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  • Title: Rest and Be Thankful
  • Author: Joanna Chambers
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  • Rest and Be Thankful By Joanna Chambers Two stormy hearts find peace when feuding neighbors in the Scottish Highlands are trapped by a blizzard also part of the Holiday anthology Comfort and Joy
    Joanna Chambers
    Joanna Chambers always wanted to write In between studying, finding a proper grown up job, getting married and having kids, she spent many hours staring at blank sheets of paper and chewing pens That changed when she rediscovered her love of romance and found her muse Joanna s muse likes red wine, coffee and won t let Joanna clean the house or watch television

    Rest and Be Thankful By Joanna Chambers


    Adrianamae, Marco's fan
    3.5A Christmas story that is sweet, tender, melancholic and full of hope with two beautiful and sexy, mature men.

    D awwwe Very sweet.Reminds me a bit of J.L Merrow s stories, which I adore Likely The Plumber s Mate series.Cam was very loveable I like my men just like him big and brooding looking.

    I know Halloween hasn t even passed yet, but I was looking through some of the Christmas holiday MM releases coming in the next few weeks, and that just put me in the mood for a holiday read.I originally read Rest and Be Thankful in the Comfort and Joy anthology I enjoyed it a bit the first time around, but this short is still sweet and full of holiday feels I wanted to wrap Cam up and never let go, and I wanted Rob to wrap me up and never let go Plus, I love the setting of a Scottish village i [...]

    4.5 starsThis is the kind of holiday read I love A melding of sense of community, family, the hope of the season, love, and new beginnings And, an enemies to lovers trope with a dash of hotness doesn t hurt at all I really like Cameron Cam He s gruff, proud, and fiercely independent He s new in the tiny village of Inverbechie in the Scottish countryside He s on his last dime, trying to establish his outdoor adventure business in a very tight knit community How does he go from outsider to collabo [...]

    Anyta Sunday
    Dug this Loved the emotion Nicely done.

    What a lovely friends to enemies to lovers story I hope the promise of a new year sends nothing but romance and great sex to Cam and Rob.

    Debbie McGowan
    I read this as part of Comfort and Joy.I really liked the story, but I found the use of apostrophes on every round British colloquial version of around very distracting These were not used consistently not used on phone, for instance , and I know I m being pedantic perhaps the absence of the apostrophes would be just as distracting to US readers However, I rate on how well a story drags me in and keeps me there, and those little fellas kicked me right back out of it, which is a shame, because I [...]

    something about this story didn t quite work for me I really felt for Cam, but I felt there was too much telling me about his character, and not enough showing I liked the resolution of the feud between him, and Rob, but it felt a bit too pat for something that had been brewing for so long I did appreciate the author s feel for small town life, and politics It felt very true to my own experiences, and home town, but the story failed to fully captivate my interest Not bad, but not really good eit [...]

    The discouragement that Cam feels is very well achieved, same as Rob s muffled sadness.Read as part of Comfort and Joy Anthology.

    I would have loved an epilogue.

    Really enjoyed this, and I sympathized with Cam and not being a people person and having a tough time making friends It made him very relatable for me Loved the small town setting, and I d definitely welcome a follow up for these two characters, but the story also feels complete as is.

    Sweet and simple.

    Really good Now I want

    Suki Fleet
    Sweet story Lovely writing

    A wonderful Christmas short that I enjoyed as part of the Comfort and Joy anthology.

    This was quite a sad, short and very sweet novella I really felt sorry for Cam, the way he was dealt with the worse hand in life Having made redundant at his accountancy job Cam rethinks his life and wants to do what he loves being in the outdoors Exited he moves to small town Inverbechie, that he has found memories of from his childhood, but quickly he finds he has become a total outsider with a business that seems to be very seasonal Apparently, to exist on the poverty line in a remote village [...]

    This author has a way of pulling me into the story and keeping me there I ve read two novellas with similar themes misunderstanding other people and resolving differences Cam is living in a small town trying to get his tourist business off the ground but has a habit of not asking for help When something he does sets the council on him, he goes straight to the tattle tale, Rob Armstrong, and lays into him, making an enemy and effectively isolating himself from the rest of the town though much of [...]

    My 6th X mas book this month Even though the MCs didn t get together until towards the end, I still enjoyed the story Witnessing the softening of their animosity helped me understand the characters better, especially Cam and his predicament Boy, what a pickle he was in like pickles I felt so, so bad for him I didn t want the story to end, especially with the surprise craving Cam begged for We get a brief glimpse of what kind of domestic life they could have together I want of Cam and Rob What a [...]

    3.5 rounded up for wit and atmosphere.

    Review on the other edition Merry Bright.3,5 stars

    perfect short story i love it

    3.5 stars

    Chris, the Dalek King
    Cam s life is not going well, at all His boiler had bit the dust, his business has flown south for the winter, and pretty much everyone in Inverbechie dislikes him including the sexy caf owner who he had a blazing row with moths ago, which led to the town shunning him And he s broke so very, very broke No, life is most definitely not going well He can only hope that come midnight on New Year s Eve, he ll figure out a way to make this new year a better one Because he really doesn t fancy freezing [...]

    Another short and very sweet novella It was quite heart breaking just how things got messed up for Cam He came with so much hopes and dreams to live in a small town, only to somehow find himself a total outsider with a failing business He says he isn t a people s person and it shows, but he isn t a bad guy, he just made a few mistakes Rob is the sweetest Yeah he had a HUGE fall out with Cam, but it was mostly a big misunderstanding or at least that s how he saw it and basically he wanted to apol [...]

    On one hand, I really liked the characters The secondary characters in particular felt real and human, from the annoyed plumber to the drama queen cafe manager The two leads also felt very real But, the relationship didn t It s not that it couldn t be real so,eBay, it s that it happened way too fast I can see it all occurring until the sex Way way too early I know it s a novella, so everything has to be fast Butjust no.It s a very small town, pretty far from other places Everyone is up in each o [...]

    Just Misses the MarkI really liked this story as it moved along but found Cameron and Rob to be a bit too tightly drawn to expect them to develop any kind of personal relationship The fact that they are basically enemies when the story begins is a bit puzzling until you find out why, and even then you can only blame each of them for being jerks about it.The wretched Scottish weather is the hero in this one, and the fact that two very lonely, very independent men cannot deal with trying to overco [...]

    I had featured Joanna Chambers in anthologies before but until this Christmas reading season, I hadn t actually read her work What was I waiting for This is the second story of hers I ve read in the past 4 weeks and I loved it Cam and Rob are the kind of pair that you just know where they should be and that they will get there but the story lies in the getting there Once again, communication or lack thereof is the key, something we all need to remember When the weather and safety brings Cam and [...]

    Lovely Christmas story, with well developed, complex and relatable characters who face their issues and make the effort to better themselves I enjoyed very much the setting the village the close knit community with its advantages and disadvantages, as our hero, Cam, starts to understand and then there s Rob s cottage where everyone reader included get to know the characters and where they re coming from, their fears and hopes and finally, the snow that in this story manages to be atmospheric, pr [...]

    Oh that was absolutely lovely The perfect read when you need something balanced between angst and fluff between being stuck in the snow in a town where you think people don t like you and getting lovingly warmed up in someone s embrace Am I poetic or what The writing flows without a hitch, and the characters completely sell the story they re mature in a way characters rarely are in novels Their fears feel realistic, and the misunderstanding is not overused as an angst outlet Thumbs up

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