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  • Title: The Legend of Spud Murphy
  • Author: Eoin Colfer Tony Ross
  • ISBN: 9780141380162
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Legend of Spud Murphy By Eoin Colfer Tony Ross Will and his brother Marty are doomed to spend their holidays in the library Doesn t their mum know that the library is no fun Worse, it is the home of the legendary librarian Mrs Murphy If you put a foot wrong, she will use her dreaded gas powered spud gun and you don t want that just ask Ugly Frank how he got his nickname But in Will and Marty, has Spud Murphy metWill and his brother Marty are doomed to spend their holidays in the library Doesn t their mum know that the library is no fun Worse, it is the home of the legendary librarian Mrs Murphy If you put a foot wrong, she will use her dreaded gas powered spud gun and you don t want that just ask Ugly Frank how he got his nickname But in Will and Marty, has Spud Murphy met her match
    Eoin Colfer Tony Ross
    Eoin Colfer pronounced Owen was born in Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland in 1965, where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother, who were both educators.He received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford He has lived and worked all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy After the publication of the Artemis Fowl novels, Eoin retired from teaching and now writes full time He lives in Ireland with his wife and two children.

    The Legend of Spud Murphy By Eoin Colfer Tony Ross


    This should be required reading for all children s librarians What a hoot.

    Paul Greer
    The Legend of Spud Murphy is about a young boy, Will, and his four brothers Will and his brother Martin, being the elder brothers, are blamed for the mischief and noise within the house during a long boring summer holiday Their parents think it best to get them out of the house and decide upon an educational based pursuit for the remainder of the holidays, deciding that they should attend the library each day As with all young imaginations, the boys know that the library is inhabited by the terr [...]

    A.D. Mercer
    When Will and Marty, the two oldest boys of five, are sent off to the library it seems their worst fears are realised when they first encounter the dreaded librarian Mrs Murphy seems to be the epitome of the crusty, scary, aloof boss of the books , and, initially at least, it appears that everything is true, she really hates children.Both Marty and Will knew of the spud gun, hence Mrs Murphy s nick name Spud Murphy , and were already convinced of its existence even before they d met the head lib [...]

    Voi ett , t m oli parempi kuin muistinkaan Aivan mahtava Toivoisin vaan, ett meid nkin kirjastossa olisi tuon ik isille 8 10 v j nnitt vi lukukirjoja taistelevista j ttil isist sun muista perinteisist aiheista Tuntuu, ett tuollaiset tarinat on enimm kseen piilotettu paksuihin satukirjoihin ja kansanrunoushyllyyn _ Kuka kirjoittaisi kansantarinoista kuvitettuja, helppolukuisia lukukirjoja

    I adore Eoin Colfer, Artemis is one of my favorite characters as of late This is a much easier read and appropriate for young readers than Artemis, yet Colfer s wit is still spot on This is a great young reader book My 2nd graders LOVED it At least three of my kids borrowed this book or got their parents to buy it after we read it, they wanted to read it over and over.

    A quick read This book was recommended to me by a wonderful new fifth grade teacher in our school She shares it with her class to break the ice at the beginning of the year I had no idea it was about a librarian when I began It is a clever story with fun characters and a great message about books Fits my 2016 reading challenge 10 a book somebody loaned me 11 a book about a librarian

    My first Eoin Colfer book, recommended to me by my little library friend Very funny book about Libraries and Librarians Even better when the recommender whispers to you and she stamped his arm with a I Love Barbies stamp

    Hilarious Such a fun book there were moments when I could not stop laughing, I d read parts to my partner and we d both be in stitches Plus, it s a book about a cranky librarian What could be enjoyable

    Funny and consequently great for young and, in particular, reluctant readers Without being too obvious it has a couple of good lessons reading is fun and people are not always what they seem This is one that I would read with my children.

    Margot(The Bookworm Experiment)
    Rating 3.5 stars Eoin Colfer is one of my fave authors, couldn t help myself.Great book for kids

    Read this book with grandson Great, fun book Kids would love it

    As an elementary school librarian how could I not love a book about a scary librarian Very fun tale of two brothers who get sent to the library to for an educational summer activity Spud Murphy is a no nonsense librarian rud to have a spud gun hence the name Read to 2nd and 3rd graders who then once laughed out loud at the exploits.

    Aivan mahtava kirja T m on todella hyvin kirjoitettu Se on hauska ja mielenkiintoinen Pottu M kinen on j nnitt v hahmo.N in kirjastoihmisen kirjastosta ja varsinkin kirjastonhoitajista kertovat kirjat ovat aina mielenkiintoisia.T m menee ehdottomasti vinkkaukseen 1 6 luokkalaisille.

    Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    I already think that Eoin Colfer is amazing, and tremendously funny This book did nothing to dissuade me from my position astrongbeliefinwicker

    Veronica Juarez
    Pues creo que yo le una historia diferente a todos los que le han dado tan buenos comentarios Me ha parecido una historia p sima, llena de clich s sobre la lectura y sobre las bibliotecarias No cumple con el pacto de ficci n y tampoco es divertida.

    ChrisDina Tsang
    Utterly hilarious.Who would believe a trouble maker turned out to be a book lover Embrace all possibilities of a child and let them develop a habit of reading, every new book quote, opens the door to a new world , would definitely recommend everyone to spend an hour or so to read this book

    Tracy Bailey
    Two brothers learn the joy of reading while trying to stay on the good side of a potato gun wielding librarian.

    Really enjoyed reading this to my Grade 4s

    Amanda Thompson
    Original BookTube review HEREEoin Colfer is best known for his wonderful Artemis Fowl series, but here he deviates by writing a story without fairies or magic Instead, we get a ninja librarian I think that s a fair trade off The one consistent thing about Colfer s writing in any genre is his side splitting humor Even writing for a much younger intended audience, he still manages to retain his wit and finesse with wordplay.This is recommended for readers 7 and up, and is definitely one that boys [...]

    Angela Treacy
    After misbehaving at home during the holidays, brothers, Will and Marty are supposed to spend the remainder of their holidays in the library The boys are not one bit happy about this decision but have no choice but to visit the library for three days a week.When Will and Marty arrive at the library they are met by the mean librarian, Spud Murphy She shows them to the children s section with only four shelves and tells them not to move away from here or there will be trouble Marty doesn t listen [...]

    An Abundance of Books
    Featured at An Abundance of BooksPoor Will is one of 5 boys all under the age of 11 who are demolishing the house during summer vacation His parents decide that Something Must Be Done, and that Something is sending him and his older brother Marty to the library three times a week His mother is convinced that they ll love it, Will is convinced that they won t survive it Their local library is home to the terrifying Spud Murphy, the meanest spud gun toting librarian in the universe Of course Marty [...]

    Tim hat vier Geschwister, alles Jungen 5 kleine Jungs, der Alb Traum jeder Mutter Tim ist der Zweit lteste, Donni, Bert und HP halbe Portion sind die Kleinen und spielen diese Trumpfkarte auch gen sslich und bewusst aus.In ihrer Verzweiflung beschlie t ihre Mutter Tim und seinen lteren Bruder Marty drei Mal in der Woche f r je zwei Stunden in der rtlichen B cherei zu parken Ein schauriger Ort, der von Knolle Murphy, einer fiesen und gemeinen Bibliothekarin regiert wird Diese Knolle Murphy schie [...]

    I liked it than I thought I would actually Cute Short.

    susan nolan
    Level P Brothers ages 9 and 10 main characters

    Eoin Colfer is one of, if not my favorite author of all time So even though I am older, I went and bought The Legend of Spud Murphy Including the pictures, it is 95 pages long yet it really packs a lot in The book is about Will and Marty who have to spend part of their summer in the library gag Not only do they not want to read, they are nervous of the possible ninja librarian who has been rud to shoot kids with a potato gun Usually when I read books aimed towards the age this book is aimed at, [...]

    Julie Decker
    Will and Marty are boisterous kids And their parents have had it So they decide they re going to spend the summer going to the library instead of outside playing They re devastated Why would they want to spend the summer READING Well, even worse than that, the librarian is a totalitarian executioner er, well, a strict woman with a reputation for shooting kids with a potato gun if the so much as step off the children s section carpet Will they outsmart her Or will she help them understand why th [...]

    Het moet cht eens gedaan zijn met die stereotiepe verhalen over bibliotheken en hun personeelEen verschrikkelijke bibliothecaresse Die als een draak waakt over haar bibliotheek waar nog geen piepje mag weerklinken Duidelijk geschreven door een nitwit, die niet eens de moeite heeft gedaan om te zien hoeveel inspanningen bibliotheekpersoneel dagelijks levert om het allemaal maar naar ieders zin te maken Bibliotheken zijn al lang geen instellingen meer waar amper mag gezucht worden, het zijn net pl [...]

    Ainsley H-m
    Will and his older brother Marty are reluctantly sent to the library to do something a bit educational with their summer holiday But the library holds a much greater danger than just paper cuts It is home to the legendry Mrs Murphy who uses a gas powered, potato shooting gun on children who cross her The well known tales of poor Ugly Frank and the Ninja Librarian make the Woodman boys dread even stepping inside the building.Whilst the boys sit and pretend to read, an odd thing happensey begin t [...]

    KidsFiction Teton County Library
    TCL Call SH CH ColferTeton Co Library Staff No rating Marty and Will are the eldest of a family of five brothers When their parents decide tehy should do something educational and their mom settles on dropping them off at the library, they are terrified They are terrified because of the legend of Mrs Murphy, the librarian, who is rud to shoot potatoes at any child who misbehaves, permanently scarring their faces.When their mom forces them to go despite their pleas otherwise, they meet Mrs Murphy [...]

    i really enjoyed reading The Legend Of Spud Murphy It is a book that is likely targeted at an audience of 8 12 I m guessing , but it is still accessible to students older than that who might be reluctant or struggling readers Unlike other titles that I have read that aim at this audience, this book develops its storyline It might be a short read, but Colfer is skilled at developing a narrative and every brushstroke and piece of dialogue counts Even though I am a long way off the audience age gro [...]

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