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  • Title: Cleansed
  • Author: Sarah Kane
  • ISBN: 9780413733306
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

  • Cleansed By Sarah Kane This stunning play from the controversial author of Blasted premi red at the Royal Court Theatre, London in spring 1998A provocative play from the notorious author of Blasted, which probes the nightmarish world of twenty somethings coming to grips with sexuality, social ostracism and the effects of drugs Cleansed premi red at the Royal Court Theatre in spring 1998.Kane sThis stunning play from the controversial author of Blasted premi red at the Royal Court Theatre, London in spring 1998A provocative play from the notorious author of Blasted, which probes the nightmarish world of twenty somethings coming to grips with sexuality, social ostracism and the effects of drugs Cleansed premi red at the Royal Court Theatre in spring 1998.Kane s first play Blasted caused major controversy, furore and acclaim amongst critics and throughout the theatre world
    Sarah Kane
    Sarah Kane was an English playwright Her plays deal with themes of redemptive love, sexual desire, pain, torture both physical and psychological and death They are characterised by a poetic intensity, pared down language, exploration of theatrical form, and, in her earlier work, the use of stylized violent stage action Kane s life was brought to a premature end when she committed suicide at London s King s College Hospital Her published work consists of five plays and one short film, Skin.

    Cleansed By Sarah Kane



    Λίνα Θωμάρεη
    3,5 Cleansed 5 , , 100%Readathon 3 26

    Momina Masood
    And with this, no Sarah Kane left to read What a loss.

    I never know if I get any of Kane s plays, but I like them for some reason.

    Carl Ingebretsen
    This was a confusing, intense, propulsive and very emotional read Can t wait to see the play later this week Have to mull it over for a bit before writing anything .

    Think Naked Lunch, The Hellbound Heart, One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, sprinkled with a bit of Akira in a Nazi death camp or maybe a Nazisploitation film minus the actual Nazis With some scatological orgy violence reminiscent of Makavejev s Sweet Movie or Bataille s Story of the Eye and again, Naked Lunch A stage soaked with blood and daffodils as extremities are sliced off and a man s penis is sewn onto his sister.

    Laura Viviani
    I love you now I m with you now I ll do my best, moment to moment, not to betray you Now That s it No Don t make me lie to you Changed it to five stars The I read it and talk about it, the I like it which is weird but very entertaining and interesting.I can t even explain why I love it so much.

    Thomas Kadim
    A lot of metaphors in this play I think I must give it a re read to better understand the different meanings My fist impression was sort of overwhelming

    god, i m speechless i m mindless dumb kane is such a religious experience, so raw and gritty and dirty and disgusting and holy and healing and everything in the world i really am cleansed.

    She goes full Beckett in this one

    weirdest play ever wtf did I just read And why did my teacher made us read it So confused about the plot.

    Jorge Garcia
    Credo que tareia.

    Martin Sharry
    sunflowers can burst through

    Lukas Woodyard
    This play might be my favorite Sarah Kane play Currently reading all of her works Still have Crave and 4 48 Psychosis I am very interested in this play due to the stage directionsey are nearly impossible But why don t we say that for Shakespeare s stage directions I feel I need to read this script thousands of times and work it out to get it truly There s so much and so much that happens so fast But ultimately, love is such a common thing in Kane s work I might have to go read some criticism.I w [...]

    W T F WTF WTF WTFI have no idea how to rate thisIt made me physically sick I had to put the book away for a few hours so overwhelming I need time to process but I ll somehow come back to thisKane really pushed the boundaries of what can be performed on stage on this one

    As one of her graphic one s, shock, awe, yes, but I imagine it really would work well staged Guess I ll look for performances of it on YouTube in time.

    Absolutly detested it People changing identities, rooms with different symbolic connotations and the feeling of entrapment are all very fine themes, but not well executed here And with all the misery, needles, chopped of limbs with rats gnawing away on them it is just so overdramatic A bit like the early Shakespeare that is all gore no finesse Maybe that s where she was going before she hanged herself in a shoe lace, the following year I think Never figured out how they would have presented the [...]

    Mohammed Galal
    I have mixed feelings about this play.I cannot completely hate the style of Kane, nor can admire it.One thing I m dead sure is that life isn t less cruel.Reality is as much ruthless as the portrayal of Kane.Violence is a defining feature of our everyday life.The sadism of Tinker is practiced on many levels, and at many places in our society This university in which the atrocities take place is a metaphor for what happens inside police stations and concentration camps.As long as there is discrepa [...]

    I ve seen lots of reviews of Sarah Kane s work that write her off as someone simply seeking shocks and publicity and setting out to be as gross gory as possible For her other plays, I vehemently disagree But this one just felt like a good concept that got overshadowed by the gore it needed to work The ideas and themes are present and fascinating but her mechanisms for showing them only damaged their strength, rather than demonstrate themFelt very meh overall, you could totally skip this one from [...]

    Me he pasado toda la lectura apret ndome la lengua contra el paladar para asegurarme de que segu a ah , moviendo los pies por la misma raz n y a pesar de eso tengo la impresi n de que voy a olvidar Cleansed muy pronto Es como un sue o pesadilla Hay un psiqui trico que es en realidad una universidad, pacientes que se enamoran completa,desesperadamente entre ellos y un m dico o no que parece querer poner a prueba ese amor tortur ndolos con una violencia absurda.

    Tak koszmarnie boj si zobaczy to na scenie Ale z drugiej strony koszmarnie o tym marz Jeszcze tydzie czekania 13.07.2014 Spektakl Warlikowskiego pom g mi zrozumie ten dramat o wiele lepiej To, co uwa a am za histeryczne i przerysowane, okaza o si potrzebne i wa ne to, co uwa a am za zbyt szybk akcj , okaza o si powolne i potworne Naprawd warto zestawi ze sob ksi k i spektakl uzupe niaj si znakomicie.

    Perhaps the most shocking and distressing of what I ve read of Kane s work so far I read Cleansed in preparation of seeing it performed at the National Theatre under Katie Mitchell s direction, and it is undoubtedly a prime example of in yer face theatre The issues of sexuality, identity and loss are shockingly presented in the violence of this play, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how such a work can be staged.

    Alborz Taheri

    Luke Devenish
    My God This is what a contemporary horror play really looks like Not an easy read Even less so an easy watch I suspect Certainly stays with you long afterwards though I join the chorus of thousands wishing Sarah Kane was still with us Makes me think of Joe Orton So much brilliance so soon, and then gone.

    Harry Boyd
    I am not a Sarah Kane fan I find her needlessly brutal and grotesque past the requirements of communicating her message within her plays Cleansed was no exception It was predictable just imagine what would make you grimace the most and absolutely no character was relatable, leaving me not caring what happened to any of them In short, it s not for me.

    This just wasn t the play for me I couldn t get into it, couldn t follow the plot all too wellThere are parts that I enjoyed though, and I even saw some parallels with what Kane talks about in her other play 4 48 Psychosis However, it just wasn t my cup of tea.

    This book is really freaking good Though I m not sure why I land on four stars it might just be because I have given every book in the last, I don t know, month four stars Oh, well I liked it, it s a bit crazy, but then again, so am I

    This is quite an interesting play Sarah Kane has this way of creating a twisted, vulgar scenario that sticks to you Despite the gore, this play has a variety of themes that I would definitely recommend.

    Not as good as Blasted, in my humble opinion Some of the violence is too overt, though I bet I d like to see it onstage I enjoyed Grace and Tinker s strange relationship, but the rest of it seemed a bit forced.

    I thought this play was okay the plot seems pointless It was very graphic and thought provoking because it had abstract images within each scene I wouldn t recommend this to anyone who dislikes horror and crudeness.

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