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  • Title: Nobody's Girl
  • Author: Sarra Manning
  • ISBN: 9780340883730
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

  • Nobody's Girl By Sarra Manning Bea thinks she s the most boring seventeen year old in the world She s not pretty or popular or funny, unlike her mother who had Bea when she was 17 The only glamorous thing about Bea is the French father who left before she was born and lives in Paris She yearns for la vie Parisienne every moment of her dull existence So when Ruby Davies, the leader of her school s moBea thinks she s the most boring seventeen year old in the world She s not pretty or popular or funny, unlike her mother who had Bea when she was 17 The only glamorous thing about Bea is the French father who left before she was born and lives in Paris She yearns for la vie Parisienne every moment of her dull existence So when Ruby Davies, the leader of her school s most elite clique picks Bea as her new best friend and asks her to go on holiday with them, she s wary but delighted If nothing else it s two weeks away from her over protective mother But when the gang arrive in Spain, Bea is crushed to realise that Ruby and her posse have simply been using her Bea wreaks vengeance on her so called friends, and plans to decamp to Paris to find her father But when she falls asleep on the train and wakes up in Bilbao, she meets a group of American students who are backpacking around Europe and bonds with them straight away, especially the gorgeous Toph, who helps heal Bea s hurting heart And though Bea has a shock in store when they finally get to Paris, the City of Lovers really works it magic on Bea and Toph, who spend a week wandering the sun dappled streets of Paris, talking, holding hands and falling in love When it comes time to go home to confront her Mum about her mysterious father, the new version of Bea is determined that she ll never go back to her old, boring way of life she s no longer Nobody s Girl she belongs to herself and to TophBut with an ocean between them, will he wait for her
    Sarra Manning
    Sarra Manning is a teen queen extraordinaire She spent five years working on the now sadly defunct J17, first as a writer and then as Entertainment Editor She then joined the launch team of teen fashion bible Ellegirl, which she later went on to edit and has consulted on a wide range of youth titles including Bliss, The Face and More Sarra is now editor of What To Wear magazine She s also been a regular contributor to ELLE, The Guardian, ES Magazine, Seventeen, Details and Heat and wrote the Shop Bitch column for Time Out Sarra lives in North London with her dog Miss Betsy

    Nobody's Girl By Sarra Manning


    I ve loved Sarra Manning s books for years and I wasn t surprised when Nobody s Girl became one of my favourite books of the year so far.I see Sarra Manning as the darker, edgier and quirkier UK version of Sarah Dessen And like Sarah Dessen s novels, Sarra s focus on normal, every girl characters who are usually completely lovable, easy to relate to and find out who they really are In Nobody s Girl, Bea is a former shy and boring doormat or so she thinks who turns into a strong and feisty girl w [...]

    Bea thinks she s the most boring teenager in the world and even her Saturday job at Wilson s is boring So when Ruby and her posse Ayesha, Chloe and Emma invite her into their gang, Bea wonders if it s supposed to be some kind of joke She hesitantly joins the group and it turns out that Ruby and co do really like Bea They even invite her on holiday to Malaga with them Within 48 hours of being in Malaga though, Bea finds herself at a train station and she decides, on a whim, to head to Paris to fi [...]

    Recommended About first kisses and love and friendship, this is a book for any girl who has daydreamed about finding adventure, a knight in shining armour and discovering a world bigger than the worries of high school.Nobody s Girl has just been short listed for The Booktrust Teenage Prize 2010 which is a prestigious UK based awardThis was my first Sarra Manning novel and being the contemp girl that I am, I loved the sound of the premise Europe, romance, coming of age, etc, etc.The book definite [...]

    This was a good read You Don t Have to Say You Love Me by the same author took me on a huge emotional ride and made me whimper good book noises, so maybe my expectations for this one were a little high It s a pretty typical YA story, with the mean girls and the family issues and the first love, but it was well executed I liked the European setting I was actually planning a trip to Malaga when I read that bit, so that was amusing The whole part with Ruby in Malaga actually made me super anxious, [...]

    Lyndsey O"Halloran
    When I started reading this book, I really wasn t sure that I was going to like it I was actually contemplating not carrying on with it after a while but I always like to try to finish books when they have come from the publisher so I decided to stick with it for a little longer and I am damn glad I did It took around 100 pages for this book to really get into the swing of things and to get to the parts that really mattered, the times when Bea was on her own and ready for a big adventure As soon [...]

    This book leaves me upset and hurt Sarra Manning will always be the author who made me fall in love with books, however this book to me puts her name to shame It started out boring, with a boring character and a shitty story line Things got better when they went overseas, especially the multiple bitch fights, and when Bea was throwing clothes out windows and writing scandals on whiteboards i have to admit i couldn t put it down.Then we meet Toph and his gang Just quietly i love jess, there shoul [...]

    Sarra Manning has become one of my favorite Y.A authors It started with Let s get lost which left me sobbing, and I do mean sobbing, like a little girl I think this is my second favorite Sarra Manning book I love everything about it I love the travelling and descriptions of Paris It reminds me of Anna and the french kiss or rather, Anna and the french kiss reminded me of this book , which is obviously a great thing Basically, it s a great story I read it in one sitting I could NOT put it down I [...]

    Anna Luce Smyth
    Sarra Manning you did it again.Me through this book

    Fanny Ladeira
    2,5 Caso cl ssico de engana pela capa.

    4.5 stars I have finally found a similar book to Anna and the French Kiss

    Okay, apparently I m never going to get around to doing a proper review for this, so have some sketchy bullet points instead Gorgeous cover Loved how BRITISH it was Having a Plymouth Brethren friend Charity shops The abundance of strong female characters was awesome Grandma Major and Grandma Minor in particular Bea herself was pretty amazing I was completely sold on her voice, and her character arc was all kinds of wonderful The American gang were great loved that Jess, Erin, and Bridge all had [...]

    I went through a Sarra Manning phase when I was younger, and in a recent fit of self inflicted reminiscing, I borrowed and read Nobody s Girl Suffice it to say that over the years, her books have lost none of their innate ability to drag me into the story and keep me there until it s good and ready to let me go I started reading it at gone one in the morning, so confident was I that I would soon be putting it down again, but when I closed the back cover at half past four, I didn t have a single [...]

    Michelle Sallay
    Originally on my blog ilovedthisbookI m kind of in love with Sarra Manning these days In fact, I feel like I might be having some kind of one sided book affair with her I picked up my first Manning book on a whim, and devouring her past books has been ever so wonderful.Nobody s Girl might be my favorite yet A lot happens in this book, and it is one of the best coming of age stories that I have read in a long time It might have been a bit slow going for me at first because I do not like mean girl [...]

    Surprisingly good

    Gesilaine Silva

    carolina ☾
    Bea thinks she s the most boring seventeen year old in the world.Me at this very moment.I WANT TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW

    This book was great I read it in one sitting in about an hour and a half Totally loved it and the bit with the whiteboard was INSPIRED D

    4.5 love love love

    muito fofo, leitura leve e uma bela distra o Toph moz o 3

    Kyra (Blog of a Bookaholic)
    When I went to the library a few weeks back I saw Nobody s Girl sitting on the library shelf It seemed like whenever I went to the library, Nobody s Girl would always catch my eye A few weeks back I finally took it out, the premise sounded really intriguing and I m kind of obsessed with reading Young Adult travelling books that are situated in different parts around the world at the moment When starting Nobody s Girl I noticed they had quite a few swear words that put me off reading it but I m g [...]

    First off, I loved Bea Not because she had amazing gifts, or because she kicked arse But because she was like me when I was her age Bea was kind, nice, and too shy to stand up for herself She had a completely overprotective mother, like mine, who wouldn t let her out of the house without some sort of emotional chastity belt on I could completely relate to Bea, and what it felt like to be in her shoes, so when I was reading about how she stood up to the mean girls in Malaga, I practically yippeed [...]

    Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISON s vezes a gente quer livro alucinante e s vezes a gente quer algo que flua e seja singelo e Onde Deixarei Meu Cora o exatamente a segunda op o, n o que isso signifique que ele ruim, ele bonitinho, doce, nos faz pensar em algumas coisas, passamos bons momentos com ele N o seremos arrebatados, mas ser uma leitura agrad vel.Comecei odiando a protagonista Eita menina que n o fazia nada para se defender, era tipo aquela pessoa capacho Que se batem do lado [...]

    Bea thinks she s the most boring seventeen year old in the world She s not pretty or popular or funny, unlike her mother who had Bea when she was 17 The only glamorous thing about Bea is the French father who left before she was born and lives in Paris She yearns for la vie Parisienne every moment of her dull existence So when Ruby Davies, the leader of her school s most elite clique picks Bea as her new best friend and asks her to go on holiday with them, she s wary but delighted If nothing els [...]

    Jim From YAYeahYeah
    17 year old Bea is obsessed with France Who wouldn t be, when they had a Parisian father they d never met Especially when life back home with an over protective mother and rather boring friends is so, well, dull At least it is until Ruby takes an interest in her Falling under the spell of her school s most glamorous girl, Bea finds herself agreeing to go on holiday to Spain with Ruby and her mates Except when she gets there, she s suddenly kicked out of the in crowd What s a girl to do Crawl hom [...]

    I love everything about Sarra Manning s books writing style characters references songs and general culture J adore Sarra Manning and I have all her books on my bookshelf.Nobody s girl is a coming of age story in which 17 years old Bea, the most boring seventeen year old in the world, embraces in a journey that will take her to Paris backpacking with a group of american students.Every time I pick up a book from Manning I feel a perfect connection between me and her characters, she writes YA that [...]

    Resident Optimist
    Very unrealistic, no parent would let their seventeen year old daughter go to a foreign country if they didn t want to and definitely would not give in to peer pressure from a famous star The likelihood that she DID go, all that drama happened and then she met some American tourists that she got along with was unrealistic too In reality, she d probably find a police officer figure of authority and explain her situation, get directed to the British embassy and be on the next flight home How naive [...]

    3.5 5 estrelas Vamos l Esse livro come ou de um jeito bem divertido e bastante previs vel, posso dizer Mas o jeitinho que a autora fez pra que as coisas fossem tomando rumo foi aut ntico pelo menos em alguns pontos altos do livro Foram essas atitudes que me fizeram amar a personagem cada p gina que eu lia, afinal, ela estava crescendo e tomando decis es que tinham a dose certa, como aquela cena no apartamento na Espanha S rio Incr vel.Mas, ao mesmo tempo que isso acontecia, foi com que eu fosse [...]

    Where s do I start with the gushing about how much I loved this book because quite honestly I don t think I can say enough good things about it I loved nobody s girl and I think a bit reason why I did was because I really got Bea Quite honestly the way she describes her life, her social situations etc this book could have been lifted from pages of my diary at the same ages had I kept one that is She was brilliantly written and I thought this was especially the case when you saw the way in which [...]

    Nobody s Girl totally surprised me I didn t have very high expectations, and I only read it because I didn t have anything else to read at the moment But since Anna and The French Kiss, I ve become this total sucker for anything French So it was kinda obvious I was going to fall in love with this novel too Lets just start with the fact that this books just tells us how EVIL girls can be Ruby and her gang are so mean, you think it just exists in fiction but thats the thing It doesn t I can name a [...]

    Sophie Elizabeth
    This gets four stars in my book and the detraction of one star is only because I m quite choosy about that fifth star It s one of the best YA books I ve ever read, but in saying that, I have been reading some truly astounding books of late so my comparisons are tainted.I cannot pick many flaws out in this book it was atmostpheric, quirky, funny, intelligent Sarra Manning s writing is improving I fell in love with her writing when I read Guitar Girl and then I devoured Pretty Things and Let s Get [...]

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