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  • Title: The Begum's Fortune
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • ISBN: 9781592242559
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Begum's Fortune By Jules Verne Two heirs to an Indian Begum s estate Dr Francois Sarrasin, a Frenchman, and Professor Schultz, a German split 525 million francs With his half of the money, Sarrasin builds an ideal community called Frankville in the northwestern United States Schultz uses his half to construct a city called Steeltown, which produces weapons of destruction Of course, their ideolTwo heirs to an Indian Begum s estate Dr Francois Sarrasin, a Frenchman, and Professor Schultz, a German split 525 million francs With his half of the money, Sarrasin builds an ideal community called Frankville in the northwestern United States Schultz uses his half to construct a city called Steeltown, which produces weapons of destruction Of course, their ideologies clash literally and figuratively.
    Jules Verne
    Jules Gabriel Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre of science fiction He is best known for his novels Journey to the Center of the Earth 1864 , Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 1870 , and Around the World in Eighty Days 1873 Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised He is the third most translated author of all time, behind Disney Productions and Agatha Christie His prominent novels have been made into films Verne, along with H G Wells, is often referred to as the Father of Science Fiction.

    The Begum's Fortune By Jules Verne


    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Les Cinq Cents Millions de la B gum The Begum s Fortune The Begum s Millions Extraordinary Voyages 18 , Jules VerneThe Begum s Fortune French Les Cinq cents millions de la B gum , also published as The Begum s Millions, is an 1879 novel by Jules Verne, with some elements which could be described as utopian and others which seem clearly dystopian It is remarkable as the first published book in which Verne was cautionary and to some degree pessimistic about the development of science and technolog [...]

    Dr Osama

    I am by no means a student of world history, but as far as I can make out, the Franco Prussian War, which began in July 1870 and ended some 10 months later, had some fairly significant and long lasting aftereffects As a result of its surrender, France had to cede over to Germany the bulk of the Alsace Lorraine territory, while Germany emerged a unified empire, effectively altering the balance of European power For Frenchman Jules Verne, the Germans would never be regarded in the same way again, [...]

    A continuaci n mis comentarios sobre Los Qunientos Millones de la Begum de Julio Verne Obra escrita en el ambiente de pesimismo del pueblo franc s luego de la derrota en la guerra franco prusiana, Se puede pensar que la obra es una alegor a ante la dicotom a democracia totalitarismo o utop a disotop a La obra muestra de manera muy gr fica como una sociedad totalitaria, completamente centralizada en una figura se desmorona r pidamente, al faltar esta figura El cap tulo sobre la bolsa es genial Mu [...]

    This book creates a very interesting situation but ends with a very abrupt anticlimax A French doctor Sarrasin and a German professor Schulze inherit shares in an immense Indian fortune.Both create ideal communities in Oregon but legallyautonomous The Frenchman s community, Frankville, is a peaceful, artistic, fanatically hygenic community One point Verne makes, which modern medicine seems now to be realizing, is that concentrating sick people together in large hospitals increases the spread of [...]

    Tahle kn ka, to bylo prost n co Verneov ky m m posledn dobou moc r da, i p esto, e Verne p e rozvl n , a slo it U ten je nutn si uv domit, e tenkr t m li prost as, a nikam nesp chali V dne n dob jsou jeho d lka pln opomenut , a to u uplynulo 100 let od jeho smrti Ale jsem tu j , jeho fantastick p b hy pln eru poj d m Byl to skute n vizion , a Ocelov m sto je toho d kazem Sly eli jste n kdy o n boji, kter let l takovou rychlost , e prost zmizel v prostoru O d lu, kter bylo tak obrovsk , e p esaho [...]

    Utilizando los avances quimicos y metal rgicos de su poca como trasfondo de una historia que enfrenta el bien y el mal, Julio Verne describe una posible confrontaci n b lica entre una ciudad Francesa, que lucha por la paz, el bienestar y la higiene, y una Alemana cuyo fin es consolidar la superioridad de la raza aria mediante el empleo del acero en la construcci n de un arma absolutamente letal Verne adelanta en su relato varios acontecimientos y desarrollos posteriores en su momento ciencia fic [...]

    The resemblance to Hitler was eerie master race, wonder weapons and so forth and the guys just being lost at the end without their leader as well as his demise signifying the collapse of the whole thing I guess Verne was actually thinking of Bismarck, butill, it s filled with that 19th century They attacked us like jerks so let s go beat the hell out of them like God would ve wanted it attitude There s always something about Verne that seems a little pat like Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    Gabriela Skopalová
    Dal kn ka od Verna P b h m ihned upoutal po p r str nk ch Je to opravdu vizion sk p b h a p ed il svou dobu a pravd podobn to i st le d l P b h je jak o vztaz ch, tak hlavn i o dobrodru stv U jsem vid la hodn scifi film , etla hodn kn ek ale p esto m p b h bavil od kn ky jsem sama nevstalaa kdy po m n kdo n co cht l, tak si vyslou il opravdu mrzut v raz Jules Verne m ka d m sv m p b hem dostane nen to autor o kter m si eknete Jo super, ale tahle bude stejn kn ka jako p edt m, jen jinde poka d m [...]

    Juan Carlos Santillán
    Obra menor de Verne, cuya tem tica central se enfoca en las tendencias chauvinistas y de superioridad tnica que, disfrazadas con el manido pretexto del patriotismo, se salen de proporciones, proliferando en Europa y el resto del mundo, hasta llegar a los l mites de violencia racial que el escritor franc s anticipa m s de medio siglo antes del surgimiento del nazismo.

    Los 500 millones de la beg n no es una profec a, sino un retrato de la obra de Otto Von Bismarck, una visi n de la Europa que naci con el Reich Es demasiado ingeniosa, y bastante visionaria en muchos aspectos Verne una vez m s me demuestra su gran capacidad narrativa.

    Ylka Tapia (Malalua)
    Julio Verne es uno de mis escritores favoritos desde mi infancia.

    review of Jules Verne s The Begum s Fortune by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE March 13, 2013 Earlier this yr, I was reading The Science Fiction Stories of Rudyard Kipling see my review here book show 44 there was a capsule review from the Washington Post Book World on the back cover that praised it thusly The equal of Wells and the superior of Verne Well, I didn t agree so I decided to read some Verne again not having done so for a long time When I was young, probably pre teen, I d read the famous [...]

    Jules Verne tarihi ahsiyetler aras nda a k farkla hayran oldu um birisi Bilimi edebiyatla harmanlamak kolay bir ey de ildir Yazar bunu o kadar ustaca yap yor ki o co rafi tan mlar n, bilimsel s zlerin tad n kara kara hikayeye adapte oluyorsunuz.Bilimle ilgili iyi d ncenin k t d nceyle m cadelesini anlat yor kitap En ok Marcel karakterini sevdim, sizin de onu ok benimseyece inizi tahmin ediyorum Fransa i in t rl fedakarl klara haz r bir vatansever Bu kitapta bir silah yapman n ne kadar farkl ekil [...]

    Benn Allen
    While I can t say I m as impressed by Jules Verne s predictions in The Begum s Fortune , I will say, I thought it was a good enough adventure tale Maybe a bit of a precursor to stories found in the old pulp magazines from back in the day and a little sloppy in its narrative the denouement is a little too convenient, the characters aren t very well rounded and tend to be one dimensional , but the story does keep one s interest throughout Not really one of Verne s better efforts, but worthwhile fo [...]

    Not my favorite Verne book

    Andrés Cabrera
    Ciertamente no es lo mejor de Julio Verne, pero Los quinientos millones de la Beg n cumple su prop sito entretener sin mayores pretensiones eso s , sin desconocer el gran trasfondo cr tico que la novela trae en su fondo Ambientada bajo los tes de la Revoluci n Industrial y sus promesas la tecnificaci n excesiva, que desconoce el ideal emancipatorio que el Positivismo de la poca le hab a concedido a la ciencia como saber llamado a transformar la naturaleza y mejorar la vida del hombre la tecnolog [...]

    One day, out of the blue, the unassuming Dr Sarrasin learns he is heir to an enormous fortune It seems he is the only living descendant of a Frenchman who married a begum a Muslim lady of high rank and, through her wealth, became rich As it would happen, another claimant to the fortune shows up, a German professor by the name of Schultze To avoid an expensive court case, they agree to split the money in half and each spend it on the projects of their dreams These projects turn out to be two new [...]

    A tale of two cities founded on opposite principles Jules Verne 1828 1905 had a fanciful imagination but his many books of pioneering science fiction themes often carried themes supporting judicial humanitarianism and demonstrated benevolent intentions by its heroes The story In The Begum s Fortune published in 1879 deals with two confrontational cultures, that of technocratic German militarism under a despotic oligarch and peaceable French democratic altruism instigated by a magnanimous philant [...]

    Piedra Libro
    Fue realmente muy bueno haber vuelto a leer a un grande de la literatura como es Verne Los quinientos millones es una historia llena de intriga y de conflictos Los personajes est n perfectamente construidos, cada uno con caracter sticas particulares y una historia propia que justifica sus actos Como nos tiene acostumbrados, Verne se muestra como todo un visionario de su tiempo con los adelantos cient ficos y tecnol gicos que forman parte de la realidad cotidiana dentro de la historia, tales como [...]

    Some Jules Verne before I continue Peter the Great First Once again a well designed book complete with some illustrations, written for all ages and a enjoyable story Less adventurous although still thrilling It follows the story of two intellectuals receiving a large sum of money One a french and one a german Jules Verne was a french writer and in the time living Germany was not really making a great name for itself Both individuals create an utopian city rather close to each other, the french [...]

    Pas le meilleur Jules Verne que j ai luUne histoire d h ritage o deux savants, l un fran ais, l autre allemand, se voient l guer 525 millions de francs par une b gum Je me souviens plus pourquoi cette brave dame leur l gue eux cette fortune mais bon.S en suit la construction par les deux savants de deux villes utopiques chacun la sienne videmment diam tralement oppos es L une la fran aise, bien s r Vive le parti pris est bas sur un mod le proche des familist res, garantissant bien tre et hygi ne [...]

    Relatively short story, this is an odd one It starts as if setting up a family drama about the dangers of a sudden influx of money, switches to utopian fiction before morphing into a James Bond style espionage thriller The basic premise is that a frenchman and a german both inherit an obscene amount of money, naturally because Verne is french the former uses his to help all mankind while the latter attempts to exterminate the former as a prelude to taking over the world It seems pretty insulting [...]

    Andreea H
    This is actually my first Jules Verne book I ve read as an adult and it wasn t so bad The concept is ok and the story kept me interested.

    R Heath Foxlee
    This dramatically preceeds Twilight for Olympic Peninsula fantasy Even interesting is that it preceeded the creation of several Utopian communities in the region I had expected the reverse For info on the communities, see Utopias on Puget Sound 1895 1915 by LeWarne It is not one of Verne s best, but it lead me to read a biography on him to understand how the book came to happen.

    La storia non brutta, ma sembra avanzare a rilento e si interrompe bruscamente La parte che mi ha attirato di pi stata pertanto la descrizione delle due citt sul resto non c molto da dire, se non che il racconto riflette la situazione tra francia e germania dopo la guerra franco prussiana.

    Darq :)
    Nice adventure story from one of my best writers, keeps interesting page over page, only the ending wasn t the one I expected, the way author ended the story, the way he finished the war between two cities, the way he rushed the steel city and killed the steel s king wasn t the best imaginary production of Vern s fantasy, Anyway I am giving five stars

    Daniel Garrison
    I don t have many least favorite Verne books , but this is one of them It seemed a bit slow, and the ending is kind of like, Yeah, wellokay, I guess But it s still a Verne book and even the slower one or two are worth a read once

    Incre ble historia de imaginaci n y muy futurista que destaca lo profundo del alma humana en una encarnizada lucha entre bien y mal, entre lo que representan dos modos de ver la vida Actual entonces, casi prof tica actual hoy en d a.

    Rozhlasov hra s nejv t mi esk mi hv zdami Hru nsk , Pe ek atd asn atmosf ra, to ano, z v r ale dost vy um l, o ek vala jsem na konci n jakou v t pecku.

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