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  • Author: Kasey Millstead
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  • Undercover By Kasey Millstead In out, in out I watch my cock sliding in and out of the club whore s pussy My gut tightens, not with desire in the lead up to my climax, but in disgust I squeeze my eyes shut, praying the image isn t burned into my retinas I hate my fucking jobWhen FBI Special Agent, Roman Oak Drake, infiltrated the Zephyrs MC, he expected to find a lot of things all of them ilIn out, in out I watch my cock sliding in and out of the club whore s pussy My gut tightens, not with desire in the lead up to my climax, but in disgust I squeeze my eyes shut, praying the image isn t burned into my retinas I hate my fucking jobWhen FBI Special Agent, Roman Oak Drake, infiltrated the Zephyrs MC, he expected to find a lot of things all of them illegal What he didn t expect to find was the beautiful brunette serving drinks behind the bar at Club Z.Willa Burke spends her nights serving drinks at Club Z It s not the life she imagined for herself, but sometimes you don t get a choice you just have to do what you can to get by Outside of working for them, she d never shown an interest in the Zephyrs Until she met Oak The tall, wide, muscled man with skin the color of burned caramel and eyes a shade lighter than melted chocolate She wants him He wants her She s good and clean He s good and clean pretending to be bad and dirty for the sake of his career.When Oak brings the Zephyrs to their knees, will it also mean the end for Willa and him Or, will it strengthen their bond Undercover is a stand alone novel with a happy ever after.
    Kasey Millstead
    Kasey Millstead is a wife and mother of four children She lives in a picturesque location in country New South Wales, Australia Kasey is the author of the 1 bestselling Down Under Cowboy series She is also the author of The Steele Investigations series, Fighting to Stay and Illicit Desire.When she is not busy writing, racing around after her children and husband or trying to avoid doing housework, she enjoys nothing than curling up with a good book and getting lost in the world of Happy Ever After.You can contact Kasey on Facebook facebook authorkaseymillstead , on Twitter KaseyMillstead , via her website kaseymillstead , or by email kaseymillstead gmail

    Undercover By Kasey Millstead


    KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛
    TITLE UndercoverSERIES Zephyrs MC 1 AUTHOR Kasey MillsteadGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLISHEDMY RATING 4 1 2 Stars This was actually way better than I thought it would be, and that s because I have read than my fair share of biker books suspense galore, gritty, hot male character, non annoying female character, easy to follow story line, and an eye catching cover the cover is what pulled me in Wow what can I say Definitely will be reading book 2I was pulled in right from the start and was kept [...]

    Lucy Qhuay
    In the words of the male protagonist of this book aka Roman aka Oak aka whatever Fucking shit And that is what this book really is A big fucking shit.It was just sex, stupid characters, sex, gang related crap and some sex.Not worth my time or yours for that matter.

    Angie **loves angst**
    This was a quick read For me it was a little too predictable and the storylines were all tied up too nicely with a neat little bow Other than that, the characters were likable, and there was plenty of steam Rating 3.5 Stars

    Heather andrews
    Woo baby Roman has a naughty side, makes me effing hard as a rock when you call me baby Say it again, he demands He has a demanding presence and he s bossy, he holds me firmer and repeats, Roman You call me Roman when I m fucking you He lays down the law which honestly I think men need to do so us some don t get confused on s , One He reaches over and strokes a finger through my wet, soft flesh This is my pu y No one else gets to taste it, touch it, or eff it His voice is edgy, determined, stern [...]

    1-Click Addict Support Group
    There are some undercover biker stories out there that you get partway through and just want to put down THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM Undercover is a book that sucks you into the story There were parts where I had no clue what was coming, and that s a nice change.Oak I kinda want to climb him like his namesake He may be all scary biker on the outside, but inside he is all fluff, at least when it comes to his woman.Willa is a biker s sister, and the daughter of now deceased drug addicts She loves her [...]

    I really like it had some very hot moments

    Predictable with hot steamy sex.

    image error Undercover is my very first Kasey Millstead book HOLY MF ING GOD WOW I was literally blown away with this book I ll admit I forewent about 2 hours worth of work because I couldn t put this book down after starting it on my lunch break I didn t see so many of the plot twists coming and for a seasoned reader like me that takes some serious plotting skills I can usually spot the major plot twists within a few chapters, but not with this book Roman is our sex on a stick bad boy biker or [...]

    Tiffany Readz
    This is my second Kasey Millstead book and I love it just as much as the first one This girl lays out a fairly complicated story line and then wraps the whole thing up including an epilogue Doesn t get any better than that Ahhhh Roman Drake you sexy beast Who is also a damn liar Roman has been known as Oak in the Zephyr s Motorcycle Club for the past year Trying to get enough dirt to put them away for a long time, Oak has to get his hands and other parts of his body a bit dirty to fit in While d [...]

    Aubrey- CGSR
    MY THOUGHTS 5 OUT OF 5 UNDERCOVER LOVER STARSUndercover Zephyrs MC 1 by Kasey MillsteadAlright let me just begin by saying that this was an awesome pilot book for the Zephyrs MC series Wooooeeeeee Roman Drake is an undercover FBI agent and you don t learn that until a little ways into the book slight spoiler, eep sorry posing as a big bad sexy biker aka Oak He s doing the legal thing by collecting enough evidence on the Zephyrs MC to take them down Roman didn t plan to meet someone someone he wo [...]

    She Hearts Books
    Holy hell that Oak is one fine naughty talking biker man He has been trying his best to resist his attraction for Willa who happens to want him too, but he finally gets past that to get the girl A whole lot is going on in the MC and Willa has some issues of her own as well When things get dangerous, Willa s brother and Oak come to the rescue The only problem is that Oak has a secret that could tear them apart Plus there s another secret revealed that will rock Willa s world Didn t see that one c [...]

    This book was a really fast paced quick read I liked it nonethelesse writing was good and the story kept me interested till the end I really liked Oak Roman andWilla together, they were sweet and their chemistry was off the charts.But I thought the whole MC part of the book was skimmed over, kinda likebackground noise and not of any particular interest The whole takedown of the MC was just too convenient and clean, imo So the book was mostly A love story with some biker baddies thrown into the m [...]

    Habiba Hasabo
    I don t know I really don t know The blurb got me all excited, but I just didn t like it It didn t special at all or amazing It was fast paced, like really fast and dull I wanted and expected So much .

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    An enjoyable read however I think the heroine made a way too big of a deal when she found the truth out Moving away Not speaking to anyone A bit childish especially since she had no dealings with the MC.

    Morgan Wicks

    Alora Faraon
    What I like 1 I typically don t like action stories but I kind of enjoyed this one The title is on point.2 I liked the turning point, where I really thought that Rad was dead but it turned out that he wasn t Also, I personally liked Rad because he s the brother I wanted to have.What I don t like 1 Oak Roman s way of sex talk to Willa I can t exactly pinpoint why I don t like it, but I think it s because he talks to Willa as if she s a whore whenever they do it It s irritating, not sweet.2 I feel [...]

    Karen's Book Haven
    I didn t know what to expect after I started this read I was expecting sexy FBI agent check.I was expecting a blossoming romance check.I was expecting plenty of sexy scenes check My needs were met Or so I thought At first read, this ticked all my boxes for a good read but now that I ve had some time to sit with my review, I have a few things to note This is a well written story don t get me wrong I cannot find fault with the writing this is just all my preference This story has a great premise W [...]

    WTF No, just no This book doesn t start off being obviously bad, in fact it starts off and you think that its going to be a good story But no, it wasn t My first clue that this book wasn t going to be what I was hoping for was when Oak and Willa are going at it and he tells her to call him Roman but she can t ever seem to remember How freaking hard can it be to remember to use a name that he tells you he prefers when having sex, really Ok heads up major spoilers ahead view spoiler So by my previ [...]

    One thing I ve learned from the multitude of stories I ve read by Kasey Millstead is that she doesn t add fluff to her stories They re fast paced, sexy stories that get right to the crux of the issue without a lot of dragged out conflict and skirting around the issues.This is one of the reasons why I jump at the chance to read every new release by Millstead because I know I m going to have a text that s enjoyable to read due to its sassy heroine and alpha male hero as well as the complications s [...]

    Review from Rising Indies UnitedThis is another great read from Kasey Millstead It kept me very interested, which is hard to do right now And it kept me on my toes wondering what was going to happen It is a fast paced read with steamy sex scenes, alpha male, secrets, and some violence.Roman Drake, also known as Oak is a special Agent with the FBI who has been sent undercover to bring down the Zephyrs Motorcycle Club He does have to go through the motions and act like he is part of an outlaw MC, [...]

    Escape Reality with Books
    When her drug addicted absent parents are killed in an accident, Willa moves closer to her brother Rad short for Conrad in hopes of reconnecting with the only family she has left Her parents kicked Rad out when he was younger and he was not allowed near the house and despite this, they tried to maintain contact as best as they could Rad is now part of the Zephyrs MC and his only stipulation with Willa living close to him is that she is never to be in or around the MC Clubhouse nor is she to have [...]

    I wasn t supposed to fall for her it wasn t part of the plan I just couldn t help myself, though She drew me in and before I even knew it, it was too late to back out.I am a huge fan of Kasey Millstead and the thing I love about her books are that they are fast paced, gritty, draw you in and have the touch of romance that we all can t help but love This is the first book in this series and what a way to start Right from the off we are thrown into the story and I loved every minute of it.Willa is [...]

    Nichole Watson
    Deliciously Wicked Books was given a copy of the book Undercover is the first book in the Zephyr MC Series by Kasey Millstead and the first book I have read by this author Wait read would be an understatement as I literally devoured every luscious word written This introduction has me wanting I am one for the dirty talking boys and this book doesn t disappoint The book follows Willa who finds herself working at Club Z the biker bar that she followed her brother to This is by far not the life sh [...]

    OK Ok Ok I just start by saying I think I m in love Yes, with Roman Oak Drake well I kind of love Kasey Millstead too for writing this book I have read a few of Kasey book and I really liked them but, I especially love her MC books, don t mess around and not read Vengeances is Mine it is one of my favorites by Kasey and Undercover just made me second guess myself What I really loved is that this book wrapped up the whole story with an epilogue Yes, if I have to say I love when that happens Most [...]

    Posted on SydneyGenReadsA 3.5 star read Ahhh, this was a great in between book By that I mean it was a really good, quick read It was full of enough action, drama, and oh my where is the fan hot scenes What I really liked about it was how the author played out her characters, without over analyzing or describing.I was am a huge Sons of Anarchy fan what can I say, Charlie Hunnam tually.y no so whenever I see a story come out that is Motorcycle Club themed I want to dive in, but I m wary There is [...]

    Julie Barrett
    Undercover is the first book I ve read by Kasey Millstead and I have to say that I was really impressed by this author This book was fast paced, had plenty of drama, suspense, twists, emotion and sizzling sexual chemistry Undercover is the first book in the Zephyrs MC series, and I am looking forward to reading from this talented author.Willa works behind the bar at Club Z and has admired biker Oak from afar for many months, but thinks he hasn t noticed her Oak has definitely noticed the stunni [...]

    Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    5 Stars Another masterpiece by this amazing author Full of twists, turns and surprises, this author takes your typical MC romance and throws quite a few surprises in along the way to give it a unique twist I have to admit I am becoming a fast fan of this author s writing This book was a fast read that packed quite a punch and has a happy ending This book was crazy good It was sweet, sexy, suspenseful, and kept me on my toes until the end This is Roman aka Oak and Willa s story It will not be eas [...]

    Holly - Page To Page Reviews
    I received an ARC for an honest reviewWhen Willa s parents died she turned to the only person she had left her brother Part of the Zephyrs MC he s tried to keep her away from the danger the club poses but when she moves closer to him its inevitable Not allowed near the club house but able to work at their bar Club Z Willa would be content if a certain biker would pay her any attention.Roman is an FBI agent sent to infiltrate the Zephyrs and bring them down from the inside Known to them as Oak he [...]

    Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    3.5 stars mysecretromancebookreviewsI will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for a good MC novel There is something about a sexy alpha male who also is a biker that is just irresistible to me There are a lot of MC romance books out there, some that are amazing, some that are great, some that are good, some that are just okay and then there are the oh lord what were they thinking when they wrote this kind For me, Undercover falls somewhere in the good category It had the potential to be gr [...]

    Love a good MC book and this book is filled with action and romance When you are undercover and want to open up to someone you have feelings for can you without it all falling apart That is the dilemma for Roman aka Oak and his relationship that begins with Willa Willa is a lovely hard working character but she gets put into a situation from her parents that has no way of being resolved Now this is an interesting predicament Kasey Millstead puts Willa in and we all know she is not the sort of pe [...]

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