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  • Title: Halkın Bilim Tarihi
  • Author: Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu
  • ISBN: 9789754036657
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Halkın Bilim Tarihi By Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu Arka Kapak HEP M Z OKUL K TAPLARINDAN rendi imiz bilim tarihine a inay z Galileo nun d nyan n evrenin merkezi olmad n kan tlamak i in teleskopu nas l kulland n , Newton un a a tan d en elma sayesinde yer ekimini nas l ke fetti ini, Einstein n basit bir denklemle zaman ve uzay n gizemlerini nas l zd n biliyoruz Bu geleneksel cesaret yk s , B y k FikirleriArka Kapak HEP M Z OKUL K TAPLARINDAN rendi imiz bilim tarihine a inay z Galileo nun d nyan n evrenin merkezi olmad n kan tlamak i in teleskopu nas l kulland n , Newton un a a tan d en elma sayesinde yer ekimini nas l ke fetti ini, Einstein n basit bir denklemle zaman ve uzay n gizemlerini nas l zd n biliyoruz Bu geleneksel cesaret yk s , B y k Fikirleri olan birka B y k Adam t m insanl n kar s nda ne kar r ve bilimi tamam yla bunlara bor lu oldu umuzu sal klar.Oysa Bilim her zaman kolektif bir aban n r n olmu tur Halk n Bilim Tarihinde ise dikkatler, sonunda, avc top lay c lara, k yl ift ilere, denizcilere, madencilere, demircilere, halk ifac lar na ve g nl k ya am m cadelesinde var olma abas i erisinde s rekli do a ile y zle en s radan insanlara y nelmi tir T p bilimi, okuryazar olmayan antik a insan n n bitkilerin iyile tirici zelliklerini ke fetmesiyle ba lam t r Kimya ve metal rji antik a larda ya am madencilerin, demircilerin ve mlek ilerin al malar yla ortaya km jeoloji ve arkeoloji de yine madenlerde do mu tur Matematik varolu unu ve, b y k l de, geli imini binlerce y l boyunca arazi et t lerine, t ccarlara, muhasebecilere ve tamircilere bor lu olmu tur Bilimsel Devrime damgas n vuran ampirik deneysel y ntem de, bu y ntemin faydaland ok say daki bilimsel veriler de Avrupal zanaatkarlar n at lyelerinden do mu tur.
    Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu
    Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Halkın Bilim Tarihi book, this is one of the most wanted Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu author readers around the world.

    Halkın Bilim Tarihi By Clifford D. Conner Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoğlu


    Mahdi Lotfi

    Chris Kaeff
    Science has always been a collective endeavor of the folk, ever since way back when It s not a form of knowledge bestowed upon us by giants with elite minds, elite cultures, and elite technologies It springs forth from the work of the people Except for Newton of courseIn the beginning was the word St JohnIn the beginning was the word No, in the beginning was the deed Goethe

    I love history and I love science but I can t say I loved this book It had some very interesting information but it felt too much like a dissertation mixed with an editorial I think the premise of the book is great and the author kept my attention well in some parts, but it just got boring in too many places Maybe its for people who specialize in this type of social history and maybe I expected something else, but I moved on without finishing it.

    Conner s main argument is that scientific break throughs rest on the backs of unseen, often formally uneducated workers Well, duh, Connor Innovations in both applied and theoretical science do not occur in a vacuum, despite what the age of patents and intellectual property laws would have us believe The history of science is no less prone to the mythologizing that frequently takes place in the hindsight of any examination of our collective past, and as such is not excused from the biases of indi [...]

    This book purports to simultaneously correct the mainstream history of science, highlighting the contribution of unlettered craftsmen, sailors, folk healers and non Westerners to its development, and criticize science for being subservient to the interests of the ruling classes and complicit in their crimes There is an inherent contradiction between these goals, which Conner does not notice If medicine is forever tainted by the infection of Chinese and Allied POWs with lethal bacteria done by th [...]

    Hayat mda ok ama ok az kitab yar m b rakt m Bu da onlardan birisi oldu Bir pop ler bilim kitab gibi alg lansa da ok say da tarihi detay ok farkl kaynaklardan sadece edit ryel bir i olarak bir araya getirilmi ve pop ler bilim okurundan ziyade bu alanda tarihi ara t rma yapacaklar i in bir kaynak kitap g revi g r yor.Okuma kitab de il diye d k y ld z vermek ne kadar do ru bilmiyorum ama bu puan alg lan , sunu u ve ger ekte ne oldu uyla ilgili tutars zl na verdi imi d nebilirsiniz.

    Incredibly tedious trip though history reminding us that for every great man of science there were many others working behind the scenes.As a work of scholarship, this book may be worthy, but it is definitely not entertaining reading, even for a science geek like me.

    Bilim birka dehan n d nsel s re lerinin sonucu de il, madencilerin, denizcilerin, t ccarlar n sorunlar kar s nda retti i pratik z mlerin bir sonucu Bu ger e i ge mi ten g n m ze rneklerle anlatan ger ek bir kitap Her eyden nce cesaret verici.

    This book was saved by chapter 2 and the last chapter The rest was driving me insane These two chapters covered the chronological ends of science, the very beginning, which makes a fascinating argument for the sheer brilliance of the hunters gatherers and an examination in the last chapter of the current state of science and where it might be heading The author s thesis, which he throws up in the air over and over again, is that really scientific progress is based on the work of billions of unkn [...]

    I picked this up at first solely for the title, as it obviously implicated Howard Zinn s great work A People s History of the United States That book looks at U.S history from the bottom up, and, as one would figure, this book looks at the history of scientific thought and discovery from the bottom up The author s primary thesis throughout the book is that too much attention is given to the giants of science, Newton, Galileo, Aristotle, Einstein, and so on, thinking that scientific progress was [...]

    A decent book While its a daunting task to go over a history of science, the author does a good job covering the importance and usefulness of knowledge that is rarely recognized By making strong arguments about the existence of popular knowledge before science labs, he helps the case that up to recently, science was not done by the big men of history.The only other person I have seen take on such a task is Bill Bryson, in a Complete History of Nearly Everything Without a political bent, this boo [...]

    Diamo a Cesare cio che e di Cesare Finalmente un libro che restituisce dignita a quanti pur nell umilta e nel completo anonimato hanno permesso con il loro lavoro quotidiano e la loro perseveranza il raggiungimento delle importanti conquiste scientifiche delle quali beneficiamo ancora oggi Il valore di quest opera e la capacita di dimostrare con un linguaggio sempre chiaro e scorrevole e con il supporto di una bibliografia di tutto rispetto, che spesso i geni ai quali sono state attribuite le im [...]

    A great view of the history of science that focuses on all of the non mythic figures Plato, Aristotle, Ptolemy, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, and other science heros get pushed to the back of the story, where they actually belong.Most of the innovations and discoveries were made by the midwives, technicians, tinkerers, and assistants, but their names were not written down, their ideas absorbed and advanced and eventually written down by those of higher status and class We know of Galileo s story beca [...]

    Will Shoemaker
    second half is better

    Zach Freeman
    This is basically a history of science showing how science is always discovered in the trenches or by the people doing the dirty work and not in sterile college offices by one genius professor or other It gets a little boring at certain parts unless you have intimate knowledge of the history of science, which I don t , but otherwise it s a pretty impressive read and manages to stay interesting If you re interested in the discovery of different theories, etc then you ll like this What s very cool [...]

    Eric Herod
    A Peoples History argues that the history of science, like other histories, has two sides and that often the side most told and widely accepted is from the perspective of the ruling elite Conner reminds us that the Great Minds we celebrate are often celebrated for ideas and inventions they did not come up with on their own Credit is given where it is due in A Peoples History but the record is also set straight in many places I reccomend this book not only for the way in which it reminds us that [...]

    John Gonzalez
    Really good for about 300 400 pages Then at some point the redundancy of the point the author is trying to make sort of weakens the argument We get that scientific advances are based on the contributions of regular people, but the elitist is me also knows that the development of things such as particle physics and modern algebra are a result of the developments of intellectual elites At some point our knowledge became inaccessible to the laymen even if they were responsible for the foundations o [...]

    I felt that each section probably could have been expanded into books on their own and most of the section topics already do have entire books written about them , so everything felt kind of rushed and condensed That said, I think this is a very good introduction to thinking about the history of science and technology as invented by and stolen from the people My only major gripe is that in the section about personal computers and the revolution of the internet, there was no mention of the techno [...]

    Penelope Green
    This started okay with a potentially interesting premise that it has always been the trades that really advanced knowledge It filled in some gaps I had in the history of science and went a way to proving his point Then before one was totally convinced science is than craft secrets he stopped advancing the argument and just gave and examples of his initial point.I was still willing to forgive and just think it was a book that was slightly longer than it should have been until the last chapter [...]

    Like any text that attempts to trace the history of a subject from beginning to end, this book is long I particularly enjoyed the beginning, which focused on the development of knowledge in hunter gatherer societies, and the end, which focused on the ways in which capitalism affects both what is considered science and how it is used For someone without a strong background in science like myself, though, the middle sections tended to drag on a bit with lots of names and discoveries.

    the book starts off pretty slow and dry, but picks up in the middle i think some of the slow and dry feeling had to do with my reading a lot of bryson immediately before hand there s lots of interesting information in the book and it turned out to be a rather enjoyable read i don t see myself re reading it like i would with a bryson book, but the index is rather extensive, so i might go back occasionally to look up a bit of information.

    Really great history of science Talks about working people s contributions to science, and goes against the great men versions of history I don t know much about science and still really enjoyed it.

    This book takes on the Great Man bias of history including history of science , showing how common people have been the driving force behind many great innovations I learned a lot, but the book is a bit repetitive.

    somewhat acedemic, but a thoroughly researched tome on how the artisans and workers built the foundations of science the great men of science heroification theory has been discounted before, but this is pretty interesting socio political science reading if you re a nerd.

    Thomas Yount
    If I ever teach a history class in the future this would be the book for High School students It is at a level of reading accessible enough for youth which isn t breaming with hubris, patriotism and half truths.For anyone who loved People s history of the US by Zinn

    This reads like a thesis The narrative is largely a compilation of quotes Hundreds of footnotes per chapter and a 25 page bibliography This is great as a reference text but it is too much for just reading entertainment, Too many words and very repetitive.

    This is a fascinating book and I learned a great deal for it The only unfortunate thing was that Conner tended to go overboard in debunking the accepted version of science, and often wrote like an opinion piece than a serious work about science.

    Interesting look at the unnamed peoples who used their environment to develop products and methods useful for human development Though, Conner does eschew a strong anti great man theory of science and his rhetoric infringes on his credibility at times.

    I don t think I m going to finish this Even as a socialist, I find the author s vehement anti bourgeois rhetoric very off putting Plus, he seems to think that mathematics is completely irrelevant to what he thinks of as science and intrinsically elitist which can t be further from the truth.


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