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  • Title: Epilogue: A Memoir
  • Author: Will Boast
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  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Epilogue: A Memoir By Will Boast When Will Boast s father dies he is alone in the world an American with distant English roots, orphaned, and derailed by grief Everything he thought he knew about his parents unravels when he discovers he has two half brothers living in England In exquisite prose Will Boast sets about piecing together a new sense of himself, attempting as he does to understand, forgiveWhen Will Boast s father dies he is alone in the world an American with distant English roots, orphaned, and derailed by grief Everything he thought he knew about his parents unravels when he discovers he has two half brothers living in England In exquisite prose Will Boast sets about piecing together a new sense of himself, attempting as he does to understand, forgive and heal the mistakes of his father s past.
    Will Boast
    Will Boast was born in England and grew up in Ireland and Wisconsin His story collection, Power Ballads, won the 2011 Iowa Short Fiction Award His fiction has appeared in Best New American Voices 2009, Narrative, Glimmer Train, The Southern Review, and The American Scholar, among other publications From 2008 2010, he was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University He lives in San Francisco and moonlights as a musician around the Bay Area.

    Epilogue: A Memoir By Will Boast


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    Christy Wopat
    This was an incredibly moving, beautifully written memoir I was in the same class in high school as Rory and was in concert band with Will It was so fascinating to read his thoughts about where we grew up I echoed so many of them I remember the terrible accident that Rory was in, they were my classmates but we didn t really know each other It brings back a longing for the small town in which I grew up, which I feel like it would do for anyone.

    I received an ARC copy of this book as a First Reads giveaway.This is a beautifully written memoir of a life that has seen multiple tragedies, and also some surprises that have changed that life for the better Author Will Boast has gone through the painful process of examining the complicated relationship he had with his father and the secrets his father withheld from his sons A highly competitive man who expected that his sons be nothing less than their best, he fell apart when the family suffe [...]

    I recently quit a book I was only a few chapters into because I hated it so much I rarely RARELY do this, and I think it s the only reason I forced myself to finish this one I m pretty sure I got this off a best seller list, but I m not really sure why It just wasring And for a book that wasn t that long, it sure felt really long I think when you re writing a book that jumps around on a timeline, you have to do it the right way This just felt really disjointed.The only reason I gave it two stars [...]

    From BBC radio 4 Book of the Week Jamie Parker reads Will Boast s extraordinary family story A moving account of loss, confronting long held secrets and finding a way of facing the future.Following the tragic deaths, in quick succession, of his mother, younger brother and father, American author, Will Boast, at the age of twenty four, finds himself absolutely alone It s while he s putting his father s papers in order that he discovers a family secret which takes him back to England and compels h [...]

    The prose is good, but people really need to stop writing memoirs about their angsty 20s It is the most generic of subjects, no matter the trapping Even the most sympathetic of circumstances are overwhelmed by the piteous self centredness, as in this memoir It took forever to read because it was so tedious, and I wasn t a fan of the narrative choices too fragmented for my liking Honestly only even gave it three stars because I m overly fond of football stories, as in his chapter about going to s [...]

    What a terrific example of the Semisonic principle Every new beginning comes from some other beginning s end Will Boast endured almost unimaginable personal loss in his early adulthood He became the epilogue to his family history, an appendix in the medical and literary senses Or so he thought The journey of Will s highs and lows as he reminisces about his parents and brother and meets the family he didn t know he had is not to be missed Epilogue is deeply personal without being egocentric and d [...]

    It wasn t a bad book, it just went around in a continuous circle Never went anywhere.

    Mimi Fintel
    What if by age 24 you had lost your mother, father and only sibling What if you then also discovered that your father had been married before he married your mother and that you had two half brothers And what if you came upon this information after going through your father s papers after his death This is exactly what happened to Will Boast After losing his whole family it was consoling to know he had two half brothers but awkward to meet the brothers and have to reveal that his father had neve [...]

    I absolutely loved this book Although I knew Will as a student of mine while he was going through much of the profound loss he experienced during college, I had absolutely no idea at the time As I read the book so well written and such a compelling read I got a fuller sense of his own inner struggles and just why he kept so much of his life experiences to himself What an honest, truly engaging piece of work Well done, Will.

    Incredible, beautiful and moving memoir Will Boast s prose flows from past to present well, recent past , melding memories with family legend as he digs into his family s long buried secrets Truly beautiful to read.

    Carrie Blanchette
    This is a must read I truly believe every reader will gain something from reading this heartfelt memoir This book is very hard to put down and keeps the reader wondering where the narrative will lead to next Five star rating easily

    Looking at the reviews both on and on I noticed that people either LOVED this book or really didn t like something about it I actually hated it and had to drag myself through it Self centered, poor meI just could not stand the whiny attitude through his discoveries Lots of folks have experienced tragedy and don t feel the need to bore people with their story To be fair I experienced a close situation in my childhood where 40 years later I discovered siblings but in my case my parent deserted our [...]

    Elizabeth Doerr
    I read this book in 2 evenings but feel as if I d lived all the years remembered inside this memoir This memoir is of a young man losing his family and finding another one hiding alongside his grief The writer s art makes it all so immediate and, yes, painful, as he tells the story over and over again, from a different point of view The author takes the reader along with him as he travels from one viewpoint to another, from one discovery to another, and when they are all added up it is still a m [...]

    Patricia Davis
    Real life excellent writing I laughed and cried cried a lot Such a very real and heartfelt story about a family and hardships that befall so many of us Will Boast is an excellent writer I love biographies and this was truly a favorite A very sad tale but I don t know many truly honest accounts of a real life story that doesn t include ups and downs, though Will experiences many at a young age A brave, courageous author I highly recommend to biography lovers.

    The best thing anyone can say about a book is that I hated that it finished and wanted I don t want to give anything away a bout this book, but I will tell you that from page one I was a willing captive and it truly is one of the best books I have read in ages I am on board and will read anything he writes, even if on a wall, it promises to touch your heart.

    Lesley Ross
    Very touching memoir as a writer retraces his youth and his eventual personal losses and gains Although his life path is undeniably difficult at every stage, he manages to discover a path in life that is not only fulfilling but notable.

    I started reading this because it was a title recommended as a good example of a memoir I found I wasn t interested in what happened to Mr Boast, so I quit reading after a couple of chapters.

    Splendid and mesmerizing accountThe tragic losses, and seamless account of the author s reconciliation with his father s past, kept me spellbound Gifted writer Well done.

    It took me nearly two months to finish Will Boast s memoir, Epilogue, although to be fair it really shouldn t have We were lucky to have Will speak to our students at my high school s Writers Week, and upon reading the premise of his first full length publication a young man loses his entire family and discovers his father s secret past I was immediately intrigued While I didn t get to hear most of his presentation, I caught a portion of it, bought a copy of his book, had Will sign it, and set a [...]

    Kati Heng
    It starts with the death of his father, his last immediate family member From there, Will Boast s memoir goes on a powerful journey through his family s past and his path to finding the other family he never knew he had It s deep, tragic, painfully honestly reflective and so, so good.Boast s mother was the first guardian lost, early on in his high school days Discovering cancer, she went through chemo and the works, but the shitty thing doctors don t tell people or their families point blank whe [...]

    Every family has its secrets, but when Boast s father died following his mother and brother Boast learned just how deeply his family s secrets ran.When I initially read the description of the book, I thought that Boast s father had had two families simultaneously, keeping each a secret from the other The truth was rather mundane his father had previously been married, and Boast had half brothers But the effort the family put in to keep Boast and his brother everybody else knew in the dark is as [...]

    Darcy Leech
    I empathize will Mr Boast in losing his parents and only sibling so young If you have lost a close loved one at a young age, this book is worth the read as it is an honest bear all account of a young man coming of age while dealing with incomprehensible loss I read this bestseller as research in writing my own memoir of losing my mother and brother by the time I was 25 Worthwhile experience Boast s experience is so unique the plot could easily have made a good fiction novel, but his voice is so [...]

    Reading Epilogue reminded me of that line from William Maxwell Very few families escape disasters of one kind or another Will Boast had than his share of family disasters when he was in his twenties in Wisconsin the loss of his mother, brother and father Coming to terms with loss at an early age is something that many can empathize with, but that alone isn t enough to make a memoir stand out No, what happens after his father dies, the epilogue, is a family surprise that propels the book into ne [...]

    Boast suffered horrific losses with the deaths of his mother and brother, and a few years later, his father Boast s memoir explored the mystery of his father s life prior to his marriage to Boast s mother His first marriage was never discussed by either one of Will s parents or any of his relatives until after his father s death from alcoholism His father suppressed all emotions, believing that showing emotional pain was shameful It wasn t until his aunts came to the U.S from England for his fat [...]

    Sheri S.
    I enjoyed this book about a man who loses his mother to cancer, his brother to a tragic car accident and later his father to a stomach related illness only to later discover two half brothers and their families he previously knew nothing about Will Boast explores his past and events leading up to major losses in his family He writes about how the losses impacted his family members and how he feels lost in grief when the three members of his nuclear family are gone He describes his feelings upon [...]

    I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell, and I enjoyed Mr Boast s story of his father s secret first life I did have a few quibbles with the structure, going back and forth in time, which I don t think he pulled off as well we ve seen done by many others, but that didn t detract from my overall enjoyment I will say that the ending did kind of fizzle out for me But then, this is real life, unlike fiction, where it would be a bit disappointing to me I often hope to complete a book and [...]

    This is a fascinating story of a young man who finds out after his father died that his father had another family before his parents married He finds, almost by accident, a folder crammed in the back of his father s desk Because his father s death ends his nuclear family, it is not a surprise he would go in search of his two half brothers and, in the process, he learns much about the man his father was.His feelings for his older brothers are raw and complex, but I wish he had shown compassion [...]

    Boast reveals exposes even his unsavory unflattering immature self absorbed grief stricken behavior Nice language written by someone with fiction experience who knows how to weave a story, his bio, with elements of suspense and character development Interesting literary techniques Sad story what really happened with the first family, the second family, the child given up for adoption the third family I believe Arthur was an old enough boy when his father left to have the facts straight The dad w [...]

    I was drawn to this memoir because of the cover how could you resist that face And it turned out to be a really interesting memoir about a young guy who tragically loses his mother, brother, and father, only to discover that he has several other relatives that he didn t know existed It was well written, but then it got weird at the end when the author included a sample of how his memoir would have been written if it was written as a novel instead I guess it just dragged on a bit too long for me [...]

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