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  • Title: Essex County
  • Author: Jeff Lemire
  • ISBN: 9781603091190
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook

  • Essex County By Jeff Lemire Where does a young boy turn when his whole world suddenly disappears What could change two brothers from an unstoppable team into a pair of bitterly estranged loners How does the work of one middle aged nurse reveal the scars of an entire community, and can anything heal the wounds caused by a century of deception Set in an imaginary version of Jeff Lemire s hometown, ESWhere does a young boy turn when his whole world suddenly disappears What could change two brothers from an unstoppable team into a pair of bitterly estranged loners How does the work of one middle aged nurse reveal the scars of an entire community, and can anything heal the wounds caused by a century of deception Set in an imaginary version of Jeff Lemire s hometown, ESSEX COUNTY is an intimate study of an eccentric farming community, and a tender meditation on family, memory, grief, secrets, and reconciliation With the lush, expressive inking of a cartoonist at the height of his powers, Lemire draws us in and sets us free.
    Jeff Lemire
    Jeff Lemire is an award winning Canadian cartoonist, and the author of the Essex County Trilogy, Sweet Tooth and The Nobody Lemire is known for a his moody, humanistic stories and sketchy, cinematic, black and white art.

    Essex County By Jeff Lemire


    This is Lemire s magnum opus Love, heartbreak, loneliness, regret, friendship, family The human condition pressed into one rural Canadian county It s absolutely beautiful And I read it in two hours.What I love about Essex County is its ethereal bending of reality, the way memory or imagination can be true but also false The way Lester can fly, or Lou can travel through time The ethereal, the way these characters stories are intricately tied together like a Faulkner story, as well as the superb w [...]

    The I read comics, the I appreciate comics like this The first comic I read back in 1998 or so was Miller s Dark Knight Returns The second was Moore s Watchmen Since then I ve read me a lot of superhero comics Some of them are really fine I enjoy the hell out of a good batman story, and Whedon s X men was some damn fine storytelling But comics like this one and Blankets are an entirely different sort of story They re stories about regular people living their lives, and I love seeing them in th [...]

    I almost finished this in one night and I could probably read it again it s that good, with that much depth literary fiction at its best It s hard to say which of the three books collected here was my favorite, though the middle one, Ghost Stories, the tale of two hockey playing brothers from youth to their estrangement to old age probably elicited the most emotion from me Within about ten pages I d felt for the young boy and the old man whose paths cross in the snow, almost teared up at a two p [...]

    Astonishing is the word that fits to the review of it.It was beautiful Poignant narration The pictures are heart breaking They will stay in your mind for a long time.Such strong impact they will have.Do read this comic series when you find time.

    Jerry Jose
    This book broke me And then it fixed me.With Jeff Lemire s name and bright cover art, I was expecting something heart warming It was warm, in fact too warm that it managed to melt my heart a little bit.Like the title says, it is the story of Essex County, an agrarian Hockey town, of its people and their lives spanning over generations There are three separate stories that subtly segue between various characters and time periods There is a prevailing sense of loneliness and longing in every chara [...]

    book 14 for Jugs Capes book 13 for my review series at CCLaP Check out how cool Canada is While we re drooling over Real Housewives of Who the Fuck Cares, they re watching a show called Canada Reads, where five famous people each pick a book and defend it, and then they all vote one book off each day, winding up with one winner, the book that all of Canada should read That is fucking rad I learned about that only because Essex County was in this year s running the first graphic novel that s ever [...]

    Sam Quixote
    This book collects together what I think is one of the greatest achievements in comics in the last 10 years, Jeff Lemire s Essex County stories Essex County is a part of Ontario, Canada, and the three books collected here Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories, and The Country Nurse explores the area and it s inhabitants Tales from the Farm follows a lonely boy called who has recently lost his mother, never knew his father, and is in the care of his uncle The two have an awkward relationship as they [...]

    Tim The Enchanter
    Emotional and Accessible 5 Stars I don t read many comics or graphic novels in any given year From time to time, one looks interesting enough to pick up and read through Being that this is set where I live and grew up, the story was especially significant.There are several stories in the work told from the perspective of three main characters Essex County is the major connection between the stories The setting is developed to the point that it becomes a character and he uses several plot devices [...]

    Book Riot Community
    I m rereading this for my Canadian comics class and I m reminded, yet again, of what a masterpiece it is This intergenerational story of life on a rural Ontario farm and the dreams, be they of hockey or of superheroes, that sustain those lives is moving and heartbreaking Lemire s art style is deceptive what looks rushed and sketched belies an incredible depth of emotion you will never, ever forget the eyes in this comic I have no problem labelling this The Great Canadian Graphic Novel and slidin [...]

    Okay read Kinda semi biographical maybe About living in Essex county that is in the Ontario province of Canada My guess is that Canadian readers rated this high.

    James DeSantis
    I so expected this to be one of my favorite graphic novels of all time A deep, emotional, powerful story Jeff Lemire s writing Dark and twisted art ButWhat I liked The three separate stories made it fresh to go through a 500 page book I also liked some of the imagery Dark and lost, deep and sad, you really felt the emotion from the characters I also liked how the lives all intertwined with each of them The ending result was also sweet, bitter, and left unfinished but not in a bad way What I didn [...]

    I discovered Jeff Lemire through some of his superhero books like Green Arrow and Animal Man and already liked his writing quite a bit During those reads I realized that I m into the subtle, personal and even depressing stories That brought Lemire s earlier works to my attention and I found an affordable copy of The Complete Essex County , which is now officially one of my favorite books.The balance between human misery, sadness and small but powerful, heartwarming scenes and single moments is [...]

    4.5 5Very Canadian, yet very universal The Complete Essex County is a wonderful interconnecting trio of stories about community, family, loneliness, aging, etc I m not good at talking about art, but there s a sparseness to it that fits the quiet nature of the stories perfectly I didn t really know what to expect when I picked this one up, but I sure as hell didn t expect for it to quietly sneak right into my feels Not my last Lemire, that s for sure.

    Robert Kristoffersen
    Hype I hate the word, but yet I buy into it Or I try to cast it aside Collected Essex County boasts multiple awards, including literary awards in Canada In comics, breaking through the fourth wall means being that benchmark for literature Transcending images on the page to stand proudly on a shelf with, in this case, the Margaret Atwoods or Michael Ondaatjes of the world No cartoonist ever sets out to do this on purpose hell, they re just doing what they know how to do in the best way that they [...]

    I loved this book It s entry into the Canadian Literary Canon is well deserved It speaks to the Canadian experience, both rural and urban living, and the importance of hockey to our culture The art, how the author uses the stark contrast between black and white, with a soft grey scale for the initial flashbacks, is masterful.One feature that particularly shone out for me was how the author uses the features of the characters to show how they re related to one another It truly echoes the way you [...]

    Dani Shuping
    Essex County is a powerful story that will pull at your heartstrings from the moment that you pick it up Lemire weaves three seemingly distinct stories of families in Essex County, spanning multiple timelines, and thenquietly without the reader even noticing he weaves them together into a story on community and family Lemire has crafted a timeless tale, one that will still hold meaning long into the future as it touches upon topics that will never grow old He brings a unique look and perspective [...]

    Get X Serious
    So much of being human is finding significance in the insignificant.You and me We aren t superheroes I don t know jack shit about being rich or famous or having superhuman abilities The drama that unfolds in my life is subtle, like the box of photos in the basement, or the words unspoken by two brothers, or the too long eye contact of the man working at the convenience store, or that game where I scored a hat trick as a kid.There s no earth shattering significance to those moments, no grand audi [...]

    Hector Ibarraran
    Tears No, something just got into my eye Probably just the fragility of the human condition as expressed by gorgeous ink and words Essex County us one of those comics that takes the medium and pushes it to what it really is meant to be Each story is beautifully crafted and connected to the rest Along the way, Jeff Lemire uses time and consciousness warping techniques to tell a story that may break your heart while making it stronger.

    Chuddchutney Buana
    My favorite comic or graphic novel, for those who want to feel educated that I read last year Jeff Lemire s made up the lack of superhero, villains, explosions with a tons of melancholy, sorrow, and loneliness If you managed to get through this book without a single tears, I salute you for being heartless sun of a beach.

    Juan Carlos
    Menuda joya se marc Lemire en su momento Tres historias en el condado de Essex, cada una con diferentes protagonistas, con el hockey como tel n de fondo.En la primera un chico que sue a con escribir sus propios comics, en la segunda, dos hermanos separados por los remordimientos y la culpa, y en la tercera una enfermera cuidadora de ancianos Vidas que se cruzar n en la tercera historia, puesto que aunque aparentemente son independientes, todos los personajes tienen un nexo en com n Y vaya person [...]

    Essex County contains 3 books Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories, and The Country Nurse also, two bonus stories The Essex County Boxing Club and The Sad and Lonely Life of Eddie Elephant Ears.In Book 1, Tales From the Farm, we learn of the story behind young Les, a Canadian boy who always wears his superhero costume He s obviously out of sync life on the farm he doesn t do his chores without being told, he s alienated the only adult there, his uncle, who works the farm dawn to dusk, while the bo [...]

    Sad stories, but not depressing I ll admit, all of the hockey in the second volume slowed me down a bit.

    honestly, i RARELY read comics or graphic novels if sara quin did not recommend and stand by this graphic novel on canada reads 2011, i wouldn t even know it existed heck, if i saw it randomly lying somewhere, i wouldn t even give it a second glance essex county surpasses my expectations i knew it would be good, since it got voted into canada reads, but i was like meh and then my sister, who very rarely reads, said it was real good and my curiousity got the better of me so i gave it a try and bo [...]

    If you had asked me a few months ago if I thought a graphic novel could break my heart, I would have said no That was until I brought home my boss copy of Essex County, by Canadian artist and writer, Jeff Lemire A contender for last years Canada Reads, Essex County is a collection of three stories, all told in graphic novel format Though each story is separate, they tie together some of the same characters at different points in their lives.The first story, Tales from the Farm introduces us to a [...]

    C.J. Cummings
    Jeff Lemire is one of my favourite comic book people I love his work and found it to be about time I purchased Essex County, man am I glad I did This is a beautiful story The complete collection of the three Essex County tales all wrapped up tight in a gorgeous bundle with some extra little promo stuff and unpublished work The stories are moving, tragic, funny, relatable and brilliant, and I was swept up in the world that Lemire created This, like titles such as Blankets, The Sculptor and Maus, [...]

    Brendan Nicholls
    I won t lie and say this was my favourite graphic novel of all time, Watchmen and Torso come to mind to make mention of a few The artwork is haunting and the storyline is very interesting, I think coming off Roughneck I found this slightly slow I ve heard nothing but good things about this collection and I m a huge fan of Lemires work I expected to love this but I only came out of this with liking this book, not that I think it failed, it just didn t live up to the hype surrounding it.

    Absolutely wonderful A perfect blend of sentiment and humour Reminded me of Jonathan Franzen, and a normal, everyday version of Sin City but only in the black and white artwork and the way that characters pop up again and again , without the nonsense of either Set in Ontario, which is fun, with all its references to Molson and the Canadians Jeff Lemire s artwork and writing is, as always, impeccable.

    Wanderson Wans
    Lemire um g nio e t no meu top 3 melhores quadrinistas em atividade Suas obras s o obrigat rias pra quem aprecia literatura e quadrinhos.

    Part 1 Tales from the Farm A lonely ten year old orphan lives on a farm with his lonely bachelor uncle, who has no idea how to relate to his charge He dreams of being a superhero and never removes his mask and cape He s befriended by the slow guy who runs the county gas station and together they fight off imaginary aliens.Part 2 Ghost Stories A senile, deaf, lonely old man muses on his past while drifting in and out of senile dementia the transitions between past present and confusion lucidity a [...]

    Jimmy G.
    I got this in the same library trip as Craig Thompson s Blankets, and I feel like the two are birds of a feather I preferred the art over the story by a long shot The black and white work in this one is a lot sketchier, but it s a neat look.Storywise, Essex County is less blatantly autobiographical than Blankets, and therefore a lot less self absorbed It isn t perfect, though Each character only hits one or two notes on an emotional spectrum, so they feel pretty flat to me There s also a stale t [...]

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