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  • Title: The Execution Channel
  • Author: Ken MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780765313324
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Execution Channel By Ken MacLeod It s after 9 11 After the bombing After the Iraq war After 7 7 After the Iran war After the nukes After the flu After the Straits After Rosyth In a world just down the road from our own, on line bloggers vie with old line political operatives and new style police to determine just where reality lies James Travis is a British patriot and a French spy On the day tIt s after 9 11 After the bombing After the Iraq war After 7 7 After the Iran war After the nukes After the flu After the Straits After Rosyth In a world just down the road from our own, on line bloggers vie with old line political operatives and new style police to determine just where reality lies James Travis is a British patriot and a French spy On the day the Big One hits, Travis and his daughter must strive to make sense of the nuclear bombing of Scotland and the political repercussions of a series of terrorist attacks With the information war in full swing, the only truth they have is what they re able to see with their own eyes They know that everything else is or may be a lie.
    Ken MacLeod
    Ken MacLeod is an award winning Scottish science fiction writer.His novels have won the Prometheus Award and the BSFA award, and been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards He lives near Edinburgh, Scotland.MacLeod graduated from Glasgow University with a degree in zoology and has worked as a computer programmer and written a masters thesis on biomechanics His novels often explore socialist, communist and anarchist political ideas, most particularly the variants of Trotskyism and anarcho capitalism or extreme economic libertarianism Technical themes encompass singularities, divergent human cultural evolution and post human cyborg resurrection.

    The Execution Channel By Ken MacLeod


    Hertzan Chimera
    I d like to have given this 4 even 5 stars but The Execution Channel swindled the reader.I know, I know, it s a book about the back stabbing global three letter chess game being run LIVE on your planet tm but still one thing I hate than anything is a broken pact with the reader.Come out and tell him sraight, I don t fucking like you, and this is gonna hurt, as all real novelists should Or, suck up to him like you re giving the best head you ve ever given.Put out or shut mouth.This novel, while [...]

    An unpleasant parlor game is to wonder what the world would be like if all the nasty trends of the day were to persist into the coming decades If this sort of thing interests you, then Ken MacLeod has a book for you The Execution Channel is set in a unpleasant future of frequent torture, limited civil rights, environmental degradation, refugee crises, terrorist attacks and the use of nuclear weapons The book starts off with a nuclear detonation at a Scottish air base That attack is quickly follo [...]

    Christopher McKitterick
    A brilliant novel not just a good read which it is , not just relevant uncomfortably so , but also brilliantly written MacLeod is a fine writer, and in this novel his prose really shines especially starting about half way through This novel explores how the world might react to a series of apparent terrorist attacks that begin with a mushroom cloud appearing over an American air base in Scotland and things get worse from there How does the United Kingdom and the rest of the world respond You can [...]

    David Collins
    The friend who lent me this book in hardback has been telling me for years about this whole wave of leftist Scottish science fiction writers whose works he s been reading on Kindle I don t have or want a Kindle, but I was intrigued, so I borrowed this copy I hope the other works are better The Execution Channel has great moments, but it left me bitterly dissatisfied.Beyond the book jacket summaries, this is a story of information, disinformation, and how in the modern age you cannot believe anyt [...]

    Ryan Shoemaker
    Only my stubbornness in finishing something I ve started allowed me to complete this mess of a book.

    S.B. Wright
    I borrowed this book after hearing Ken MacLeod speak on Galactic Chat I think in general terms we share some political and social views so I was interested to see if this played out in his work I have also been impressed with most of the Scottish writers I have read, regardless of genre.So, for a man who is known for writing sci fi a contemporary and friend of Iain Banks he writes a damn fine techno thriller.It s after 9 11 After the bombing After the Iraq war After 7 7 After the Iran war After [...]

    Morgan Dhu
    For three quarters of the book, it reads like a taut and politically cynical spy thriller that has the reader holding tightly onto the plot lines of key protagonists James Travis and his daughter Roisin, while spies, coubter spies, counter terrorists, conspiracy bloggers and disinformation experts obscure what it really going on Then comes the foreshadowed but unexpected science fictional ending that leaves all the other plots and theories in the dust.The precipitating moment to all of this is a [...]

    Interrupted The Backroom Boys to take The Execution Channel on a trip.Surprisingly good I m often surprised by Ken MacLeod he writes clearly, wittingly and sometimes irritatingly Scottish His irritations also sometimes roll over into technology like his erstwhile peer Charles Stross in this book but he mostly keeps it in check.An alternate now future book, not pleasant to the Americans at all and very correctly and righteously frustrated at the injustices of the current real world at large A spy [...]

    Imagine, an entire TV channel dedicated to broadcasting executions from around the world to keep people in line A future so bleak that online bloggers are the heroes Right there you ve got two cornerstones in any quality piece of dystopian fiction I ve never been one for spy thriller fiction but I figured I d give this a shot I m a sucker for dystopian fiction and with a title like The Execution Channel it s gonna be awesome, right You know that old cliche about not judging a book by its cover i [...]

    Kevin Rhoads
    An excellent voice for the confused nature of news and reality in the now and near future However upon reflection the core storyline makes sense all the way up until the end.At which point the novel s focus on the minutia of daily life is broken by the author s insistence on the Same as it ever was nature of human existence even amid world changing events.In the end the story feels like it will amount to something, only to reverse this feeling in the closing pages.The reader feels led along a pa [...]

    The greatest shaggy dog story ever told.I am convinced that The Execution Channel is not so much a story, as it is a snapshot, of a world both bleaker and terribly promising compared to ours Set in an alternate present of a War on Terror gone far worse than ours, we watch the war get even worse through the eyes of several disparate Anglo Americans hopelessly entangled with the events The key viewpoint characters include a pacifist British student involved with antiwar protesters who accidentally [...]

    Estoy enojado con este libro Acabo de terminar de leerlo, as que lo que tengo m s fresco es el final Y el final es una estafa Te pas s todo el libro intentando determinar qu carajo es lo que est pasando y cuando al final aparece la gran revelaci n no podr a ser m s descolgada si fuera una invasi n de dinosaurios mutantes extraterrestres En tres p ginas al final te cambia totalmente todo lo que estaba pasando El libro est bueno Vale la pena Es una historia de esp as en un mundo que es ligeramente [...]

    Geoff Battle
    The Execution Channel never really delivers on its promises The plot is convoluted, the characters not particularly likeable and the narrative style makes it hard work to read The final third picks up some pace, which will help you get to the end, however it is not a satisfying read The actual plot elements should have produced an action thriller, however MacLeod shows his preference for politics and misses the mark There is some good hints at sci fi in there, however they are not a solid enough [...]

    A good read but slightly disappointed Fall revolution series hooked me completely but Execution Channel failed to deliver in the end Don t get me wrong it is frighteningly disturbing now nearly 10 years after its first release especially given Trump and Brexit.

    one of the worst books I ve read in a long time

    Simon Mcleish
    Originally published on my blog here in September 2007.Sometimes the line between science fiction and contemporary thriller is a thin one The Execution Channel is set very slightly in the future, as many thrillers are, but the science fiction elements are minimal and to my mind detract from what could have been a fine thriller The cover strapline tells us that in the book the war on terror is over and terror won I don t think this is quite an accurate summary of the novel s contents In fact, The [...]

    The Execution Channel is full of surprises which is than I can say for the Execution Channel in the book, whose televised fare is all too predictable human beings in authority, torturing and killing other human beings Not much to hang a book on Fortunately, the Execution Channel itself makes up only a small part of The Execution Channel.We re visiting the near future again as MacLeod s thriller opens Roisin Travis is a member of a peace group monitoring the activities on an obscure RAF base in [...]

    Weirdly, I took ages to read this book Read the first half and then stopped, through no fault of the book s I do that sometimes even with things as excellent as John Kessel s Good News from Outer Space Anyway I just finished it and enjoyed it a great deal, with a big caveat, which is spoilerful I knew already, and would probably have picked up anyway from clues in the book, that what seems like near future espionage takes a deep plunge into serious hard core skiffyness in the last 10% of the boo [...]

    Ian Cunningham
    I first encountered Ken Macleod with his first contact novel, Learning the World, and enjoyed the timeliness of his technological social extrapolations and the small l libertarian sensibilities of his characters The Execution Channel provides both of those, with a healthy dose of espionage thriller added in somewhat spoils the first major twist of the novel with its Lists with this book , and the second twist is heavily foreshadowed earlier in the text, but I m still not going to reveal than it [...]

    Roger Bailey
    This book was purported to be science fiction, but at first I doubted it It seemed to me to be of an espionage thriller I liked it It was an exciting read, but it just did not seem to be science fiction Then there came a point in which there was some discussion of how Al Gore barely won over George W Bush in the 2000 presidential election Okay, it was an alternate history novel That is usually classified as science fiction There are some who think it should be classified as a genre of its own a [...]

    Sheikh Bake
    I read all of MacLeod s early work and felt that he deserved all the accolades that came his way I had not read any of his recent work, and I was glad to see some novels at Foyle s in London.In The Execution Channel, MacLeod turns away from cosmic conflicts between socialist and capitalist planets to offer us a view of an alternate future post 9 11 where the terrorists had much success in terms of disrupting the West This is a torn world in heavy tension, and things seem to be getting worse by [...]

    Robin Cicchetti
    What if Al Gore won the election, not G.W What if the 9 11 attacks hit Boston, and not the World Trade Center What if the war on terror is over, and the terrorists won This political thriller had a very exciting start, but drifted into meandering intrigue Set in Britain, it sets a realistic premise for a world that has returned to nuclear brinksmanship, except now there is a new and far destructive weapon based on particle theory The science was as interesting as the spy games played by father [...]

    Nicholas Whyte
    nhwvejournal 1078028ml return return A departure from MacLeod s previous space opera stamping grounds, this is a thriller set in the present or near future of a slightly alternate earth Gore was elected in 2000, 9 11 hit Boston, and the War on Terror resulted in military operations in Iran and Central Asia as well as Afghanistan and Iraq Secret technologies, disinformation through blogging, and confused but lethal rivalry between intelligence services all play a part, but the emotional dynamic t [...]

    I ve read two other Macleod novels Restoration Game and Night Sessions and they were published by Pyr, which is a nifty indie fantasy sci fi publisher that publishes british authors in the US they first published, for example, the First Law trilogy of Abercrombie anyway, The Execution Channel was published by Tor, a big time major US publisher of Fantasy and Sci Fi Brandon Sanderson, etc , and the book reads like it has been give the homogenous polish of big time editing, kind of smoothing over [...]

    Ken MacLeod is one of my favourite SF authors I enjoy his ability to weave obscure political sects and ideology into familiar settings and the not so familiar The Execution Channel bites off a huge chunk It s not really giving anything away to say that this is set in an alternate future, yet a future which will be familiar to anyone evenly vaguely interested in current politics, protest and parapolitics BOrrowing from the best and worst of our world MacLeod works his magic on and at times huge p [...]

    A book club book I started it assuming it was sci fi, but it turned out to be near current sci fi, so it ended up reading like a spy or espionage novel with some outlandish elements rather than full fledged sci fi I thought it was ok, but not great I wasn t in the mood for this kind of book as i was finishing it up, which is my problem than the author s Still, it made it seem like a bit of a slog to get through Some aspects of the book were very funny, but the bottom line was that it did not s [...]

    Sarah Miller
    Interesting premise, but this book could ve been SO MUCH MORE I didn t realize it was such a political spy thriller and was expecting of a dystopian novel and definitely a LOT on the Execution Channel, the channel itself only got a brief mention as a character is flipping channels I dutifully trudged through the book, though, waiting for everything to just click for me, but I kept getting lost with the French British future government double triple crossing spies, and when a main character beg [...]

    Near future sf thriller The war on terror is over Terror won So goes the blurb on the cover A spy for France and his children get caught up in a lot of espionage action after what appears to be a tactical nuke goes off at a US air force base in Scotland It becomes obvious that this is on an alternative timeline at some point in the novel but it sneaks up on you Today s technologies are extrapolated into the future with some plausibility, as is the war on terror s war on civil rights I m always k [...]

    Fuzzy Gerdes
    The Execution Channe is lightly science fiction and largely political thriller It s a counter factual starting with Al Gore winning the 2000 US presidential election but with, in a biting jab, very little difference in the events of the next four years A mysterious device explodes on an American airbase in Scotland, there are spies and double agents, and familial coincidences Some of our protagonists are counter intelligence operatives who specialize in placing false stories in the media and at [...]

    An interesting mix of re tread and new to me ideas Without giving things away, there are at least two big plot devices lifted from elsewhere one openly acknowledged from Blish and one not as much pretty sure it was Stross It made me wonder how many other bits and chunks where borrowed too.But that isn t necessarily a bad thing in sci fi Like a good pop re make, a jazz standard or a blues riff, as long as the author tries to make it his own rather than flat out copy, it s all good.Lots of food fo [...]

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