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  • Title: A Safe Surrender
  • Author: Alannah Carbonneau
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  • Page: 460
  • Format: ebook

  • A Safe Surrender By Alannah Carbonneau Sometimes all it takes is love to heal the scars on the soul Kamilla s life has been filled with pain, heartache, and loneliness for as long as she can remember After losing her mother to a cruel twist of fate, she was placed into the cold clutches of the foster system only to be saved by a whole new kind of nightmare Ever since she was fifteen, Kamilla had known only Sometimes all it takes is love to heal the scars on the soul Kamilla s life has been filled with pain, heartache, and loneliness for as long as she can remember After losing her mother to a cruel twist of fate, she was placed into the cold clutches of the foster system only to be saved by a whole new kind of nightmare Ever since she was fifteen, Kamilla had known only Rhett She knew his quirks, his anger, his impatience, and even the agony of his quick fist There was no anguish the world had neglected to lay upon her innocent soul no pain she wasn t strong enough to shoulder, until Rhett crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed Desperate to find peace, safety, and security, Kami runs away Driving deep into the Alberta Rocky Mountains, she finds sanctuary in not only the Donnelley Ranch but in Kyle Donnelley As a beautiful friendship blooms between Kami and Kyle, Kami finds herself surrendering to all that he is The strength in his kindness heals her The truth in his declaration gives her something pure to believe in The patience he employs proves to her she can trust in goodness once again As Kyle teaches Kami every day that the world holds not only shadows and pain, but light and caresses, she finds herself surrendering her heart to him in a surrender the like she s never before known A safe surrender.
    Alannah Carbonneau
    I m an independent author who writes because I love to write I can t think of a fulfilling career than spending my days with deliciously hot alpha males who make my girls fall head over heels in love with a little chase, of course I live for racing heart beats and butterflies in the tummy, so if you like a growly alpha male and a woman who fights for what she wants in life, you just might enjoy stepping into one of my worlds I might live in Canada where there is a foot of snow on the ground for half the year, but I m a true sun child with an odd addiction to any drink that s hot tea, hot chocolate, and definitely any kind of coffee I can get my hands on In the summer, I m always tan and if I m not on the deck with my laptop falling in love with a hero, you can find me in my strawberry patch, my flower garden, or with my cats because I have six and I just adore those fur babies I m always open to chatting with readers in fact I love it So send me a message preferably on Facebook and I ll be sure to get back to you P.S I love talking about a hero, so I m always available for that

    A Safe Surrender By Alannah Carbonneau



    Kimmy (Sinfully Snarky Reviews)
    I was given A Safe Surrender for an honest review, with that being said Holy amazing writing and another Home run Alannah When I started this book I wasn t sure if I would be able to read the the entire book due to the subject matter However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well written the scenes were They weren t over the top or overly graphic, the subject matter couldn t have been written any better Oh and yes you will be needing tissues again A Safe Surrender was an amazing emotional rolle [...]

    This was such a heartbreaking book for me.Growing up in a domestic violence home, you learn to be quiet, so s not to wake the monster Fearing every second, don t say the wrong thing, dont play too loud.It s easy to say I wont ever get into a relationship like that I would leave him her Sometimes we blame ourselves, but when you fall in love you re handing your heart over to another for them to treasure it, never expecting them to shatter it into a thousand pieces.And sometimes you want to forgiv [...]

    Imy Santiago
    I don t know the kind of men you know, Kami, but I m not the kind of man who makes a promise I can t keep I told you it ll work out and it will Kyle Donnelley in A Safe Surrender by Alannah CarbonneauThis is the second novel in the Donnelley Brothers Series and it surely didn t disappoint After reading Counting Stars, I eagerly awaited its sequel A Safe Surrender With trembling fingers I turned the first page and what I read took my head for a spin and then some This novel gripped me from the mo [...]

    Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf ofKindle Friends Forever This novel can be read as a standalone however, the characters from book one do make appearances throughout.Kami suffered a tragedy at a young age and ended up in foster care When she was fifteen, she met Rhett He was all she ever knew, all she ever had, but his impatience and quick temper was constantly dumped on her Not only was she on the receiving end of his ire, but on numerous occasions had to live under stress The last straw brok [...]

    5 Stars I am in LOVE with the Donnelley Brothers After reading this and Counting Stars, I feel like I need to spend some time at the Donnelley Ranch.Kami, at twenty two years old, has been through a lot in her young life At a young age, she lost her mother and ended up in the foster care system During this time, she meets Rhett She sees him as her savior from foster care He turns out be far from that though and after seven years with him, Kami decides she needs to leave Only she has no idea how [...]

    Emma Edwards
    I was offered an ARC in return for an honest review ,,, after already reading book one in this series and thoroughly enjoying it the decision to read this book was simple ,,,After reading book 1 Counting Stars you ll know that there are four Donnelley Brothers ,,, you ll also know of Gracie ,,, the brothers full time mother ,,, part time Cupid stand in ,,, this book is about brother number two Kyle ,,, and KamiThe story begins with Kami ,,, she has had a tough upbringing ,,, she had a childhood [...]

    Emma Louise
    I could not wait to read this this book, I was given an ARC for an honest review, and honest is all I can be Are you ready to go on one roller coaster of a ride, with my emotions being pulled once again by this amazing writer Oh and yes you will need your tissues ready Kami is a girl struggling with her life, her story at the opening of the book captured me I won t give anything away, but Alannah handled this particular storyline extremely well This story line is what seen Kami get in her car an [...]

    Review for Rising Indies United.I am hooked on this series now I love the Donnelley brothers, and their mom Gracie, the match maker I can t wait to see Collin get matched up by his mom With that said Just like in the first book, I love the characters in this one as well Kamilla Kami , has been through so much Her mom murdered when she was 11, then put in the foster system Toxic love, where she was beat and raped, before she finally knew she had to leave him before he killed her She needed that p [...]

    After a tragic accident happens to her mother, Kami is placed in the foster care system at the age of 11 When she meets Rhett, she thought he was her savior and a shot at a new life She was sure he loved her, until he changed and became violent and abusive Desperate to escape from him and his abusive ways when she sees an advert to work on the Donnelly ranch, she does not hesitate to apply and is surprised to find out that she is hired.Kami was not looking for a relationship so soon after leavin [...]

    Linda Field
    A Safe Surrender by Alannah CarbonneauThis is book two in The Donnelley Brothers series.I was given an Arc of this book for an honest review, after reading Counting Stars book one in this series I was really looking forward to reading it.Kami has had such a lonely life losing her mother in a cruel way, she has been in the care system for a while Moving from home to home All Kami wants is not to be lonely.Rhett becomes her safe place she will do anything for him As years pass Kami knows her relat [...]

    Amazeballs Book Addicts
    A Safe Surrender is book two in the Donnelley Brothers series Each book focuses on a different brother, so they can be read as a stand alone The Donnelley s all live on a ranch and run a tour guide company Even though each book focuses on one brother finding love, we get information on all of the family in each book I loved the first book, Counting Stars So, when asked if I wanted to read book two, I jumped at the chance to read it When I started I didn t know which brother A Safe Surrender was [...]

    I was gifted a copy of this for an honest review and I have to say that I couldn t wait to read it after loving the first one so much This did not disappoint, I loved it and it had me completely hooked.Kami is suffering domestic violence from her long term boyfriend, both physically and mentally He has got worse and worse until she can t take it any and thankfully has a friend, Ember, who helps her to leave him after seeing a job advert at the Donnelley ranch Kami gets the job and soon finds her [...]

    This is the second book in The Donnelley Brothers series, Counting Stars being the first This book focuses on Kyle and you get to catch up with the whole family in the story, as it progresses from Counting Stars All these books can be read as stand alone novels, but I d read them in order I was lucky enough to be given an ARC to proof read I loved Counting Stars and this story was just as good It is a beautiful story of Kamilla and Kyle Kamilla is escaping an abusive relationship and heads to th [...]

    Yet another beautiful and amazing story by Alannah Absolutely loved it Kami has had a tough start in life and finds herself stuck in a relationship where she thinks she s loved and loves him back until he does the one thing she can t forgive Kyle a guy with morals yeah you read it right , meets Kami in not such fortunate circumstances but know upon seeing her that she needs protecting and he wants to be the one to do it, he wants her to be his.This was such a beautiful heartwarming story, and wh [...]

    Jamie Sadler
    Phenomenal story Kyle is hotter than Logan This is a great story about true love and forgiveness I love the Donnelley family

    Ashley Heather
    An amazing beautifully written story from the beginning I was asked to read the ARC of this novel for an honest review and I feel blessed to have read this.I truly love this authors work, she writes so exquisitely and with so much depth you simply can t help but fall into her books world Totally immersing yourself in the life of the characters.After reading several of her novels now, you would think I would begin to have expectations of how the flow of her stories will go but it s quite the oppo [...]

    Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    Kamilla Kami has lived a hard life, coming from the Foster system after the death of her mother She has found herself in a very abusive relationship for many years, but after the latest assault, she finally listens to her best friend s advice and leaves.Escaping to the Donnelley Ranch, she is determined to find herself and start anew, in a new place and with a new job Kami wants to prove to herself and to others that she is independent and doesn t need to rely on anyone to survive.On her first n [...]

    AjsBook Reviews
    Kami has left her abusive boyfriend and leaves to find some peace She takes a Job at the Ranch Tours Looking for a new start has her happy yet on edge.Kyle keeps to himself and his work Having grown up dealing with the work that his family does, he always meets new people Kami was the last person he was expecting to find He was instantly drawn to her.Once again, I was drawn in and literally couldn t stop reading I am in love with both characters as well as the family The strength Kami shows is a [...]

    This is the second book of the Donnelly Brothers series This is Kami snd Kyles story and deals with the delicate subject of domestic abuse Kami hasn t had it easy and tries to escape her abusive relationship by getting a job as far away from Rhett as she can She applies for a job on a ranch and meets Gracie who just happens to be great at playing Cupid She teams Kami up with Kyle and their relationship blossoms This is a brilliant book that is emotional, sweet and funny It focuses on love that s [...]

    Lindsey Melia
    Alannah How do you do it girl You had me hooked again from page one And seen Reese and Logan again was such a BRILLIANT touch Oh and seriously Grace Is absolutely hilarious That woman may have stole my heart then her son s LOL I am on the edge of my seat wanting to know when the next book will be out I may have to hound you so your not slacking LOL I need my Donnelley brothers fix

    First book of this series I read I enjoyed Kami and Kyle s story very much I loved all the other characters especially the boys mother She is a hoot I plan on reading the rest of the books in this series when I can

    Loving these brother s and the whole Donnelley family Starting book 3.

    Crystal Dundas-miller
    I am so loving this series, I cannot put it down Amazing characters and story lines Also love that it takes place in Canada

    Fairly well written, but needs editing for grammar This is a stand alone book about one couple, with no cliffhanger.There are a lot of things to like about both main characters in this story A veteran of the foster system and domestic abuse survivor, the female lead realizes her boyfriend s behavior is escalating and she accepts help that s offered to start over, far away The male lead character is patient, gentle and steadfast in addition to super hot.Although I don t like flashbacks, and they [...]

    I really liked Kyle who I never saw taciturn or shy I would have like to see the difference before and after Kami.As for Kami, I felt for her and really loved her resilience and inner strength The two made a beautiful couple.The story itself was a bit boring past the middle, I would have love some twists or surprises.

    BellissimoMi piaciuta la protagonistaHo amato follemente il protagonista

    Tammy G
    Extremely beautiful love story

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