just misses out on a 4 3.99 stars I ve just got to love the Hero or in this case anti hero in a book He can be a bastard, he can be nasty, he can be a total asshole but I have to find some redeeming quality in him that makes it all worth it in the end and honestly, I hated him from t [...]

    Cheril Olmsted
    Czar is one of the darker reads in the Impossible Series by Julia Sykes The book was well written, however it does touch on some very sensitive subjects This book is not for people who can t handle reading about abusive relationahips.Alicia is an American who is studying abroad in Russia While out at a club, she meets the very handsome and rich Russian Dimitri They start dating and Alicia falls in love Even goes as far as giving her virginity to him Knowing Alicia will be leaving soon to go back [...]

    I am still stunned after reading this This is the first book by this author that I have read and honestly I am still not really sure how to feel about this book I was hoping he would have redeemed himself by the end but he didn t so I give it four stars only because I wasn t really a fan of the ending There was a lot of uncomfortable moments in this that honestly I could not understand why she still loved him But if you are a fan of dark novels I would recommend this one I will definitely be rea [...]

    Cindi Russell
    One of the harsher stories in her series, but I am so impressed by how she slowly made you understand the emotions and actions of both of them I never thought I would feel sorry for the hero, and never thought I would understand why she loves him Bravo on that I don t see any way this can end up well for either of them, but time will tell But now I want a HEA for them too I have read every book in the series til this and am just starting on the next I recommend every one of them.

    Jennifer Finn
    I love a good Russian mob book this one was really good Alicia has led a strict, sheltered life so her friend talks her into a study abroad program in Russia While out clubbing in Russia she meets Dimitri a rich, sexy Russian who loves her innocence They start dating Alicia falls in love with him gives him her virginity Dimitri knows she has to go back to America soon so he kidnaps her so they can be together forever.

    Starts off like a regular romance between American student Alicia and Russian businessman Dimitri Gets dark when Dimitri introduces Alicia to some D s in their relationship Then gets darker still when Dimitri decides to make Alicia truly his as in a total slave to his desires and kidnaps her If there s a blueprint for a badly twisted BDSM relationship this is it.

    Catherine Iriarte
    Holy cow, this is a rough book to read Even though this happened in Russia It could happen anywhere and probably does I hope Alicia is able to be written in further books in this series to find a happy ending for Just the idea of this happening to a person is enraging I am glad Julia Sykes wrote this book It helps keep in mind, you just can t be too careful.

    Jessica Farthing
    Well I started out loving this story and then it got real dark, real quick I just wasn t prepared for it I love a dark romance but usually they start out dark and get at least sweeter and this did the opposite I m still trying to decide how I feel about that It was a great read just through my for a serious loop

    Gill Selling
    I have loved each and everyone of the Impossible Series just dont know what to feel about Dimitri I love him then hate him in equal measure Alicia had me crying with every emotion going It was dark Maybe the darkest yet I cannot wait to read Julia Sykes your sheer brillance when writing will keep me reading and re reading your books.

    Jenn Allen
    So good Alicia meets the man of her dreams in Dimitri She feels this immediate connection, this pull to him Things turn as we go on this journey of Dimitri trying to break her He is obsessed with her and making her rely on him completely I feel for her and this situation she is in Dark, intense and emotional I love how my heart was pulled in.

    Lora Borzelleca
    After finishing this book and loving every second of it, I have come to the conclusion and acceptance that I am a sick fuck.n did I like this book Even though he is supposed to be the villain.I freaking loved him and I cant wait to hear about them

    I quite enjoyed it, and I love the BDSM scenes very much, tho dare I say those scenes seemed a bit manufactured , Dimitri seemed too tame to befit the monster title, or maybe I ve just read too many books from the dark side I truly do not feel this book is really dark at all.

    Joy Horn
    Wow, I absolutely loved this one I ve really liked this entire series, but this book in particular, was it for me I think in his own way Dimitri did love her, he just wasn t equipped with the know how to express it like normal people do.

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