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  • Title: Intermezzo
  • Author: Melinda R. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781600650291
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

  • Intermezzo By Melinda R. Morgan Two weeks that s all Jonathan said he needed For two weeks Grace and Jonathan would hide me from an enemy that until recently I didn t even know existed It sounded logical, but when has love ever proved to be logical The catch Grace s plan involved traveling and traveling meant taking a trip back in time to Marensburg, Pennsylvania, where Jonathan grew up thanTwo weeks that s all Jonathan said he needed For two weeks Grace and Jonathan would hide me from an enemy that until recently I didn t even know existed It sounded logical, but when has love ever proved to be logical The catch Grace s plan involved traveling and traveling meant taking a trip back in time to Marensburg, Pennsylvania, where Jonathan grew up than 150 years ago The idea was scary, but kinda cool.Grace s plan was simple While I hide in the past, Jonathan would stay in present day Andersen where he d train a special regiment of Lebas to fight against the legion of intruders who according to Eric are on their way to destroy me Why me And why a whole legion When I finally discovered the answers to those questions it put everyone s nerves on edge But Jonathan believed keeping me safe would help him focus, so I was willing to go.But nothing is ever simple I knew something was wrong when I discovered my mortal body couldn t travel When I woke up, I was in the body of Eleanor Hastings, Jonathan s first love I admit that for the first two weeks I didn t mind being Eleanor Eleanor was beautiful the absolute embodiment of perfection More, she had full use of her left hand But two weeks became three, then four, and eventually months passed with no word from Grace or Jonathan And where was Eleanor now that I had her body So, here I am, trapped in 1864 with no way to return to the present I hope someone, someday, finds this diary I m trying not to consider the possibilities of what went wrong, and it s unbearable to accept the only possible explanation that makes any sense Jonathan and Grace aren t coming because the intruders won I may never be Beth Arrington again.Oh, Jonathan
    Melinda R. Morgan
    Visit Melinda s author website melindarmorganMelinda R Morgan was born and raised in the heart of the Inland Empire in southern California and currently resides among the rolling hills of Temecula Valley, an area just north of San Diego County in the heart of southern California s wine country.In 1997, upon finding herself a single mother of four young children, Melinda returned to college and completed her Bachelor s Degree in Liberal Studies from California Baptist Univer sity, and then went on to earn a Master s Degree in Education and Administration from Azusa Pacific University all while teaching full time and raising her children In 2002, she married the love of her life, Ron Morgan, an educator, published songwriter, and former professional musician.Melinda has worked in the field of education since 1998 as a teacher, staff developer, Teacher on Special Assignment, and assistant principal In writing The Birthright Legacy books, Melinda has drawn upon her experience as a language arts and science teacher to tell stories that have scientifically intriguing plots and endearing characters Melinda is also a classically trained pianist, whose performances landed her on the Piano Players Guild s National Role with a superior rating for five years in a row It is no wonder then, that her love for the piano is a motif woven throughout the pages of her books.Melinda s debut novel, tude, book one of The Birthright Legacy, is set in the foothills of The Grand Teton Mountain Range and reflects her fondness for the mountains of eastern Idaho and Wyoming tude released officially in April, 2012 and has gained a popular following among young adult and adult audiences alike Intermezzo, book two of The Birthright Legacy, released in December, 2013 and has been featured in several blogs, with several reader reviews on and Barnes Noble Melinda is currently writing Coda, the third book in The Birthright Legacy series She is also in the process of writing common core curriculum for middle school English programs.

    Intermezzo By Melinda R. Morgan


    Raechel Duplain
    Melinda Morgan does it again Intermezzo is a page turner, the kind where you don t even want to put the book down for bathroom breaks So often in trilogies the book 2 s are a let down because they are usually an extension of the problems in book 1, drag on and on, and by the end only feels like a filler until we get to book 3 With Intermezzo, this is not the case It is an extension of the story in book 1, but it has it s own plot, new characters, it s own resolution, and shoot, even it s own tim [...]

    Safa Hodges
    I didn t think it would be possible to love the second book of this trilogy as much as I enjoyed the first, but alasMorgan referred back to Etude to refresh my memory at the exact right places The characters are so well developed I adored the flawed yet some how still perfect Eleanor and the fact that Beth s love for Johnathan was so deep and genuine that she was somehow able to resist the charms of William This book not only let me have a detailed and quite interesting peek into life in the 186 [...]

    This book was very well written It constantly left me wanting to know what happened next I love how it is set in 1864 It is written in a way that you feel like you are in 1864 looking in on the story It is has a wonderful mix of romance with some suspense I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance but also anyone who like suspenseful books that leave you wanting .

    Jodie Brown
    Review Intermezzo by Melinda MorganIntermezzo, the second installment of the Birthright Legacy, picks up where Etude left off, with Beth Arrington inhabiting the body of Eleanor Hastings during the Civil War period Without giving too much away, as Beth awaits her return to her own time period and body, we learn some of the backstory about the Intruders and Bailey, as well as Jonathan and Grace.This book is interesting also in that while it is a YA novel, there is an element of sophistication tha [...]

    Intermezzo is perfect as the sequel to Etude and the precurser to Coda I cannot wait to get my hands on Coda the final book in the Birthright Legacy trilogy One of the many things I love about Melinda Morgan s books is that the titles perfectly describe the book Just as Etude was a book that followed the format of an actual etude beginning simply and growing increasingly complex as it came to the end, Intermezzo serves as a bit of a break from the main storyline taking place in the 21st century. [...]

    Barbara Kondziella
    Melinda Morgan you have done it again You have written a wonderful book with so many twists and turns that you can t put it down until the last page and then I was left wanting Your attention to details made me feel like I was there I can t wait for the next book, yet at the same time I don t want the series to end.

    Rea Cannell
    Reading Intermezzo often left me feeling as though I was reading a Jane Austen novel, but watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie play out in my mind Fascinating Intermezzo is the second book in The Birthright Legacy Morgan s debut novel, Etude, was romantic, suspenseful, and thought provoking and generally an all around intriguing read see my review of Etude for details , and Morgan s second novel does not disappoint So often, sequels are a let down not true with Intermezzo Book two is set in Pennsy [...]

    What a cliff hanger You would think that the cliff hanger for the first book was big just wait until you read this book I LOOOOVED this book Usually when reading second books in series you feel like it is a filler, totally out of context, or boring With this book, though this is not the case This book was so much tense yet thrilling The idea that the main character is thrust back into the past and the genre of this sequel is different then the first was very intriguing and I think pretty unique [...]

    Kristina Aziz
    I got this book through a firstreads giveaway.This book was extremely well written with special attention given to the feel of the 1800s Naturally though, having not read the first installment, I was lost a few times And while this isn t my usual genre, Morgan impressed me with her writing.

    Shandel Hall
    Fantastic I was hooked from cover to cover These books get better and better, my new favorite series An incredible sequel and I cannot wait for the next one

    Nan Defelice
    I couldn t put this book down Once again, Melinda Morgan has left me wanting This Book Two of the Birthright Legacy was even entertaining than Book One, if that s even possible Melinda has the uncanny ability to weave happenings from the first book in and around happenings in the second, retaining continuity throughout the time travel theme I couldn t put the book down such an easy read Melinda makes you believe that time travel can actually happen Absolutely cannot wait for Book Three of this [...]

    Mary McDonald
    Book picked up right where the first one left off I enjoyed this book , probably because it is set in 1864 Civil War times so there are some historical references I was getting a little frustrated with the main character in the endke duhyou don t realize what s going on here I will have to get the last book to read the conclusion Unfortunately, I just found out it is due out sometime in 2015.

    Joann Blakemore
    I want I love the second book even so than the first I couldn t put it down I reread the first book to make sure I had all the details and characters down pat I started on the 2nd book this weekend and finished it FANTASTIC I want Does anyone know when the third book will be release This is a great series I love it Please hurry Melinda, and write, write, write.

    Melinda Morgan

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