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  • Title: Autumn Fire
  • Author: Cameron D. James
  • ISBN: 9781771551052
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

  • Autumn Fire By Cameron D. James Dustin likes the closet It s warm, comfy, and dark Who needs to be out when you can get all the anonymous sex you want via the internet And, besides, coming out is messy and gets you nowhere certainly not a relationship Real gay love is fiction.When Dustin meets CollegeJock22 for a quick blow and go in the university library men s room, everything he thought he knew crDustin likes the closet It s warm, comfy, and dark Who needs to be out when you can get all the anonymous sex you want via the internet And, besides, coming out is messy and gets you nowhere certainly not a relationship Real gay love is fiction.When Dustin meets CollegeJock22 for a quick blow and go in the university library men s room, everything he thought he knew crumbles He can t get that man out of his head and will do almost anything to have him The only problem CollegeJock22 is even in the closet than Dustin He s in so deep he can t even see the crack of light under the door.
    Cameron D. James
    Cameron D James is a lover of books, coffee, chocolate, and cute Starbucks baristas.

    Autumn Fire By Cameron D. James


    Dustin, our narrator, doesn t believe in love Definitely not lasting gay love He s young, full of cum, and enjoys anonymous hook ups since they allow him to remain in the closet Of course, fate has other ideas, and Dustin s latest blow and go, in the university library men s room of all places, leaves him questioning whether his current choices are the right ones He cannot get this particular hook up out of his mind, and when he meets him again in the form of his algebra tutor, Dustin is pulled [...]

    Annette Gisby
    Dustin doesn t believe in love He believes in sex, hot anonymous sex with contacts he finds on the internet Lust is fine, gay love doesn t exist, or that s what Dustin thinks Things change for him after his first encounter with CollegeJock22, otherwise known as Kyle Dustin can t stop thinking about him and wonders if he should initiate another meeting, despite usually only meeting a hook up once and then onto the next one.Fate steps in and Dustin discovers that Kyle is the new tutor that s been [...]

    Normally, I ll read a book and give it a rating, not bothering with a review I had to give this book a review I read it in one sitting I could not put it down At no time did the book lose it momentum It s a wonderful read and I look forward to many books by this author Dustin is firmly in the closet looking for casual hookups online He has no urge to exit his comfy closet since he believes gay love is only fiction When he hooks up with CollegeJock22, his world changes But CollegeJock22 Kyle is [...]

    Pamela (slytherpuff)
    This review was originally posted on Bettering Me Up Click here to read an interview with Cameron D James, the author of Autumn Fire.Damn I was all set to read some nice boy boy porn without plot when THIS came along There s an actual story in here Huh.And oh, what a story This is a short book coming in at under 150 pages but the characters were well hung developed and fleshed out Most importantly, the characters were real At least, to this straight woman who s never had to come out of the close [...]

    This book suffers from identity confusion and odd dialogue It would have been a much better read if it focused on Dustin s self discovery.

    Gay Media Review
    4.5 Stars This novel Autumn Fire by Cameron D James is not for the faint at heart and MM readers will love this steamy sexy book Dustin is in the closet and I mean closet and he loves being there where it is safe and comfy for him He gets all the hook ups he desires so why would he leave his comfort zone Dustin meets CollegeJock22 online and hooks up with him on a schedule trip to the Library washroom Something happens that Dustin wasn t expecting as he liked his newest hook up but the problem i [...]

    Dustin has been sowing his wild oats ever since coming to the big city for college He s had numerous quickies with men he s met on the internet and found them satisfying until his encounter with sexy jock Kyle, who s sensually sweet in his first encounter After that no man compares as each encounter feels unfulfilling and degrading than the next A twist of fate has them meeting up again with the original sparks still flying between them and Dustin finally convinced about the existence of love a [...]

    Funzee Shu
    Dustin know he s gay, but he keep stay in his closet and feel comfort doing anonymous sex through the Hook Up sites he d joined, and let no one know about his sexuality choice.Dustin didn t belief on gay relationship will be worked well , so.he only do no string attach sex with anonymous guys from hook up sites he joined, but most of all, Dustin didn t do other than sucking other cock he desire the most But.he feels just fine with that.UntiL one hot night on campus library bathroom with a strang [...]

    I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review This was a good story for what it was a short romance book I was thinking it would have been different, but it was still pretty good Dustin is a good guy, He really is it was nice reading in a real guy s POV there wasn t anything special about Dustin He was a guy, and he liked sex granted he liked sex with other guys well mostly he liked to give blow jobs and he liked it a lot So much that he joined a local Hook up Website, and was able to [...]

    Originally written for Book Bliss Book Blog I received a copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review Review General To start I want to say that I found Autumn Fire to be a refreshing m m read that looked at the subject with a dignity and honesty that many m m romances lack This book was raw whereas many focus on forced emotions or explicit sex to tell the story Autumn Fire focuses on the story of being gay and dealing with it than the emotions linked to a relationship and ho [...]

    Laura Carson
    This book was part of a blog tour I received a free copy for my honest review This book is raunchy, sexy fun, with fun characters you really care about, with a side dish of romance Dustin is a closeted gay man He s known his sexual preferences for years now but finds himself jaded about love, especially in the gay community As if love wasn t hard enough in general, he has seen the pressure from the outside world and it s effects, views and how it affects a relationship Not for him No way He figu [...]

    Given the brevity of this story, I didn t expect a lot of character detail I expected a ton of hot sex I was wrong on both counts and for that I m grateful There IS hot sex but not as much as you d expect What makes the sex so erotic is the wealth of passionate emotion attached to it The writer makes the case that meaningless sex is nothing compared to true intimacy and the book than fulfills that premise.While Dustin s plight doesn t seem so terrible here he comes out to a couple of people and [...]

    Beauty and the Book
    Dustin has been living life in the closest for almost seven years Starting college he tried for a fresh start but one of random hook ups and extreme secrecy One of those hook ups changed his mind set I enjoyed Autumn Fire, its a story i don t get to see a lot of A college male in the closet who isn t ready to come out or for a relationship and finds himself on the cusp of both The story of forbidden love, peer pressure and the fear of not conforming comes across in this novel Though sex is discu [...]

    I could have given it a 4 but a 3.5 will do Delete a few pages on the detailed sex scene and just give a general idea of what happened would have been preferable This does not necessarily need to be an HEA as there wasn t really much interaction between Dusty and Kyle Dustys sex encounters has pages than the time he s with Kyle If it ended where he met Alex and asked him for a date minus the other detailed Sex scene it would have been a very good decent read about a man and his self discovery a [...]

    Cameron James pens Autumn Fire in a well written plot that is a bit different than I am used to in M M books Meaning, there wasn t all the emotional romantic hob nob that you would normally find, it was totally opposite and there was an actual story line The author s characters were well developed, realistic and believable, making it a must read book An interesting read that I would recommend to erotic fans.This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an ho [...]

    Emily Faith
    I loved this book I wanted from Kyle but all in all it was great I would recommend it to anyone OMGGGG HOTTTTTT

    Real gay love is fiction

    Liz (Bugetta)
    3.5 Overall, I really enjoyed this book The end felt a bit rushed and I could have done without a few of the sex scenes but I liked it and will definitely read by this author.

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