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  • Title: My Kind of Love
  • Author: Kristin Miller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • My Kind of Love By Kristin Miller Runaway bride Harlow Matsen fled her cheating fianc e, moments before walking down the aisle Eager to run from everything reminding her of her downturn in fortune, Harlow heads to Blue Lake , the quaint picturesque town where she grew up Stuck in her wedding dress literally , Harlow is rescued by her secret childhood crush, who restores her belief in love at first er, sRunaway bride Harlow Matsen fled her cheating fianc e, moments before walking down the aisle Eager to run from everything reminding her of her downturn in fortune, Harlow heads to Blue Lake , the quaint picturesque town where she grew up Stuck in her wedding dress literally , Harlow is rescued by her secret childhood crush, who restores her belief in love at first er, second sight.Bad boy outdoorsman Dane Brackett conquers everything in his life from the family store to the latest adrenaline jolting adventure He lives the way he wants, how he wants, and doesn t have room for a steady woman in his life who d tie him down But he never thought he d reunite with the sweetheart who used to live next door during his childhood.Determined to live freely and by her own rules, Harlow elicits Dane s adventure skills to help her live life to the fullest Friendship blazes to passion, and Harlow soon realizes her crush has flamed into something deeper Even though Dane knows he should let Harlow s emotional wounds heal naturally, the closer they get, the he thinks she might be the only woman who could turn settling down into the greatest adventure of all.
    Kristin Miller
    New York Times and USA Today best selling author Kristin Miller writes sweet and sassy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance of all varieties Kristin has degrees in psychology, English, and education, and taught high school and middle school English before crossing over to a career in writing She lives in Northern California with her alpha male husband and their two children She loves chocolate way than she should and the gym less You can usually find her in the corner of a coffee shop, laptop in front of her and mocha in hand, using the guests around her as fuel for her next book.Facebook facebook AuthorKristinMillerTwitter twitter kristinmiller02Web kristinmiller

    My Kind of Love By Kristin Miller


    I found this book for free on And I m really glad I did As I have now found a new Author I like Harlow runs away from her wedding to the biggest prick ever Having no family living and no friends Plus no where to live Where do you go The answer is to Blue lake the picturesque town she grew up in.After finding a place to stay Harlow goes to her car to get out of her wedding dress After getting stuck in it, Harlow is helped out of it By Dane the brother of her best friend growing up and her childho [...]

    Paula Bothwell
    My Kind of Love Blue Lake 5, says 3 RViolence noneLanguage 35 swear wordsSex suggestive musings, descriptive kissing Hardened him behind his fly hahahaha, new one About 30% in, the sex started up and I just didn t care enough to finish Returned for content.

    Missie Jones
    THIS IS A MUST READ I am an avid reader I devour books as I read them It honestly takes a lot for me to give a novel 5 stars This one has it in spades I truly felt the emotions of each character has I read along The surroundings of Blue Lake, the small town this novel takes place in, was described perfectly The author did not over describe anything It was just enough to keep you in the moment and the story flowing I never skipped a single page or paragraph, due to what I call droning on and on.l [...]

    Still reeling from the betrayal of her groom to be on their wedding day, jilted bride, Harlow Matsen hopes to find comfort in the small moutain town Blue Lake she once grew up in She immediately reconnects with childhood friends and vows to have all the adventures she denied herself for the last five years while she was with her cheating ex.Dane Brackett can t believe Harlow s back in town and upon catching up with her, wishes they had been able to keep in touch He knows she s still hurting from [...]

    I had found this book for free through iBooks which was super exciting and figured I would give it a try It was a short book, less than 200 pages but I felt it was a decent enough length to get the story out, and the story was something that could really happen Harlow ran out on her wedding day after finding out her ex cheated on her with her school s principal She runs back to Blue Lake, her small home town, and runs into her old crush Dane Dane is an adventurous guy with some serious commitmen [...]

    This was a sweet story of a childhood friendship crush that turns into love in adulthood Harlow and Dane are very easy to like Harlow is back in her childhood town after leaving her cheating ex at the alter She is still in her wedding dress, which makes for some added humor She has a chance meeting with Dane and it starts to bring back all of the old memories of her childhood and how she felt about him.Dane doesn t do long term relationships He is a love them and leave them type of guy He has a [...]

    Karri Currin
    Very good Love Dane and Harlow I love the fact that this was not just a sappy sweet story It felt like a real story Harlow was strong and independent just looking out for herself Harlow has been through a lot She just ran out in her cheating groom She is at her lowest crying and screaming trying to yank her wedding dress off while inside of her car Oh and who knocks on the door asking if she needs help, but the handsome Dane from her childhood How embarrassing What away to start a book There wer [...]

    Besides the romantic story, one of my favorite things was all the nicknames Harlow used for her Ex Made me laugh Dane is a love them and leave them kind of guy He s known since his mom walked out on them that he d never marry and have a family Because his mom told him so.When Harlow returns to Blue Lake, it s Dane who rescues her from disaster with her wedding dress and they start spending time together Day by day they both start feeling the need to be with each other It is fun to catch up with [...]

    Deborah Andreasen
    Some great things about the book that I loved I thought Dane was quite a guy commitment issues and all I love that he flubs up important speeches I loved Harlow s names for her ex We never actually hear his real name, which cracks me up.There are several explicit sex scenes in this book I could have definitely done without those I guess you expect them in a romance book, but I didn t need it This was the first book by this author I ve read, and I ll probably have to skip any others just because [...]

    Harlow runs out of her wedding after finding out that her jerk for a fianc was sleeping with her boss She runs to her safe place, her childhood home, Blue Lake, where she runs into her childhood crush.Dane is a big adventure seeking guy, always looking for the next big adventure Once he sees that Harlow, his sister s childhood best friend, is no longer a child but a beautiful woman things start to change in his life.Pleasantly, quick read This is the first book I have read in this series and it [...]

    My Kind of Love started off so strong and wonderful and I couldn t put it down But it peaked too early, and went downhill so fast Harlow started out as a sweet and funny character But she didn t grow and I was pretty annoyed with her in the end Same with Dane Also, I found the story to have too much undramatic drama It was like an emotional roller coaster that didn t actually have any ups and downs In the end, it did not make me want to read any in the series.

    Laney Shupe
    Fell AgainI fell for this again even knowing it was going to be a bit cheesy with a girl who just ran away from her wedding and the first hot guy she meets is her new soulmate Yep, I fell for it, and it was pretty good Besides the cheese factor, the end seems rushed however, Kristin Miller knows what her men should say to make women swoon And I swooned.

    Marissa Ash
    The best love book.This is hands down the sweetest romance book I ve ever read I fell in love with Dane the moment his name hit the page Everyone should have boy this sweet The surprise at the end is the greatest and had me crying happy tears Five stars isn t enough I d give it ten of I could Read it and your won t be disappointed M.Ash

    Deb Diem
    Kristin Miller s book, My Kind of Love is a fairly short read, perfect for those with limited time for reading Harlow and Dane s story is a well written story with lovable characters, drama, humor and sizzle I d be happy to read from this author in the future My Kind of Love is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    Gina DeMarco
    Sweet and shortThis was an easy read no real angst that would make you cringe The romance was sweet with a little steam The book was on the shorter side but believable which is my minus one star Would I read it again possibly ,but nothing really stood out to make me go wow That was a factor in my minus star too Overall it was a good read.

    Nancy Ku
    Very goodThis is the first book I ve read by Kristin Miller It was a free book and I almost didn t read it because I have so many books to be read on my kindle I m glad I decided to give it a try and will now look for books by Kristin I enjoy a book that makes me laugh out loud at times and of course I have to have a HEA.

    Heart Warming This is a perfect woman s book club read It makes your heart melt and speed up at the same time Dane is the kind of man that makes you fall in love without ever even realizing it Your heart goes out to Harlow and you feel so protective of her It s a great summer read that every hopeless romantic should get their hands on.

    Emily Therrien
    I found this book for free on my Kindle, and it was a great read I finished it in one day I love the way that the author can take a serious situation and still add bits of humor to it Great read I will be buying of her books

    Such a wonderful, sweet book Just enough conflict, just enough romance, just enough reality I love a book that has or less of any of those things but this book was just what I needed right now.

    I m probably going to be a bit hard but this was just so formulaic and the dialogue was predictable Girl and guy have history, lose each other only to find each other later but internal issues keep cropping up Lust triumphs before love.

    Must Read This book was so sweet and romantic I loved how real the characters felt and how easy it was to get caught up in their emotions I highly recommend this book for the romance lovers.



    Goodthe love seeing that has a woman coming back to her home town to get over a wedding that she had run from due to man who wasn t faithful.

    Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read

    OK RomanceThis was an OK romance book It really did not have anything compelling in it but it was a good quick read I don t think I will add to my read again list however.

    No re read

    charity lester
    Real loveI love that she went back home and found out somethings didn t change I wish I had read the first two books of this series I can t wait to read about the others.

    Amanda Mische
    So good I really like this author Her stories are very sweet and romantic I have read two so far, and want to read the rest in the series

    I was on vacation and read some books but couldn t update them cause the Internet suckedoh well.That one was pretty cheesy, but good for a summer read nothing really special tho.

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