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  • Title: Talk Back and You're Dead!
  • Author: Alesana Marie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Talk Back and You're Dead! By Alesana Marie May nakilala na ba kayong napakagwapo nakakatakot na nilalalang na may kakayahang maglabas ng laser beam sa mga mata kapag nagagalit Eh ang maging boyfriend sya dahil sa kabaliwan kakaibang trip ng mga kaibigan mo At ang mapaligiran ng mga hotties hot headed na katulad nya Ang tahimik kong buhay ay biglang naging parang action movie, may mga habulan at fighting scenMay nakilala na ba kayong napakagwapo nakakatakot na nilalalang na may kakayahang maglabas ng laser beam sa mga mata kapag nagagalit Eh ang maging boyfriend sya dahil sa kabaliwan kakaibang trip ng mga kaibigan mo At ang mapaligiran ng mga hotties hot headed na katulad nya Ang tahimik kong buhay ay biglang naging parang action movie, may mga habulan at fighting scenes.Ako si Sam, isang perfect student, maganda matalino at mabait Boyfriend ko si TOP, isang delinquent, gang leader at cussing machine.Magtagal kaya kami kung pati teddy bear ay pinagseselosan nya rin
    Alesana Marie
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    Talk Back and You're Dead! By Alesana Marie


    Kaede De Lopez
    Cliche.Chick lit.ok ratings tayo and since this is a book review sa mga obsessed sa librong ito no offense meant at walang basagan ng trip.owkie 1 originality ok dito tayo mauna bakit kasi importante to,eh alam naman natin na kapag nausoorsumikat ang isang genreg dami na ring magsusulat ng story of the same type, hindi ba like nung nauso ang dystopian genre o mas popular sa theme ng caste, faction, or districts nung nauso ang mga ganun ang dami na ring naglipana na ganung story nagkaiba lang sa [...]

    I m not a fan of Wattpad stories, but I m sort of a pop culture devotee When Wattpad creations were becoming popular and they started to attract readers and publishers, I was impressed Not everyone can become writers, but this movement has inspired young people to believe that anyone can be creative This book was picked up by Star Cinema for a movie, and when I watched the trailer, I decided that it s about time I read a Wattpad story Didn t finish it After reading 5 pages, I decided to stop So [...]

    Sandra Hansson
    Feeling ko ang bobo bobo ko after I read this book emoticons F

    Sabrina Marielle
    As a teen who loves to read books, reading something like a regular girl being inlove with a bad boy is a cliche but even though it s like that, it never fails to make me feel thrilled Well, I mean, you know There is something about those stories who makes the story exciting and not dull This is a story of a girl who fell inlove with a delinquent guy Yes He is a delinquent guy He is a gang leader Well, not just a leader He s the hottest among the hottest gang leader Oh Em I don t thing I can sti [...]

    After reading this, I was like O_O What the Hell happened I m dying to have a gangster leader like my TOP to be my BOY FRIEND.and the Lucky 13 to back me up,, esp JaRED Samanta is soooo lucky D

    Binibining `E (of The Ugly Writers)
    I am not really a fan of wattpad books stories or whatevers pero bibigyan ko ito ng chance so everyone dont get mad ha, I am not a professional reviewer or whatsoever of some sort, i just have to write what my gut tells meiche much this reminds me of boys over flowers, meteor garden lol anyway anyhow anywho this review is just my opinion so wag po tayo magagalit okay its just a matter of preference saka ayun ihihinto ko ito dito im around 300 in pages mejo saka na lang ulet kung sisipagin pa ako [...]

    Sakto lang Cliche much.Walang gaanong special.Gusto ko lang yung Crazy Trios kapag nagrorole play kapag uuwi nang late si Sam Lol.

    Book 102 for 2014DNF at 1% JK, around 5% I thinkOMG, Seriously Please don t read this if you like the book, this is my opinion only.Again, I read this after my niece said she was going to watch the movie Yes, someone made a movie out of this book.I m glad my niece didn t read this, I would gouge her eyes out if she did Suffice to say I didn t like this If I could give negative stars I would I rated this and even took the time to review it just to find out if I read the same shitthing others here [...]

    Kevin Arriola
    I really enjoy reading the book because scenes are really exciting and thrilling It s a different story that I ve read before I said different in a sense that the girl is from a very rich family and studying in a exclusive school and the boy in the book is also coming from a wealthy family, studying also in a exclusive school and a gang leader so meaning, for both of them, money is really not a necessity They are so popular in their respective schools.The reason why boy suddenly falls in love wi [...]

    Toni G
    My first reaction about seeing this book on National Bookstore, just some old boring story about a girl and handsome guy who fall in love with one another I didn t think of buying it but my curiosity sparks when I read the teaser at the back The guy was a leader of a gangster,a cuss machine to the highest level and an over possessive boyfriend while the girl on the other hand was an ideal girl What an interesting twist and this book didn t failed me If you want to be entertained and to laugh til [...]

    Migs Fiel
    The start was yuck The middle part was good No major turn of events, but entertaining The end was sort of rushed Lots of lines were too cheesy well, what did I expect but the story was all right.

    Cicay Foutley
    WTH Nakakatuyo ng utak Didn t bother to read til the end Won t even spare my time for the sequels.Too much sugar and cliche.

    One word Cliche Ang unrealistic kasi yung characters ang perfect na masyado I give it 2.5 stars Pero may mga times naman na kinikilig din ako kay TOP and Sam, kaya gagawin kong 3 stars.

    I should be happy that this is a Jaejoong and TOP inspired book right right But hell no UNPOPULAR OPINION COMING I had to skip a lot of parts and I definitely tried to digest whatever bad things I noticed because I had to understand its popularity, but I gave up in the end sometimes, joining the bandwagon is not worth it I felt nothing but frustration for the manner it was written and for the eye roll plot.The writing style is convincingly bad enough for me to dislike it It is too informal It ha [...]

    Athena Jeunnesse Mae Tria
    very cliche almost perfect girl fell in love with a gangster the story and characters were too perfect to the point it was already unrealistic still, i have to admit that i found myself falling in love with Top Falling in love to the point im already looking forward for the book 2 This book is not so bad, but not perfect Still worth my time, and I have to be honest, I can t put down the book bec I really fell for Top Lol Excited for the book 2

    gusto kong tpusin ung tal back and your dead di pa ao tapos pno ba

    Cielo Jaochico
    AKIN NA AKIN LANG SI TOP Wahaha, I really want to thank my friend who suggested this to me 3

    Cristina Salazar
    Don t talk back to a gangster TOP

    Crazy Trios sure is crazy Haha

    Mikki Eugenio
    I might have given this a four stars for the story, but I just find it too long to chew Take note there s still a second half, and there are five books upcoming for the series.

    this book have an amazing story the author is very professional in writing such a wonderful story

    Nung nabasa ko to sa wattpad seriously tinamad ako at first hindi pero habang binabasa ko narealize ko it has too much twists as is oa na too much emoticons rin and unrealistic na ang dating

    I fell in love with TOP so many times and with each time I fell harder than the last 3

    One of the best wattpad story ever

    Vanessa Kay
    Reaction book This is a kind of book that teenagers would love A girl that fell in love with a gangster, a delinquent gang leader to be exact, is very clich , I know But who cares The story is so damn good See It did make me cuss.Unlike She s dating the gangster by Bianca Bernardino , I read this story without any clue on its ending I am even clueless about Top being a gangster So you can t really say that I am into gangster affairs.For its first few chapters, I witnessed how Sam and Top started [...]

    shit ang sakit lang bakit naging ganun yung ending i know i know pero, alam mo yun, i was expecting somethin like Red and Sam and Angelo as a family Top married his fiancee, the fiancee died, red and sam annuled, Top and Sam married, Red and Aril became couples Alam mo yun then there comes this ending na may amnesia BOF , blind man Korean mv , forbidden love forgotten title sana pinatay nyo nalang si Top Pero mas mabigat yun e na dinugtungan mo nalang dear Author na above the disability, they go [...]

    Teulisya Kim
    isa sa pinaka magandang story na nabasa ko, hindi lang ako naiyak, humagulgol pa sabihan nyo na ako ng OA but thats true ang ganda ng story, eto ang story na kahit 1000 ang halaga ng isang book, bibilin ko talaga sobrang galing ni Alesana Marie author nagyun na magiging movie na to, mas lalo akong na excite 3ps ayoko nang mag kwento pa, ayokong maging spoiler sa mga di pa nakakabasa im certified talkbacker fan of this book fan of Alesana Marie HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE PLEASE READ THE VOLUM [...]

    Unang una sa lahat, ang panget ng cover nung book I bet my 10 yr old sister can do better than that Parang winaso eh Pangalawa, masyadong perfect si Samantha, hindi na ma reach Na over over naman.Pangatlo, masyadong gwapo ang members ng lucky 13 and yet walang bakla sa kanila Srsly Imposible na to sa panahon ngayon.Pang apat, sana man lang eh may sense bawat convo Dapat may laman bawat word, para dama, hindi yung nabasa lang.Lastly, yung likod nung book na may about the author, overview nung sto [...]

    Hilarious and definitely heart breaking This trilogy is one of my all time Filipino faves Although the writing is a bit jeje especially on its Wattpad version, the way Miss Alesana Marie wrote it made me imagine it like some movie playing in my head while I m reading it I love the ups and downs of the story especially that it is not all about Sam and Timothy It has a wide rage which I really love Plus the characters are perfectly made I just love every bits of this book I want to rate it than a [...]

    TOP be like Bi tc , Fck , You re dead , Sht And I was like slams my hand on the table SHUT THE FCK UP, YOU TWO DIMENSIONAL CHARACTER WITH NO SINGLE BRAIN CELL TO SPARE GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN OTHER WORDS, TOO NOT JUST SWEARING AND CURSING, OKAY DARN IT Hindi ko nabasa ang published book nito, marahil ang orihinal na istorya mula pa sa wattpad ang nabasa ko noon skimming process kasi nakakasakit sa ulo ang mga karakter, lalo na si TOP pasensya sa mga fan, kanya kanya lang tayo ng opinyon Pero masa [...]

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