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  • Title: Coexist
  • Author: Julia Crane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

  • Coexist By Julia Crane Sixteen year old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends she s an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen Against tradition, Keegan s brother Thaddeus told her Rourk s name because his visions warned him she d need Rourk Sixteen year old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends she s an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are eighteen Against tradition, Keegan s brother Thaddeus told her Rourk s name because his visions warned him she d need Rourk s protection, especially since Keegan will play a key role in the coming war between the dark and light elves.Rourk finds himself drawn to Keegan s side every time she thinks his name He wants to talk to her but remains in the shadows, silently guarding her every time she mentally beckons him A twist of fate thrusts the two of them together when Rourk is forced to step up his protection and make his presence known.An ancient prophecy deeply entwines Keegan s family and the future of their society Somehow they must find a way to thwart fate and win the battlewithout losing Keegan With war brewing, and dark forces aligning, will Keegan and Rourk ever have the life together that they both desire
    Julia Crane
    Julia crane is the author of the Keegan s Chronicles, IFICS She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination juliacrane

    Coexist By Julia Crane


    Midu Hadi
    I received this book to read and review from the Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics My thoughts KeeganI had so many problems with her She was too everything Perfect and good at it all The only thing she sucked at was gym at school but she got better at that too, after her training started She was a shallow love sick teenager and I tried hard to like her but couldn t.I liked Thaddeus character much He was an awkward kid trying to shoulder the responsibility of being in a prophecy when he [...]

    Anagha Uppal
    I m glad Coexist was only 150 pages I was about to get a headache reading this horrifically insipid novel Note there are spoilers in this review.Plot There was no point to this story Keegan spent 80 pages talking about her perfect, spoiled life, then spent 30 pages talking about her and Rourk s insta love Oh hey, this doesn t look long enough to be a novel, so let s throw in 40 pages about a random, rushed war that again succeeded to focus on Keegan Sure, there was a tiny twist slipped in at the [...]

    Maghon Thomas
    Ok, I really liked this book, and as always thanks to read 2 review for giving it to me and introducing it to me I really like Keegan, and her family This book has a different few on the elven community and how life works for them I REALLY like Rourk, and I really do hope that things work out this way I ve already purchased book 2 cuz now I HAVE to know what s going to happen I like that there are supernaturals than originally thought by Keegan everyone seems to be something and no matter how m [...]

    Michelle Leu
    I downloaded this book because it was free on , where it had some decent reviews, and I generally enjoy the genre You know that saying about getting what you pay for Yeah Coexist just replaced Sherrilyn Kenyon s Fantasy Lover as the worst book I ve ever read and given how much I hated Fantasy Lover, that s really saying something.The quality of writing is exceptionally poor Spelling and editing mistakes abound I especially liked a scene in which a purple wall complimented a green one The sunligh [...]

    Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    I received this book from Read 2 Review.This book was nearly 5 stars for me I really like it From the first page, I was drawn into the story and felt invested into it Other than Tolkien, I haven t really read about elves, so that was nice The mythology was great The story line was believable I really felt for Keegan.So why not five stars Somewhere a little after halfway through, I felt cheated with Keegan and her beau view spoiler I felt that the weekend they shared which could have really drawn [...]

    Haley ~ YA-Aholic
    Richard looked over at Rourk You better get used to this son It takes two or three times longer to get anywhere with her when she has a camera in her hand Looking amused, Rourk said, I would wait forever for her Coexist I have been sitting here for hours just wondering what on earth I am going to write for this reviewwell here goes nothingKeegan looks like a normal teenage girl, a very beautiful girl, but still normalwhat her friends don t know though she s an elflets get this cleared up right n [...]

    Karla(Book Addict)
    deleting reviews if you want to take a look at them you can do so on my blog, link on my profile

    Alexia Purdy
    Coexist by Julia Crane was a great, fast and light read The story centers around a girl named Keegan, who is an elf In a world where magical beings integrate well in human society, she has grown up a privileged and happy teenager Her only care in the world is shopping for parties and hanging with friends Yet an imminent battle between light and dark elves has escalated, with Keegan s family in the very center of it all.Most of the story is spent following Keegan around, having fun with her frien [...]

    There has to be something in this world than what the average eye sees Keegan is a sixtien years old elf Now I know you will start thinking of Santa and Christmas, but it s not that kind of elf These elves are human like elves, maybe a bit shorter than an average human and with a bit sharpened ears, but overall very similar to humans.Keegan is gifted, her mother is a healer, her brother is a seer, and her father is the chosen one, the one that will lead elves in the great battle that is suppos [...]

    Have to tell ya, this book wasn t super riveting I had a number of problems with it First of all, the perspective changed way too oftenmetimes in the middle of a paragraph I d be reading Keegan s thoughts and then bam I d be reading Rourk s thoughts or her dad s thoughts It was confusing Also, Keegan drove me nuts She was completely self centered, and obsessed with little than shopping and clothes I felt nothing for her I hated all the brand name dropping Facebook, Tumblr, iPad, MacBook, etc An [...]

    Craig Hansen
    Coexist, the first novel in a planned series, and an outright first novel ever by Julia Crane, is a paranormal romance with an Irish flair It s a tale of elves and love and destiny, the struggle between light and dark, and the consequences of war And yes, part of the novel a very important part, by the way does take place in Ireland, though the main setting is the US.The main characters Coexist is concerned with are Keegan, a sixteen year old elf, and her intended mate, Rourk, who s a bit older [...]

    Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    An elfin child on the side of light will be born with the gift of sight Light and dark shall meet, and it is unknown who will defeat Eldest son of a warrior great, it is this child who will determine the elfin fate The Book of Elfin Prophecy.Keegan could never understand the secrecy of the lives of those in her family and why she remained in the dark until quite recently She was an elf and so was her entire family They made efforts to dwell among the human race, unknown to them as was part of be [...]

    Sandra "Jeanz"
    Keegan is sixteen and is trying to keep a big secret from her friendse is an elf and is descended from a long line of elves that live secretly among humans.In elfin society mates are predetermined, however they are not allowed to meet until the are eighteen against this tradition Keegan s brother Thaddeus has told her the name of her future mate Thaddeus has visions and sees that Keegan will need the protection of Rourk her mate in the forthcoming war between the dark and the light elves.Rourk i [...]

    Rachel V.
    This book was a fun read I enjoyed reading the story even though there was a few parts that I didn t like as much I will read the next books in the series because I have to know what happens I give this one 4 stars.The Plot The plot was well thought out and executed I enjoyed the twists and turns in the story The author was able to draw me into the book and then hook me in to stay to the end I have to say the ending with Keegan surprised me I wasn t expecting that but I do want to find out what [...]

    Bonnie Lamer
    Keegan is a typical sixteen year old girl who loves to shop, hang out with friends, and date the cute boys from school She also happens to be an elf Keeping her true identity a secret, she enjoys life to the fullest and waits in happy anticipation for the day that she ll meet the one chosen to be her mate.Rourk is a warrior through and through His mind is focused and he knows his importance in elfin society But every time Keegan thinks his name, he is irresistibly drawn to her Keeping his identi [...]

    Let me start by saying this is a novel I feel falls into the YA Category, and is a story that will touch the heart of any teenager who has felt drawn to another, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, we have all been there at one point or another, and felt the awkward emotions of our teen years We have all felt drawn to someone or some thing at some point in our lives, and it was an unmistakable urge.Keegan is an instantly likable character, and on some level, she is someone we can all [...]

    I like the general idea of this book, but it needs some major re writing Switching perspectives from sentence to sentence drove me crazy Keegan drove me crazy she was way too spoiled to be appealing And her parents Really Take away the credit card, make her earn some of her own money,do something An d I know that teenagers are often obsessed with shopping and clothes, at least the beautiful,shallow ones like depicted in this book , but spare me, as a reader, the endless details of all the differ [...]

    I have to give this story props for originality and keeping me interested even with all the flaws This review will contain spoilers as I can see no other way of explaining what was wrong with this book without giving a little away I will try to be careful The first problem with this book was all the different points of view A really good author can write about everything going on without putting you in everyone s heads and having to spell everything out for you This author felt like she had to s [...]

    The first thing that came to my mind, in the middle of this book is I bet every teenage girl would fall in love with this book I would definitely say this would be an ideal present for Christmas Beautiful covers for each book and the ideal story you actually want younger teens to read The Author builds a great story line With believable characters, that are loving and adorable Julia Crane has created a world of Elves and other creatures, blended them into the modern days and made a perfect piece [...]

    Lisa Markson
    This was my first ebook that I have ever read and was glad that I chose Julia Crane I loved how she built the backgrounds of all her characters Living as a supernatural couldn t be easy but living in a world of mortals where you must keep it all a secret makes it tougher plus being a teenager Elves have a predestined soul mate that is already choosen for them but the thing is that they don t or not supposed to know who it is till each of them both reach 18 years old But due to a war brewing Keeg [...]

    Bree Brown
    Ugh, this book I loved it, I really did, I absorbed the story but the rush of emotions I felt by time I reached the end make me hesitant to read the second book Not that I will just chuck the series, that would never happen but I am certainly going to need to put a few books between the two in hopes of wrapping my mind around everything that happened in this book.That said, Coexist is a brilliantly written book centered around Keegan and her elven family It is a young adult paranormal romance of [...]

    Coexist was a quick fun read and the characters were wonderful I loved the world especially how it showed mythical creatures acting like normal teenagers The plot line was interesting and unique I will definitely be following this series.

    Review to come

    4.5 starspage turneramazing detailscliffhanger ending left me wanting to read the 2nd bookfree kindle book

    Haley ~ YA-Aholic
    OMGI need the next bookI need it right now AMAZING BOOOK DDDREVIEW SOON

    Carina Carnagey
    Keegan lives like a human being, but she is really an elf She has the main elf power of invisibility and the inner eye And she is very excited to meet her life mate when she comes to age In elf society a life mate is chosen for you but you can not see your life mate until you are the age of 18 Life mates are cloaked from each other till the youngest turns 18 and they know nothing about each other not even there name But Keegan s situation is special, her brother Thaddeus, a seer, has told Keegan [...]

    Aly the Reading Rabbit
    This was a free ebook, and though it is unfortunate, I have found that most ebooks I find that are free are not very good There are of course exceptions to this, but this one is not one of them.Coexist focused heavily on insta love and boring characters to push forward an underdeveloped plot My biggest problem with it was that it seemed to have not been edited before being published It just seemed that the author was writing whatever came to mind, as random ideas are inserted willy nilly, and th [...]

    I enjoyed this one It was fun to read Not as good as the author s other series, but I still liked this one Keegan is a bit annoying, but Rourk is very good to her and deserves so much I look forward to reading the other books.

    The Fairytale Nerd
    See full review at The Fairytale Nerd.LOCATION SETTING Modern day setting, where supernaturals, such as elves, shape shifters, faeries, and others live among us The characters travel to Ireland at some point in the bookIN CHARACTERS The main character is Keegan She is seventeen, and an elf She was described in the book as beautiful, with big eyes, but short about 5 3 She loves photography, coffee, and going out with her friends She s quirky and stubborn, but is well loved by her family and frien [...]

    Alaiel Kreuz
    My time with this book was fluent, since is not too long I only needed a couple of hours to finish it and right now I m not sure of how I feel But let me explain Yes, the book was super good Julia s writing is very smooth and she pictures the mind of a teenager really well, specially an elf teenager.But in fact all that Keegan wants is to be normal and to enjoy her live before she meets her chosen one When that happens she knows everything is going to be perfect with him but until then, why not [...]

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