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  • Title: Divided against Yourselves
  • Author: Bill Hiatt
  • ISBN: 9781494269494
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

  • Divided against Yourselves By Bill Hiatt Taliesin Weaver thought that he had saved himself and his friends when he defeated the witch Ceridwen He was wrong.He always thought of evil as embodied in external threats that he could overcome in combat Soon he will discover that the worst evil has been inside of him all along.Tal s girlfriend is in a coma for which he holds himself responsible A close friend, sufTaliesin Weaver thought that he had saved himself and his friends when he defeated the witch Ceridwen He was wrong.He always thought of evil as embodied in external threats that he could overcome in combat Soon he will discover that the worst evil has been inside of him all along.Tal s girlfriend is in a coma for which he holds himself responsible A close friend, suffering from a past life memory trauma similar to Tal s, is getting worse, not better Morgan Le Fay is still lurking around and has an agenda Tal can t figure out Supernatural interruptions in his life are becoming frequent, not less so, despite his expectations In fact, Tal learns that something about his unique nature amplifies otherworldly forces in ways he never imagined were possible, ways that place at risk everyone close to him.Tal and his allies must face everything from dead armies to dragons As soon as they overcome one menace, another one is waiting for them More people are depending on Tal than ever he carries burdens few adults could face, let alone a sixteen year old like himself Yet somehow Tal at first manages to handle everything the universe throws at him.What Tal can t handle is the discovery that a best friend, almost a brother, betrayed him, damaging Tal s life beyond repair For the first time, Tal feels a darkness within him, a darkness which he can only barely control.ming he wants to He s no longer sure Maybe there is something to be said for revenge, and even to be said for taking what he wants After all, he has the power
    Bill Hiatt
    Bill Hiatt has been teaching English at Beverly Hills High School since 1981 long enough for some of his current students to be children of his former students It s a good thing that doesn t make him feel old much Bill also sponsored the high school s literary magazine from 1992 until June of 2012, which gave him the opportunity to work with a number of young aspiring writers.Although teaching has been and remains Bill s first love, he has also been drawn to creative writing of various sorts From high school on, he wrote short stories, a little poetry, and an earlier novel, finished in 1982 By that point, the increasing demands of teaching kept him from pursuing writing as actively as he would have liked, but his impulse to write continued to poke him from somewhere in the back of his mind A few years ago a particular group of students inspired him to create grammar tests in the form of short stories, with the students themselves as characters In some cases he got so caught up in the writing that he stayed up all night to finish the material His students enjoyed the stories so much that they actually looked forward to grammar tests and they scored higher on the semester grammar final than any of his previous classes Their response to his writing made Bill wonder if there was a way to find time to write and still be the kind of teacher he wanted to be.Another force pulling Bill in the direction of writing has been ironically teaching, particularly his consistent advice to students to get outside their comfort zones and follow their dreams advice he realized was somewhat hypocritical if he wasn t following it himself After all, teaching, though certainly his most important dream, is well inside his comfort zone by now Publishing, on the other hand, is a different kind of exposure, scary in some ways and definitely outside his comfort zone Authors, regardless of the genre in which they write, reveal much about themselves every time they publish their work is a part of them, and maybe not a part that they have shared with other people before Also, authors have to be willing to face rejection regardless of the nature or quality of a book, not everyone is going to like it Despite the risks involved, Bill eventually realized he needed to follow his own advice if he really wanted his students to follow it After that, he squeezed in a little time to write each day, and eventually he finished another novel He hopes his readers will enjoy reading his work as much as he enjoys creating it, and he hopes that his example may encourage of his students to push themselves a little to get what they really want out of life.

    Divided against Yourselves By Bill Hiatt


    What would happen if King Arthur s bard, Taliesin, and King David, of Jewish fame, were both reborn or reincarnated in modern day California When they re living in the same small coastal town, and they ve both just battled evil together in Bill Hiatt s previous book, Living With Your Past Selves, a natural question might be, who else is going to turn up And if that piques your interest, you re going to love this book, Divided Against Yourselves.There are hints and mysteries galore in these middl [...]

    L.J. Capehart
    I ve read Bill Hiatt s other two books, and loved them So I was waiting for this sequel to come out with anticipation, and it did not disappoint The story of Taliesin Weaver continues, with many exciting plot twists, surprises, and a lot of action Once again, I was caught up in the rollar coaster ride that is Tal s life, and enjoyed every minute of it This book is just as good as the others, with well developed characters, a fun to read story line, and very well written.The good news is that it [...]

    Michelle Randall
    Divided Against Yourselves is the second book in the Spell Weavers series, but unlike a number of series this book can be read on it s own without having read the first book and without feeling lost Tal is a teenager dealing with reincarnation, in fact he is the reincarnation of the original Taliesin, a bard in King Arthur s court Tal has successfully to this point merged his past lives together with his present life quite well His best friend Stan is also a reincarnation, but his is not going s [...]

    This book series is rated as one of the top ones I read I was hesitant that I wasnt going to enjoy it at first because of all of the historical things metioned at the beginning I was suprised at how easy I fell into the story and connected with the characters I really enjoyed the way that the author had depicted highschool and the way actions of the characters because it was an accuracte depiction instead of some melodramatic setting The story and plot built on itself as the story went on It was [...]

    Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews
    16 year old Tal tries to lead a normal high school life, he plays on the school soccer team and is a talented singer But life for him is anything but normal For starters, the fact that he is a reincarnation of Taliesin, King Arthur s bard, and has a personal army of warriors, makes it difficult for him to maintain a low profile Not to mention his magical powers, possession of a magical sword, mind reading and ability to fly, all of which are a part of everyday life for Taliesen He and his warrio [...]

    I received this ebook for an honest review This is a real fun fantasy series with even magical beings This can be a stand alone book, especially since the author is kind enough to provide the reader with a chapter explaining the first book However, I am glad that I have the first book because it too was fun to read and get to know the characters Just as I hoped, this book introduces friendly magical beings joining Tal and his friends I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys clean, f [...]

    Cindy Kidd
    This review is in exchange for the book.This book is best aimed for a young to mid teen The action doesn t stop and it is certainly a roaring good adventure I kept wondering why I didn t have any fun like that in high school I recommend that the teen be a little mature as there are some allusions to sex There is no profanity and the fights usually end because of thinking not hitting.

    Diane Mcabee
    fun fantasy I received this book for free in return for an honest review It has lots of elements of mysticism such as magic, faeries, and even a dragon There were a couple of minor grammar glitches but loved the story line and the characters The personalities of all the different players in the game were all interesting and complex Great read I will plan to read of this author and this series.

    Divided against Yourselves manages to be as good as the first book in the series, which is quite an accomplishment This volume not only continues the adventures of Tal and his friends but also adds depth to the characters and the mythology Definitely read Living With Your Past Selves first, then enjoy this book.I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it.

    Enjoyed this book, was alot interesting than i originally thought it would be Good solid storyline, not too twisted to follow, like some Its not exactly the type of book that i would read, i admit, i would not have bought this book, but i am glad i wont it, i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it

    Cheryl Lengyel
    Divided Against YourselvesI thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the series My interest was captured from beginning to end I will definitely be reading the third book

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