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  • Title: The Hush
  • Author: Skye Melki-Wegner
  • ISBN: 9780857985668
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Hush By Skye Melki-Wegner Chester is on the road, searching every town for clues about his father and why he disappeared But when he s caught accidentally and illegally connecting with the Song as he plays his beloved fiddle, Chester is sentenced to death Only a licensed Songshaper can bend music to their will The axe is about to fall But there is someone else watching Chester SomeoneChester is on the road, searching every town for clues about his father and why he disappeared But when he s caught accidentally and illegally connecting with the Song as he plays his beloved fiddle, Chester is sentenced to death Only a licensed Songshaper can bend music to their will The axe is about to fall But there is someone else watching Chester Someone who needs his special talents Who can use him for their own ends And who knows the secrets of The Hush, where there is no music, only deadly Echoes who will steal your soul Susannah is that someone The young captain of the infamous Nightfall Gang, Susannah has plans for Chester Finally, she will have her revenge.
    Skye Melki-Wegner
    Hello and thanks for visiting my profile I m a writer of fantasy adventure books from Melbourne, Australia.If you d like to get in touch, please come and say hi on Twitter, Facebook or my website.

    The Hush By Skye Melki-Wegner


    Abbie | ab_reads
    Thank you skyhorsepub for sending this book my way in exchange for an honest review.The Hush is a unique, musical fantasy novel where Music is both a powerful tool and a potential weapon those found using music to practise sorcery without a license are condemned to death Chester Hayes finds himself narrowly escaping a death sentence only to be initiated into a notorious gang of thieves.This novel is so much fun The gang are a Robin Hood esque band who misuse Music to steal from the rich and give [...]

    This was the Hush Its rain was not water, but shadow a rain of leftover sorcery .54.5 5 There are two things that I loved about The Hush first, it s essentially a group teen heist novel think YA Six of Crows , which I didn t know when I picked it up, and secondly, the idea of the Song, Music, and the Hush is super cool This book was fantastic and, though it is a standalone, I hope Melki Wegner returns to write in this universe.For Chester, a song was than just music It was air It was food and [...]

    Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    4 Stars.The Hush is a imaginative, engaging and enthralling fantasy, with elements of suspense and science fiction Skye is one of my favourite authors, she creates vivid worlds in which readers can fully immerse themselves, likable characters and is an advocate for creating strong, but flawed heroines She makes reading effortless and simply entertaining.Told as a third person narrative, it follows both Chester and the Nightfall Gang, Susannah, Sam, Dot and the fabulous Travis They know all too w [...]

    Woooooow this book was super good Music magic Two of my favourite things, and both together in the same book And what s cooler, the Music makes the magic Such an awesome idea I also like the view spoiler lack of romance, the way it wasn t the whole focus of the book hide spoiler It was definitely family orientated than couple orientated I did get rather confused when view spoiler Nathaniel turned out to be bad, and when he explained that the Hush was real, and their world was only brought about [...]

    Aaaaand here is yet another severely underrated novel from an Australian author Skye Melki Wegner has created yet another book with a fantastic world, great characters, a unique magic system and an action filled plot.The magic system is quite a creative one the use of music to produce magic and to hack into The Hush , a sort of shadow world which is a parallel of the real one I do have to say though, the world building probably wasn t the best in terms of how the rules of the magic system were l [...]

    Sometimes I think true strength is admitting when you re vulnerable Aww what a beautiful cover and story

    All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.In THE HUSH, there s music and there s Music One is magical, there other isn t Untrained Musicians capital M are considered blasphemers They are hunted down and executed since the only people that should harness the Song are Songshapers So much of THE HUSH is balanced on the world building If you re not completely enthralled then the ending of the novel loses its impact The book is full of description but I never got a real sense of the world Towns see [...]

    Jamie (Books and Ladders)
    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book and chose to review it This in no way impacts my opinion.Actual Rating 4.5 starsFull review to come on Books and Ladders

    It s always an exciting thing when a book catches you by surprise in a totally unexpected way I didn t expect a thing from The Hush in fact, I m trying to make my way through the books I am behind on quickly, and I was prepared to DNF this one Instead, I found myself enraptured by like page ten It really is that good.The Hush was first published in Australia, and I do believe this is the author s first published work in America I m really thankful, and I hope they publish because she has a GREA [...]

    I didn t really know what to expect when I picked up this book, but I think it deserves a solid 3 stars for originality.Magic in this world is created by songs, music and rhythms which is something I ve never seen before I have no musical knowledge, but it was explained simply enough to follow, though you would probably get out of it particularly the musical metaphors if you have a background in music.For me, the plot and world building were stronger than the characters The Hush and the real wo [...]

    I literally could not put down this book I was walking on the street reading it

    This was unexpected I fell headfirst int this novel and whenever I surfaced, I felt lost Melki Wegner has crafted some of the most spectacular world building I ve come across in a long while The magic system is based on music, but it s a lot than what it first appears I really wanted to see of the world because it was absolutely fascinating.The plot was fast paced, the characters likable and sympathetic I was rooting for Chester, Susannah, and the rest of the gang the entire book This reminded [...]

    I really loved the Hush The main character searches for his father, surviving only by playing the fiddle In a small town, he is confronted with his own abilities Unfortunately for him, his abilities are considered blasphemy and so he is arrested Through a series of events, he finds himself in the middle of the Hush, a mysterious un world in which dangers loom at every corner The Nightfall Gang has dragged him there, though what for Soon, he will have the opportunity to get everything he ever wan [...]

    I stayed up late to finish this one Excellent worldbuilding Although the idea of music as a source of magic isn t original by any means, the author gives it a nice twist and the idea of the Songshapers controlling music and using is for societal and religious control was well done It s a typical teen ensemble against authority motif and could use character development but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly seek out other works by this author.

    Pauleen Angeli
    A musical twist of what reminded me of Stranger Things There were parts here that made me hold my breath from suspense I ve never read a book with a darker take on music and musical instruments It was definitely a unique experience reading this.

    I love music, magic and Skye s previous novels so it s no big surprise I absolutely adored this book I was hooked from the spine tingling prologue to the beautifully sweet epilogue Skye has created a magnificent world once again using magic as subtly as a composer weaves harmonies through a song to create a masterpiece This new stand alone novel is set in a fantasy world where Music with a capital M is magic and only licensed Songshapers can connect to the Song the heartbeat of the world after t [...]

    Casey Frank
    I enjoyed the world building and felt like the idea of music vs Music was an interesting concept I was occasionally confused by the setting, often forgetting that it was supposed to feel like a Western For some reason I wanted to mentally default to common fantasy settings that feel Arthurian Most of the characters were well formed, allowing me to root for their plans There were some surprising reveals that were interesting, but felt a little hard to connect to given how concise the book felt [...]

    ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i"m not actually mad!
    Finished this a while back now and didn t right a review cause I m apparently a lazy sod The important part is i recall my feelings about the book It reminded me kind of like a YA version of Mistborn, I m not really sure why cause they dont have all that in common but i feel like its a compliment anyways cause Mistborn is an amazing book series.The Idea behind this book is incredible, not executed quite as well as it could have been but in its own right still a really fun and enjoyable read I lo [...]

    Rating 3.5I really wanted to like this book than I did After all, it s kind of Firefly for YA readers, with Musical Magic I absolutely loved Melki Wegner s Chasing the Valley series they were definitely in my favourite books of last year I ended this book, though, feeling a bit disappointed.While I really liked the concept behind The Hush, there were some elements that didn t work for me The romance was one of the biggest I can understand why it was included, but didn t feel like it added anyth [...]

    At first I wondered whether I would connect with this book or not, but The Hush quickly turned into a very enjoyable read with a nice mix of fantasy, Sci fi and music The world Melki Wegner created was vivid and detailed where music and magic were fiercely entwined At the same time, this world was familiar as it had many Wild West elements including saloons, guns, cowboy boots, carriages, sacks of gold, griddlecakes, horses although these ones could fly , sheriffs and cornfields.I really liked t [...]

    A good book I Stopped reading for a while since I became quite bored of it, and I had to force myself to continue reading.It sort of dragged on, but I would recommend it for a read

    K.L. Hallam
    There were creatures in the Hush, creatures of twisted magic, formed from the remnants of real world sorcery The Hush was a dumping ground for the leftovers The residual, dregs of Music and broken tunes A musician traveling with his fiddle, and searching for his father, enters the town of Hamlin Pegasi patrol the skies He hopes the locals will like his music enough, he ll be able to eat that night, and he sets up in the local saloon Never expecting what would happen when he plays the fiddle, tha [...]

    Dorine White
    Chester, a young fiddler, is looking for his missing father He is traveling the countryside searching Inns for information about The Missing , people who become ill and suddenly vanish Chester s only clue are his father s last words, The Hush One night while playing, he accidentally hooks into The Song, the true magic of his world It is illegal to use The Song unless one is trained and schooled Chester is arrested and sentenced to death Luck is with him when a member of the notorious Nightfall G [...]

    Anna Tan
    Chester Hays is a musician a very good musician But he hasn t been and doesn t have the money to audition at the Conservatorium Which means he isn t a Songshaper and he shouldn t be able to connect to the Song or play Music that special sort that was made of sorcery and secrets but he can And he doesn t know how Or how to stop it Travelling from town to town in search of his missing father, Chester makes a terrible mistake out of pride and suddenly he finds himself on the run from the authoritie [...]

    Haley |mythoughtsareabook
    mythoughtsareablog 201One hell of a read if you ask me I received The Hush by Australian author Skye Melki Wegner in the Once Upon a Book Club subscription box and I really didn t know what to expect upon starting it This book follows Chester Hays as he navigates life in a world that is fueled by Music, a type of magic that derives from the Song, the life force behind life.Definitely a page turner I found myself reading well into the night and always needing to know what is going to happen next [...]

    4.5 starswow so goodChester can tap into the Song, the magical essence of his world, without being a Songshaper, without ever training He just can, and it s illegal.One evening in a tavern, he takes on the challenge of playing one of the most difficult songs The Nightfall duet, renamed after the infamous Nightfall gang in existence and gets caught to be executed the next morning at dawn Just before the axe falls, he gets saved and brought into The Hush A shadow world, and a place only a few peop [...]

    Bunny theshybooks
    theshybooks 2017 09 06 thThe publisher sent me the book for a honest review An original story that will captivate you with its magic and characters.A world of music but if you aren t careful it will kill you Chester is looking for his father but along the way he becomes apart of the Nightfall Gang A group of thieves that dare to play along to their own music Chester learns there is to music than just its echoes.This book is so original I loved reading it but I will say that it took a one two ch [...]

    Alisa Ellie
    For centuries the Song had played It held the world together It was a quiet rhythm, a pulse in the earth, the seas, the wind It was a story of vivid imagination with a rather captivating plot Two opposite worlds are glued together with one magical sorcery, the Music I ve found pure delight in how the author describes the world as the sequence of notes those form the melody, the Song the life itself The Music here, in the story, is a kind of a soul that is filling every single detail and forming [...]

    The universe in The Hush is a fantasy world built on a Song or THE Song , but I won t go into explaining it here because Skye Melki Wegner did an amazing job building the world with her almost lyrical prose This is not to say that the story is without faults, there were a few things that I found grated me but that s mainly due to my preference in stories, and not necessarily the book itself For example, I love when we are presented with rich worlds and daring heroes, but I don t particularly enj [...]

    I joined the Once Upon A Book Club Box for a trial membership You get a book each month along with several wrapped gifts that go along with the book As you read the book, there are sticky notes in it that tell you to stop and open a gift The gift has to do with that part of the story Such a fun concept This was the first book I received Although it was published several years ago, I had never heard of it and probably never would have picked it up on my own I am so glad that I read it In this fan [...]

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