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  • Title: Jawigi
  • Author: Cameron Jace
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  • Page: 334
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    Cameron Jace
    Bestselling author of the Grimm Diaries and Insanity series A traveller and collector of out of print books from all over the world, obsessed with the origins of folk tales and the mysterious storytellers who spread them Many of his books made s Top 100 Customer Favorites in Kindle 2015 s Top 100 kindle list Cameron lives in California When he isn t writing or collecting books, he is playing music or enjoys photography.Sign up for his mailing list here bit 1sxp3p1

    Jawigi By Cameron Jace


    Je iiii Tohle bylo zase pln nom nom And by that, the stories have to be predictable You know who the villain is, who the hero is, then two hundred and some pages later, the hero always wins Skip Next book, same story, only a little different

    Once upon a time, fairy tales were goddamn dark and twisted, and that was when they were so awesome my thoughts This book is about the sandman , queen of sorrow , and snow white I can t believe that cameron jace did it again He left me in awe This book is full of fast paced interesting facts leading the story line further I truly enjoyed it and look forward to the next two prequels and the actual soon to be released book By the way surprises reason for reading I received a copy of this book in [...]

    Binibining `E (of The Ugly Writers)
    Always remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he was someone else.Ahhh that wicked ending, i love Although the beginning of this story really did confused me, i was lost but as the story unfolds, sandman telling the story of the queen it picks up its pace till the surprise in the end That jawigi thing i dont understand.

    ✿ Jenna ✿
    Once upon a time, fairy tales were goddamn dark and twisted, and that was when they were so awesome Oh my gosh, I loved that ending This is one of my fave prequels so far and there is nothing else I could say, seriously.

    Always remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he was someone else.

    Scarlet Bell
    Where to beginAs I read through all of the prequels, this one seemed appropriate to be the last one so far In this story, you get a glimpse into the Grimms side if the story I m happy to be able get a back story on the Grimms even if it lacks the actual details I crave from a story I am keeping in mind that these are just blurbs in the story Something to get me connected with the upcoming series.I truly didn t anticipate the Queen of Sorrow being in disguise as the Sandman I was curious as to wh [...]

    Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)
    Wow, this one was actually pretty good Jawigi is basically told in the Sandman s view view spoiler even though he was in disguise hide spoiler It s mainly about the Queen of Sorrow s birth panthers involved, but ew and what Jawigi means Apparently the meaning of Jawigi was pretty much expected But nope, I didn t actually expect the ending now that s a first really, it is Most of the time my brain s right on target or close If you start your tale with a phrase like Once upon a time they expected [...]

    After reading the previous nine prequels in the Grimm Diaries I wanted to know about the Queen of Sorrow as well as Snow White Like many other fans of Cameron Jace s work, I sm anxiously waiting for their story in the first full length book However, Jawigi satsfied dome if my curiosity by providing some details about Snow White s birth that is if you can believe the narrator who is the devil in disguise Once again Cameron Jace writes a wonderfully rich tale that kept me on the edge of my west i [...]

    This prequel had a very confusing beginning, which didn t particularly grab my interest although I was quite tired while reading so it s either that or I found it really boring It didn t grab me enough to convince me to re read it to find out if this was the case so I ll just leave all that to speculation A lot of information is thrown at you in a very short space of time, which resulted in a rather lacklustre introduction There was also an obvious lack of diversity in terms of vocabulary used, [...]

    This was the weirdest prequel I have read yet Honestly, I just had to re read well, just skim actually to write this review I didn t remember anything about this book, well I did remember that it was about the Sandman, so that s something.This one does feature the brothers grimm and the queen of sorrow so I m guessing that it might be quite important for the further development of the stories universe Oh and it also has Mary who is probably quite important given she has something to do with mirr [...]

    Scratch my previous words, I think this was the creepiest of them all OMFG Snow White didwhatin her mother s womb ButMajor facepalm view spoiler Snow White ate her twin in her mother s womb She s a vampire she can suck up that child s blood but she couldn t possibly have ate it up in whole could she Going with the logic then how come that dead child never made appearance Why was Snow White born alone hide spoiler br br br br br br br br

    What can I say but, loved it Cameron Jace has a wonderful creative talent for turning this one time children hood favorites to a appealing and sinister book With these characters, I am not sure if I love them or hate them I know the characters which should be the evil ones and hate them, but you can t help but feel for them The author has a way of writing that draws you in and wanting While I am glad that I read the prequels I want, need, I can t wait for the full stories to come out These wi [...]

    Izabella (pagesfullofstars)
    Review will also appear on my blog Pages Full of Stars.My rating 1.5 6Sadly, this is my least favourite story from this set of prequels The only thing that I truly liked was the surprise at the end Even though it gave us a bit of backstory on the Queen of Sorrow and Snow White, it didn t really pique my interest I guess that I m just not particularly fond of this character s voice and their diary entries Still, I m determined to give a chance and look forward to the other books in the series.

    lost soul
    i knew it was the queen, when she was avoiding the mirrors or reflecting surfaces.but i have to give to her, she is cleverd also i am confused the queen s version and snow white s version from snow white sorrow although are same but are different now which one of them is telling the truth snow or the queen and also is the queen really a good person and snow is the monster or is it as we have been always told that the queen was bad and wicked and snow white was the poor princess in dire need of h [...]

    Niko Ramsey
    I seem to be in the minority, but I really, really, really don t care about the Queen of Sorrow which made this story drag for me The entire premise is that The Queen of Sorrow tells her tale of Snow White s birth to one of the Grimm brothers So far in the prequel story arcs, those involving the Brothers Grimm seem to the least fleshed out to me, and therefore the most annoying Jace seems to have an idea of where he wants to end up, but only a vague idea of how to get there, and so the stories f [...]

    This is the prequel I have been looking forward to the most of all the new ones, and I was not disappointed It started off a little slower than the others, but the pace picked up quickly and I had to tell myself to slow down because I was reading so quickly And the ending I am getting and excited for the full series to come out Another excellent prequel.

    Emily L. Moir-Genther
    I really liked the set up and twist used in this story Pretty much anything that adds history to the Queen of Sorrow makes for good reading in this series, as she is one of the interesting characters This installment also really helps to add back story to what happens later in the series, so I would mark it as one of the important reads.

    Elizabeth Emily Browne
    And it seemed like this was my last thought, as I felt the world fade to black Black What a color Why is it we fade to black, not to any other color Do we have to fade to darkness Most of us fail, but it s the journey that matters, not the ending Always remember the greatest trick the Devil ever played was to convince you he was someone else.

    Amy Clark
    Favorite line from the book , Always remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he was someone else Or maybe , Most of us fail, but it is the journey that matters Not the ending Loved it

    Once again I have to say that I really hate the diary entry letter format This prequel however, helped in adding an interesting and creative backstory regarding the history of Queen of Sorrow and Snow White s birth Overall, this is a mediocre read.

    What What Always remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he was someone else The Queen Can t say I saw that coming I really, really enjoy these twisted fairy tales Fun, fun stuff

    Rosie Sanchez
    I liked the dramatic effect of the chase and how Snow s birth took place Love the Queen, she is my favorite character, thus far

    2.5 starsThink this is probably my least favourite of the lot so far I found this one quite confusing, and it didn t hold my attention well at all.

    Well, shoot That was creepy.

    Man, I did not expect that ending at all

    this story was the best of them allfinally, information to complete the actual story I m about to read so glad I read this oneandwait Snow White did shudders awful.

    That was a twist I did NOT see coming

    Virna Aryanita
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince you he was someone else truest words ever spoken.

    Collette Gibbs

    Christine Mcneil
    great twisted fairytale story, but needs new editors.

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