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  • Title: Never Too Early: The Beginning
  • Author: Chris Owen Tory Temple
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  • Page: 340
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  • Never Too Early: The Beginning By Chris Owen Tory Temple Firefighters Chancellor Shanahan and Tucker McBride have been together for years They ve been through the rough patches and come out the other side, although shift work, misunderstandings, and stubborn personalities can make things interesting Chance knows that he and Tucker love each other, however, and neither of them have any interest in other people So what happensFirefighters Chancellor Shanahan and Tucker McBride have been together for years They ve been through the rough patches and come out the other side, although shift work, misunderstandings, and stubborn personalities can make things interesting Chance knows that he and Tucker love each other, however, and neither of them have any interest in other people So what happens when they meet another couple with a similar relationship An unlikely friendship could take a possible turn Jake and Tor are a pair of cowboys who have weathered the storms of a decade together and have finally settled into their lives They have a ranch, they have family, and they have each other A rare vacation leads to a friendship, which leads to questions and a revival of long finished conversations Is moving forward also a step back in time to issues they ve already put to rest
    Chris Owen Tory Temple
    I live and write in eastern Canada I went to a bunch of schools, learned a lot of things, and now make stuff up because not to do so is unthinkable I m fond of fountain pens, Levenger s Circa system, and Steampunk fashions I m inspired by the day to day minutia of life, and find beauty in the way words go together I like texture and richness of experience I m not shy I m happy, I m learning, I m living.

    Never Too Early: The Beginning By Chris Owen Tory Temple


    clear skies
    What the hell Thank you for ruining two series that I loved a lot Thanks for making two couples suddenly become a four way for some insane reason I get the authors are BFFs but seriously I m so pissed I honestly thought this was gonna be a nice welcome back to some of my favourite characters, and instead all four decide to go on some weird personality transplant, where they somehow manage to become lovers Right Because apparently readers of these characters who saw off their HEA are now getting [...]

    4.5 Stars The Blogger GirlsIt is no surprise to many people that Bareback is my all time favorite M M book Jake and Tor have owned a piece of my heart for years now, so finding out they were starring in a new series just sent me soaring.However, finding out they were sharing that role with Chance and Tucker from another beloved series gave me serious pause My instant thought was oh no, this is going to kill Jake , but I don t feel that way any Especially with that ending holy smokes the next boo [...]

    Awesome friendship story featuring two gay couples we met a few years ago Tor and Jake from the Bareback series by Chris OwenandChance and Tucker from the Firefighters series by Tory Temple.Tor and Jake s books were one of the first M M books I ve read and it was simply overwhelming to meet them again My two cowboys are doing good, so good I couldn t stop smiling while reading this wonderful book of true love and friendship.Chance and Tucker, our two hot firefighters are all right too, and their [...]

    Stephanie Nelson
    I hated this book I don t know what this M M trend is lately with combining characters from different books and making foursomes but its getting tiresome Once you close a series let them ride off into the sunset I have no problem reading about foursomes but let it be new characters Thank you for ruining one of my favorite series.

    Chance Tucker meet Jake Tor what could possibly go wrong Do you like cowboys Do you like firemen Then you ve stopped at the right bookybe.Having read Tory Temple s Firefighters series and Chris Owen s Bareback series needless to say when I stumbled across this book it was a MUST have for me I jumped into reading it yesterday and finished it first thing this morning There were a lot of things about this book I really, really liked First off I just liked that it was a chance to read Chance Tucker [...]

    Keira Andrews
    I m honestly not a m nage fan at all, so wasn t sure if I d like this new series Chance Tucker and Jake Tor are classic couples from the early days of the m m genre, and I was leery of this change in direction But Tory and Chris really pulled it off They went slowly with the foursome and are building it up out of their friendship It s not instalove I admit as an OTPer it s hard for me to wrap my head around the quad concept, but the authors explored the beginnings of the new relationship really [...]

    What the actual fuck Who let this abomination into the world You couldn t pay me enough to read this, Kate.

    As someone who has had Bareback on their very favourite books ever list for years, I ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about reading this new series fearing that it could spoil for me that hard earned and believable happy ending that Jake and Tor won for themselves in the previous two books But because I did love Jake and Tor that much I knew I wouldn t be able to resist it in the end and since the second book came out I ve caved in and I ve read them both I have to say though, that righ [...]

    3.5 StarsA couple months ago, I read Bareback and Natural Disaster by Chris Owen and loved them both, so when I heard about Never Too Early The Beginning, I knew I d be reading it I was especially intrigued because I read that the series would become a MMMM menage with another couple, Chance and Tucker, from Tory Temple s Firefighters series which I had not read yet, but have since I recall Jake and Tor had some issues in Bareback that resulted in them saying they wouldn t invite any other men i [...]

    Zane Kage
    I was admittedly nervous starting this read, but ALL fears have been laid to rest I loved this A slow build with great respect to both couples and their histories, this surpassed exceeded my expectations by far I love the anticipation, but damned if I didn t utter a nice little four letter word at the abrupt conclusion Next book, soon, PLEASE

    This story took an interesting turn and I like it Somehow 2 and 2 seems to be becoming 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 Better yet, both original couples are staying true to themselves and each other I am looking forward to seeing where this goes considering the distance and potential emotional pitfalls at work.

    So when s the next one I loved it but I not a fan of the bit n pieces booksrrrr

    I m.utiously optimistic here I thought I wouldn t like what was being hinted at in the first half But it turns out Chris Owen and Tory Temple know exactly how to weave this story to make fans crave it instead of being put off by it The first half was slow, but I think it was necessary to put us back into Jake and Tor s, and Chance and Tucker s, worlds I can t stress enough that these two couples are two that have stayed with me over the years as standout favorites, couples that I ve reread at le [...]

    Sorry to say after reading the reviews I have decided not to read the book Jake and Tor are two of my favorites and I do not wish to read about them being torn apart Maybe the futureonce the series has been completed and I know where the author s take the characters I may change my mind.

    I liked all four characters Two instantly click but their partners Not so much Every couple that meets another couple goes through these adventures some are intense than others but all are important steps in survival I m anxious to read on as the first two s partners developed feelings for each other.

    Joyfully Jay
    A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsSo fun to see Jake and Tor and Chance and Tucker again This book is almost everything I wanted it to be and nothing that I didn t First, the characters have the same voice as they did in their previous books and it is really easy to connect with them once again Second, there is polished writing, a good flow, and great continuity to the story from the previous books.We check in with both couples and see where they all stand This part read in some ways as an extended [...]

    Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie
    I loved both of these series I loved both of these couples But my question was, would I love them together My answer, YES This book was so good It s told mainly from Jake and Chances POV s The two couples meet while attending the Kentucky Derby, and well to say Tucker and Tor become fast friends is an understatement After the race they run into each other at a restaurant, and Chance invites them to join them for dinner.Before dinner is over the two new besties, Tor and Tucker have exchanged phon [...]

    Chancey Knowles
    I think I ll start with a random list of thoughts info which I may or may not later fix or organize 1 It Obviously didn t take me 9 months to read this book I just wasn t sure I wanted to read it It is a very scary prospect when dealing with iconic beloved couples Both of these couples were at the forefront of the m m explosion 2 I thoroughly read all the reviews first, which is very unusual for me I typically glance at ratings and skim poor reviews only before purchasing if that 3 If I remember [...]

    Cocktails and Books
    Ok To be fair, before I start this review I have to say that I wasn t aware that there were four books that I should have read before I read Never Too Early The Beginning While I did notice that two authors wrote this one, I only went by the blurb, thought it sounded pretty good, and picked it up Turns out that Chris Owen wrote two books called, Bareback and Natural Disaster about two cowboys, and Tory Temple wrote two called Flashover and Heat , about two firemen What happens with Never Too Ear [...]

    Read Never Too Early The Beginning this weekend I thought it was a curious match up Cowboys Firemen that live very far apart Hum How is this going to work and be believable But because I loved the characters from Bareback and Natural Disaster Tor and Jake read those books a few years ago at least twice and hoped we would get to hear from them again I also read the books about Chance and Tuck several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed their story as well Even though it has been awhile since I read [...]

    The book fearures favourite couples from both authors Jake and Tor from Chris Owen s Bareback and Chance and Tucker from Tory Temple s Firefighter series.I think the story will have most impact if you ve read both of these I haven t as there are some references to the past trouble and strife that have got both couples to where they are Also, an appreciation of how both couples have the stern and reserved Chance and Jake and the exuberant puppies Tucker and Tor Individually, we see the couples g [...]

    The Bareback series is a beloved series in the m m world It was one of the first m m books I read all those years ago When word of this book hit there were so many mixed emotions in different m m groups A lot of people said they refuse to read it not wanting to spoil the image of Jake and Tor s HEA That and well some readers do not like any type of m nage, especially when it s an established couple I decided to read Tory s books first having never done so I liked Tucker and Chance One can see ho [...]

    Monica Vidal
    I gotta say I m writing this review after I had finished the 3 books in the series, so I already know how things end That said, here we go When I first saw that Jake and Tor had another 3 books I was beyond excited, cause fuck yeah Bareback is one of my favorite books I was a bit freaked out with the perspective of a foursome but I was curious enough to give it a try I ve learned that this series is Chris Owen co writing with another author and that the other two characters involved belong to th [...]

    Brenda Maldonado
    OnlyForTheMoney FeelingABitUsedI often hear authors not necessarily these two authors say that they write the books that need to be written or that the characters demand the story Well, the only reason this book would have to be written is to squeeze an extra buck out of die hard fans of two beloved couples Of course we would read the book, even if we cringed at the thought This first book in the three book series was barely passable for Jake Tor fans It was a big stretch, but I can suspend disb [...]

    Lillian Francis
    I ve read a few reviews before coming here to jot down my thoughts Many people are upset that the HEA that both couples fought for have been discarded I can see their point and maymay have been equally as vocal had I read either series.For me though it was a pleasant enough read about two couples on the way to something I can see Tucker being the stumbling block because although he obviously has feelings for Tor equally I don t think he should all that happy to share Chance.My issue with this b [...]

    I haven t read about either of these couples before so I have no opinion about them getting together other than its going to be freaking hot I love both these couples They are honest with each other, especially about the hard things They have been through tough times and have a want and desire to continue to make it through But when they meet each other the slow burn of developing a real long distance friendship with a undercurrent of attraction is smouldering This book held my attention the who [...]

    4.5 starsWell, this one was a surprise I liked the Firefighters series and I loved Jake and Tor, but the four of them together Despite my reservations, it was pretty good and engaging, and it is not even about the sex There issome sex of course not menage yet, just between the couples but this book is about the friendship and the strong bond that forms among the four men, something that slowly evolves into something bigger The pace is great, things don t seem rushed and that is awsome since the [...]

    This was a really tough read for me because of Tor and Jake s break up from bareback I really don t care to much for Tor, he did the man dirty and I hate cheaters Cheating breaks the trust in a relationship and that is the one thing that should NEVER be broken If you can t trust your partner then there is no hope I myself, would never take a cheater back I would never be able to trust them again Tor and Tuckers relationship was very hard to read because I already saw the attraction leading to fe [...]

    Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog
    really liked this story and beginning of a great series both couple s relationships were steadily established and built slowly i really liked how solid they each were and how much they loved each other i love that the angst was low and this was really just a story of establishing relationshipse writing was good and there was great character development the ending kind of sneaks up on you leaving you wanting the next book right away.

    I read the original books that this series bring together, and I love that the authors brought them together They fit well, and the development of two couples coming together to form a kind of quad poly relationship is really well written I love watching the couples get to know one another and negotiate and navigate the process I wouldn t, however, suggest anyone read these books without reading the respective stories of these couples

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