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  • Title: Try Not to Breathe
  • Author: Jennifer R.Hubbard
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  • Page: 415
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Try Not to Breathe By Jennifer R.Hubbard Along she came Everyday, Ryan Turner must face the reality that everyone knows what he did It s in they way they speak to him It s in the way they look at him Ryan s only solace comes from the local waterfall, where the violent crashing of the water clears his mind of everything But then one day, a girl named Nicki Thornton throws herself into his solitary world NiAlong she came Everyday, Ryan Turner must face the reality that everyone knows what he did It s in they way they speak to him It s in the way they look at him Ryan s only solace comes from the local waterfall, where the violent crashing of the water clears his mind of everything But then one day, a girl named Nicki Thornton throws herself into his solitary world Nicki is direct about his past and determined to crash through the wall of glass that Ryan has put between himself and others She seeks answers to questions that she knows only Ryan can understand Nicki dives deeper into his life, opening his heart and getting closer to the shameful secrets that he has tried to bury Though Ryan knows he does not have all of the answers that she seeks, but he realizes that he may have found an answer to his own questions in her Haunting, hopeful and masterfully crafted Kirkus Reviews
    Jennifer R.Hubbard
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    Try Not to Breathe By Jennifer R.Hubbard


    Joy (joyous reads)
    Dying is easy Living is hard If I Stay by Gayle Forman Three years ago my Dad tried to hang himself.My Mom got there on time.I still haven t been able to look him in the face when I see him.Too scared to see the mark around his neck.I can t figure out why he tried to do it.I know they were in a bad place I know they were having a hard time.But who really knew what s going on in his head at the time What makes a person brave enough to try and kill themselves And yet too cowardice to face life No [...]

    Carmen Shaw
    I like the cover but i wish it wasn t so kissy kissy Gosh Sometimes, I don t want my parents to know what i m reading and this just screams it lolI had been wanting to read this book for YEARS now, and when I saw it at my local library I instantly checked it out I read this book within one day and unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed I really thought this would be that kind of story that is so passionate, complex, and completely enthralls its readers But I did not get this feeling what so eve [...]

    I m hardly an expert on suicide but I ve always thought it was preceded by a momentous event, which after thinking about it doesn t make any sense at all If it was, less people would be successful in their attempts because others around them would be watching or worrying that this might happen More often than not it seems that if a person commits suicide, others around are puzzled and wonder how it all came to this They tell themselves, if they just would ve seen the signs they could ve done so [...]

    Melannie :)
    NOOOOOOOOOOO 2012 I NEED THIS NOW.Sounds dark and sexy and the cover is one of my favorites ever how did they manage to pull it off it s just so perfect it 2012, already D

    I struggled with Try Not to Breathe for over a week I had about 70 pages left, and I was seriously considering abandoning it, but my resolve is stronger than my instinct and that s where I went wrong This book depressed me, took me no where I wanted to go, and left me wondering where the hale I went It s no secret I like to push the boundaries of my reading choices every now and again, and a book about suicide definitely falls into that category.I m not calling foul to the fact that I never real [...]

    Kat (Lost in Neverland)
    4.5 StarsRecently released from a mental institution for trying to kill himself, 16 year old Ryan is still stuck trying to figure out his life He has an overprotective mother who worries about him constantly, his best friend lives far away and he s still working out his feelings for her, and past mistakes still haunt his mind Then Nicki barges into his life, asking questions that he thought no one had the guts to ask Nicki makes Ryan discover things about himself he never even knew, while reveal [...]

    Why didn t i like it It had such a dark , smexy and Thrilling appeal to it but it all went down and kept on going down Initial synopsis Learning to live is than just choosing not to die, as sixteen year old Ryan discovers in the year following his suicide attempt Despite his mother s anxious hovering and the rumors at school, he s trying to forget the darkness from which he has escaped But it doesn t help that he s still hiding guilty secrets, or that he longs for a girl who may not return his [...]

    I ll make this short and sweet I was glad I was breathing reading this cause I almost died of boredom.

    I really enjoyed this story Even though it s about a very serious and depressing subject, the story had a very strong positive feeling to it Learning to live is than just choosing not to die Ryan discovers this in the year following his suicide attempt Despite his mother s anxious hovering and the rumors at school, he s trying his best to move on into his life again His struggle with everything is very well depicted and relatable for anyone who s ever been there Sixteen is a rough age and accep [...]

    With her two main characters Ryan, a teen who tried to commit suicide, and Nikki, a teen whose father killed himself Hubbard gives voice to the two main audiences for this book people who have suffered from depression, and those who haven t, but want need to understand Ryan s narrative struck me as dead on about what depression feels like how pathetic you feel for feeling so bad when nothing really that bad has ever happened to you how your emotions seemed walled off how when you do feel emotion [...]

    I can honestly say that I am unsure as to how to rate this book It is about a subject matter that I know absolutely nothing about and cannot really identify with Even in my awkward teen years, I never felt the despair and hopelessness that we see Ryan, the main protagonist, go through The the above being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think Jennifer Hubbard does a wonderful job depicting what it is like to be a teen who is struggling Ryan s story was beautiful to read I loved seeing [...]

    solo puedo decir que me daban ganas de golpear a alguien, en temas de este tipo para que uno sienta las emociones de cada uno de los personajes debio profundizar mas, hacia una tormenta en un vaso de agua pero demosle algo de credito por lo que pasaba

    It was dangerous to stand under the waterfall, but some kids did it anyway, and I was one of them The water pounded my mind blankc, stung my skin It hit my naked back, chest, and shoulders so hard I couldn t think That water could knock me over, pound me into hypothermia, force the breath out of me, pin me to the rock, and I knew it p1, ARCThis paragraph had me literally from page one The opening paragraph above pulled me right in to the story and held tight throughout I felt a strong connection [...]

    Princess Bookie
    My Thoughts When I started this novel, I wasn t sure what I was in for I don t normally like reading books based on a males perspective, as I ve said time and time before I have a problem connecting for some reason.Try Not To Breathe was a sensible beautiful novel I really felt like I understood exactly what Ryan was going through He made it all so clear He made me feel what he felt.He tried to kill himself by locking himself in a garage and turning the car on He had to go to a mental hospital t [...]

    And, you know, suicide How do you explain it when it is so unexplainable It s a tricky business, but Jennifer Hubbard is pretty good at it.There was never a magic moment when I knew why dying had called to me, just like there was never a magic moment when I decided I wanted to live instead.This is one of those novels that touches on the stuff that goes unsaid during rickety occurrences People hear about suicide, and they think that it happens because those people had a bad environment Jennifer H [...]

    Breakaway Reviewers
    A page turning mystery set against a background of family secrets Whilst researching an article about the work of Dr Haynes into vegetative states, freelance journalist Alex Dale stumbles across an idea for a story The unexpected discovery that Amy Stevenson is lying in a vegetative state in a hospital ward after being brutally attacked and left for dead years before, piques Alex s investigative nature and she pitches the story to The TimesIf she can uncover a link to similar crimes she may have [...]

    There are very few genuinely well written and honest YA books written about suicide It s often a taboo topic and one that makes people uncomfortable to deal with Off the top of my head, I really think I ve only read three truly good ones Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, Hold Still by Nina LaCour, and Stay with Me by Garret Freymann Weyr Now I d have to add a fourth Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R Hubbard Hubbard deals with Ryan s failed suicide attempt and his consequential stint in a mental [...]

    Understanding why people try to commit suicide is a difficult thing to cover, and make it not sound like a text book, or preaching But this book is a great example of what life is like, after Life isn t easy but that is part of the experience, and sometimes we have to dust ourselves off and try again The book also shows how important it is when the right person comes along who really gets you Overall a very good depiction of real life during this kind of trauma.Ryan is recently released from a m [...]

    Kit Grindstaff
    Try Not to Breathe is the story of 16 year old Ryan, newly off a suicide attempt, and his friendship with Nicki, whose own recent tragedy gives credence, and substance, to their relationship Ryan, the son of wealthy parents, struggles with their understandable over protectiveness, and his long standing Outsider isolation Nicki, from a poorer background, is a vibrant contrast to his family s stultifying way of life Each provides the other s path to resolution As Ryan tells his story, the author d [...]

    Ryan spends his time by the waterfall, where he meets Nicki Nicki wants to get to know him better and understand why he chose to attempt suicide she s known about this because suicide has impacted her life, and she hopes through him, she can better understand the choice her own father made Of course, there are never any answers Along the way, we learn about what made Ryan act as he did, and we better understand the lies Nicki constructed to protect herself from the loss of her father.This is a q [...]

    Try Not to Breathe was a really great read I was very interested in this one when I heard about it, since I had liked her debut, The Secret Year Try Not to Breathe was a really touching read that was just a really great book and I am happy to have read it.I really loved the characters Val, Jake, Nikki, they were all just great The relationships between all the characters were so complex, and I loved seeing how everything would pan out between them I really liked Nikki she was no nonsense when it [...]

    Jennifer R Hubbard is a fantastic voice in the contemporary YA genre She brings a unique male s perspective to YA which I adore gritty teens that you will root for care about After reading THE SECRET YEAR in 2010 I had high hopes for TRY NOT TO BREATHE it did not disappoint This is not only a beautifully written, real deal story about a young teen boy recovering from an attempted suicide but it is also an IMPORTANT book for today s youth Everyone read both of her books Especially if you re a lov [...]

    Kacey Lafferty
    I think the book was overall pretty good The only bad part about the book was it stayed on one topic, and there weren t many exciting moments in the book At the end, it got the most interesting I m glad I read this book for my book report This book was in my interests, so I enjoyed reading the book and what happened at the end.

    I like when I read a book in a day because I can t put it down, and even though this wasn t a book that has those big moments of tension I couldn t stop reading I liked the theme of the story and how it was developed I really enjoyed reading this.

    A boring, pointless read


    Danniele | Reading Is Life
    3.5 starsI liked it, but it took me forever to get through It wasn t hooking i felt like a had to force myself to read it.

    This was a good book, so I d rate it about a 4 There were some things that I was like oh my, I can relate to this The author, Jennifer, really described things very well.

    21 02 2013 Vi esta foto y me acord del libro algo muy raro , ten a que ponerla.

    Katrina Passick Lumsden
    Sort of a difficult read given the subject matter, but I thought it was well worth it Emotionally jarring, but also life affirming Captures the desolation of adolescence well.

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