[EPUB] ✓ Unlimited ↠ E la chiamano estate : by Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki ↠ #2020

  • Title: E la chiamano estate
  • Author: Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki
  • ISBN: 9788865432303
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

  • E la chiamano estate By Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki L estate in cui tutto cambia nelle vite di Rose e Windy comincia come un estate qualunque nella piccola Awago Beach C tutta l indolente immobilit dei batticuori estivi, in questo piccolo capolavoro di Mariko e Jillian Tamaki Tutta l emozione dell adolescenza che si sovrappone prepotente alle priorit dell infanzia, i piccoli traumi che ci trasformano nelle persone cheL estate in cui tutto cambia nelle vite di Rose e Windy comincia come un estate qualunque nella piccola Awago Beach C tutta l indolente immobilit dei batticuori estivi, in questo piccolo capolavoro di Mariko e Jillian Tamaki Tutta l emozione dell adolescenza che si sovrappone prepotente alle priorit dell infanzia, i piccoli traumi che ci trasformano nelle persone che saremo Un libro emozionante, davvero indimenticabile, che vi lascer un segno sul cuore.
    Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki
    Mariko Tamaki is a Toronto writer, playwright, activist and performer She works and performs with fat activists Pretty Porky and Pissed Off and the theatre troupe TOA, whose recent play, A vs B, was staged at the 2004 Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Her well received novel, Cover Me McGilligan Books was followed by a short fiction collection, True Lies The Book of Bad Advice Women s Press Mariko s third book, FAKE ID, is due out in spring 2005.Mariko Tamaki has performed her work across Canada and through the States, recently appearing at the Calgary Folkfest 2004, Vancouver Writer s Festival 2003, Spatial III, and the Perpetual Motion Girls Bite Back Tour, which circled though Ottawa, Montreal, Brooklyn and Chicago She has appeared widely on radio and television including First Person Singular on CBC radio and Imprint on TVO Mariko Tamaki is currently attending York University working a Masters degree in Women s Studies MacMIllan Books

    E la chiamano estate By Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki


    Leigh Bardugo
    I rarely write GR reviews, but I almost didn t pick this up because of some of the reviews I ve seen, so I wanted to add my five stars This is a quiet book Much of the action is observed rather than experienced by the protagonists, but the impact it has on them is deeply felt If you re looking for grand resolutions or boy did I learn my lesson closure, you won t find it here And that s exactly as it should be This One Summer beautifully and poignantly captures a particular moment in girlhood whe [...]

    Raeleen Lemay
    A very low key, beautiful story with amazing artwork Also very Canadian.

    There is almost nothing that I would have found enjoyable about this story, if it weren t for the beautiful graphics that brought it to life.Which is weird, because drawings are something I find quite agreeable to look at and, in graphic novels, it s usually the only thing that I really demand, along with a passable to good plot.But there was no plot in this.Rose and her parents, as every summer since a young age, are spending the season at Awago, where there are beaches, fresh air and where she [...]

    Hannah Garden
    The huge bummer of the graphic novel is that someone labors for ages over their creation and then you sit down with your pint of Chubby Hubby and make mincemeat of the both of them within the hour I always feel a little awful about it, and this is probably the kind of thing the French have a word for the sorrow of beauty s brevity.Anyway it s hard to imagine a French word for the sorrow of beauty s brevity hollowing than the end of summer Those last days of August nearly slaughtered me when I w [...]

    Steph Sinclair
    This One Summer is worth a read for the breathtaking artwork alone Check it out Unfortunately, the story didn t do much for me I really liked the idea of a summer of firsts and lessons, but when it was all said and done, I don t really think the main character learned anything There s some slut shamming done and she never understood why it wasn t okay to say certain things Though her friend did correct her a few times, she seemed to just write it off The book also never felt like it actually had [...]

    This story follows Rose s yearly summer trip with her mom and dad to a lake house in Awago Beach It s their getaway, their refuge Rosie s friend Windy is always there, too, like the little sister she never had But this summer is different This One Summer felt like a great summer read And even though the plot wasn t the most exciting, it still kept me flipping page after page Plus, the friendship and banter between the two main characters added some needed humor to the story Windy s dance moves a [...]

    First Second Books
    Possibly my favorite thing about this book is that it is blue.I mean, I love the plot and the characters and how the problems of growing up are presented and then not easily resolved like tying a bow I love that there are parents who have their own problems I love that the dialogue is spare and meaningful and that the art is gorgeous.This One Summer is a wonderful book.But I love that Mariko and Jillian made the creative leap to think of this book in another color this book was not drawn in blue [...]

    Heather 'Bookables'
    Artwork 5 starsPlot 2 starsThe artwork was STUNNING in this book but that s where my love ends I felt this could have told a bigger story and made a bigger impact but it felt very open ended honestly I did resonate with the mother so very much you ll know once you read the book But I wanted plot, depth.The artwork though A

    This was a tiny bit of a disappointment The thing about graphic novels is that you have TWO giant elements the writing AND the art.The art in this book was phenomenal Absolutely wonderful I have not a single complaint There was a giant combination of different types of panels squares, rectangles, splash pages and all of them were gorgeous And it was all purple I loved that it was all purple Very moody and lovely.The writing story, however meh It felt a little boring, and not for lack of plot, bu [...]

    Me the whole time Full review to come

    David Schaafsma
    6 23 17 Reread update, after reading it with my YA Comics Graphic Novels class this summer The way all great novels can be, better each time you read it, and it is always a privilege to experience reading with others who also like love it, especially for me people who have never read anything like it before Most of them have never read graphic novels So many small details, the mundane, become important Was choked up speaking with the class of the resolution, Alice, the mother, in the water, savi [...]

    Everyone has said it I concur, the art is superb.What I don t understand is how people thought nothing happened in the book Hmmm, I suppose things didn t blow up, and there were no car chases, and true there were no explicit sex scenes So nothing like that happened, I agree But a lot of things that may seem insignificant to adults or to anyone other than the few children, teenagers, adults involved in the story happened A lot happened in their lives Perhaps people have forgotten how important it [...]

    The marriage between the story the graphics are a beautiful relationship You couldn t have the graphics without the story, and you couldn t have this story without the graphics The story is bittersweet, powerful, charming, and sada coming of age young adult gorgeous graphicaling with real issues Two young girls are dealing with their own set of problems while adults in their lives are also struggling Lots of details hidden in the graphics truthful expressions built into the characters faces Grea [...]

    Whitney Atkinson
    I wish there was a clearer evolution of charcter development but this is the first graphic novel ever where i ve been able to relate to a character and I adored the art and plot

    Brooke — brooklynnnnereads
    This was a unique and very different graphic novel but I really, really liked it.I read this in one sitting which shouldn t be surprising as it s a graphic novel but I couldn t put it down I think with this one, readers will either love it or hate it The reason I say this is because as much as there is stuff going on within the story, there isn t much resolution I know I am still left with unanswered questions but I still feel content with the way it ended I also think that part of me enjoyed th [...]

    This book is so incredibly, wonderfully beautiful that it almost hurts me to give it two stars The art is all but perfect, with exactly the right level of detail The individual characters are drawn as exactly that, individuals, and I never doubted who I was looking at The expressions are also very clear Best of all, the art is reproduced in the same lovely, smokey shade of blue as on the cover If this had been a wordless book, I think I would have been perfectly happy.But it s not The biggest pr [...]

    Julie Ehlers
    I was a fan of these authors previous collaboration, Skim, but I had resisted this one because I ve generally found First Second s YA comics kind of unsatisfying I should have known this one would be head and shoulders above the rest In addition to having beautiful, fabulous artwork, This One Summer reminded me of the 1970s YA novels I d check out from the library as a kid slightly risque, with a main character on the cusp of puberty and a best friend who s still on the childish side, encounteri [...]

    Wendy Darling
    Great artwork, lovely moodbut I think I just wanted from this story.

    Stacey (prettybooks)
    This One Summer was the third book I picked up for my unofficial summer reads challenge I spontaneously bought it a few months ago while paying a visit to Foyles, Charing Cross Road I love the large graphic novel section in the shop and I bought This One Summer along with Through the Woods and I m happy to say that I really enjoyed both I was expecting a cute and fluffy, picture perfect story about two girls and their summer friendship together in a beautiful beach cottage, enjoying the sun, sea [...]

    Carlos De Eguiluz
    3.5Bastante r pida de leer Trescientas veinte p ginas y un arte bastante bonito La lecci n de que la interpretaci n de las cosas var a seg n el espectador Un verano real, sin locas fantas as y as fugaces Estoy satisfecho.Recomendable It feels good Floating It feels like flying We couldn t figure out what to bring you so we brought cupcakes and wine And Balloons I m a zombie I have these crazy toughts Like, I wish I wish I was a little kid So I could just scream and be mad It s terrible to say, b [...]

    This is my first graphic novel I decided to read this book for Freedom to Read Week as this book has been banned in certain states in the U.S Some libraries in Florida as well as a school in Minnesota have banned it because of some profane language This book is marketed for 12 18 yr old.We meet Rose and Windy, both pre teens, who always reconnect at the cottage over summer This is a different summer though it is not happy go lucky as per their usual Rose s parents are fighting things are tense a [...]

    Three and a half stars, rounded up This is a very quiet, subtle story that other reviewers seem to either embrace or find very annoying because nothing happens The Weird This book is awkwardly unclassifiable So far as I can tell, it s being promoted as a YA story, but main character Rose is too young for YA, as she seems to be around 12, and her friend Windy is a year and a half younger, so she s about 10 Then, much of the story is actually about adult problems.I think kids from 11 or so up coul [...]

    Cousins Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki brilliantly capture the liminal time between being a teenager and being a child in their new graphic novel, THIS ONE SUMMER Rose and Windy are friends who hang out every summer when their families visit Awago Beach They like swimming and buying candy and renting R rated videos, which they can get away with since the teenage clerk doesn t really care.They re at the age where they re starting to clue into things like sex jokes, but don t really understand t [...]

    Garbage.Half a star for tricking someone into publishing this, and one star for the fantastic five star artwork Tragedy to have such great art with this dung heap narrative Almost no plot, no conflicts, just a sour, artsy liberal meditation with admittedly well executed tone and very soft themes you have to really dig to find Almost, ALMOST nothing really happens.And the last lines, you ask maybe I will have massive boobs Boobs would be cool that s the nugget of truth we are left with in this Fo [...]

    SpoilersI would have liked this if the main character Rose hadn t been an absolute cow who did nothing but slut shame girls she didn t even know And when she wasn t doing that she was being bitchy and judgemental about her depressed mum Unsurprisingly, when it came to the guys around her, she was all about worshipping them and excusing all their douchey behaviour I was expecting a summery sort of read about two teenage girls growing up and whatnot Instead I got a female hating, selfish main cha [...]

    Nelson Zagalo
    A hist ria boa mas est longe de ser brilhante, em compensa o a ilustra o extasiante, o que faz do livro uma imensa e agrad vel experi ncia de leitura, mais ainda se lido no Ver o.Adorei tamb m as onomatopeias assentes em verbos, como que a tentar criar uma forma de express o distinta, mais direta mas mantendo a expressividade visual Ou seja, nota m xima para o trabalho de Mariko Tamaki a ilustradora , nota menos boa para a prima Jillian Tamaki a escritora.

    Melina Souza
    T encantada com esse livro.Eu, que n o gosto do Ver o, fiquei com vontade de passar uns dias dentro dessas artes.Adorei a amizade entre as protagonistas, as conversas delas e tamb m a forma com que as autoras trouxeram, entre os temas banais e caracter sticos dessa poca da vida, conflitos familiares e mais adultos.J quero ler mais graphic novels dessas mulheres talentosas

    Vitor Martins
    Esse quadrinho tem uma sutileza incr vel A hist ria caminha entre temas adultos e conflitos banais que surgem naquela idade onde a gente n o mais crian a mas ainda n o adolescente E os criadores dessa graphic novel fizeram essa transi o de assuntos de uma maneira nica A hist ria tem um clima de ver o, casa de praia e f rias uma hist ria muito gostosa de ler A amizade entre as protagonistas muito divertida e eu poderia ler p ginas e p ginas delas duas jogando conversa fora A arte maravilhosa, as [...]

    I d had this book sitting on my shelf for ages and finally decided to pick it up and read it A contemporary tale of a summer at the beach with family, This One Summer follows a girl seeking peace at home as well as finding herself at a time when we all begin to grow as people She spends her days reading books, enjoying the beach air, and being with her hyperactive friend Windy I wasn t expecting much here, but I did really enjoy this It s a fun coming of age story with a level of maturity and he [...]

    Rose and her family are going for their yearly trek to the holiday cottage in Awago Beach They ve been coming here since Rose was five, and every inch of the sleepy little town is filled with happy memories But this year it s different Rose s parents are fighting than ever after they decided to stop trying for a second baby Rose s mum would rather lock herself in her room, and even though her dad tells her not to worry about adult junk , their fights are getting louder and louder.Perhaps the on [...]

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      450 Mariko Tamaki Jillian Tamaki
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