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  • Title: My So-Called Ruined Life
  • Author: Melanie Bishop
  • ISBN: 9781937226213
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

  • My So-Called Ruined Life By Melanie Bishop The first book in Bishop s Tate McCoy series will have readers eager to hear from her pragmatic, sarcastic, yet sweet 16 year old heroine Tate s ability to compartmentalize her fears and emotions, her attempts to preserve her optimism through small gestures, and the tension and mystery surrounding the crime make Bishop s debut an introspective page turner Publish The first book in Bishop s Tate McCoy series will have readers eager to hear from her pragmatic, sarcastic, yet sweet 16 year old heroine Tate s ability to compartmentalize her fears and emotions, her attempts to preserve her optimism through small gestures, and the tension and mystery surrounding the crime make Bishop s debut an introspective page turner Publishers Weekly Yet another tale of a plucky girl who overcomes the obstacles but this one floats Kirkus Reviews What a fine book My So Called Ruined Life takes you on a hard walk through a difficult subject, yet is full of sweetness and humor Tate McCoy is a keeper, and so is her best friend, Kale I felt like I was right there during their conversations and excursions, and found Tate s reflections on her life and painful situation deeply meaningful Tate is a kid who prevails, her humanity fully intact Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson, author of Target, and The Parallel Universe of Liars Readers will fall in love with brave and funny Tate McCoy in this powerful and heartfelt debut about human fallibility One of the truest characters I ve had the good luck to discover in YA recently Beth Ann Bauman, author of Jersey Angel and Rosie and Skate Melanie Bishop is not afraid to address tough issues from unspeakable violence to dysfunctional family relationships with realistic details and hit you in the gut emotion The plot gracefully unfolds to a stunning climax that forces the characters and readers to reconsider the nature of love, justice, and forgiveness Christine Seifert, author of The PredictedsTate McCoy has not spoken to her alcoholic mother in two years when her mom is murdered If this were not enough to endure at age sixteen, Tate has to face the fact that her father is the prime suspect Convinced of his innocence, and of her own resilience, she sets out to prove her life is not ruined Amid this life shattering tragedy, Tate takes up swimming and finds solace in her best friend Kale, volunteer work, the great outdoors, and a new crush But after discovering a horrible secret, Tate questions everything she thought she knew about her parents This is the first book in the Tate McCoy series.Melanie Bishop writes fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays, and has taught all of these subjects for the past twenty one years at Prescott College in Arizona where she is founding editor of Alligator Juniper, Prescott s award winning national literary magazine Bishop divides her time between Prescott, Arizona, and Carmel, California.
    Melanie Bishop
    Melanie Bishop has taught writing or led creative writing retreats in Arizona s Sierra Ancha Wilderness, At Paolo Soleri s Arcosanti arcosanti , in the Cycladic Islands of Greece, and, now, on the Monterey Peninsula.Melanie has been full time faculty in creative writing for twenty one years at Prescott College, where she is also founder and editor of Alligator Juniper, the college s award winning, national literary magazine Melanie holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona, and was awarded a screenwriting fellowship from the Chesterfield Writers Film Project, co sponsored by Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg s Amblin Entertainment The Makeover, a screenplay written during the fellowship year, later went on to place in America s Best Screenplay Competition.Melanie has published fiction and nonfiction in Glimmer Train, Georgetown Review, Greensboro Review, Florida Review, Valley Guide, Hospice Magazine, Puerto del Sol, The American and Family Circle A memoir, Some Glad Morning, is forthcoming from outpost19 a young adult novel, My So Called Ruined Life, is forthcoming from Torrey House Press and a story, Trina Comes Home, is in the current issue of Potomac Review Her short story cycle, Home for Wayward Girls, has been a finalist five times over the past three years The Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, the University of Iowa Press Short Fiction Awards, the Doris Bakwin Award, the Tartt Fiction Award, and Hidden River s Eludia Award.Currently, Melanie spends fall semesters teaching in Prescott, Arizona, and the rest of the year writing, teaching, and leading retreats in Carmel, California.

    My So-Called Ruined Life By Melanie Bishop


    From its artistic cover to its final word, My So Called Ruined Life delivers It delivers a charming, 16 year old female protagonist who is smart, but not wise beyond her years In other words, she s real and she s paired with a real best friend and a real family and a real situation Her mother has been murdered and her father the stable parent stands accused, leaving young Tate McCoy somewhat alone and adrift, yet determined to maintain a normal life.With great dexterity, Melanie Bishop infuses M [...]

    I loved this first novel, not only for the sassy, smart, language obsessed narrator but also for Bishop s writing The novel s mixture of reflection, imagery and action is perfect, and her characters are complex and engaging And since I m a fan of mysteries, I was hooked from the start I was reminded while reading of the best philosophical moments in John Green, and the delicious darkness of Gillian Flynn This young adult novel will appeal to readers of all ages I, for one, look forward to the ne [...]

    J. Gray
    I will never denigrate the YA category again This is simply a sweet and satisfying story with a realistic main character, well written, well told, and totally believable I ve read some excellent books this year and this one stands with any of them A great surprise to have found Now I have to investigate what else Ms Bishop has to offer.

    Note I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not influence my opinion in any way I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first.The cover really threw me off I really don t want to be mean, by the way, this is just my opinion As you can see from the cover s image, it s a drawing of Tate a bowlrrounded by leafy greens and a canyon, it looks like But the colors are very muted, and the drawing is wella drawing When I picked it up, I first assumed it was a [...]

    Nanci Booher
    I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried while reading a book 1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the realization that is was over was devestating to me 2 Wonderbullying at it s finestor worst, however you look at it 3 The One and Only Ivan being an animal lover this one did me in and now 4 My So Called Ruined Lifeis was not something I was expecting this morning, on the bus no less I picked up this book because it popped up on Gooodreads and had fantastic reviews I was lucky [...]

    Megan Gannon
    In Melanie Bishop s My So Called Ruined Life, protagonist Tate McCoy struggles to find buoyancy, that place right below the surface where she can float enough to swim tirelessly Her alcoholic mother has been murdered, her doting father is being charged for the crime, yet Tate doesn t allow herself to drown in self pity She has a list of plans, a saucy best friend, an adventurous aunt, and a dreamy boy giving her swimming lessons In short, in an age when so many narratives revolve around damaged [...]

    I know author Bishop I taught her at Prescott College, not writing, but psychology She has written an accessible young adult mystery with main character Tate McCoy, a 17year old whose mother has been murdered and whose father is in jail Tate s teenage playfulness with her best friend Kale, also known as Leafy Green, and her crush and romance with swim teacher Sawyer, are sweet, entertaining and ring true for that age The description of the natural environment in Austin and the Grand Canyon is wo [...]

    What a thriller It s got humor, love and mystery all wrapped in the sarcastic voice of Tate McCoy Tate has an inner monologue everyone can relate to Be ready to get on invested This book will make you laugh, cry and maybe even scream Near the end I couldn t read fast enough

    Christina Zaccone
    I could not put this book down There were so many things that kept me turning to pages how quickly I fell in love with Tate, the endearing nature of her father s determination to give her a normal and healthy childhood, the crush with Swimmer Boy, the friendship with Kale, and so much I cannot believe how well Melanie Bishop captured the turmoil, struggles, passions, and thoughts of a teenage girl whose mother was murdered I am so impressed with that The empathy required to get into that mindse [...]

    Tate is a well developed strong female character with a unique voice that comes out in the first few pages She has a LOT going on in her life, but she still manages to stay grounded and make pretty good decisions for a YA heroine, much less a teenage girl She comes across as not only real, but someone I would want to be friends with.The story itself is gripping and well paced I would say the major arc of the story is Tate s character growth, but backing that with a very personal mystery makes fo [...]

    Virginia Savage
    Tate McCoy is one of the invisible statistics, the kid that is the collateral damage in today s news The author breathes life into a teenage girl s thoughts, feelings, and attempts for normalcy, living in the surreal world of unthinkable disaster in her family, while still trying to figure out who she is This book speaks to today s culture of strange news unexpected violence through the resilient story of Tate McCoy Not only is it a great story, it is an important book

    I enjoyed this book a lot It has something for everyone a relatable protagonist, a murder mystery, inspiring friendships, and a teenage flirtation to name a few The plot line is exciting and makes the book almost impossible to put down To put it simply I ll just say that I was very glad that Melanie Bishop planned on this book being the first installment in a series of Tate McCoy stories, because the ending left me hungry for

    Naomi Blackburn
    Full blog review in progress.I love Tate McCoy It should be interesting to see where this author takes this character She is a strong, young, unique female character for young readers and the author has done a great job of keepin it clean and focusing on character and storyline development than focusing on sex, foul language and other vices to attract young readers.I would def recommend this book to young readers.

    Davida Chazan
    If you were only 16, your mother was murdered, and your father in jail for the crime, you probably wouldn t have a clue how to handle it, but that s exactly what Tate McCoy has to do Read my review of this beautiful YA debut novel by Melanie Bishop, here drchazan 2014 05

    I confess to devouring this book not literally in a night, relishing that increasingly rare stay up late because you can t put a book down feeling Book hangover next day So worth it Compelling voice It may be classified as YA, but in my opinion, an authentic voice transcends genre I have a fiction crush on Tate.

    Jen Chandler
    I read it cover to cover while traveling and LOVED IT Tate r chip McCoy is a strong and resilient young woman who confronts some of the biggest challenges any young girl could ever imagine I highly encourage readers of all ages to pick up this book

    Libby Jones
    A wonderful read This book made me want to be 16 again in so many ways and also glad that i am not Tate McCoy is a great character and ideal role model for young women This book will be mandatory reading for my daughter when she is a teenager.

    Laurel Bishop
    Couldn t put it down A wonderful, tender story, so realistic of teenagers today with all the changes and struggles they must navigate to remain emotionally healthy in this crazy world.LOVED IT.A must read for teens and adults, as well.

    Linda Bishop
    I absolutely loved this book First time in ages I just had to keep reading till I finished it Excellent writing and wonderful characters and plot Meant to be for Young Adults but I am a grandmother and I thoroughly enjoyed it Great for young folks too.

    This YA novel has it all angst, suspense, love, travel, family I fell in love with Tate McCoy and didn t want to let her go.

    LOVE LOVE LOVED this page turner.

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