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  • Title: Unexpected
  • Author: Maisey Yates
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  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Unexpected By Maisey Yates After spending another family wedding fielding questions about her non existent love life, Kelsey Noble decides she s tired of waiting around for things she could go out and get herself What Kelsey wants is a baby, and she doesn t see any point waiting for a husband she s not even sure she wants But a mix up at the fertility clinic lands her with a hassle she didn t counAfter spending another family wedding fielding questions about her non existent love life, Kelsey Noble decides she s tired of waiting around for things she could go out and get herself What Kelsey wants is a baby, and she doesn t see any point waiting for a husband she s not even sure she wants But a mix up at the fertility clinic lands her with a hassle she didn t count on A big, muscular hassle in a Stetson and cowboy boots Cole Mitchell is shocked to discover that a grand gesture from years past has come back to haunt him Now, thanks to a clerical error, a woman he s never met is having his baby and there s no way he s going to walk away and forget he has a child Trying to make nice with the unexpected father of her baby lands Kelsey in Silver Creek, Oregon, dealing with the kind of small town life she left behind years ago Even worse is dealing with the burning attraction she feels for Cole She knows adding sex to the mix is a very bad idea, but she s not sure how long she can resist falling for the last man she ever expected Includes a preview of Maisey Yates novella, Unbuttoned Praise for UNBUTTONED I loved Unbuttoned by Maisey Yates in a big way.I love a feisty heroine and a charismatic hero, especially when they clash The scenes where they duked it out verbally, all the while undressing each other mentally, were so delicious.Lots of fun Smart Bitches, Trashy Books A sexy, compelling read it s a great start to what looks to be a promising new small town contemporary series and has introduced me to a new to me author who writes enjoyable characters with great emotional depth, witty dialogue, and steamy love scenes Ramblings From This Chick Maisey Yates is a very talented author and has created the perfect small town romance about two people that found love once they learned to take a leap of faith I can t wait to see what is in store for the residents of Silver Creek Books N Kisses
    Maisey Yates
    New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is a true example of her pioneer spirit In 2009, at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then it s been a whirlwind of sexy alpha males and happily ever afters, and she wouldn t have it any other way Maisey divides her writing time between dark, passionate category romances set just about everywhere on earth and light sexy contemporary romances set practically in her back yard She believes that she clearly has the best job in the world.

    Unexpected By Maisey Yates


    What an enjoyable small town romance, full of emotion and heart This is the first book from this author I have read and I love her voice and will continue with the next book in the series Kelsey Nobel is ready to start a family she is 30 years old plus has the added pressure from her parents and married sisters Unfortunately she has had bad luck with men so she decides to go it alone with the help of a sperm bank Cole Mitchell had a short unhappy marriage, his wife wanted him to bank some sperm [...]

    FTC Disclaimer I do not know this author, nor was I paid for this review This ARC was provided through the publisher for an honest review.I actually follow the author on twitter so, when I knew she was writing a cowboy, I put it on my to read list Then it appeared on NetGalley so I immediately requested it This is a very cute and easy read It had enough heat to keep me interested and I enjoyed both of the characters immensely.The premise for these two meeting was quite cute, if not quite extreme [...]

    Well damn this was too cute and hot to handle Really There was fire between Cole and Kelsey I really liked Kelsey and felt connected to her It didn t hurt that Cole was REALLY REALLY HOT and also kind of cute Yeah, there were also times lots of times when I just wanted to hit him hard in the head and made him see reason He clearly was afraid and didn t want to have feelings But he just didn t get that it was already too late I really liked the storyline and I thought it was fate that brought Col [...]

    This was a disaster I really can t help but think the author doesn t think very highly of women in general Because she wrote some ridiculous female characters And not in an amusing ridiculous way, but in an embarrassingly shameful ridiculous kinda way.I only finished reading because I wanted to know how Kelsey revealed her in vitro decision to everyone, but she never did so that was a fucking waste of timeDon t bother with this one unless you enjoy reading about people that actively choose to be [...]

    I had a lot of fun reading this book I enjoyed the banter between Kelsey and Cole The storyline was a bit far fetched, with Cole s sample getting mixed up at a fertility clinic and Kelsey ending up pregnant with his baby But they worked as a couple and I liked how they resolved their concerns regarding parenthood They were also mature characters with realistic worries The pacing of the romance worked well too.

    Bette Hansen
    Loved it So cute and what an interesting way to meet I don t think I ll try it though Great characters give us the start of what should be a great series Can t wait to dive into the next one.

    Really, REALLY enjoyed this one Cole was just so FRACKING HOT and I LOVED how SPUNKY Kelsey was CAN T WAIT for Lark s story in Untouched next

    Nate Brightman
    UnexpectedThis is the first true novel in The Silver Creek Series Oddly the H h Carly and Lucas from the novella Unbuttoned that kicks off the series never make even a cameo appearance or were even mentioned One of the things I enjoy about reading a series is the reappearance of familiar characters from previous books in the series Otherwise what s the point in calling it a series I so wanted to love this short book Until the very end I was ready to give it a solid 4 stars maybe even a 5 I like [...]

    Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2013 09 19 Publisher Berkley IntermixPublish Date Out nowHow I got this book ARC from the publisher via NetgalleyAfter spending another family wedding fielding questions about her non existent love life, Kelsey Noble decides she s tired of waiting around for things she could go out and get herself What Kelsey wants is a baby, and she doesn t see any point waiting for a husband she s not even sure she wants But a mix up at the fertility clinic lands he [...]

    Yeah, this author is not for me There were a lot of missed opportunities in this book ones that had to actively be made to avoid drama Add to it, the two main characters kept waffling on their own feelings and choices and continually harping on their issues and then kind of half heartedly realize they re wrong shakes head Add on the weird anti sex vibe that runs through the whole thing, this book just isn t for me and I don t think I ll follow up with this author again.

    The blurb caught my attention and that s why I decided to read it, but I was a bit disappointed A lt of time was spent by the Hero and Heroine saying I don t know when it came to their situation and if I had to read one time about the Heroine being a disappointment to her family because she moved to the city and has a career, and isn t barefoot and pregnant like her good sisters, I might throw my kindle in the toilet Overall it was just an OK read.

    Well, to be honest, I didn t even read the synopsis before downloading this book from my local library I went searching for books by authors whose work I love, saw some by Maisey Yates, and hit the button Best blind pick ever I ve read a couple of books in which there s a mix up at the fertility clinic, but this just might be the freshest take on it I ve seen Instead of following the romance novel formula, the characters in Unexpected acted very much like I might expect from real people simply [...]

    Unexpected, Silver Creek 1, by Maisey YatesGrade B I don t want to tame her I just want to try to keep up I just told you I loved you, not that I kicked puppies Calm the hell down Kelsey Noble is done waiting for Mr Right to come along so she decides to matters into her own hands and have a baby all by herself Kelsey never expected to be pregnant alone or to have the sperm bank mess up her purchase and have Cole Mitchell show up at her door Cole is everything Kelsey never knew she wanted and she [...]

    Carrie (Rotten Banana)
    Reviewed at Red Hot Books redhotbooks 2013 08 reviewKelsey Noble has always felt like the odd girl out in her family Raised with traditional conservative parents in a small town, Kelsey bucked tradition by going away to college, starting a career as a national columnist and living out of wedlock in the big city with her fianc e Kelsey is content until she finds her fianc e in bed with another woman and all her plans of a family and a life are blown to bits After the last of her younger sisters i [...]

    Terminally single career woman in a family of stay at home Moms, Kelsey Noble is ready for a baby, with or without the guy So she goes through a fertility clinic to get pregnant, and is surprised to find the baby daddy, Cole Mitchell, on her doorstep demanding to be a part of his baby s life Cole didn t expect to be a father, but when he found out his banked sperm had been used as donor sperm, he set out to find the mother of his baby She comes to stay at his ranch so they can get to know each o [...]

    Out of all the I accidentally got pregnant with your baby novels this is the best I have read Kelsey goes to a sperm bank because she is ready for a child but hasn t found the right partner She is ready and able to take on single motherhood and is successfully inseminated with donor s sperm It turns out, however, that the sperm was not actually donor sperm but Cole s sample that he stored at the request of his crazy ex wife BIG oops for the clinic and should be a big lawsuit, but I digress, its [...]

    Katie Fink
    Thanks to NetGalley and Berkly NAL, Signet Publishing for providing me with a copy for review Kelsey Noble is successful she went to college and has a nationally syndicated health column, but her family keeps bugging her about when Kelsey is going to get married Kelsey, who found her fiancee in bed with another woman, can t seem to trust again She decides that she wants to have a baby, but doesn t want a husband, so goes to a fertility clinic for artificial insemination and after a couple of tri [...]

    I liked Kelsey right away because she had a lot of spunk and determination by making a decision to have a child on her own She had the means to support a child and felt that she didn t need a man to make her life complete I understood her surprise to find that her anonymous donor wasn t so anonymous when Cole Mitchell showed up on her doorstep I liked that even though it was a mistake at the clinic, Cole and Kelsey were determined to get to know each other for the sake of the child They both wer [...]

    After The Rosie Project, I felt like reading a traditional contemporary romance This series came up in one of the Best Lists around here and I said, WHY NOT I was going to read an ebook anyway, so the cover shouldn t bother me I wasn t expecting it to be groundbreaking the truth is I just wanted to read about love and feel mushy all over but I wasn t expecting it to be so engaging either that it led me to the next book in the series Anyway.I LOVED That even though it uses conventional elements [...]

    I ended up really enjoying this book, it was a perfect summer read Kelsey gets tired of waiting for her life to go the way she wants so she decides to have a baby on her own Once she becomes pregnant and is enjoying those wonderful first months of feeling awful Cole Mitchell shows up at her doorstep and tells her he is the father The two decide to spend time together to figure out how they are going to handle the situation and end up falling for each other.What I really liked about the book was [...]

    Tam B.
    This book had a great premise for a couple meeting the sperm bank giving out the wrong sample I thought that originality gave what was essentially a contemporary romance a great start and a great way to force the couple to be together and to get to know and appreciate each other.I liked how the book addressed families How their expectations of you and you of them can shape you How disappointing these expectations can impact you And how communication really is key When Cole finally opens up to hi [...]

    Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    2.5 StarsKelsey Noble is tired of waiting, she can hear the tick of her biological clock and she wants a baby now, the only problem is that she doesn t have a potential father A fertility clinic is her answer, only they mess up and give her the wrong baby daddy Something she only realises when a cowboy complete with Stetson turns up on her doorstep to see her unborn child I find books like this hard to review I didn t love it, I didn t help it, it was just okay It fell a little flat for me, I di [...]

    Maybe the unexpected isn t so bad What would you do if you were very definitely pregnant, answered your door one day, and there stood your baby s daddy who you have never met before Huh That s what happens with the H H of Unexpected Kelsey is 30 years old There s no guy in her life and she wants a baby So she goes to a fertility clinic And it works She s happy and expecting But Cole didn t expect his sample to be used and he s beyond surprised to find out he s going to be a dad And he wants to d [...]

    Awwww This book was the second I read by the author, having read the 0.5 novella Unbuttoned before, and I have to say I liked it so much I really got to love the main characters, Kelsey and Cole Ok, so they were both pretty pig headed, Cole even , and they spent ALOT of time going around and around on the same subject and dragging it out even than necessary in my mind , but I still enjoyed it The bedroom scenes were pretty steamy and less cheesy than in Unbuttoned, I just couldn t wait for it [...]

    This book was a wonderful introduction to a new author for me Maisey Yates has written a book with an intriguing premise and multi faceted likeable characters The primary couple was interesting enough to root for them to reach their happily ever after, and I wasn t disappointed The secondary characters were well drawn and I think she has the makings of a good series The pacing was a bit uneven and the dialogue tapered off sometimes into nothing when I would have liked a extensive scene The endi [...]

    21 7 2014 I didn t enjoy this as much the second time but I ll keep the 4 star rating Head swapping was very irritating, and I didn t really feel like Alexa and Tyler s secondary story really added anything to the book Cole s character develoment was believable, didn t feel as though Kelsey s issues with her family were dealt with as cleverly 24 08 2013 Really enjoyed this, loved that we got to see the characters and their relationships develop gradually over time I found it jarring to have POV [...]

    Review Posted on HarlequinJunkieIn Unexpected, Kelsey Noble is tired Tired of the horrid bridesmaid s gowns she wears because of her traditional sisters Tired of her parents being disappointed for being an independent woman But most of all, she s tired of wanting So she takes matters into her own handsRead More

    i really really loved this book it was very sweetd i loved kelsey and cole right nowey had great chemistry and i their lovestory was really well put together didn t feel rushed and instead you could see how their feelings grewd i really liked that a lot of books today there is always this instant love thing going on which is really unbelievable sometimes.but this story felt very good and true.

    3.5 Stars.I feel like maybe I made a tactical reading error in attempting this one a couple of books after the new Nora, but otherwise, it was quite enjoyable despite the prevalence of on accidents scattered throughout eye twitch.Will definitely continue the series, as there are a few secondary characters I much preferred to the protagonists in this first offering.

    Enjoyable small town romance Kelsey and Cole Kelsey decides she is going to have a baby on her own and goes to the sperm bank Cole donated sperm to satisfy his ex wife s request Only thing when Cole goes to have his sperm destroyed there was a mixup and Kelsey is pregnant Story of how doing the right thing brings two people together and puts their pasts behind.

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