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  • Title: The Book of Strange New Things
  • Author: Michel Faber
  • ISBN: 9780553418842
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Book of Strange New Things By Michel Faber A monumental, genre defying novel over ten years in the making, Michel Faber s The Book of Strange New Things is a masterwork from a writer in full command of his many talents.It begins with Peter, a devoted man of faith, as he is called to the mission of a lifetime, one that takes him galaxies away from his wife, Bea Peter becomes immersed in the mysteries of an astonishA monumental, genre defying novel over ten years in the making, Michel Faber s The Book of Strange New Things is a masterwork from a writer in full command of his many talents.It begins with Peter, a devoted man of faith, as he is called to the mission of a lifetime, one that takes him galaxies away from his wife, Bea Peter becomes immersed in the mysteries of an astonishing new environment, overseen by an enigmatic corporation known only as USIC His work introduces him to a seemingly friendly native population struggling with a dangerous illness and hungry for Peter s teachings his Bible is their book of strange new things But Peter is rattled when Bea s letters from home become increasingly desperate typhoons and earthquakes are devastating whole countries, and governments are crumbling Bea s faith, once the guiding light of their lives, begins to falter Suddenly, a separation measured by an otherworldly distance, and defined both by one newly discovered world and another in a state of collapse, is threatened by an ever widening gulf that is much less quantifiable While Peter is reconciling the needs of his congregation with the desires of his strange employer, Bea is struggling for survival Their trials lay bare a profound meditation on faith, love tested beyond endurance, and our responsibility to those closest to us Marked by the same bravura storytelling and precise language that made The Crimson Petal and the White such an international success, The Book of Strange New Things is extraordinary, mesmerizing, and replete with emotional complexity and genuine pathos.
    Michel Faber
    Michel Faber born 13 April 1960 is a Dutch writer of English language fiction.Faber was born in The Hague, The Netherlands He and his parents emigrated to Australia in 1967 He attended primary and secondary school in the Melbourne suburbs of Boronia and Bayswater, then attended the University Of Melbourne, studying Dutch, Philosophy, Rhetoric, English Language a course involving translation and criticism of Anglo Saxon and Middle English texts and English Literature He graduated in 1980 He worked as a cleaner and at various other casual jobs, before training as a nurse at Marrickville and Western Suburbs hospitals in Sydney He nursed until the mid 1990s In 1993 he, his second wife and family emigrated to Scotland, where they still reside.

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    Sam Quixote
    Sometime in the future, humanity has discovered they are not alone in the universe on a distant planet named Oasis dwells a race of supremely ugly aliens their faces are described as two foetuses fused together and they LOVE Jeebus So much so that they re withholding food from the handful of human colonists on their planet until they get a replacement missionary Enter Peter Leigh, a former homeless junkie thief turned born again Christian minister selected by the USIC Corporation to be sent to O [...]

    Rick Riordan
    An adult sci fi novel with an intriguing premise Mankind has reached its first extraterrestrial world, Oasis, and the giant corporation USIC is working hard to build a colony there while economic and climatic conditions on earth continue to deteriorate There s one hitch to their plans the natives of Oasis want a preacher They ve had a limited introduction to the Christian faith, but after their first human pastor mysteriously goes missing, they refuse to provide food to the human settlers until [...]

    Jessica Woodbury
    This book is mesmerizing I couldn t stop reading it And when it was over I felt like I d just finished something amazing, but I also felt like I wasn t sure if I understood what I experienced I even re read it a couple months later and enjoyed it even I am deeply impressed by Faber s book and the fact that it centers around a man of faith As someone who has lived with and without religion in my life, I do find it odd that it does not play a greater role in art and literature Faber lets his prot [...]

    Alienation We re the aliens here This book can easily be mis taken as generic sci fi, exploring the impact of colonialism on the existing inhabitants, as well as the newcomers in the near future, a Christian minister leaves his beloved wife and travels through hyperspace to a human colony on another planet, where his role is to evangelise to alien beings.That is the medium, but it s not the message The message isn t even the Biblical one that saved Peter from drugs and homelessness, and led him [...]

    Will Byrnes
    Of course, everybody on earth had the power to reshape reality It was one of the things Peter and Beatrice talked about a lot The challenge of getting people to grasp that life was only as grim and confining as you perceived it to be The challenge of getting people to see that all the immutable facts of existence were not so immutable after all Sustaining a relationship over a long distance presents serious challenges I tried it once or twice in my twenties Of course that was back before the inv [...]

    Paul Bryant
    I made a note at the 200 page mark I wouldn t say the story so far is implausible, just like the captain of the Titanic didn t say that the thing directly ahead was a bloody gigantic iceberg But I have so many questions about what s going on here which Mr Faber is straight facedly refusing to either acknowledge or answer that I may explode However by the end of the 584th page new, happier thoughts had formed Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of an extremely dubious plot, I will [...]

    Ron Charles
    At the end of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus tells his disciples, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature For a while now, evangelicals have had to restrict their preaching to creatures on this planet, but someday, who knows Will the heathens of Andromeda embrace the good news about a man who was nailed to a cross a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I can remember debating that essential question late at night as an undergrad at my little Christian college in Illinois [...]

    Joe Valdez
    The Book of Strange New Things, the 2014 science fiction novel by Michel Faber, is one of those books that sealed me in a barrel, rolled me down a hill, off a cliff, into rapids and over a waterfall I feel dizzy having just been let out of the barrel by the author Faber jettisoned me across the galaxy to an alien planet but instead of painstakingly building a new world, relocated me to one where the things change, the they stay the same Instead of describing fantastic creatures, intricate poli [...]

    Violet wells
    No surprise this gets an endorsement from David Mitchell because it s a fabulous feat of wiring exuberant entertainment into intelligent storytelling, a bit like the literary equivalent of Stephen Spielberg The secret of this novel s immense charm maybe is that appeals to the teenager inside In fact, when, towards the end, it loses some of its charm it s because it s stopped appealing to the teenager inside It s suddenly got a bit earnestly serious on us, it s forsaken its ironic mischief and th [...]

    Jason McKinney
    UghI hated this I absolutely loved Under the Skin, but this was a huge disappointment It was endlessly tedious, the protagonist was not very likable and the plot itself just never really came together It s amazing because the reviews on GR have been largely glowing, but this was just a huge bust The Book of Strange New Things More like The Endless Book of Tedious Plot and Lame Characters.

    My thoughts about this book are complicated With The Book of Strange New Things, Michel Faber tackles really big epistemological and existential issues through the journey of an English preacher to outer space Peter, our protagonist, is sent by a mysterious corporation called USIC to be a pastor to the alien race on a planet trillions of lightyears away called the Oasis It s an interesting premise and a unique blend of sci fi and literary fiction, but I don t think it really delivers on what it [...]

    Julie Christine
    SPOILER ALERTThere s this writer thing that happens on Twitter every six months or so PitMad, when Aspiring Novelists craft a 140 character pitch of their novel and it s read by a bunch of literary agents If you tweet a good pitch, you might get a manuscript request or two Totally soulless But hey It s the Brave New World of No Attention Span If I were the author of The Book of Strange New Things, my Twitter pitch might reading something like this Ex druggie pastor leaves pregnant wife on apocal [...]

    Yzabel Ginsberg
    I got a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review At first I thought I d rate this book higher its beginning as well as premise were quite catchy, and I was fairly intrigued at what Peter, the main character, found on planet Oasis, as well as to what would happen with Beatrice, how they d keep in contact, whether their relationship would hold, and so on.There are very strong moments in it, especially when contrasting Peter s privileged experience to Bea s day to day life The fact [...]

    Saleh MoonWalker
    Onvan The Book of Strange New Things Nevisande Michel Faber ISBN 055341884X ISBN13 9780553418842 Dar 500 Safhe Saal e Chap 2014

    Sarah (Presto agitato)
    That s me in the cornerThat s me in the spotlightLosing my religion R.E.M 1991 For Peter, it s the chance of a lifetime He is a Christian minister chosen to be part of a carefully selected group that has established a settlement on another planet Peter s role is to reach out to the native, non human population, putting him in a position to spread the word of Jesus to a far flung new outpost of Christendom Unfortunately, his wife must stay behind on earth during the mission, but they both feel th [...]

    This is a thoughtful and absorbing work of modern science fiction The Book of Strange New Things is the story of Peter, a missionary who is hired by the mysterious company USIC, and is sent to a distant planet to serve both the human and alien population there Once on the planet, Peter s only connection to earth are electronic messages from his wife, who tells him about horrible events taking place around the world, including weather disasters and a global financial collapse, which causes societ [...]

    Diane S ☔
    I am not a reader who chooses science fiction, I generally don t have much interest in made up worlds Yet, I have to admit to liking this book quite a bit.Peter, a minister on Earth has the opportunity to interview for a position of preaching to an alien colony on some unnamed planet He is accepted, though his wife Bea is not For five years they will be apart, with Peter making enough money for them to be set up for life Their only contact will be messages sent through a device called The Shoot [...]

    I know that I am often swayed in my opinions by reviews For that reason, I try to avoid them before I read something About half way through The Book of Strange New Things I couldn t resist checking a few I was curious, not so much about the critical opinion of the book, which I assumed was high based on the cover pull quotes and the marketing campaign, but because of the hard to miss racism and hints of homophobia One character is literally compared to a monkey Nearly every female character is d [...]

    Michael Jensen
    The Book of Really Dull Things Where Not Much Happens Except a Bunch of Critics Reveal Themselves to be Hacks Two and a half starsSince I absolutely loved The Crimson Petal and the White and very much enjoyed Under the Skin, it pains me deeply to say how much I disliked Michel Faber s The Book of Strange New Things which seems to me be another example of the Emperor has no clothes Much like Emma Staub s The Vacationers, Strange New Things has become a critical darling despite the fact that it is [...]

    4.5 StarsNever woulda thunk it.Despite generally positive reviews from my friends of Michel Faber s Christianity in the Cosmos yarn The Book of Strange New Things, for months I could not summon the patience to check it out I figured it was going to be either too heavily sci fi read totally lacking credibility or too proselytizing for me to derive any enjoyment from it.It s a testament to Faber s ebullient storytelling prowess that he was able to win me over with something that I had no interest [...]

    I can t recall the last time I was so utterly transported by a book so imaginative and completely absorbing I lived it, thought it, dreamed itI m still thinking about it.A British pastor, Peter Leigh, is chosen in a very rigorous process by a mysterious mega corporation called USIC, to travel to another galaxy to minister to a native population he knows nothing about To do so, he must leave his beloved wife, Beatrice, behind for a period of time Once on the planet called Oasis, he will communica [...]

    Helene Jeppesen
    It took me half a year to pick up this book and that was definitely a mistake What made me hesitate was the premise This was a sic fi book set on another planet, where the main character, Peter, was a pastor preaching for aliens It didn t sound like anything for me at all However, with time and people read it and praised it and I got and curious Eventually, I decided to pick it up from the library, and once I started reading, I knew that I was in love This book is so fantastic because it is [...]

    Rebecca Foster
    4.5 As beautiful as it is unsettling, this is a novel that will remain with you Certainly there are aliens, but by no means can this book be relegated to the realms of sci fi pulp It is a very this worldly story, blending a believable dystopian vision of Earth, commentary on cultural and religious imperialism, and a poignant portrait of a marriage under impossible strain.Suburban London vicar Peter Leigh won the appointment of a lifetime he will travel light years away to minister to the natives [...]

    Michel Faber s new novel, due to be released on October 28, is itself a book of strange new things I remember devouring his previous novel, The Crimson Petal and the White It was historical fiction about a prostitute, a bestseller, mildly trashy but with good writing and a fabulous heroine The Book of Strange New Things is not any of that.Peter is a recovering alcoholic and drug user who became a minister after he met and married Beatrice, who nursed him through his final overdose He is deeply c [...]

    The start of this book is very exciting I enjoyed seeing Peter and Bea apparently pronounced Bee ah not Bee together working as a husband wife team Bea is a compassionate, empathetic human being, a devoted wife, and a dedicated Christian Her husband, Peter Leigh has been selected to travel to a new planet, Oasis, and act as a missionary to the locals there Unfortunately, Bea is not allowed to go with him The rest of the book is the story of the many ways physical distance also results in emotion [...]

    This book took me a while to get through, I ended up reading it really slowly because I didn t want it to end It was so completely engrossing I wanted to savour every page ,while trying to fend off my desire to devour this novel.The cover is exquisite and admittedly what drew me to this book, however it was the impeccable writing and beautiful imagery that kept me reading I loved the world of Oasis, and this may sound clich d but I honestly felt like I was right there when I was reading I was co [...]

    Strange, subtle, and clever Life on an uncanny planet.

    The Hook I have to admit the initial appeal of The Book of Strange New Things were comparisons to The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, an all time favorite of mine A pastor, Peter Leigh is hired by the Corporation, USIC to travel to Oasis, galaxies away from his home in London His mission is to bring the word of God to Oasis inhabitants In The Sparrow, Jesuit Priest, Father Emilio Sandoz travels to Rakhat when voices singing are heard in an outpost in Puerto Rico proving that extraterrestrial life [...]

    AmberBug **
    shelfnotes reviewDear Reader,Another five star book this year And yet, I was so reluctant to like this book Why Because the main character is a Pastor and the whole story follows him to another planet where he preaches the word of God to the inhabitants I love anything spacey and science fictiony, much of this book screams read me based on that but the other part went into this book with a weary eye due to the religious tones All I can say is that NOT once did I roll my eyes or get too annoyed w [...]

    Richard Derus
    Rating 3.5 of fiveOne of the books I read while in the psych ward in 2014, this came back to my mind after I watched s pilot for a series based on parts of the stonking great wodge of philosophical musings that is the book.OASIS, the series, could be very good It s already got my vote over the novel as we re leaving out a big time drag that I didn t feel made the book better by starting with Peter on Oasis after a spoilery bad thing has already occurred The book, if you choose to read it, is not [...]

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