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  • Title: Night Life
  • Author: Ray Garton
  • ISBN: 9780843956757
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback

  • Night Life By Ray Garton Davey Owen is a man with a death sentence Nearly 20 years and a lifetime ago, Davey battled a circle of vampires and survived, but was forever changed Many of the vampires were destroyed, but the ones who escaped have been hunting Davey ever since Now they ve found him.
    Ray Garton
    Ray Garton is the author of several books, including horror novels such as LIVE GIRLS which has a movie in the works , CRUCIFAX, E4 AUTUMN, and THE FOLKS thrillers like TRADE SECRETS and SHACKLED and numerous short stories and novellas He s also written a number of movie and television tie ins for young readers He lives with his wife, Dawn, in California.

    Night Life By Ray Garton


    It s been almost 20 years since Davey blew the shit out of Live Girls Vampires are still alive you know what I mean and well in the sex trade and they haven t forgotten They thirst for revenge Now that Davey is out from hiding, he wants to finish what he started all those years ago Mutants and Brutals and Anya oh my It is going to hit the fan big time and it s going to get bloody.A very good follow up to Live Girls It was nice to see a few of the LG characters revisited and the story continued V [...]

    In this sequel to Garton s vampire classic, LIVE GIRLS, a bestselling horror novelist hires two private investigators to find out if vampires truly exist in Los Angeles, based on information he had been compiling for years But they do exist, and live among us as seemingly normal people, satisfying their hunger for blood by buying bottles of it in secret vampire run stores But the deadly ones, called brutals, prey on mortals and vampires alike Before long, they all find out the terrifying cost of [...]

    There s something fantastic about reading a vampire novel every once in a while, they are usually free of the daily grind and every day problems, vampires can be both dark, deadly and romantic, you can argue for your life with one, that option isn t always available if you however deal with a werewolf, now that s an obstacle that is hard to cross Ray Garton has penned a sequel to his marvelous first entry Live Girls, which by the way was hot and amazing and totally delectable In this novel the a [...]

    3 Stars.ybe less Stilted or unsuitable dialogue in relation to the situation I still need to think about this.

    Not one of Garton s best It s also, as often stated, not as good as Live Girls However, it is still a good and fun read Would make a great John Carpenter film, I imagine Recommended if you re in the mood for some tight action and crazy characters.

    Brutal.Characters not well fleshed out at all which may have been a plus By the time everyone was gang banged I didn t really want to care about them.I am disappointed with myself for finishing the book.

    Steven Guitink
    Warning spoilers ahead Sequels are a hard thing to do I understand that So often a sequel will fall far short of its predecessor, it can sour the experience all together Maybe its reader expectations or just that the author can t quite capture the magic a second time round.I bring this up because Ray Garton s Night Life was a massive letdown Maybe I went in with the wrong mindset, maybe Mr Garton couldn t hit the right notes but the experience for me overall was disappointing.Lets get this strai [...]

    18 years after all the Live Girls incident Davey Owen is living a simple life with his partner Casey if you never read LIVE GIRLS stop reading this review and start reading that book, one of the best vampire novels ever written Much better than this NIGHT LIFE and that totally spoils it in terms of history, so don t you dare reading LIVE GIRLS after NIGHT LIFE, read it first Anyway, they re both living a happy life as vampires now and after all that chaos and mayhem they really just want to be l [...]

    Shawn Manning
    Classic GartonIt s been some time since I read Live Girls , when it originally came out, but I had no trouble picking up with the sequel If you liked the original, then you ll groove on this It has all the Garton staples sex, violence and whipsaw pacing.

    Cory Cline
    Ray Garton s Live Girls is one of those books that when you put it down, you know you want to read It s not fair that the only vampire books that get sequels are known for their sparkle, or what ever you call it While his vampires are capable of falling in love, and can resist the urge to sink their teeth into every neck they see, they are also capable of being the brutal monsters they are meant to be In Night Life, Garton moves his vampires across the country from the grimy strip club in Times [...]

    NIGHT LIFE Night Life is Ray Gartons sequel to Live Girls I purchased this book with the highest of expectations I enjoyed Live Girls and felt the sequel couldn t miss I was wrong The sequel was extremely weak The character development was poor With the exception of Gavin Keoph and Karen Moffett, we never get the feel of the other characters in this book Even the two PI s arent that well fleshed out O.K we know Davey Owen Right How about Mr Barna What in the world becomes of him Who in the world [...]

    William M.
    The premise of this book had me hooked early on A wealthy and famous author hires a couple private investigators to look into the legitimacy of a secret vampire culture, one that he has personally been researching for years Great idea Unfortunately, the rest of the book seemed rather predictable with a by the numbers hunt for the bad guys, complete with a gathering of allies, a sizable weapons purchase, and a target practice session for the main protagonists to bone up on Although the last 50 pa [...]

    A famous horror writer hires a couple of private investigators to find out whether vampires are real or not His actions have consequences, both for him and the PIs.I read Ray Garton s Live Girls many years ago and it impressed me at the time It was fresh, exciting and sexy, with some disturbing scenes This is the sequel, written almost 20 years later I wanted to like this book than I did, probably due to a certain nostalgia for the first book Unfortunately, it was all a bit flat until the big a [...]

    While not as good as Live Girls still an interesting sequel Davey and Casey have made a quiet, happy life for themselves after escaping the vampires in the last book They have learned to live as vampires without killing and have discovered a network of other vampires like themselves who want to exist without killing Unfortunately that all comes to an end when a famous horror writer hires a couple of private investigators to find Walter Benedek who leads them to Davey and Casey When Casey and one [...]

    I read this straight after Live Girls, Ray Garton is there is no doubt a great author, but Night Life lost the sparkle that the first book had It was fun and had moments that i thought were clever but trying to update the vampires from the seedy district of new york to the adult film industy in Hollywood just did not seem to flow as well The ending was very exciting and Garton turns the vampires into something similar to the Mafia which were the successful aspect of the book It was also nice to [...]

    David Holdredge
    I m not quite sure what to say about this sequel to Live Girls Perhaps je june Pedantic Tedious Whatever the proper term would be, this book dragged on for far too long Easilly, seventy pages could have been expurgated from the work This novel really lacked action and was full of characters that were never rounded enough to connect with Of course, don t get me started on the over the top cliche characters that were added to this installment or the horrifically brutal rape scenes that added very [...]

    At the beginning, I thought maybe Garton had wimped out on me in the Blood, Guts Gore department Boy, was I ever WRONG Once things started to ramp up, it was a thrill ride of shock and carnage all the way to the end Rarely does a horror sequel live up to the first book in my opinion , but Night Life did not disappoint I WANT MORE Might there be a third one, at some point

    Started out okay, then turned boring with a side of misogyny with the exception of old Mrs Dupassie, every female character in this book gets kidnapped, raped, beaten, and or killed I ll pass on the rest of this guy s books.

    Very very very good Refreshing for a vampire book


    One of the only vamp books to give me the creeps I really enjoyed it

    Joe P
    Incredibly gory and shocking sequel to Live Girls I actually liked Night Life slightly better.

    Overall 4 starsStory 4 starsNarration 3 starsThis was a pretty tame effort, for this author, but I liked it anyway.

    Garton has a way of making vampires kick ass, than they ever should, with visceral violence and sexual ecstasy His vamps rule

    Cindi (cheesygiraffe)
    Another good horror novel by Ray Garton Not as good as Live Girls but that was hard to top.

    Sheila Greco
    Scared me silly We get used to vampires that are gorgeous, sexy, etc but the Brutals were WICKEDLY scary Wished I d read Live Girls before this one it s on my To Read list now.

    E Horribly written story with yucky rape scenes Wish I hadn t bothered to finish it.No character development to speak of, so it was hard to care about any of the characters or the story.

    I ve yet to read anything by Ray Garton that was less than great He gets my vote for most consistent horror author.

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