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  • Title: Mourning Lincoln
  • Author: Martha Hodes
  • ISBN: 9780300195804
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Mourning Lincoln By Martha Hodes How did individual Americans respond to the shock of President Lincoln s assassination Diaries, letters, and intimate writings reveal a complicated, untold story The news of Abraham Lincoln s assassination on April 15, 1865, just days after Confederate surrender, astounded the war weary nation Massive crowds turned out for services and ceremonies Countless expressionsHow did individual Americans respond to the shock of President Lincoln s assassination Diaries, letters, and intimate writings reveal a complicated, untold story The news of Abraham Lincoln s assassination on April 15, 1865, just days after Confederate surrender, astounded the war weary nation Massive crowds turned out for services and ceremonies Countless expressions of grief and dismay were printed in newspapers and preached in sermons Public responses to the assassination have been well chronicled, but this book is the first to delve into the personal and intimate responses of everyday people northerners and southerners, soldiers and civilians, black people and white, men and women, rich and poor Through deep and thoughtful exploration of diaries, letters, and other personal writings penned during the spring and summer of 1865, Martha Hodes, one of our finest historians, captures the full range of reactions to the president s death far diverse than public expressions would suggest She tells a story of shock, glee, sorrow, anger, blame, and fear Tis the saddest day in our history, wrote a mournful man It was an electric shock to my soul, wrote a woman who had escaped from slavery Glorious News a Lincoln enemy exulted Old Lincoln is dead, and I will kill the goddamned Negroes now, an angry white southerner ranted For the black soldiers of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts, it was all too overwhelming, too lamentable, too distressing to absorb There are many surprises in the story Hodes tells, not least the way in which even those utterly devastated by Lincoln s demise easily interrupted their mourning rituals to attend to the most mundane aspects of everyday life There is also the unexpected and unabated virulence of Lincoln s northern critics, and the way Confederates simultaneously celebrated Lincoln s death and instantly on the very day he died cast him as a fallen friend to the defeated white South Hodes brings to life a key moment of national uncertainty and confusion, when competing visions of America s future proved irreconcilable and hopes for racial justice in the aftermath of the Civil War slipped from the nation s grasp Hodes masterfully brings the tragedy of Lincoln s assassination alive in human terms terms that continue to stagger and rivet us one hundred and fifty years after the event they so strikingly describe.
    Martha Hodes
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    Mourning Lincoln By Martha Hodes


    Naomi Blackburn
    Synopsis We all know that our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by South sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, but what was our nation s reaction to this tragedy on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line My rating 5 StarsMy opinion As someone who has read several hundred books on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, I had always wondered about the reaction to Lincoln s assassination by John Wilkes Booth The material that I read had never done a deep study of ituntil now I found this book to [...]

    Bonita Brin
    Mourning Lincoln is an amazing book that deals with the emotions, feelings and fears of the Americans who experienced the horror of their beloved President being killed just as the Civil War ended The author used many sources for this book including the diaries and letters of both Northern and Southern Americans to describe the climate of the country at this important period in our history Mourning Lincoln is a must for all who are into the Civil War, Lincoln and American history.

    A lot, a lot, a lot of detail Incredibly researched But the problem is, there s really only two points of view about the Lincoln assassination, so we find out that a lot of different people have the same things to say But one thing will stick with me the freed slave, a woman who lived to be over 100, into the 1930 s, and continued to wear a black arm band every day in memory of Abraham Lincoln So, a worthwhile read if you already know a lot about the assassination itself, as you don t learn a lo [...]

    Deb Holden
    This could have been an interesting book but for each point made by the author, the next 4 15 pages are just quotes from her research to illustrate the point It just got to be too much After 106 pages I gave up Add to that, the two three people she follows throughout the book are not terribly interesting The idea for the book was good It just needed to read a little less like a term paper.

    Truly one of the best Lincoln Books that I have had the pleasure of reading Rather than just showing the side of America and the world at large that felt sorrow for the loss of the sixteenth president, this author researched, learned and wrote a book that shows both sides of the after effects the death of Lincoln had Whilst some were angry, disbelieving and sorrowful over the new of the president s assassination, others were jubilant, relieved or even boastful This book defines the boundaries be [...]

    Rowan MacBean
    I received MOURNING LINCOLN as an ARC through NetGalley.Mourning Lincoln is an extremely well researched book, drawing from a multitude of sources men and women, Union and Confederate, black and white, rich and poor Using diaries journals, personal correspondence, and editorials from black newspapers, the author cobbles together a picture of the nation s reactions to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that they don t show us in American schools This book doesn t divide the country simply into [...]

    This is an amazing piece of historical scholarship.I met the author last week in Springfield, IL for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln s funeral She gave a wonderful talk on her book than 750 people attended and then had a book signing In this book she assesses than 1000 diaries, personal letters, and newspaper accounts of how people both Confederate and Union mourned Lincoln s passing The book is a compilation of every day stories A wonderful piece of archival research

    Incredibly well researched book, based largely on diaries and letters, documenting the reaction of the nation to Lincoln s assassination Starting with Lee s surrender and culminating with the end of Reconstruction, Hodes writes about Unionists, Copperheads, Confederates and freedmen as they struggle with Lincoln d death, the end of the Civil War, and the reality of the end of slavery A wonderful picture of our nation.

    Kimberly Thinks
    My undergrad thesis written a long time ago focussed on how African Americans created a politically useful memory of Lincoln between 1863 and 1913 I wish I had this book back then It s easy to read as Hodes weaves a variety of primary sources into the story of the Civil War with ease Appropriately the book ends by placing the mourning of Lincoln in a contemporary context and how that still shapes the nation, particularly race relations The only reason reading this took me so long is because I ke [...]

    LeeAnn Heringer
    We are a deeply divided nation You have to go back to the period of the Civil War to find parallels, where there are both similarities and the original unresolved conflicts that are still echoing in our political discourse The part where northerners thought non slave owning whites would eventually realize that the Civil War was not in their best interests, but of course these are the people who 150 years later still wrap themselves in their Confederate flag 150 years from now, history will talk [...]

    Mark Isaak
    This history covers the reactions of people, mostly common people, to the end of the Civil War and especially to the assassination of Lincoln It is well researched, well written, and well organized My only problem with it is that it gets boring Perhaps it will appeal to people who enjoy reading other people s letters and diaries, but I would say that the information presented is at least twice as much as is necessary to give a good idea of what people s views were.

    A Fascinating Fresh Look At the Aftermath of the Lincoln AssassinationI first learned of this book s existence from the Civil War Talk Radio podcast hosted by Gerry Propokovicz, a civil war historian and auther He interviewed Martha Hodes in the spring of 2016, and I was immediately drawn to the book based on that interview Miraculously enough, I found it in my public library s Kindle collection, and I chose to read most of it during the anniversary of Lincoln s assassination and the days that f [...]

    A bit dry in the telling, but still interesting I did learn a few things Think about today, and how we obtain news Now, take yourself back to 1865, long before radio, television, and the internet As of late May and early June, the news of Lincoln s assassination was still ricocheting around the world.Everyone was not sad about Lincoln s death Many across the Confederacy AND the Union saw Lincoln s murder as an occasion for celebration.People thought of Lincoln as a father, a symbol that held rel [...]

    Rarely can a nation have experienced such emotional whiplash as the United States did in the April of 1865 for the Union, emotions veered from jubilation over victory in the Civil War to shock, grief, despair and pain at the assassination of Abraham Lincoln for the defeated Confederates, their gloom was alleviated by grim satisfaction and even glee in many cases.Martha Hodes charts all these emotions and , tracing the experiences of the people of the United States in the days and weeks after Lin [...]

    Mike Brubaker
    Martha Hodes is a wonderful writer She paints a very precise picture, she recreates the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in clear detail It is a pleasure reading her work Yet, she also has the unique talent of overstating the obvious With a little thought we all might realize that the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was received with mixed emotions This is where she fails in the book Mourning Lincoln In fact, though, not everyone was included in this vision of a monolithic grieving nation, nor [...]

    The author researched diaries, journals, newspapers, and for reactions to the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865 Spoiler Alert Not everyone was upset about the loss She provides enough historical context to make sense of some regional response to both the end of the civil war, and the death of the President I found it very informative as one who is far from an expert on the subject I didn t know the assassination of Lincoln was intended to be executed simultaneously with the murders of [...]

    Pros Hodes has done an incredible amount of primary source research for this book contemporary letters, journals, newspaper accounts.Cons Hodes appears to have included every last bit of that research in the book through extensive use of quotations.Perhaps a scholarly reader would like this book, but for me it just went on and on Rather than synthesize the reactions of people to Lincoln s death, she uses the quotations to prove her point A woman in IL wrote in her journal a man in Georgia wrote [...]

    John Wood
    The author carefully searched for personal diaries, journals and letters to discover about the reactions and feelings about Lincoln s assassination Combining two major examples from each side of the American Civil War and countless other sources, we can discover the people s reactions, not just the public accounts Although often portrayed as universal mourning, similar to the mood after Kennedy s assassination, the truth is far from that The book is well researched and written and fills us in w [...]

    Wijnand Marchal
    I can t get enough of the Civil War I devoured the books by James McPherson Battle Cry Freedom, Tried by War , Matthew Pinsker Lincoln s Sanctuary and the Shelby Foote trilogy, and never got enough of visiting Civil War battlefields This book by Martha Hodes sheds an amazing light on the grief of the population, or lack thereof on the Confederate side, after President Lincoln was assassinated in Ford s theater by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday, April 14, 1865 Hodes has gone through thousands o [...]

    Paul Miller
    Incredibly unique view of the period of Lincoln s assassination through the lens of personal diaries The author scoured over 1000 North and South, from all political vantage points An emotional roller coaster for all sides, as Lee had surrendered the very same week as Lincoln was killed Will very much heighten your sense of the tragedy of his death The Southerners view towards Lincoln and blacks is fairly remarkable in the worst possible way So with Lincoln gone, a weak minded, drunkard like Joh [...]

    Although there were many reactions to the Good Friday, April 14, 1865, assassination of Abraham Lincoln ranging from disbelieving, to vengeful, to gleeful, no one was indifferent to the event Historian Martha Hodes investigates diaries and letters to uncover responses to the assassination from ordinary Americans including northerners and southerners, soldier and civilians, blacks and whites, and men and women in order to tap into their feelings, fears, and uncertainties about the event and to di [...]

    Karyn Nadler
    Very informative, interesting and well researched Not everyone was sad when Lincoln was assassinated Through diaries, letters, and personal writings you get to hear the responses of everyday people Yankees, Confederates, Abolitionists, black, white, rich, poor How Northerners were upset, while Confederates celebrated Lincoln s demise Hodes masterfully brings the tragedy of Lincoln s assassination alive in human terms terms that continue to stagger and rivet us one hundred and fifty years after t [...]

    Forrest Link
    A brilliant, if occasionally repetitive, exploration of the way the assassination of Lincoln echoed throughout an America shattered by the Civil War Coming within days of the surrender at Appomattox, Lincoln s death abruptly moved a victorious North from jubilation to mourning while some recalcitrant southern whites reacted with vengeful satisfaction Meanwhile, newly liberated slaves grieved and fretted mightily about their uncertain futures.Hodes does an exhaustive job mining contemporary lette [...]

    Hodes does a marvelous job using letters and diaries from the time to examine the mixture of reactions to Lincoln s murder and how the Union victory of the War both was catalyst and created its own wave of mixed and enduring emotions and tangled with responding to the President s murder She invites us to engage major national events in a complex way, to see patterns of language and feeling that endure 150 years later, and to watch how a mixture of strong feelings is written into history Good co [...]

    Gayla Bassham
    This is an interesting book with a lot of research behind it Unfortunately, it becomes repetitive in the second half, and at times Hodes belabors the obvious People s grief over Lincoln s death was often overshadowed by grief for their lost loved ones who would have guessed For a general audience, as opposed to an academic one, it might have been a tighter and effective book at half the length.

    This is a serious scholarly book on reaction North and South to Lincoln s assassination It may be a little too scholarly for the non specialist reader, and there were certainly parts that I found repetitive and slow, but Hodes has done a massive amount of research in diaries, letters and newspapers of the time There s a misuse of the word martialing for marshalling that must be put down to a lack of copy editing Wouldn t you think Yale University Press could do better

    Janette Mcmahon
    An interesting way to look at the way society grieves as a group as well differences between demographics place and culture I learned a lot about the politics and sentiment after Lincoln s death, from both supporters and non supporters Would recommend to history buffs and those interested in social behavior.

    Tom Mackie
    Though there are repeats throughout the text this is a good study of the personal responses to the end of the Civil War and Lincoln assassination I found it a good match to go with Barry Schwartz s Abraham Lincoln and the Forge of National Memory and Caroline Janney s Remembering the Civil War Reunion and the Limits of Reconciliation.

    This book looks at the many mourned the death of Abraham Lincoln It presets the formal ceremonies but focuses on how average people dealt with it in the context of their daily lives Some aspects of this book felt new, but some just seemed to be a rehashing of information commonly contained in books about the assassination.

    Great read Never really thought too much about AFTER the end of the Civil War and how poorly things were pieced back together This not only shed light on what the times were like, but also illuminated ongoing differences that plague our nation still.

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