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  • Title: Uncommon Pleasure
  • Author: Anne Calhoun
  • ISBN: 9781101595503
  • Page: 190
  • Format: ebook

  • Uncommon Pleasure By Anne Calhoun From a fresh and imaginative The Romance Studio voice in erotic romance come the tales of two women, each daring to challenge the boundaries of the toughest of menBut in these edgy, heated encounters, the greatest thing each woman will risk is her heart.In Over the Edge, after a tragic incident during Ty Hendricks last tour of duty, he cut off all connection wiFrom a fresh and imaginative The Romance Studio voice in erotic romance come the tales of two women, each daring to challenge the boundaries of the toughest of menBut in these edgy, heated encounters, the greatest thing each woman will risk is her heart.In Over the Edge, after a tragic incident during Ty Hendricks last tour of duty, he cut off all connection with anyone he cares about until a night with Lauren Kincaid draws him reluctantly back into the world Lauren sees a wounded man in danger of losing everything to his inner demons, but the sensual, no holds barred fight for Ty s soul could cost Lauren her heart.In All on the Line, Abby Simmons fell hard for Lieutenant Sean Winthrop, but he sacrificed their relationship when he deployed to Afghanistan Now he s home, full of regrets and intent on winning back the woman he never forgot Abby gives Sean her body but holds her heart aloof, until one night of pleasure forces her to choose either her U.S Marineor life without him, forever.
    Anne Calhoun
    After doing time at Fortune 500 companies on both coasts, I found myself living in the suburbs of a small Midwestern city The glamour of various cube farm jobs had worn off, so I gave up making a decent living to take Joseph Campbell s advice and follow my bliss writing romance.

    Uncommon Pleasure By Anne Calhoun


    Overall rating 4 stars Review completed March 8, 2013Kisses Slow, soft, sweet kisses, the kind he hadn t felt on his skin in a lifetime They d started just under his ear, measured the length of his jaw, each one flicking a little spark at his skin She reached the corner of his mouth, her breath warm and moist, the temptations of her lush, full lips millimeters away Without warning anguish slit him open from throat to belly, but feeling that emotion here was worse than feeling the connection that [...]

    Crystal~BIG book addict~
    Love those smoking hot Marines Over the EdgeTy and Lauren worked on an oil rig together She is a development geologist and he is a former Marine who has been damaged She knows exactly what she wants.Ty He is all for letting off some steam with Lauren but that is all He has closed himself off from any feelings But, Lauren has a way of getting under his skin No matter what he does or says, he still wants her Can she forgive him All on the LineSean and Abby met and had a whirlwind romance before he [...]

    4 Smokin HOT Stars Two story s in this book and I loved them both I love Anne s style of writing is both erotic and sensual, all the while drawing you in to the story and captivating your sensesTy Lauren s storylets start with the SEXWOW the m nageOMFGIt s off the charts HOTlets face it, this is why I read Snickers Ty has PTSD, a sad fact of of our time, but Lauren can see thru the walls he s building, each time they are together, Lauren is breaking down of Ty s carefully laid barriers, he thin [...]

    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating B Over the Edge I liked the edge this couple had early on They had attraction from the start and Lauren wanted to just know about Ty and that leads them right into the bedroom Ty is dealing with a lot of pain from serving overseas and having a mission go horribly wrong and he channels that anger and grief in unhealthy ways mainly bottling it up, through sex with no emotion and generally not living life As much as he hates it, he finds a connecti [...]

    Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    3.5 stars for the first novella4 stars for the second oneIf you have never read a book by Anne Calhoun, you are seriously missing out The woman has this amazing ability to weave a story together so seamlessly that not a detail goes unnoticed I absolutely adore her writing style She s able to get every nuance, every little detail, sound, feeling, emotion into her books that make the story truly beautiful to read She has been on my auto buy list ever since Liberating Lacey.This book is 2 novellas, [...]

    Mandi Schreiner
    Uncommon Pleasure contains two novellas, each with a different hero and heroine and happily ever after but the stories do intertwine.Over the EdgeA word used a couple of times to describe Ty Hendricks, former marine now part time oil rigger and part time security specialist in this book is contradiction Our heroine Lauren sees him as two people The first time she sees him on the rig she is a geologist who flies out to the rig for a few days he is purposeful He is aloof, a little cold, but gets t [...]

    This review is for All In The Line , really good Although I think that the m nage scene was not needed, I loved the story and the hero SCENES CONTENT few eroticGENRE TONE contemporary dramaLENGTH 142 pages

    I only read the first story in this book and it was all kinds of hot Great hetero fix for a usually M M reader.

    Liked both stories Probably the first a bit than second I didn t feel the m nage worked with Sean, Abby Ben Almost like oh I d better throw that in before I get to the end Still some pretty hot sexy stuff happening I enjoyed my first Anne Calhoun and will certainly be on lookout for .

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    3.5 starsFirst off, let us all take a moment to admire the orgasmic cover Paul Marron does everyone some good ovaries explode Anne Calhoun delivers two short stories in UNCOMMON PLEASURE that is edgy and daring OVER THE EDGE features Ty Hendricks and Lauren Kincaid In Ty s last assignment, an incident has caused him to cut himself off from the world But Lauren might be enough to tempt him to come back to life.I enjoyed OVER THE EDGE Right off the bat, you can see that Calhoun is an exception wri [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    DiDi s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.5 StarsAN UNCOMMON PLEASURE is an erotic anthology about two very sexy ALPHA men and the women who love fall in love with them I enjoyed both novellas immensely, an added bonus for me is they are set on Galveston Island, where I was born and live 15 minutes away from While I enjoyed both stories, I preferred ALL ON THE LINE than OVER THE EDGE.OVER THE EDGE Ty Hendricks and Lauren Kincaid had instant chemistry when they met on an oil rig Onc [...]

    Uncommon Pleasures first reads book is two stories in one erotic romance that lives up to its name The first story Over the Edge raw and gets right to business with Ty and Lauren All on the line is a sweet,powerful,sexy romance with Sean and Abby Together this makes for 3 star read.Of the two stories the second had depth and a better story line.What I liked about Ty is he a alpha male but a good guy at heart His emotional struggle is understandable I could totally see him hooking up with some o [...]

    Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceYes, I first picked this book up based totally on the cover I am a Paul Marron admirer afterall It was only then I read the synopsis on the back Never heard of the author or book before, but I liked the description and the cover sold me.UNCOMMON PLEASURE contains two short stories about US Marines once a Marine, always a Marine Their stories are told separately, yet they intersect because these gentlemen are moonlighting for the same agency.The heroines of [...]

    this books is divided into 2 related short stories.In the first story, with Ty and Lauren, we had 4 relevant sex scenes in 120 pages The first vanilla , the second into restraints, then a three some and then vanilla again Not bad, is it And I really disliked Ty, he was an ass le He totally didn t deserve Lauren.In the second story, with Abby and Sean, we had several relevant sex scenes I skipped some page here and there because I wanted to read about the people and not the sex and a three some [...]

    I won this book through the Good Reads Giveaway I dont know what to really say about this book if your looking for a romance novel where two people fall in love and actually makes sense This is not for you I really do not understand how the characters fell for each other Some of the scenes in the book make me believe that a relationship would not get stronger after this point but weaken But if you are looking for a good sex book this is it I thought this book was a lot sex driven than 50 Shades [...]

    This was a scorcher of a read.I actually think I saw my kindle smoke and was afraid it would short circuit before I could finish the book HOT I m not a fan of m nage and try to avoid books that are shelved under that category I couldn t resist giving this book a try because everything else about the synopsis caught my attention I m glad I did I loved the book and the m nage wasn t an ongoing part of the relationship.I m now hooked on Anne Calhoun books Yeah, the sex scenes are among the best I v [...]

    This review is for Over The Edge I had a hard time connecting with this story Ty was such an asshole and said such mean things to Lauren for most of the story that I barely thawed towards him when he pulled his head out of his arse Lauren was the reason I finished it She was such a strong and very likable heroine who carried herself with confidence and quiet strength She knew what she was dealing with with Ty and she still stuck it out until he pushed her too far She never lost herself and allow [...]

    Holy, this was emotional but very good After this month we can both agree I suck at the Prince Charming stuff, he said She tipped her head back and smiled at him, her eyes gleaming That s okay I ll take my U.S Marine Semper fi

    Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews)
    The first pick in my TBR Lottery Challenge 3.5 stars, I loved the first story than the second but all in all, a fun read.Check out my full thoughts as well as the other participants thoughts on the books they read on the TBR Lottery Challenge over on Scandalicious Book Reviews scandaliciousbookreviews.c

    Sandy M
    I like this idea of two stories in one book with interacting characters The stories themselves aren t related, just the main characters switching over from H h to secondary characters as they go about their lives The trick is making both work.Over the EdgeI love a very tortured hero, and Ty Hendricks is a man tortured His last tour of duty did not go well, and Ty has decided it s best to just cut himself off from all emotion and anyone and everyone he cares about or may come to care about He doe [...]

    Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2013 03 08 These two stories are closely related and flow well together nicely I enjoyed the crossover between the two novellas, but was pretty disappointed with different aspects of each story.The first story is about Ty and his inability to cope with being back in the civilian world His last tour of duty put him in a bad place mentally and emotionally, and he hasn t figured out how to cope yet When he meets Lauren, he is looking for someone to have [...]

    Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun is a volume containing a pair of steamy romance novellas featuring a couple of sexy military men and the women they are reluctantly interested in Over the Edge features Ty Hendricks who has reluctantly maintained contact with his former Marine companions but he continues to keep himself closed off as he deals with the repercussions of a horrendous event during his military career Geologist Lauren Kincaid is attracted to the taciturn man she notices as they both [...]

    Why I read it I enjoyed Liberating Lacey and Breath on Embers from last year s Red Hot Holiday anthology and I d heard good things about this book I bought up an ecopy with a Kobo coupon recently The next book in the series has just been released It is called Uncommon Passion I ve heard great things about that one too, but I m waiting for another coupon I ve also put a digital book from her backlist on my wishlist On the Edge is a novella which features Ty hero of the first story in this antholo [...]

    I received this book through the First Reads program On the one hand, I loved the characters They were all very strong and I especially loved that Lauren and Abby both owned their sexuality and were unapologetic about it Both women stood up for what they wanted, and didn t let anyone push them around As for the guys, Ty in the first novella was definitely an alpha hole, but you could clearly see through to the wounded warrior beneath the facade He was drowning and Lauren was like a lifeline thro [...]

    Meri~easily seduced by cover~
    Wow, this was very powerful read indeed I m nor soldier, nor soldier s wife so I m not going to pretend that I can understand what goes in their mind but I m going to review this from my point of view Both stories are highly erotic BUT emotional reads, they describe healing through erotic taking and giving, first story is about Ty s healing but second story is about Abby s healing First story is abstract guilt driven while second was concrete fear driven.I loved first story much then second, ma [...]

    I need to preface this with I loved Liberating Lacey Loved Highly recommend.The first short story in this book just didn t do it for me I didn t connect with the characters on any level Ty could be a mean asshole and while I loved Laurens forwardness, she was too perfect.She lived in a well established neighborhood because she wanted roots which is fine, but she s young and all her neighbors were geriatrics Made no sense to move into the 55 community Her obnoxious dog which drove me nuts If you [...]

    Uncommon Pleasure is a compilation of two novellas Over the Edge and All on the Line Both stories were quite good, but my favorite was Over the Edge because of Lauren I liked her strength, her dignity, how she handled her relationship with Ty, and how she knew what she wanted I admired her greatly.All on the Line was also enjoyable because I liked Sean He was an interesting character academic, thorough, disciplined, and intelligent I would have actually liked to have read a book about him during [...]

    This is a book I won here through GR This book was two stories in one, yet both stories bled into each other, and the author did it superbly, I thought.The first story was about Ty and Lauren Ty wanted to hold back and stay to himself, but Lauren wasn t having any of that They both wanted a hot relationship without strings, but Lauren fell for Ty, and Ty took a little pushing to figure out that he really wanted Lauren in the end.The second story was about Ty s friend and co worker Sean and Abby [...]

    This was my first book from Anne Calhoun and I just loved it She has such a way with sexy, independent heroines This book, Uncommon Pleasures, is a two novella collection with interconnected stories I loved that both heroines, Lauren and Abby, were open and expressive in their sexuality and had no problem letting their heroes, Ty and Sean respectively, know exactly what they wanted in and out of the bedroom Both Ty and Sean are combat vets that are both trying to acclimate back in Texas after se [...]

    First story 3.25Hmmm Kinda interesting but not my cuppa To me, it read like some kind of overly patriotic propaganda glorifying the US Army I insist on the propaganda portion Not to say that the military doesn t sometimes deserve some credit, nor am I pretending there aren t courageous people, only obeying orders, suffering horrendous trauma in the military, but too much, just for the sake of romance, just makes me roll my eyes and feel uneasy I don t know, it felt so American and clich.Second s [...]

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