UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Consciousness Explained - by Daniel C. Dennett #2020

  • Title: Consciousness Explained
  • Author: Daniel C. Dennett
  • ISBN: 9780316180665
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback

  • Consciousness Explained By Daniel C. Dennett Brilliant audacious as its title.Mr Dennett s exposition is nothing short of brilliant George Johnson, New York Times Book ReviewConsciousness Explained is a a full scale exploration of human consciousness In this landmark book, Daniel Dennett refutes the traditional, commonsense theory of consciousness and presents a new model, based on a wealth of informat Brilliant audacious as its title.Mr Dennett s exposition is nothing short of brilliant George Johnson, New York Times Book ReviewConsciousness Explained is a a full scale exploration of human consciousness In this landmark book, Daniel Dennett refutes the traditional, commonsense theory of consciousness and presents a new model, based on a wealth of information from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and artificial intelligence Our current theories about conscious life of people, animal, even robots are transformed by the new perspectives found in this book.
    Daniel C. Dennett
    Daniel Clement Dennett III is a prominent philosopher whose research centers on philosophy of mind, science, and biology, particularly as they relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science He is the co director of the Center for Cognitive Studies and the Austin B Fletcher Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University Dennett is a noted atheist, avid sailor, and advocate of the Brights movement.Dennett received his B.A in philosophy from Harvard University in 1963, where he was a student of W.V.O Quine In 1965, he received his D.Phil from Christ Church, Oxford, where he studied under the ordinary language philosopher Gilbert Ryle.Dennett gave the John Locke lectures at the University of Oxford in 1983, the Gavin David Young Lectures at Adelaide, Australia, in 1985, and the Tanner Lecture at Michigan in 1986, among many others In 2001 he was awarded the Jean Nicod Prize, giving the Jean Nicod Lectures in Paris He has received two Guggenheim Fellowships, a Fulbright Fellowship, and a Fellowship at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Science He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1987 He was the co founder 1985 and co director of the Curricular Software Studio at Tufts University, and has helped to design museum exhibits on computers for the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Science in Boston, and the Computer Museum in Boston He is a Humanist Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism and a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

    Consciousness Explained By Daniel C. Dennett


    A accurate title here would be Consciousness Explained Away, as greater wits than I have pointed out This re titling itself gives the gist of the work s true project, which is to see just how far the explaining away of our first person starting point as conscious existents can proceed before self contradiction ensues A big part of the problem is Dennett s disingenuous attempt to masquerade explaining away for explanation which makes it difficult to assess the true value of his contribution to t [...]

    A friend urged me to read this book I got a couple of chapters into it, and found the author was telling me that we are all novelists , and that a large part of consciousness was going to be explained in terms of the ongoing narrative we spin in our interior monologues Shortly before, another friend had persuaded me to read some Derrida, and Dennett s arguments sounded a bit familiar Oddly enough, the two people in question had been dating at one point I looked around in Dennett s book, and, as [...]

    Amar Pai
    Is it possible Is this going to finally be the book that explains the mystery of consciousness No No it is not.What would it even mean to explain consciousness Reminds me of Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy where they build this ultra powerful supercomputer to finally answer the mystery of life, the universe and everything, only to then realize that they don t actually know what the question means.

    I love love love this book so much that I am hoping that when I die, the crime scene investigators will find it clutched tightly in my hand and will all have to read it very carefully perhaps to get clues about who killed me and then they will forget completely about investigating the crime and start totally getting into this astonishing book instead and will tell all their crime scene investigator buddies who will read it and tell their buddies and then everyone in the world will read it and th [...]

    Joshua Nomen-Mutatio
    Yes, the title is audacious Yes, it s not a perfect book Yes, the subject is extremely complex and really smart people fight about it in prestigious journals, etc.But Dennett has some fine ideas nonetheless I go through periods of swinging in one direction and back again when it comes to what I ll just call the consciousness wars But lately Dennett s ideas are striking me as and correct and I ve always leaned in his and the Churchland s direction since I first began looking into these issues, [...]

    A hard book to plough through and one that is so careful and meticulous that it never reaches an interesting or clear cut conlusion Dennett takes hundreds of pages to refute the idea of consciousness as a sentient observer sitting inside man s brain a concept known as the Cartesian Theatre I could have agreed about that being untrue in half a page When Dennett has finally finished explaining what consciousness is not, he disappointingly admits that he does not have a good alternative either Ok, [...]

    Amir The Fat Bookworm
    I must say, The reason I m giving such a low score is because I expected much much from this book Instead I faced with explanations of phenomena that could have been explained much clearer And the lack of answer to my question being How neurons give rise to consciousness To be perfectly clear, I do not mean how the mind works or how mind and brain are related Rather, what gives rise to a cultivated sense, a feeling, a qualia And I expected a physical theory, instead, he apparently skipped the w [...]

    Consciousness explained Well, no, not exactly But a brilliant book nonetheless, despite the audaciousness of the title though I must admit that Dennett concedes that his explanation is far from complete and that cognitive theory is really still in its infancy or at least it was when this book was written I only read it recently, and perhaps it is a bit outdated for a book about the ever changing fields of cognitive theory, neuroscience, and psychology, but, if anything, this book does a really g [...]

    Paul Johnston
    It is hard to know what to say about this book It contains a lot of interesting information and is very readable but it is also deeply confused Dennett is clearly fascinated by the brain and keen to find a theory to explain how it works As I am not an expert in this area, it is hard for me to assess whether what he puts forward is either new or interesting What is most striking and annoying for me, however, is Dennett s philosophical naivety and lack of sensitivity to philosophical issues Much o [...]

    A bold book from my favorite philosopher scientist that aims to build a framework for tackling perhaps the hardest question humanity has ever asked what is this conscious experience As in his other books, Dennett is adept at weaving the soft thought experiments of philosophy with the harder experiments of the scientific community Some of his most triumphant points don t have the impact they may once have carried, as much of his material has been accepted or disproved in the last two decades of t [...]

    Leo Horovitz
    Dennett has conducted a wonderful investigation into the nature of consciousness Not being satisfied to treat consciousness as something ontologically and fundamentally special , he dismisses some misguided notions of the workings of consciousness which makes it seem as though there has to be some sort of center or awareness in which it all comes together along with the related notion of conscious experience as something which has further unexplainable phenomena, qualia, as its building blocks D [...]

    After having listened to this book, I will never fall for the make believe just so stories about consciousness again There is no reason to have to appeal to fantasy to explain consciousness This book gives a complete story and forever I ll be able to not be sucked into false thought processes concerning the topics about the mind.Metaphysics, when it s at is best is to fill in the parts that physics or science is having a hard time explaining because they don t really understand the object and th [...]

    Teo 2050
    11h 2x Contents view spoiler Preface01 Prelude How Are Hallucinations Possible 01.1 The Brain in the Vat01.2 Pranksters in the Brain01.3 A Party Game Called Psychoanalysis01.4 PreviewPart I Problems and Methods02 Explaining Consciousness02.1 Pandora s Box Should Consciousness Be Demystified 02.2 The Mystery of Consciousness02.3 The Attractions of Mind Stuff02.4 Why Dualism Is Forlorn02.5 The Challenge03 A Visit to the Phenomenological Garden03.1 Welcome to the Phenom03.2 Our Experience of the Ex [...]

    This book attempts a third person, analytic approach to the investigation of the mind body problem, as opposed to the traditional first person, inductive approach found in Descartes and Searle For the first few hundred pages, Dennett relates a serious of rational errors that plague the subject of consciousness undeniably universal errors such as the phi phenomenon, wherein one posits flashes as movement, and the subject s tendency to say two related but distinct words at the same time This leads [...]

    Rick Harrington
    Yet another book which magically escaped my attention, though reading it would have promoted my understanding of so much Better late than never, eh And as always, there was no program to my finding it An old re met friend rather, who must have been remembering me as I once was well over 30 years ago, lent it to me He thought the book had my name written all over it Indeed Nor do I wish to lay claim to that identity I would name for myself, acknowledging readily that most of what I call myself is [...]

    Joshua Stein
    I was trying out a new reading methodology for Consciousness Explained, reading the critiques of articles entered in journals alongside the actual text, which allowed me to see both the illegitimacy of some of the criticisms and the serious problems with some of the text I strongly recommend that methodology I ll be trying it again at some point soon.Dennett s text is considered one of the most significant texts in modern philosophy of consciousness, which is odd since there are some major criti [...]

    Ting Tong
    The thing that really irritates me about philosophers is their lack of empirical evidence to support their theories they just borrow whatever suits them from whatever discipline, with scant regard for critical evaluation of the data Dennett makes suggestions that can be easily countered and writes in a way that he is convinced of the truth but yet has nothing to substantiate it his theories are built on a lot of assumptions, contradict these and his approach withers away His rudimentary discussi [...]

    Dennett uses some fascinating case studies from neuropsychology to debunk what he calls the Cartesian Theatre He means the gut instinct we have that what goes on inside the brain is like a little multimedia presentation on a screen, in front of the audience of the soul First off, he rightfully dismisses dualism He then shows how there is no need for, or evidence for, a Cartesian Theatre He introduces the temporal and spacial distribution of the mind in the brain He shows how simple experiments s [...]

    It wasn t easy, and many times I felt like Homer Simpson trying to learn how to market a bowling alley youtube watch v SEqxer , but getting through this book and tackling the weighty subject matter was well worth the investment And I m not kidding about the Homer reference Dennett posits so many amazing points based upon areas of thought of which I was hopelessly clueless I would have to set this book down and do some research to just get a baseline to follow his explanations.For any of my frien [...]

    While Dennett is probably better known to most readers as a grumbly professional atheist, I really don t need any help in that regard, so I went straight to his book on philosophy of mind I can see why he s a public figure he s downright chatty and personable for a chilly analytic philosopher, and at the same time clear and rigorous in his presentation of ideas.As for the ideas themselves OK, the multiple drafts notion of consciousness is something I can certainly get behind, and his attack on t [...]

    Kerem Cankocak
    Ufuk a c yeni fikirlerle dolu Richard Dawkins Bilin hakk nda g ndelik d nceleri y karken, Dennett meseleye radikal bir bak a s getiriyor Bilin A klan yor un uzun y llar boyunca okunaca na inan yorum Douglas R Hofstadter ok ba ar l bir bilimsel yakla m nsanlar, hayvanlar ve makinelerle ilgili ola an st bilgiler i eriyor Thomas Nagel Bilin zerine harika bir meditasyon Howard Gardner Dennett in a klamas , tek kelimeyle dahiyane, hem profesyonel hem de genel okuyucuyu hedefleyen bir bilim kitab , g [...]

    Jon Boorstin
    Dennett tackles the consciousness question from a common sense philosopical point of view, if such a thing is possible It s an intriguing, if not entirely convincing theory It feels like a good attempt to figure something out that won t be figured out for another twenty years.

    This book is pretty dense and heavy on the philosophy, for someone who hasn t read much philosophy But it s well worth the read Dennett covers everything from evolutionary biology to linguistics to computer architecture in a comprehensive attempt to break down the notion that consciousness is ephemeral and hence impossible to understand He tries to accomplish this by attacking the common notion of how the conscious mind works and replacing his with an idea of his own Unfortunately I know very li [...]

    A reader s enjoyment of Consciousness Explained will depend to a large degree on his or her existing perspective on these subjects, as well as prior exposure to the ideas presented in this book I can totally imagine cases where Dennett s long and meandering argument treads the perfect path in just the right mind firstly by spectacularly collapsing long held notions of dualism and the inviolability of the self, and then in the bare and fertile soil thus created, plants and grows the seeds of a pr [...]

    Elliott Bignell
    Dennett makes an audacious claim in the title of this book I think he delivers I must agree with the reviewers who suggest that he does so with packaging than necessary the book could have made its case in about half the volume Nevertheless, of the books on consciousness by philosophers that I have read recently, this one comes closest to making me think that the hard problem has now been reduced to a series of engineering problems.The author almost lost me in the opening passages Dennett seeks [...]

    I have not fully accepted the author s claim that he has explained consciousness , nor, obviously, his model for consciousness, but there is so much fascinating mind food in here that it s well worth five stars.I guess this book has become a de rigeur foundational piece for anybody interested in what consciousness is, because he sets up a groundwork for discussing it, and he covers lots of things like Descartes consideration of the question , and the thought experiments provide wonderful fodder [...]

    Kathleen Brugger
    I thought I was going to hate this book, because of some reviews I had read, but I found a lot of it very interesting and compelling.The first thing I liked was that he really got me thinking about what it is to be conscious Is there a projection room up there in the brain somewhere screening the contents of our consciousness I have to admit I saw it that way He calls this the Cartesian Theater, because Descartes had proposed a place in the brain the pineal gland where the physical brain process [...]

    This book is as revolutionary as it is short sighted Dennett tries to find an empirical basis of consciousness For this purpose he digs deep into the neuroscientific literature, questioning everything he finds from a theoretical point of view This is interesting, and exceptional Most scientist spend little time doubting the concepts they use, or what their findings mean in a broader theoretical sense Dennett does takes this time and comes to unsettling conclusions.The best, and most necessary pa [...]

    The trick to solving many philosophical problems often comes down to figuring out how to unask bad questions and Dennett mostly succeeds in that aim by offering hypotheses that arguably deal with all the pertinent phenomena without appealing to outdated beliefs the cartesian theater, dualism and central processing among others which have led to many a bad question But this was certainly an oversized mixed bag One problem I had with CE was that in a number of places Dennett ambiguously fluctuates [...]

    At times I enjoyed this, but other times it was so frustrating It s not clear at all, and is pretty much a jumble of ideas, with some good ones thrown in Dennet says its on purpose though, because if he was clear then people would nitpick unimportant points Ok That s actually kind of cool It s still pretty hard to understand what he s talking about Another problem is that I constantly felt like I m way ahead of the author in terms of having a sharper understanding of what feelings I m having, an [...]

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