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  • Title: The Slender Man
  • Author: Dexter Morgenstern
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  • Page: 325
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  • The Slender Man By Dexter Morgenstern In Murphy, North Carolina, a tragic accident occurs claiming the lives of several elementary school children Alyssa s brother Adam is the only child spared, and what seems like a tragic ending is merely invitation to an ancient horror as the town s remaining children begin disappearing Alyssa realizes that she and her brother are among those suffering from a mysterious aIn Murphy, North Carolina, a tragic accident occurs claiming the lives of several elementary school children Alyssa s brother Adam is the only child spared, and what seems like a tragic ending is merely invitation to an ancient horror as the town s remaining children begin disappearing Alyssa realizes that she and her brother are among those suffering from a mysterious ailment and haunted by sinister apparitions Alyssa sees a sometimes amorphous, sometimes man like shadow Her peers see their deceased loved ones, and then disappear As each day passes, children are taken, and Alyssa knows that the ominous figure is responsible Now if Alyssa wants to save herself and her brother from becoming the next victims, she has to figure out what it is and how to fight it, before it s too late.
    Dexter Morgenstern
    Dexter is a Southern born Seattle author and model Homeschooled after a diagnosis of mild Asperger s, he learned to play to his strengths as an energetic, creative artist He began writing at the age of fifteen, and published his first novel two years later Outside of art, Dexter spends his time gaming, studying, and socializing with other ambitious minds As an army brat, he attained a pragmatic sense of discipline that he uses to balance his artistic endeavors with his academic ones Dexter s ultimate goal is to contribute to the subjugation of humanity by artificial intelligence.

    The Slender Man By Dexter Morgenstern


    I was a beta reader for this novel First, it is worth buying for the artwork inside, even if you never get to read it That said, I LOVED IT I have always been fascinated by the original Slender Man mythosif you research online you will find stories of people from all around the world, from all different cultures, who have had encounters with shadow people Slender Man is one of the most commonly seen shadow people, not that cheesy image from the video game.The book is written in first person pres [...]

    This book was given to me in the YA group giveaway First of all I want to say I think this writer has real potential The plot is solid and he managed to set it up in a way that created mystery and tension which is not easy to do However, some of the other issues in the book kept me from rating it higher.The book needs a good editor Both for grammar style mistakes example there should be paragraph breaks for dialogue and especially for content There is too much superfluous information in the nove [...]

    I m glad that I got the chance to read The Slender Man A big thank you to the YA Book Club First, in my opinion this book is really good I like the fact that I, as a foreign English speaker, understood almost every word or phrase of the book On the other hand, this could be a disadvantage, because lots of the readers are able to speak English better than me and maybe they think the sentences are too boring However I think the story is gripping and something new for me, because I don t usually re [...]

    Véronique Tremblay
    Disclosure This book was given to me as part of the 1000 members YA book club giveaway This is my honest opinion of the book and no one is paying me for this review.First, I have to say this was a very addicting book The story is very interesting and, as I knew about the game before knowing there was a book about it, I was very eager to read it and discover all the details behing the Slender Man I was definitely not disappointed by the plot, but there are quite a few things that bugged me about [...]

    Sean Endress
    Full disclosure I was offered a review copy of this book in exchange for a full and honest review All opinions below are entirely my own This has been taken from my review.I ll be honest, when I was promised a new spin on Slender Man, I was a little suspicious My age and identity lands me squarely in the crowd that invented him, so I doubted it d be anything I hadn t seen before.If you know Slender Man, you know what you re getting into Creepy humanoid, blurry photos, scary static, missing kids [...]

    First off, I don t usually read books like The Slender Man, but I am definitely glad that I had the opportunity to read this one After a tragic accident, resulting in the deaths of several of the town s children, strange things begin to happen The story follows Alyssa Redwood as she tries to understand and figure out what is going on Children keep disappearing, others come down with a strange sickness, and some start hallucinating Alyssa has been able to see the strange shadowy static figure tha [...]

    I have two teenagers, and for awhile there Slender Man was the big hit When I then saw this book, I knew I d have to read it.I could tell that the story was written by a younger person The vocabulary was not very seasoned, and it could have done better by some thorough editing and perhaps a thesaurus I could not get myself to identify or like the main character She only seemed to have negative thoughts to think about anyone other than her brother or her best friend There was a lot of stereotypi [...]

    J.S. Little
    The Slender Man, probably the most literally titled book featuring a version of the internet meme legend, the Slender Man, is a YA horror novel that I ve been meaning to read for a while now and finally bit the bullet and plunged in Turning a Slender Man story into a full length novel isn t easy There s no blurry video clips for fans to pour over or disjointed blog posts to follow every day It has to have a story that is long enough to fill a book but still keep the suspense up using a monster t [...]

    Josette Thomas
    I really, really liked this book It was creepy, scary and terrifying I read the book as much as possible to see if Alyssa would be able to save her brother I really found Slenderman to be a truly scary individual that only preys on the bad of people or children If there really is a slenderman, I do not want to meet him and I love scary stuff This book was wonderful and if you like Scary and Creepy this is for you

    Alan Pierce
    I liked this book, and would have liked it if it weren t written for the young adult demographic However, it wasn t bad, and went into a tale that I had never heard of before.

    Ajinkya Kale
    PLOT A tragic bus accident kills as many as of 12 toddlers Then onwards, many other starts to disappear Alyssa Redwood, a Jewish teen girl is the narrator of this story She s strong and bold The unusual occurrences of seeing things and going insane latch onto Alyssa, but she till her last breathe fights against the black entity REVIEW It really feels somewhat funny that although everything around is going so upsetting and dreadful and Alyssa is not feared at all.There has been an undesirable inf [...]

    Smol Bookworm
    In Murphy, North Carolina, 15 year old Alyssa Redwood, a perky Jewish girl, almost loses her seven year old brother, Adam Redwood He was part of a tragic accident that claims the lives of several elementary school children including her best friend Shana Hawthorn s seven year old sister, Denise Hawthorn.After the accident, Alyssa starts seeing a sometimes amorphous, sometimes manlike shadow that she dubs as Slender Man or Slender According to Alyssa s classmates, they see their deceased loved on [...]

    Baker​ St Shelves
    You know, for a book based on a meme and multiple creepypastas, and a few video games, this book isn t too bad The pacing is excellent, the character development is nicely done, and the suspense keeps you engaged Definitely a surprise for me.

    Melissa Jones
    Goof readIt was interesting, a bit weird at times But I still liked it I kind of wonder if there is a part 2.

    The story is fine It was intriguing if a little predictable The characters were so so No one really acted I think very realistic except maybe the main character I would assume it was intentional if the writing had gone another direction than it did but it didn t The writing made this so hard to read The entire book would have been better if the author had a better editor As it stands it has formatting errors galore and don t get me started on the margins though that s a pet peeve of mine , so ma [...]

    For a story based off a creepypasta from the internet, I have to give this author props for having the ability to create his own original story about the creature Now of course, it s not exactly original persay, it does follow the same formula as most slenderman creepypastas would of You begin to notice subtle creepy things which slowly drown you in hysteria and oh, who is this tall lookin fella Think MarbleHornets meets a young teenage girl so original No, BUT never would I say it s not an ente [...]

    Ryan Ho
    The Slender Man is a fantastic book I highly recommend it to all the sci fi fans It organised the plot great At first, it introduce the characters using a story way It also lead you to the scariest part quietly The most scary part is when the main character, Alyssa found out his young brother got in a car accident in a forest Although lots of kids dead, Adam, Alyssa s brother was alive Then, Alyssa sees a sometimes amorphous, sometimes man like shadow Few weeks later, Alyssa went back school and [...]

    Brian Robinson
    This isn t really a regular book to me it s as a good documentary about a creature monster but he is no where to be seen by anybody.The only place he can be seen is the forest But hopefully there will be live witnesses coming back with information on the creature I really enjoyed this book because it was very thrilling and spooky I also liked this book because they put it in documentary form.If you like scary mystery books i recommended you check our this book because I give it a 5 star rating [...]

    Loved this book The cover art is amazing and the story really pulls you in Author really did a great job of suspense in this adaptation of The Slender Man story The main character was very likable as well Also, it had a creepy factor, that I would want to read about in any Slender Tale Even if Slender doesn t scare you, it will creep you out.

    I think that this book is really scary and I don t like anything with ghost in it because I have a nightmare that there is a ghost in my hose and stay up all night and I would not go to sleep

    The book is really god I give it a five star

    The cover art is what drew me to the book in the first place plus it was a free download Story was decent but I didn t care for the writing style better editing may have help a bit.

    missing no
    Amazing book Very good book I was interested and this book was amazing Kind of a sad story though

    it was creppy slender then mian ideas are slender man got hit by a car and the serrif thught it was a hit and run but it made the guy that got hit MAD.

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