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  • Title: Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh:
  • Author: Marianne Walker
  • ISBN: 9781561451043
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback

  • Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh: By Marianne Walker In telling the private story of the remarkable 24 year marriage of Mitchell and Marsh, Walker has used hundreds of the couple s previously unpublished letters and has conducted interviews with many relatives, friends, and co workers of the couple 60 photos.
    Marianne Walker
    Marianne Walker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh: book, this is one of the most wanted Marianne Walker author readers around the world.

    Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh: By Marianne Walker


    Diana Petty-stone
    This is a biography of the book Gone With The Wind and also of Margaret Mitchell and her husband John Marsh An absorbing read

    I gave up at page 85 It was so tedious to read And the time frames kept jumping around I just couldn t see myself enduring it for another 433 pages Disappointed, but I m sure there is a biography of Margaret Mitchell out there I will enjoy reading So I m off to find it.

    Sarah Bierle
    One of my favorite biographies of Margaret Mitchell because the text relies on quotes cites numerous letters and other private papers Seems to be a fabulous piece of research and the book reads very easily too

    Jenny Keesey
    This is than a biography This well researched, well written book covers a lifetime of writing by Margaret Mitchell and John Marsh, and all of the historical happenings of the day hydro power under the New Deal, an inside look at the newspaper business of the 20s and 30s, and the foreign copyright law of today that bears Margaret Mitchell s name Read this book You won t be disappointed.

    I knew I should have read the last few chapters of this biography first I ve just finished them, now I m sad, as I always am at the end of a biography This was a reread of the first book I ever read on Peggy I loved this second read This time I noticed that, perhaps even than Peggy, the biography is about J.R.M John Robert Marsh, the name on the dedication page of Gone with the Wind Peggy is such a firestorm I frankly hardly noticed him when I read this the first time, though he s on nearly eve [...]

    Pixie Dust
    A fascinating account of the woman who wrote one of my favourite books of all time, and the man behind her It is part of the legend behind this book that Mitchell wrote the ending first, while lying in bed with the flu She then went on to write the greatest novel on the American Civil War ever Sounds easy Also accidental I certainly had the impression that the author stumbled upon the writing of this novel almost incidentally Further, Gone with the Wind was the only book Mitchell published, lend [...]

    Judi Anne
    It is not well known that John Marshall helped Margaret Mitchell write the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell, known to her friends as Peggy, came from a family of southern, wealthy and traditional aristocrats She alienated some of her relatives when during the 1920s and early 30s she, in her rebellion which was fashionable at the time, was attracted to dashing playboys, gamblers and a decadent lifestyle Then she met John and her life took an about face They marri [...]

    Okay, a little long for my taste 500 pages but having been a long time fan of Gone with the Wind, it gave a lot of interesting details of the writing of the book, the publishing nightmares and the making of the movie I can t imagine undertaking such a task as writing and editing an epic without a computer My favorite quote in the book is when Margaret Mitchell was asked who should play the role of Rhett in the movie, she told them she didn t care if it was Donald Duck or Groucho Marx.

    Jennifer Gelert
    I am a big fan of Gone With the Wind I saw the movie in 3rd grade and then read the book with a dictionary I stumbled upon this book at the library and knew I had to read it the love they had for each other is shown throughout the book The sacrifices he made to help her write the book and then get it published took a toll on his life John did not care, for him she was his life The positive and negative attention followed them for years It forced them to retreat into privacy and be hard to people [...]

    This is probably my all time favorite biography I read this two years ago and I still find myself thinking of it almost daily Marianne Walker is a phenomenal writer and really lucked out with the resources for this book Definitely a MUST READ for all Gone With The Wind fans as it allows one to look deeper into the story and truly understand where it came from I would read this and GWTW over and over again before I ever touched any of the sequels which I have, and they were very poor, indeed.

    Mitchell was an interesting person, self absorbed, hypochondriac, talented, popular She married a man who adored her and apparently they were in love to the end This author tries to put to rest the notion entertained by many that her husband wrote the book while emphasizing his role in encouraging her, editing her, giving her ideas and dealing with the publisher and later her adoring public Mitchell hated being fawned on in Atlanta and the fame she achieved.

    Not only is this the best book about Margaret Mitchell that I ve read, it s one of the best books I ve read I ve read it several times The background story of how Ms Walker came to write it is interesting in itself For once someone gives John Marsh the credit he deserves, and a truer picture of both of them as people emerges gracefully from the pages The love John Marsh had for MM is amazing I would love to find someone like that

    Margaret Mitchell s life story will just pop into my head from time to time No idea why except that it could have been a tragically wasted life, but thankfully, it wasn t This love story can easily rival John Abigail Adams love story too, but is tinged with much needless drama her being from the South and all A very good read

    Wow This is all I ever wanted to know and much about Margaret Mitchell s life, her writing of Gone With the Wind, and the aftermath of its incredibly successful publication I gained a great appreciation for her loving and devoted husband without his editorial help and encouragement, I doubt Mitchell s masterpiece would ever have been finished and published.

    I liked what I read of this look behind the scenes of Gone With the Wind My could not finish status on the book doesn t mean it wasn t good it simply means that it was over 600 pages and I got tired of renewing it Definitely interesting and engaging, just a bit long winded Probably suited for the total GWTW buff.

    Kerry Kenney
    I bought this book in the gift shop of Margaret Mitchell s home in Atlanta Gone with the Wind is arguably my favorite book As a fan, I loved this biography and treasured the unique quality of relating how her marriage supported her writing A great read for the GWTW fan.

    I picked up this book at the Marrietta, GA Gone with the Wind museum a few weeks ago While it is a long book, it s a must have for all GWTW fans It s an amazing love story and the struggles both in health and the sudden fame that John and Peggy went through, made me appreciate and love GWTW even

    Emily (Heinlen) Davis
    This was just a great book It s long, but it s worth it The book tells the story of the love between Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind and John Marsh It s well written and easy to read It is also very well researched and provides and excellent narrative of their lives together.

    I LOVED this book Nate got it for me my junior year of high school, and I was obsessed with it I think even people who haven t read GWTW would love it Full of history and fun tidbits Tons of pictures Peggy Marsh aka Margaret Mitchell was quite a character

    Amazing story and two really interesting people Everyone who wants to write a great book could use the undying support of a John Marsh in their life I read this book as one of my ten books on marriage for my tenth wedding anniversary

    Probably only interesting to GWTW fans, but I loved it.

    Nikki Omillian
    A little background story to the great American novel, Gone With The Wind A must read for anyone who loves the the original story.

    Ellen Brown
    A must read for any fan of Gone With the Wind.

    fascinatingfull of letters MM wrote, and John toohave read it twice and enjoyed as much second time.

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