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  • Title: City of Light
  • Author: Kim Wright
  • ISBN: 9781479115426
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback

  • City of Light By Kim Wright City of Light, the second book in the City of Mystery series, opens in 1889 Paris on the eve of the Exposition Universelle, the ultimate World s Fair which debuted Edison s phonograph, Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show, and the Eiffel Tower Detective Rayley Abrams has traveled from Scotland Yard to France to study the new science of forensics with the Parisian police LonelyCity of Light, the second book in the City of Mystery series, opens in 1889 Paris on the eve of the Exposition Universelle, the ultimate World s Fair which debuted Edison s phonograph, Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show, and the Eiffel Tower Detective Rayley Abrams has traveled from Scotland Yard to France to study the new science of forensics with the Parisian police Lonely and awkward, Rayley easily falls under the spell of a beautiful British expatriate named Isabel Blout, a woman with a murky past and suspicious social connections Paris may be abuzz with excitement, but there are also rumors that the Exposition is running out of money and that Eiffel may not finish his celebrated tower in time for the opening day celebrations The French police are so eager to present a perfect image to the eyes of the world that when a most unusual victim washes up on the banks of the Seine, they literally keep the murder under wraps Back in London, Queen Victoria has rewarded Rayley s friend and rival, Trevor Welles, for his work on the Jack the Ripper case by naming him head of Scotland Yard s first forensics unit Trevor scrambles to assemble his team Tom Bainbridge, an aristocratic young medical student, Emma Kelly, sister of the Ripper s last victim, and Davy Mabrey, a bobby with profound common sense and a knack for earning the trust of witnesses The unit is investigating a raid on a male brothel when an alarming telegram draws them to Paris and into the drama and intrigue surrounding the Exposition But will Trevor and his team be able to unravel the web of deception in time to save Rayley
    Kim Wright
    When I was a kid I was so obsessed with books I used to check out four at a time from the library that was the limit in the small NC town where I was raised then walk down the street, sit under a tree, and read them as fast a I could so I could go back to get four Now I am the author of Love in Mid Air, The Unexpected Waltz, The Canterbury Sisters, and the most recent, Last Ride to Graceland, all published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster I also write the City of Mystery series which includes City of Darkness, City of Light, City of Silence, City of Bells, City of Stone, and the Christmas themed novella, The Angel of Hever Castle This series is set in the Victorian era and deals with another of my obsessions, the founding of the first forensics unit in Scotland Yard My chief detective, Trevor Welles, struggles to be a modern man in an antiquated system I am the mother of two grown children and recently became a grandmother for the first time I highly recommend it My hobbies include ballroom dance, travel, and dogs.

    City of Light By Kim Wright


    Finish time 11 nights Not as good as the first book in this series This book started off really slow I had a hard time getting into the book and keeping track of characters Rayley Abrams is not a typical main character, but he was carried over from the previous book, and it brought the story from London to Paris A few of the other characters came as well including Geraldine Bainbridge, a quirkly older socialite from London who always proves to be good company What started off as two separate inv [...]

    Dixie Goode
    I started this book and then realized that is was a book 2, so I bought the first book and read it in the middle of this before coming back and finishing it The characters are fun, the research is detailed, and the story line keeps moving along Some things are predictable and there are mistakes that an editor would have caught but the story is a good, enjoyable read in spite of the issues Not a 5 star book, but good enough that I will be getting the next one too I really felt that the characters [...]

    Having read City of Darkness, I was looking forward to this second book in the series, and I was not disappointed I really enjoyed this book It was a good mystery story with a bit of history thrown in I wanted to give 4 stars, but there were too many errors due to lack of proofreading which I found distracting.

    Amy Mable
    This was a wonderful book The complicated characters and plot line were irresistible, and I loved everything I learned about Paris at this particular story s historical position Just loved the book.

    Sally Stackhouse
    This is the second book in the series but it wasn t a problem haven t read the first in the series and it didn t detract from my enjoyment of this book.There are some typos in the book but otherwise it is an enjoyable read The story is set in Paris and London in 1889 at the beginning of the science of forensics The Eiffel Tower is nearing completion ready for the Exposition Universelle, World s Fair Two crimes take place one in London and one in Paris Detectives and a group of civilians working [...]

    Excellent Well written mystery with an exciting plot and interesting characters

    Cresta McGowan
    Kim Wright has thrilled me again City of Light is a fantastic murder mystery novel I love Wright s characters and the relationships they have with one another.The title City of Light is a reference to Paris, France, which is the primary setting for the novel Paris has a magical quality, but also a mysterious quality Of course, I ve never been but this is the rumor confirmed by the many novels I ve read set in ol ParieOnce again we are plunged into the lives of criminal experts Trevor Welles and [...]

    I loved Kim Wright s first book in the City series, City of Darkness It centered around the Jack the Ripper killings and a small London team in the early stages of developing forensics criminal profiling Knowing that it s about Jack the Ripper, you expected that obviously some of the content would deal with prostitution This book, although still well written, kinda of jumps out at you with some disturbing themes The mystery primarily centers around the city of Paris on the eve of the completion [...]

    Lynda Kelly
    As with this author s first book she s written a GREAT story but it s spoilt completely by sloppy proof reading editing, only this time I d got so worn out halfway in that I packed it up.I m so disappointed itI d hoped she d have sharpened her act up by the second one I had the third in the series downloaded as well and I ll be deleting that I just can t labour my way through them the state they re in.Once again there are loads of places where words have been dropped out of sentences like it to [...]

    I had doubts that I would enjoy this as much as the first of the series Crime thrillers are not one of my usual genres, but Jack the Ripper is such a well known mysterious figure that I was willing to step outside my literary comfort zone I ended up liking it so much, I decided to give this second book a try, despite it not having the same type of infamous subject to recommend it And I am so glad I did The cases were truly intriguing and I was quite happy to revisit the characters who carried ov [...]

    I really wanted to like this book, but it wound up falling flat for me in so many places that I am contemplating deleting the entire series from my Kindle Library The mystery itself wasn t that involved, and I wound up figuring things out well before I was halfway through the book The book also dragged things out to the point where I wanted to mark the book Did Not Finish and move on, which was actually worse than the first book The subject matter that the mystery was based on in this book was u [...]

    I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.This is my kind of book I enjoy fiction where there a nice combination of the historical context woven in with a good murder mystery This story provided an interesting blend of both I particularly enjoyed the background information on the early history of forensics I thought the characters were well developed They seemed real and likable.The plot itself was well written with its intertwining of two seemingly unrelated investigations but it did drag at time [...]

    Randee Baty
    I enjoyed the mystery and the characters in this book very much I also enjoyed the historical information about the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Exposition Even though I have been to the Eiffel Tower, I learned things about it in this book that I didn t know before I did, however, find the topic of the mystery to be disturbing and not something I needed quite so much information on I also agree with other reviewers that the editing needs to be better I do enjoy this series and will keep reading th [...]

    The Tuesday Night Murder Club a Scotland Yard detective, a young cop, a medical student, and a maid gather at the home of a wealthy London woman to try to solve murders using the new forensic sciences.It s not CSI and finger printing is very new in 1889 Victoria is queen and the World Fair is getting ready to open in Paris when a London based newsman and a Scotland Yard detective studying forensics are kidnapped in Paris.No sexSeveral non graphic murders.

    Good story, like the way all the main characters dealt with the issues and treated people So, that said if you have any homophobic issues you probably won t enjoy this book Also the book is full of typo s, wrong tenses, missing words, and typo s that present as words, just not always the correct word So much so that I got irritated and didn t report content error on a whole lot of them, as it was interfering with reading the damn book

    This is the story of Rayley Abrams and Trevor Welled two Scotland Yard detectives who believe they are following two separate cases, one in England and one in France at the height of the Eiffel Tower exposition The story is really a case of what defines identity what the world sees or perhaps does what the world see sharp who your identity becomes Interesting story and I will be reading the other books in the series.

    I enjoyed City of Light, it s a well written, well paced unraveling of a mystery I particularly enjoy Wright s mixture of fact and fiction This is the second of Kim Wright s books that I ve read, and I ll almost certainly read her others There are some typographical errors in the e book I have, but not so many that it became distracting Wright s books are a good pick for anyone who is a fan of historical fiction.

    I won this book in a giveaway I thoroughly enjoyed it Well written with characters I liked and a crazy twist toward the end The story is set in London and Paris in 1889, with the opening of the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop There were lots of historical characters and situations in the book I will definitely be looking for by Kim Wright.

    2nd book of a murder mystery series Thus one takes place mostly in Paris, partially in London, in the late 1800 s Good characters From the reviews, each succeeding book in the series seems to get better I think it s because the characters are getting developed and they re interesting characters I m looking forward to reading the 3rd book.

    Cathy Benavides
    I read this series a bit out of Oder I read the 3rd one first, than the first one, then this one This book was excellent I love the main characters and the back drop of the new Eiffel Tower It is an excellent and slightly scandalous mystery

    Loved it Wonderful 2nd novel in the series Now waiting for City of Silence.Yes, there were typos and some incorrect tenses in the novel, but that didn t take away from my enjoyment of the novel.

    I quit reading it Just lost interest Other reviewers really liked it, but it was not interesting or entertaining to me I had thought that since I ve traveled to those places I may find it of interest, but that wasn t enough.

    This one drags on way too long If the length were cut down significantly it would be much better.

    Dale Bruner
    very interesting donvoluted plot

    A fun mystery that takes place in Paris as construction of the Eiffel Tower is being completed.

    didn t finishdidn t like

    Debra Davis
    Nice second book in the series Characters continue to evolve and become important in their own right The Paris exhibition is a wonderful backdrop for this story.

    Book 2 in the series I enjoyed the story not an edge of the seat cliffhanger but it held my interest in spite of the annoying editorial mishaps.

    excellent great character development the story was well thought out definitely want to read from this author

    Amazingly well written story It had me trying to figure things out all the way through and really engaged with the characters all the way to the end.

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