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  • Title: No Exchanges, No Returns
  • Author: Laurie Kellogg
  • ISBN: 9781938618055
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook

  • No Exchanges, No Returns By Laurie Kellogg A new twist on The Gift of the Magi story There were never such devoted sisters Dr David Lambert and his wife, Brianna, received the ultimate Christmas gift from her fraternal twin They gratefully accepted it, of course, because everyone knows you can t return a baby like an itchy sweater Yet, that s essentially what Brianna does when she has a meltdown and unexpectedlA new twist on The Gift of the Magi story There were never such devoted sisters Dr David Lambert and his wife, Brianna, received the ultimate Christmas gift from her fraternal twin They gratefully accepted it, of course, because everyone knows you can t return a baby like an itchy sweater Yet, that s essentially what Brianna does when she has a meltdown and unexpectedly divorces David, running from their home in Redemption, Pennsylvania, and leaving their surrogate her sister, Casey pregnant with his little bundle.When David chose her beautiful twin over her, Casey MacIntyre hid her hurt behind a wall of sarcasm Now that her sister has divorced her husband, it s increasingly difficult to remember why the hunky pediatrician is supposed to be off limits especially since Brianna doesn t seem to want him or care if Casey and he get involved.David always liked and admired his selfless ex sister in law despite that the sassy preschool teacher is always busting his chops Consequently, after his wife bails on marriage and motherhood, it s only natural he turns to Casey for sympathy Unfortunately, the exasperating pixie becomes irresistible with each day she carries his child He already mistook lust for love once and jumped way too fast into marriage He s not about to botch up his life that way again.Casey wants whatever happiness she can grab, whether it s temporary or not The only problem is, if she lets herself love her baby or David , what will happen to her when her sister inevitably realizes her mistake and returns to Redemption
    Laurie Kellogg
    Laurie Kellogg is a two time winner and seven time nominee of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award, a winner of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Zola award, and a Romantic Times American Title I finalist She began writing to avoid housework and has since resorted to naming the dust bunnies multiplying as fast as real rabbits while she plots sensual love stories that are steamy, heartwarming fun Laurie also writes red hot romantic comedies under L.L Kellogg, which she s branded as A Little Naughty and a lot of Fun To learn about Laurie and her books, visit LaurieKellogg Be sure to sign up for LAURIE S NEWSLETTER for updates on releases

    No Exchanges, No Returns By Laurie Kellogg


    I usually like the books this author churns out, but this one just was all wrong Like other reviewers I knew generally what this story was about and the concept didn t bother me However after reading the story it was really contrived and not very genuine feeling At the beginning I think most people are rooting for Casey, which is normal given the circumstances, but Brianna stole the show Brianna s story line was so much heartfelt and genuine Her relationship with Marc was so much special to me [...]

    I knew going into it that this book s main character a man married to one sister who ended up with another As a sister, this has always been a tough sell for me It would NEVER be okay for any of my sisters to even date anyone that I had been with, or even had a crush on I don t think that my family is that different either I hoped I could get over the squick factor, but I didn t, not overall Sharing a bed in the master bedroom that your sister used to sleep in didn t work for me The book is well [...]

    No Exchanges, No Returns by Laurie Kellogg is book 4 in the Redemption series This is probably the best of the series David Lambert is a prominent pediatrician in Redemption He is up for a promotion in the hospital which will mean prestige, pay, and hours working The time he is gone from home is the only major complaint his wife, Brianna should have He gives her whatever she wants He built a mansion for her and gave her free reign to decorate it The only thing he can t give her is a child Bria [...]

    Krista D
    I definitely had to suspend reality a few times to make this book work for me, but overall, it was a nice read.

    Kendra G
    Soooo much going on It takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level Every single person in this book needs psychiatric help EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    Another late night early morning read, which annoyed me than entertained me.Highlighted passages As one would expect, his dad was crazy about Brianna Her inherent sensuality and sparkling personality caused every guy over the age of ten to flex his muscles and suck his gut inWTF TEN YEAR OLDS What the hell is that about That creeped me out to be honest Next the H is looking at his pregnant sister in law who is asleep on his sofa and wearing a Tweety Pie t shirt She looked about twelve years old [...]

    People make mistakes No one is perfect, but most mistakes are because people don t reflect and think about how their actions are going to effect others.So when Brianna and her husband David have her fraternal twin sister, Casey become their surrogate mother for their child because Bri can t have children, none of these people think about what those sacrifices and choices are going to do to all of them So Casey s egg and Dr David Lambert s sperm make a baby which is growing in Casey, when Bri lea [...]

    Prominent pediatrician, David Lambert has given his beautiful wife, Brianna, everything she could ever want He built her a mansion and given her free reign to decorate it however she wants But he can t give her a child because she is barren and won t consider adoption.Brianna s twin sister, Casey McInyre, has always helped her throughout their childhood because of Brianna s physical ailments So when Brianna asks Casey to be her surrogate and use her eggs, Casey agrees.Soon after Casey gets pregn [...]

    Black Butterfly

    Melody Cox
    For this reader there was a major ICK factor in this book that made it near impossible to enjoy.Dr meets the Plain twin and they begin dating He happens to see the beautiful twin at a party he is with accompanying Plain and immediately dumps Plain for Beauty, quickly marrying.Beauty and Dr need a surrogate mother to carry their child Guess who Yep her twin, Plain.ICK FACTOR Beauty leaves the Dr and divorces him while Plain is pregnantd Plain moves in with Dr and is in his bed in no timetaking he [...]

    This is my first book from this author I thoroughly enjoyed it However, I just didnt love it the characters and storyline was really well told Casey Brianna and David have this really weird triangle thing going on in the story Brianna and David being married and unable to get pregnant so her fraternal twin, as selfless as Casey is, becomes their surrogate To only have Bri take off and file a divorce I totally understood but just couldn t connect with the characters on that level, that s gets me [...]

    Samie Kauchis
    Kellogg s books are always wonderful, quick, heartfelt reads that one can plow through while only having to suspend reality a tiny bit She s got a neat, witty style of writing that sucks you right in I ll definitely be looking for from her in the future Especially if she adds books to this series.

    This was a great read.A new twist on O Henry s classic tale, The Gift of the Magi, this read is about two sisters and how one sister, Casey gives the ultimate Christmas gift for her fraternal twin The gift to be a surragate for her You can t return a baby or can you

    Sherry Vitaniemi
    GiftsThis is a amazing story Two sisters who are incredible in their own ways And how both selflessly give each other what the other didn t know they needed Everyone in this story has nothing but love in there heart and mind.

    Fraternal twins couldn t be different Which one will Dr Lambert choose, the one he married or the surrogate mother of his child Add to that hot sex and deep soul searching makes this novel one not to be missed.

    Amber Douglas
    A decent read, but the hero sleeping marrying both sisters is too eww for me I found the dialogue about it completely unrealistic.

    4.5 great book

    Betty Lambert
    Very good, but also very emotional You have twin sisters, Brianna who cannot have children due to medical issues so her sister Cassie does the best thing for Brianna and agrees to be a surrogate for their child using her eggs and the daddy David s sperm Everything goes well, until Brianna decides she doesn t want to be married any and leaves Cassie holding the baby, per say I felt so bad for Cassie She is now going to be a single mom and refuses to give up the baby when it is born as she figures [...]

    Em Taylor
    I must have had this book on my kindle forever I found it while hunting for something to read over Christmas and it was right down at the bottom The cover isn t terribly inspiring but the story is good and the writing is great It s not high drama but it certainly caused me to stay up a couple of nights till 4am I m a slow reader I was tugged one way then the other and never quite sure who I was rooting for until in the end I was just rooting for everyone to be happy Definitely worth a read and I [...]

    Jo-Ann Fitzgerald
    Not a bad plot, but I couldn t see these 2 as sisters let alone twins If the author used best friends instead it would have been believable Overall the surro link was different but as I ve been researching this for personnel reasons, and know this would have had major problems in real life But if you take these ideas out or amend them, it s not a bad book The story line kept moving and was interesting.

    Not what I expected but in a good way I didn t think this would be a very good story but I bought it anyway because I wanted to give it a try and I was blown away The power of emotions in this book were amazing Ms Kellogg makes you truly care for her characters as they go through the turmoil of find and keeping love and their secrets A wonderful read and a great story.

    Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams
    No Exchanges, No Returns Return to Redemption, Book 4 The love story of twin, Brianna and Casey Brianna is marry to David and she cannot have a baby So she ask her twin, Casey to care her baby When Casey is pregnant, Brianna tell David she want a divorce Can David and Casey find love You love this story.

    sharon sobzak
    EnjoyableAnother HEA for couples in Redemption A few twists and bumps in the road, but then everyone finds true love and financial worries dissipate, friends help each other Need to make this contagious for the world.

    Julie Weaver
    Loved this storyThis was a very well written story It kept my attention throughout the entire story I enjoyed the romances of all of the couples.

    Enjoyed the story and all the supporting characters.

    Cherye Elliott
    No ExchangesEnjoyed the book Fun read Great storyline Loved all of the characters and most important, the happily ever after Hurry up Get the book and start reading.

    Catherine Tyskowski
    This was a good story, but the sexual descriptions were a bit too graphic for me.

    Andrea Akers
    Redemption 4I loved the story and theme of this book There were several side plots going on in addition to the main plot David and Cash go through an emotional growth and development of their relationship Overall this romantic story is worth the read.

    ╰☆╮ LovesToRead ╰☆╮
    the Gift of the Maggi is one of my favorite stories because it is a true example of irony This book didn t represent anything ironic I wasn t really sure where the actual irony and sacrifice were That aside, it was a cute enough story, although Casey got on my nerves.

    Helen McNabb
    WowWhat a story, a lot to comprehend.A fast paced story full of drama and emotionally charged.Go on and read for yourself.

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