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  • Title: Needing
  • Author: Sarah Masters
  • ISBN: 9781781844762
  • Page: 477
  • Format: ebook

  • Needing By Sarah Masters Getting calls from the dead in the middle of the night isn t Oliver s idea of fun Oliver gets calls from the dead, imploring him to help them find their killers He s heard them since he was a child and now assists the police in their investigations He works closely with Detective Langham and has steadily fallen in love with him every day of the six months he s knoGetting calls from the dead in the middle of the night isn t Oliver s idea of fun Oliver gets calls from the dead, imploring him to help them find their killers He s heard them since he was a child and now assists the police in their investigations He works closely with Detective Langham and has steadily fallen in love with him every day of the six months he s known him But does Langham feel the same Is Langham even gay When Oliver answers the call of a dead woman, he finds himself standing in a remote field, gazing down at her corpse Someone else is out there with him, though, watching, waiting to cause him harm After he s run off the road, Oliver has no choice but to aid Langham in finding her killer no choice because people are killed and people call out to him he s unable to ignore their pleas.As the body count grows and the investigation becomes complex, Oliver realises that Langham is indeed very gay and out to make Oliver his.
    Sarah Masters
    Sarah Masters is one of three pen names I write under Sarah mainly writes m m Natalie Dae writes het erotica, while the third, Charley Oweson, writes thriller horror suspense books with no sex.emmyellisI enjoy writing all genres, though I haven t attempted, nor plan to attempt Sci Fi.

    Needing By Sarah Masters


    4.5 STARSThis was a great read, OK so it s an older UF series, where a powerful psychic helps the police solve murders with a certain detective yes clich I know , but if book 1 is the standard set for the rest of the series then I m looking forward to reading all of them Needing was a fantastically written psychological thriller, that kept you on your toes constantly guessing what the hell was going on The plot was total cloak and dagger and had me guessing right up to the end

    Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    Needing by Sarah Masters 1 1 2 2 Hearts Review written for MM Good Book Reviews Oliver is called by the dead to find their killers and assists the police in locating dead bodies, his contact is Detective Langham a man he has found himself falling in love with but he doesn t even know if Langham is gay Oliver finds himself in the middle of a field after answering the call of a dead woman, soon after he is chased and driven off the road and Oliver knows it is the killer Langham and Oliver work clo [...]

    Ije the Devourer of Books
    I have mixed feelings about this book I thought the writing was ok and the idea of a person who speaks to the dead in order to solve crimes is a good one I really like the Psycop series and although this series is different the idea is similar The only difference is that Victor Bane in Psycop is a really interesting character while the two main characters here felt a bit flat for me All they did was swear a lot In fact they swore a great deal I just didn t warm to the main characters They seemed [...]

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    Review written for The Blog of Sid Love.This story starts out quite interesting Oliver is contacted by the recently dead hoping he can help solve their mysterious deaths and catch the killers Most of the police value his ability, most importantly Langham, who he is partnered with Oliver and Langham have a great relationship When the story begins, they are still only friends and colleagues They have great chemistry and tease and smart talk each other relentlessly.The main focus of this story, how [...]

    Loved, loved , loved the chemistry between Oliver and Langham They were kindred spirits and you have no doubt that they will last as couple However, and this is all on me and nothing against the book or the author, the British speak was way over my head I was constantly knocked out of the story because I just couldn t grasp what was being said or what was meant in a sentence For example, in the US pissed means your mad or angry, in Britain it means your drunk I think And fuck has so many differe [...]

    Loved it Good pacing, great premise, and hot guy loving And I loved the English slang Excellent start to the series.

    I enjoyed this book than I should have I say that because looking back over it I keep picking out things to grumble about It is not really a romance because the relationship sort of seems to take a back seat to the investigation We don t really get to know the characters that well Coming into the book they have already known each other for six months and learned about each other during that time, but we don t really experience any of that We get little glimpses here and there about them, but no [...]

    Oliver hears spirits speak to him and helps a detective Langham to solve their murders.He also has a crush on the setective but up until now had done nothing about it.The case that they are involved in is a serial killer and very gory.The mystery was good with some red herrings and I kept guessing right up until the end The development of the relationship seemed to take second place to the main mystery which was fine The sex when it came was explosive.I will certainly be reading further books in [...]

    Debbie Benson
    Very good Oliver has the dead contact him to let the cops know where their bodies are so their murders can be solved On this case, Oliver becomes involved and helps his contact in the police station solve the multiple murder case Oliver and Langham follow the leads to finally solve the strange case of drugged murderers.

    Mandy*reads obsessively*
    This seems to be the re edited and re released version of this book Voices 1 Sugar Strands.It s on sale for 0.99 at ARe at the moment.

    DNF I picked this up because it was on sale and sounded sort of Psycop ish, but the mystery just didn t engage me I did skim ahead to the sex scenes, which were very nice I m shaking my head at multiple occurrences of prostrate, though.

    I loved this book From the start, I was drawn in to their world and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the end I will wait patiently, I hope, for the next in the series.

    Carol Heisz
    Love this M M book The chemistry between Langham Oliver is fantastic and I love the twists and turns in the plot Had me on the edge of my seat the entire book.

    Actual Rating 2.5 Stars

    Generally a pacy read, especially through the murder investigation sections.Oliver and Langham have known each other for a while, flirted for a while and are finally getting somewhere.I did find a lot of their early banter a bit ott at first, akin to new acquaintances.The murder investigations were fine, though the ultimate culprit was totally out of field The demon issues kind of came and went but may be explored in further books there are 8 Oliver and Langham do get together and it will be in [...]

    3.5 stars

    Denise White
    Just okWas ok I guessI couldn t really connect to either characterse mystery part had potential but for me it fell shortI guess the investigation just seemed lackingme of it just not believableI don t know if the British police procedures are different or if the author just didn t do her research either way I doubt I will continue the series

    Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.3.5 starsWhen Oliver answers a call from a ghost to find her body, he expects it to be just another routine sighting where he finds the corpse, calls the police and his part in the murder is done Unfortunately, when Oliver is run off the road by the killer, the case turns personal for him especially when he aids Detective Langham in finding the murderer But as the bodies stack up, Oliver and Langham discover grizzly murders and the ghost [...]

    Debi Hursh
    Needing by Sarah MastersThis is book one in the Voices series.This is the first book I have read by Sarah Maters and I have to say I really enjoyed it.Oliver has a unique talent He can hear and sometimes see dead people The best thing about this is that he gets to work closely with Detective Langham You see Oliver has a thing for this detective and but he is not sure if Langham is gay or not Can you imagine working with someone for six months wanting and longing for them every day What will happ [...]

    Creo que pod a haber sido mucho mejor La historia me ha gustado mucho Me ha parecido original y me ha encantado c mo se desarrolla la investigaci n, porque no es la t pica de siempre en que te van dando pistas, y no se caza al culpable hasta el final y porque se descubre por accidente o incluso por autoconfesi n, aunque todos sepamos desde la p gina 3 qui n es Da la sensaci n de lo que debe ser una investigaci n policial de verdad Suceden cosas, se env a a detener a los sospechosos que son encon [...]

    Wow, what a fascinating book Oliver hears the voices of the dead and uses them to help the police to solve their murders He finds himself wrapped up in the case of a serial killer when he goes to the scene of a woman s body and is run off the road by the killer He has been fighting his attraction for Detective Langham for months and this case throws them closer together I was guessing until the end and the sexual tension between the MCs was exquisite I added book 2 to my TBR immediately after fi [...]

    Kristy Maitz
    What I do not like is when story starts with already something happening We meet a guy name Oliver in some field looking over some death women He is talking with her spirit and analizing how she died After a while or rather reading few pages we got to know that he has ability to talk with death people and that he is helping police when they need him He is partnered with a guy named Langham In addition, we get to see that Oliver is in love with his partner They are working together over six mont [...]

    love it.ew to follow

    Hearts On Fire Reviews
    Reviewed by KevinGenre M M Mystery Rated 4 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

    C m nh n chung v quy n n y l truy n kh nh t nh o c h t truy n r i v n kh ng hi u sao Langham y u Oliver th m thi t n th.

    I just couldn t get into it and felt no connection to the characters gave up at 47%.

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