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  • Title: Earthborn
  • Author: Orson Scott Card
  • ISBN: 9780812532982
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback

  • Earthborn By Orson Scott Card High above the earth orbits the starship Basilica On board the huge vessel is a sleeping woman Of those who made the journey, Shedemai alone has survived the hundred of years since the Children of Wetchik returned to Earth.She now wears the Cloak of the Starmaster, and the Oversoul wakes her sometimes to watch over her descendants on the planet below The population hasHigh above the earth orbits the starship Basilica On board the huge vessel is a sleeping woman Of those who made the journey, Shedemai alone has survived the hundred of years since the Children of Wetchik returned to Earth.She now wears the Cloak of the Starmaster, and the Oversoul wakes her sometimes to watch over her descendants on the planet below The population has grown rapidly there are cities and nations now, whole peoples descended from the who followed Nafai or Elemak.But in all the long years of watching and searching, the Oversoul has not found the thing it sought It has not found the Keeper of the Earth, the central intelligence that also can repair the Oversoul s damaged programming.
    Orson Scott Card
    Orson Scott Card is the author of the novels Ender s Game, Ender s Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead, which are widely read by adults and younger readers, and are increasingly used in schools.Besides these and other science fiction novels, Card writes contemporary fantasy Magic Street, Enchantment, Lost Boys , biblical novels Stone Tables, Rachel and Leah , the American frontier fantasy series The Tales of Alvin Maker beginning with Seventh Son , poetry An Open Book , and many plays and scripts.Card was born in Washington and grew up in California, Arizona, and Utah He served a mission for the LDS Church in Brazil in the early 1970s Besides his writing, he teaches occasional classes and workshops and directs plays He recently began a longterm position as a professor of writing and literature at Southern Virginia University.Card currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife, Kristine Allen Card, and their youngest child, Zina Margaret.For further details, see the author s page.For an ordered list of the author s works, see s List of works by Orson Scott Cardcmillan author orsons

    Earthborn By Orson Scott Card


    This is the only book I ve ever bothered to review on because it pissed me off so much Text follows.So you ve read books one through four You were impressed by Card s fascinating premise in book one, started to get really turned on to his idea of god as a machine in book two, loved the fantastic revelations and conflict in book three, and were intrigued by the first hand narratives of diggers and angels in book four I guess I should see how it ends, you say to yourself.Don t be a fool This book [...]

    Johnny Leal
    This book sigh Card is my favorite Sci Fi author The first four Homecoming books were fantastic Many seem to complain about how much Mormonism is in this series specifically book 5 but that s just it The novels were actually BASED on the book of Mormon I m not of the Mormon belief myself, and no offense meant by this but Mormon beliefs make for great science fiction, heh.Anyway back on topic, this book is not about the characters you come to love and hate in the first four books of the series Na [...]

    Like in the other Homecoming books, the characters are very well designed and realistic and I quickly got interested in them and the plot I got a slower start on the first 30 or so pages, because of the new naming scheme and the all new characters But after this, the story started flowing.The focus on religion is stronger, but it also deals with racism and discrimination against women I saw that many readers were disappointed of its significantly religious nature, but for myself it did nothing t [...]

    Not quite as good as the other books in the series, I thought I do like the way that he wraps up the whole history of the Keeper of Earth s visions in a neat little meaningful package But I just had so much invested in Nafai and Luet, Oykib and Chveya, all the rest and their conflict with Elemak and his team I couldn t help but be disappointed from the start when I realized that they were all long dead Only Shedemei the one character with whom I identified the least was left.Of course, Card as a [...]

    This book pissed me right the eff off I read this whole series two and a half years ago and I m still mad thinking about it You spend four whole books getting invested in a series of characters, a particular world and culture, etc and then the final one is set thousands of years in the future with a totally new society If that s what you wanted why not just write it as a stand alone It really felt like he just got bored with his premise and got as close to rocks fall everybody dies as he could D [...]

    Nola Redd
    Of all of Orson Scott Card s books, Earthborn is probably my least favorite It is not that the novel is not well written it is or that it lacks a good story it does not But its role as the fifth and final book in a series makes it feel like an incomplete ending Unlike the rest of the novels in the Homecoming series, Earthborn lacks most of the characters we have come to identify with Of the original cast, we have only Shedemai, the Oversoul, and the Keeper of the Earth I never really understood [...]

    I felt Card had literally lost the plot by this point According to the first books in the series, the mighty computer that has kept the planet Harmony harmonious for millions of years the Oversoul is now beginning to run down Because it has achieved this by limiting technology, there is no technology on Harmony advanced enough to fix it, so it sends a party back to Earth, where it had originally come from, for fresh instructions.By the time the party reach Earth, though, they have apparently for [...]

    In the homecoming series, this book is the most disconnected Card does a great job at tying everything together, but old characters are gone, and this is a story in and of itself The previous book only provide supporting details, but aren t essential to enjoying it Humans, angels, and diggers have found it hard to coexist with each other after several centuries on Earth Shedemei and the Oversoul are searching for the divine architect, the Keeper With the Earth on the brink of war again, Shedemei [...]

    Jason Warren
    I m really glad I read reviews of this book before I started it After the horrible disappointment of Crystal City Card s depressingly anti climatic conclusion to his otherwise enjoyable Alvin Maker series I was nervous about finishing this series, but the all the negative reviews prepared me for the worst Yes, this book jumps way into the future leaving all the characters you ve grown to know after four books behind, however the new characters and plot lines are far interesting IMO Honestly, I [...]

    Laura Mada
    The final book of the Homecoming Saga It does offer some closure at least for Shedemai and the Oversoul but itwas a disappointment, especially when compared to the first book.I have to say that I like my sci fi or fantasy novels not to mix too much with religion Unfortunately, this book is about religion than science fiction.Don t get me wrong, I m fine with the general ideas that it is based on a greater being that IS in everything but is nothing in itself, than any human, evolved creature or [...]

    This is a weird way to end a 5 book series All but one of the characters from the first 4 books are dead when this book starts You are on the same planet, Earth, where the fourth book ended, but this book take up generations later The people of earth are still battling the same issues of equality and how to live peacefully together This story is mild on the science fiction impact.

    Florin Constantinescu
    Yea, what I ve come to dread somewhere in the middle of the 3rd book has happened.The cat is out of the bag.The bird is out the cage.The hammer has fallen.The curtain has also fallen over this series and I am so mad with it.The long awaited cool revelation at the end never came.The long promised character development or super action also never came.What a waste of time

    Forest Handford
    Good My only issue with this book is that Shedemai and the Oversoul are the only charachters still around from the first book It also get s into some deep religious overtones In the end it s a good story though and well worth the read.

    Scott Urman
    Horrendous I made it maybe 10 pages in before giving up after endless descriptions of river and people names Very disappointed after the first 4 books.

    Kirk Smith
    very disappointing

    Megan Thomas
    This book was okay It was fairly well written but parts were confusing, and the honorifics attached to names were hard to remember.

    Angel B.A.
    Esta saga empieza m s o menos bien, pero se va haciendo progresivamente m s aburrida, hasta llegar a este tedioso final No la recomiendo para nada Card tiene obras much simo mejores que esta larga y cansina saga.

    One of the least satisfying conclusions to any series I ve ever read Threads are left loose, questions are left unanswered, and faith and mystical earthpower carry the day.

    Alex Dove
    At first I was very disappointed with this book because it made the previous 4 seem like a very long and almost unnecessary prologue, almost the reverse of The Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings trilogy This plagued me because all of the characters, conflict, and intrigue that had been building up were suddenly reduced to a distant memory that may or may not have actually happened in the minds of the characters of this book at least.Other than this I have had problems with the Homecoming sage as a [...]

    John Loyd
    Earthborn 1995 420 pages by Orson Scott Card.This is the fifth and concluding volume of the Homecoming series I was really happy that no Nafai Elemak battle There was a recurring theme in the first four books that Elemak would get mad, insanely mad, and try to kill Nafai Nafai would survive, but he couldn t use the same tactics or he would lose control of his supporters They would follow Elemak instead of him Four books and Elemak never changed.Earthborn was a start contrast Here we have the goo [...]

    Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)
    It has now been a few hundred years since mankind returned to the planet Earth after an absence of some 40 million years Brothers Nafai and Elemak were never able to mend the rift between them and with the death of their father, who led his family back to Earth, their differences were irrevocably set in stone The planet s new population grew quickly in the ensuing years with the descendants of Nafai, the Nafari, always at war with the Elemaki, with the Earth s two new sentient species, angels an [...]

    I m a little amused by all the reviews bitching about the religiosity of this book How the hell did you make it through the first four books in the series Did you fail to notice the overt Biblical themes, topics, characterizations, language and moralization for the previous four books Did you somehow think that the enemies of the Oversoul and the Keeper were going to be proven right now in Book Five The revelation regarding the Keeper was even disappointing than I expected, however I knew that [...]

    A disappointing conclusion to an otherwise good series.About the only good thing about this final part was that the neverending fight between Nafai and Elemak was gone It had gone on for four books already, so it really was about time Unfortunately it was replaced by a preachy story about religion and bigotry There cast of characters was almost completely new, and I found it difficult at times to follow who was who, and what their relation to the others was etc Many of the characters were suppos [...]

    Nathan Johnson
    For those of you that do not know, the homecoming series follows The Book of Mormon quite closely This is not a bad thing, and I appreciated Card s opinion of many of the events His interpretation was fresh and entertaining to read.I loved the first book, however, from that point there was a steady decline in the series The third and fourth books were not very fun to read I felt that the enmity between the two brothers was not something that needed to stretch out for so many books There are only [...]

    Molly G
    Reread 12 26 09Reread 7 21 11 Remember loving it than I expected to, and still do Find aspects of it almost painfully nauseatingly upsetting the anti agnostic, anti intellectual passages They are mitigated, very beautifully and even truthfully, by the bigger picture of the plot and characterization, whereby logic alone can be used to justify anything, and intellect that is NOT objective is dangerous indeed, but twisted by unaccepted, repressed emotionality and true intellectuals e.g characters [...]

    Debra Meyer
    If you have ever read the Bible and the book of Mormon, then listening or reading this series will give your brain a serious slap I have trouble giving this series a good rating simply because if this had been done with any other books there would have been such screaming of plagarism so loud that the books would have been buried and never to see the light of day again What Card has done is taking the 2 books and cut out and mixed up all the stories of the bible and the book of momon, changed na [...]

    I felt like the concept of the Homecoming series was intreging Mankind exiled from earth, the promised land, until they learned to get along better and evolve into better people Technology was stifled to keep us from killing each other off in the meantime Millions of years later mankind is no better but they get to return Oh, and god is a computer called the oversoulThe series was a quick read that was easy to get through but not satisfying It just seemed like a retelling of the Jewish exodus fo [...]

    The first time I read the series, I skipped this last book When I was making my way through the series again, I decided that this time I was going to make it though, no matter what It wasn t initially appealing, I think, because the characters you ve come to know and love over the course of the last four books are all gone but for one character It didn t take long for me this time, though, to become interested in the new characters and the conflict that was building.In the end, though, this book [...]

    Me lleve una sorpresa muy desagradable con este libro Jamas espere que una saga excelente se tornara tan mala tan rapido y estoy muy decepcionado con el resultado.En primer lugar, la historia pasa de ser una de ciencia ficcion con problematicas atrapantes y soluciones ingeniosas a ser una historia mas bien teologica y politica En mi opinion me resulto muy insipida.Otro de los problemas con los que me encontre fue que, a pesar de que no venia muy bien la historia, tenia la esperanza de que alguna [...]

    I m really being generous here when I say that Earthborn was okay, but to say I disliked it would also be too extreme I feel If I could, I would say it s somewhere in the middle When I first started reading it, I was horribly disappointed The book is set about 500 years after Earthfall, the last book The only original character that is left is Shedemei The rest are referred to as ancient heroes by the people in Earthborn and very few know the true stories of the Heroes, though Nafai inscribed hi [...]

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