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  • Title: Forget Me Not
  • Author: Heather Ashby
  • ISBN: 9781938383809
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Forget Me Not By Heather Ashby Suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome and survivor guilt, Navy Seahawk pilot and renowned playboy, Brian Skylark Crawford, swears he ll never settle down, unsure he deserves the happiness promised by marriage besides, there s too many hot chicks out there to choose from.War widow and veterinarian, Daisy Schneider, swears to love only animals after her Marine pilot husband isSuffering from Peter Pan Syndrome and survivor guilt, Navy Seahawk pilot and renowned playboy, Brian Skylark Crawford, swears he ll never settle down, unsure he deserves the happiness promised by marriage besides, there s too many hot chicks out there to choose from.War widow and veterinarian, Daisy Schneider, swears to love only animals after her Marine pilot husband is killed in Afghanistan Although she fills her life with work and volunteer activities, it fails to put a dent in her loneliness or the guilt that she might have saved her husband.Between one stray, matchmaking cat and fiery battles with drug runners at sea, the fur flies as Sky and Daisy learn valuable lessons about life, love, and second chances.
    Heather Ashby
    Heather Ashby is a Navy veteran who taught school and raised a family while accompanying her Navy husband around the United States, Japan, and the Middle East In gratitude for her Army son s safe return from Afghanistan and Iraq, she now writes military romance novels, donating half her royalties to support wounded warriors and their families An award winning author of romantic fiction, Heather is a member of Romance Writers of America, and also belongs to regional specialty chapters, including The Golden Network and First Coast Romance Writers Additionally, she holds memberships in RomVets and the Military Writers Society of America Heather lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida, with her retired Naval Engineer husband and three rescue cats.

    Forget Me Not By Heather Ashby


    Original review found at kristineandterri 2 I received an e copy of this book from Henery Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Forget Me Not is the second book in Ashby s Love in the Fleet series.There were a lot of things going on in this book so I am going to try to break it down without giving too much away or re telling the synopsis.The story started out like any average love story with Sky falling for Daisy and Daisy not giving him the time of day Both characters had issues [...]

    Jane White
    Forget Me Not, the second of Heather Ashby s Love in the Fleet series, is even better than the first, Forgive and Forget This is Sky s story, the unforgettable helicopter jockey, playboy, from book one The man women panted after, which he enjoyed no end, until he met Daisy, a veterinarian, who made him rethink his lifestyle, though she paid him no mind, until he brought in his cat named Daisy Mae.There are very few male authors who can tell a story from a woman s viewpoint,such as Richard Paul E [...]

    S.L. Menear
    Heather Ashby s Forget Me Not is a Hellfire missile of exploding romantic suspense filled with exacting realism Pull your five point harness tight and brace for impact as sexy Lt Sky Crawford pilots a US Navy Seahawk helicopter and closes in on his targets When it comes to terrorists, drug runners, and hot women, Sky never misses Experience the exciting real life helicopter flight ops and steamy sexual escapades of this shit hot playboy pilot Will the beautiful widow of a Marine Corps Cobra pilo [...]

    Sky Crawford is a completely unique hero He s a player He s a lier He s charming Sounds like a character I d detest Instead, I adored him His lies told so automatically and effortlessly are created to keep his secrets and vulnerabilities hidden Eventually he reveals all to Daisy This couple has a lot to overcome before they get together, and it s never smooth sailing.In addition to the inner conflicts both characters face, there s suspense and action galore in the second half of the book This is [...]

    Deidre Nehrenz
    A fantastic follow up to her first book Forget and Forget This is a stand alone, but you might enjoy it reading them in order.I like this story as a follow up as we meet Sky in the first book and as an interesting secondary character you are glad he gets his own story.I also like the way the author handles the subject of PTSD as well I am looking forward to the third book in this series

    Sandra Wilson
    Genre at book

    Kathleen Roth
    Forget Me Not, the second in Heather Ashby s Love In The Fleet Series captivates from the first page and doesn t let up until the last Sky and Daisy, seeming to be complete opposites, are two very smart, snappy characters who invite you into their colorful world at first glance He s a bad boy Navy helicopter pilot, a love em and leave em type who refers to his latest fling as his chick du jour His intention of unloading a stray cat at a local veterinary clinic becomes a life changing moment when [...]

    Tracey Cramer-Kelly
    I was probably a goner from word one or even the description First, it s got a helicopter pilot hero, and I LOVE helicopters I used to fly them myself but that s another story Second, it s got a veterinarian and a stray cat in it I m a cat person and all my felines have come from rescue organizations And third, PTSD survivor guilt is a theme in my own writing and one that I love to explore in fictional characters and real world ones but again that s another story.Sky is a player and seems to hav [...]

    Kay Hudson
    Daisy Schneider is a veterinarian, a volunteer, and a war widow Her husband, a Marine helicopter pilot, was killed in Afghanistan, but even before that he suffered from PTSD, and Daisy never wants to deal with that again.Brian Sky Crawford is a Navy helicopter pilot, assigned to drug patrol duty Outwardly a carefree playboy, he hasn t faced his own PTSD, the result of a crash from which he was unable to save his copilot.Brian s path crosses Daisy s when he finds himself in possession of a stray [...]

    Laurie Green
    I don t want to give away too many things about this book because it isn t released yet, but I had the honor of reading an ARC and this book is now one of my favorites so I wanted to share a few thoughts First of all, it s the perfect follow up story to Forgive Forget, another favorite and the first book in the Love in the Fleet series, but it also stands on its own if you haven t read book 1 Though after you read this story, I bet you ll want to read it next As someone who s worked for the mili [...]

    Tina Larsen
    I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review I enjoyed this book a lot Daisy was a local vet going through the motions She had lost her husband over two years ago and didn t know how to live the rest of her life Brian Skylark was a helicopter pilot in the Navy and he found Daisy intriguing upon their first meeting that he even named his cat after her This story was touching and funny It was nice to see both main characters save each other for a change I loved watching them b [...]

    Negar Arvanaghi
    I loved how he kept consulting with his body using naval terms There were several several laugh out loud moments here And a really sad one, that I won t spoil for you I kept thinking that Daisy could be a little understanding, but I have never been in that position, so I don t think I should judge I have a new respect for military spouses.But the ending Go, Daisy, Go It s great that the author was military herself I learned a lot about the life, and it was nice that this was a topic the author [...]

    A great read from a very knowledgeable author Heather Ashby has given readers a superbly written romance with truly engaging characters I believe this is the second in a series, but it certainly stood alone well Her characters were so fully faceted that it was easy to become emotionally invested in the outcome of the romance The book was sexy without being salacious, passionate and enthralling The pacing was even, the settings well drawn, and the dialogue appropriate to both the characters and t [...]

    Skye Taylor
    Impulsive, loyal, big hearted Sky will sweep you off your feet while you cheer him on whether he s charming kids and old men or fighting for his life or for love Daisy thinks she s learned all she needs to know about love and helicopter pilots, but then Sky flies into her life and wants nothing less than her whole heart They both have a lot to learn about loving, forgiving and living This is a wonderful story you don t want to miss.

    Anita Olsen-englebright
    An Officer and a GentlemanThis second book in the series and another hit We meet Skylark in the first book, Forgive and Forget, but really don t get to know him until this book When he meets Dr Daisy he has to decide if it time to grow up or keep living like he has been I wasn t sure if I would like him as a hero after Bill Gates but they tied in the hot hero category If you haven t read this series give it a try, you will love it

    Pamela Devereux
    EnjoyedI learned something new in this book I never knew there was a reason that Navy played Nortre Dame every year Sky is a hoot Just when you think he can t surprise you, he does Daisy is fighting the attraction She has no clue what she is up against I love that Sky makes time for George Then everything blows up Things are said Only Sky needs to find his way back to Daisy Life intervenes I loved the epilogue It had me laughing.

    I really enjoyed this book, it is not exactly a 5 star but definitely than 4 The life of the spouses of military personnel is not easy in the best of times let alone in times of conflict To lose a husband in combat would make you not want to have anything to do with another military person I thought the emotions of both the military and non were done extremely well

    A story with US Marines and Sailors and even some British military too If you know the history of the USS New York, you will especially enjoy this book Great story with characters that you will care about, some humor and some payback moments Do yourself a favor and check out this book

    ARC from NetGallery But couldn t get past the first chapter I am unsure if it because I haven t read any of book of hers before or if I am just to ADD and need a faster passed book Instead of a whole page describing how the mad is.

    Sarah Webber
    Sky was annoying at first but he grew on me.

    Pamela Johnson
    Excellant read this whole series is great

    Sandra Wilson
    Loved this book

    Selena Fulton
    What an adorable book I loved Daisy and Sky And the epilogueis is a fantastic author.

    Susan Gorman
    excellent.ew to follow

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