UNLIMITED PDF ✓ Il tredicesimo dono - by Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario #2020

  • Title: Il tredicesimo dono
  • Author: Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario
  • ISBN: 9788811688266
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Il tredicesimo dono By Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario Mamma, abbiamo perso l autobus la mattina di un freddo e grigio 13 dicembre, e Joanne viene svegliata improvvisamente dai suoi tre figli in tremendo ritardo per la scuola Ancora non sanno che quel giorno la loro vita sta per cambiare per sempre Mentre di corsa escono di casa, qualcosa li blocca d un tratto sulla porta all ingresso, con un grande fiocco, una splendi Mamma, abbiamo perso l autobus la mattina di un freddo e grigio 13 dicembre, e Joanne viene svegliata improvvisamente dai suoi tre figli in tremendo ritardo per la scuola Ancora non sanno che quel giorno la loro vita sta per cambiare per sempre Mentre di corsa escono di casa, qualcosa li blocca d un tratto sulla porta all ingresso, con un grande fiocco, una splendida stella di Natale Chi pu averla portata l Il bigliettino che l accompagna firmato, misteriosamente, I vostri cari amici Mancano tredici giorni a Natale, e Joanne distrattamente passa oltre ancora recente la morte di Rick, suo marito, e vorrebbe solo che queste feste passassero il prima possibile Troppi i ricordi, troppo il dolore Ma giorno dopo giorno altri regali continuano ad arrivare puntualmente, e mai nessun indizio su chi possa essere il benefattore La diffidenza di Joanne diventa prima curiosit , poi stupore nel vedere i suoi figli riprendere a ridere, a giocare, a divertirsi insieme Sembra quasi che stiano tornando a essere una vera famiglia E il mattino di Natale, mentre li guarda finalmente felici scartare i loro regali sotto l albero addobbato, Joanne scopre il pi prezioso e magico dei doni Quello di cui non vorr mai pi fare a meno, e il cui segreto ha scelto di condividere con i suoi lettori in questo libro suggestivo, profondo ed emozionante Il tredicesimo dono riesce cos ad aprirci gli occhi sulla gioia che ci circonda sempre, anche nei momenti pi impensabili Sulle sorprese inaspettate che la vita sa regalarci E sulla felicit improvvisa che tutti possiamo donare a chi ci sta accanto, non smettendo mai di credere nella forza e nella generosit dei nostri cuori.
    Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario
    Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Il tredicesimo dono book, this is one of the most wanted Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario author readers around the world.

    Il tredicesimo dono By Joanne Huist Smith Elisa Ferrario


    Christmas is still over a month away, but I needed a feel good fix, and this one fit the bill nicely The 13th Gift is actually a nonfiction story about a family falling apart after the husband dad suddenly dies a couple of months before Christmas The wife mom author Joanne Huist Smith is having a hard time gathering any Christmas spirit or spirit for much of anything as are her two sons, aged 12 and 17 Only her 10 year old daughter Megan, mature for her years, wants to celebrate Christmas Not un [...]

    The Hook I try to read at least one new Christmas themed story each year The 13th Gift A True Story of a Christmas Miracle, a memoir was popping up everywhere and somehow popped right into my hands.The Line We re not falling apart we re just chipped a little bit You will have to read the book to understand the relevance of this quote The Sinker Such a perfect story for this time of year, The 13th Gift A True Story of a Christmas Miracle brings so many truths of the spirit of the season to mind a [...]

    This memoir describes a family shocked and frozen at the death of their husband and father Rick had died suddenly in October in his sleep of a heart condition and his family were not ready to face celebrating Christmas The author Joanne, was not coping with her loss let alone coping with her childrens needs They had all retreated into themselves and no one was talking about what had happened Only the youngest child, Meghan wanted to put up a tree and decorations but Joanne couldn t find the ener [...]

    In the interest of full disclosure, I want to preface this review by mentioning that I received this book as part of a GoodReads FirstReads Giveaway.Overall, this book was cute The premise is very heart warming, and I loved the epilogue that gave of a background as to the origin of the gift giving tradition and the history of the gift givers themselves.I did take a bit of an issue with certain elements of the book I just didn t find myself engaging with the characters at all, and I think it was [...]

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    Avete presente quando all inizio di un libro ancora dovete conoscere i personaggi, dovete immedesimarvi e ambietarvi alla storia E arrivata a fine lettura avete dimenticato molti dettagli che c erano all inizio del libro A me capita la maggior parte delle volte ma questa mi ha sconvolta Solo alla fine del libro mi sono resa conto che era autobiografico Gli autori spesso giocano sul finto autobiografico e pensavo che lo fosse anche questo Immaginate quindi la mia sorpresa ai ringraziamenti La sto [...]

    This was 2 1 2 stars for me but in the Christmas spirit I bumped it up rather than down If it weren t based on a true story, I d have disliked it I was impatient with the whole idea that a family who loses the dad 2 months before Christmas should get on with their grief and celebrate Really This family needed help Also unexplained was how they were going to get by on one salary now with 3 kids Not even the teenager had a job The mom appeared to work part time and after generous donations of mone [...]

    Kathy Worrellツ
    The 13th Gift leaves you with a big lump in your throat and these words in your heart I tell them one of the greatest gifts we all possess is the ability to giveAnd, the Holidays are a perfect time to look outside of ourselves and be a true friend A legacy of generosity can create memories that reverberate beyond the moment and outshine the brightest of heirloom ornaments.

    SheriC (PM)
    Ugh Within about 5 minutes of listening to this audio, I could only wail Nooooooooooooooooooooo I didn t expect much from this one, so the bar was set pretty low I expected a bit of light Christmas glurge, a memoir about a family dealing with the loss of a loved one, who found their Christmas spirit when their friends neighbors whatever got together to leave anonymous gifts to remind them of The Meaning of Christmas Sounds like the perfect story to get you into the season, if you go into it with [...]

    This year, it was a nonfiction Christmas book that made me cry Joanne Huist Smith s The 13th Gift is A True Story of a Christmas Miracle And, it s Smith s own story of family tragedy, and the love that brought a family back together.Joanne Huist Smith lost her husband, Rick, in October 1999 He had put off heart surgery, hoping to be home recovering when the kids were home on Christmas break But, his heart didn t make it to Christmas And, then Smith couldn t find the heart to face the holiday she [...]

    How do you keep putting one foot in front of the other when the rock of your family has passed away and Christmas is around the corner Days seem dreary and energy is lacking for Joann and her kids Their grief is pulling them under and they can t seem to find a way back Joann wants to just forget about the holidays but the youngest, Megan, seems determined to have a Christmas tree in their house.On the run to try and get to school on time one morning, they discover a poinsettia plant on their fro [...]

    Shannon (leaninglights)
    Full review leaninglights.weebly home First impressions This book is beautiful It is the perfect story to pick up this time of year It s the story of great loss, darkness and eventually hope I needed to hear it and I m so glad I picked it up Kindness and compassion are what the Christmas season is about and this true story about a grieving family is a wonderful reminder of that I highly recommend

    Sharon Huether
    I won this free book from first reads A true story of a family after the loss of husband and father They were inspired by the kindness of strangers and friends, following their loss They followed the tradition that was gifted to them A wonderful true story of Christmas.

    This was a very heart wrenching book based on a true story of love, loss and a journey of the heart.

    Joanne una giovane vedova che non ha ancora superato il trauma provocato dall improvvisa morte dell adorato marito Rick La famiglia in balia di se stessa e la giovane madre non riesce a badare ai tre figli A tutto questo trambusto si unisce il Natale imminente e il desiderio della piccola Megan di abbobbare la casa, decorare l abete e preparare il cenone Il 13 dicembre dietro la loro porta compare una stella di Natale e un biglietto firmato i vostri veri amici La reazione di Joanne terribile I g [...]

    Abi Riley
    I m a big fan of true stories, and this one did not disappoint Every night I would read a chapter of The 13th Gift Though I wanted to read further, I closed the book and placed it on my bedside table I wanted to experience each day with the Smith family while they coped with the sudden loss of a family member Each day brought a new surprise for the Smith s I enjoyed the slow shifting from blanketing grief and the dread of another day, to anticipation curiosity and the true spirit of Christmas.I [...]

    Nancy Steinle gummel
    The 13th Gift A True Story of a Christmas Miracle by Joanne Huist Smith is a first reads win and I am giving my honest review Death occurs everyday of the year When a loved one dies around the holidays it makes you fees worse Joannes husband was sick and planned to go into the hospital right after the holidays He didn t want to disrupt the holidays for his wife and 3 kids, Ben 17,Nick 12 and Megan, the youngest at 10 He never made it, Joanne found him dead in the morning Another year has turned [...]

    Uno dei doni pi grandi che tutti possediamo la capacit di donare

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    Review originally posted on Le Book Chronicles.I stumbled across this book on earlier today, which is a true miracle because I never go on But nevertheless, I was on there, I saw this book and the cover just drew me in straight away I didn t even know what it was about, I just fell in love with that cover But then I read the blurb and I knew I had to read it Sidenote I had a look on iBooks to see if it was the same price because if so I would have bought it on there, and it was 9.99 whereas this [...]

    It s Christmas and this family is still reeling from grief Joanne finds herself a young widow with three children now without the father they loved For Joanne, it s an accomplishment if she gets her children to school, functions at work and gets a meal on the table each day The idea of the holidays is overwhelming, but her children could use a dose of joy and normalcy When gifts begin arriving on their porch with cards and notes mimicking the 12 days of Christmas, the family is drawn into the my [...]

    I had a hard time rating this book, because in all honesty, it wasn t my favorite as far as writing, but in the end, the lesson was beautiful and powerful to me I ended up going with the lesson on this one.

    Amber Eats Books
    4.5 stars

    A volte trovare un libro, nel periodo natalizio, che ti faccia apprezzare e assaporare profondamente lo spirito e la magia del Natale non sempre facile Il primo pensiero che ho, se penso allo spirito del Natale, Canto di Natale di Charles Dickens Il libro perfetto da leggere sotto l albero illuminato Dopo aver letto Il tredicesimo dono di Joanne Huist Smith ho provato emozioni indescrivibili, uniche e magiche che fin ora avevo provato solo leggendo il Canto di Natale.Questo piccolo gioiello di u [...]

    A pleasant reminder that kind, thoughtful strangers exist in this often callous world, The 13th Gift is a decent read at Christmastime, effective at driving away that bah humbug feeling that can sometimes assail us during the holidays It is the true story of Joanne Huist Smith s family, who, after the death of their familial patriarch, was steeped in sorrow and did not feel overmuch like celebrating Christmas Then, mysteriously, small gifts begin to appear on their doorstep each night, and gradu [...]

    Rebecca Jo
    I feel like such a Scrooge giving this book 2 stars, but I just didn t really care for it.Its the story of a family that lost their husband father how their first Christmas was 2 teenage boys who are rebelling, 1 young girl who still has the innocence to her of wanting everything to be OK, a mother wife who is grieving doesnt want to make new Christmas memories without her spouse.I think why I didn t enjoy it was because it was just so sad to me It was something I dont really want to think about [...]

    The 13th Gift A True Story of a Christmas Miracle is a memoir about a family of 4 trying to cope after the death of their beloved husband father who died unexpectedly near the Christmas holidays It is an emotional and personal journey of moving forward with sorrow still fresh and heavy in the heart While others are in the joyous holiday spirit, author Joanne Huist Smith can t fathom facing the holiday She becomes a fragile, low functioning, emotionally absent mom and the family begins to fall ap [...]

    Janie Johnson
    I was really excited to read this book because for one, it is a Christmas story and I will always love those, and two, I knew it was going to be a very emotional, heartfelt story with a clear message of love and hope This story is also somewhat dear to my own heart since I have been subjected to death of a loved one at the holidays, my parents.I don t know how anyone could rate this book anything less than 5 stars It is a true account of loss, strength, courage, and profound love It should fill [...]

    Valery Tikappa
    Stupendo Non ci sono altre parole per descrivere un libro del genere La storia reale, autobiografica dell autrice Lei e i suoi figli hanno perso una persona importantissima, un marito, un padre Devono tentare di andare avanti ma si rendono conto che non ci riescono e allora anche il Natale perde ogni attrattiva Finch qualcuno non gli far cambiare ideaE io ho amato ogni singola parola di questo splendido libro Mi ha spezzato il cuore in vari modi, ma lo ritengo uno di quei capolavori che vanno le [...]

    Dopo la morte improvvisa del marito, Joanne deve rimboccarsi le maniche i suoi 3 figli hanno bisogno di tutto il suo a dopo un lutto del genere e soprattutto il Natale alle porte E difficile buttarsi sui festeggiamenti quando si ha la morte nel cuore e quando difficile rivivere i ricordi del Natale precedente.Con un piccolo grande aiuto esterno ed anonimo, Joanne e i suoi figli riusciranno non a dimenticare, ma ad andare avanti e riprendere a vivere.Carino, ma non l ho trovato commovente come ta [...]

    A wonderful story to read this Christmas time The author s husband died two months before Christmas and the family is struggling to feel together let alone celebrate Christmas She has two teenage boys and a ten year old girl They start to receive small gifts at their door, ala Twelve Days of Christmas They slowly begin to become a family again and learn the joys of giving.

    Non ricordo di essermi goduta un libro cos tanto da leggermelo tutto in un pomeriggio L ho adorato Una storia vera, semplice, commovente e piena di speranza Penso sia diventato uno dei miei preferiti.

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