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  • Title: One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season
  • Author: Tony La Russa
  • ISBN: 9780062207388
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover

  • One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season By Tony La Russa One Last Strike by legendary baseball manager Tony La Russa is a thrilling sports comeback story La Russa, the winner of four Manager of the Year awards who led his teams to six Pennant wins and three World Series crowns chronicles one of the most exciting end of season runs in baseball history, revealing with fascinating behind the scenes details how, under his expertOne Last Strike by legendary baseball manager Tony La Russa is a thrilling sports comeback story La Russa, the winner of four Manager of the Year awards who led his teams to six Pennant wins and three World Series crowns chronicles one of the most exciting end of season runs in baseball history, revealing with fascinating behind the scenes details how, under his expert management, the St Louis Cardinals emerged victorious in the 2011 World Series despite countless injuries, mishaps, and roadblocks along the way Talking candidly about the remarkable season and his All Star players like Albert Pujols and David Freese the recently retired La Russa celebrates his fifty years in baseball, his team s amazing recovery from 10 1 2 games back, and one final, unforgettable championship in a book that no true baseball fan will want to miss.
    Tony La Russa
    Tony La Russa Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season book, this is one of the most wanted Tony La Russa author readers around the world.

    One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season By Tony La Russa


    Over the weekend I read Rick Hummel and Tony La Russa s book One Last Strike Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season, recently published by William Morrow I gave it 5 out of 5 stars over on Before you start blasting me for just being a Cardinals homer, hear me out I will readily admit that this excellent rating is in part as a baseball fan than as a straight up book reviewer, but I honestly say that from the perspective of a baseball fan, and not ju [...]

    This is a must read for fans of the 2011 St Louis Cardinals It is a great way to re live that almost storybook I say almost because nobody would believe the story if it was only written in a book To believe it, we had to live through it.If you re not a fan and or didn t live through it, I m not sure that this would be that meaningful to you There are gaps to be filled in and nuance that you might not catch Overall, it reminded me of one of the author s post game news conferences Okay, interestin [...]

    Lisa Kilbride
    As much as I think I will always hate the St Louis Cardinals, this book is so good I am sure I will read it again In it he answers all the questions I d had that Don Mattingly caused me to wonder re what is it a manager is supposed to do, anyway He tells so much about the thought that goes into how to order a line up, pitchers, catchers and how they think, and what he calls the dance between them, that my understanding of the game of baseball has grown exponentially He also tells some spicy tale [...]

    This is a great book told by a great baseball mind Itgives you insight into one of the best manager s thoughts, feelings and strategies of the game Excellent read Really a must for any baseball fan Amust for Cardinals fans.

    I have two obsessions reading and Cardinals baseball So this book is a guilty pleasure for me, especially given that I had heard it wasn t that great I wouldn t have read it except that my uncle gave me a copy, which made me feel obligated But hey, I don t need to defend myself to you In any case, the book lived down to its critiques It was flat, uninspired, disorganized and trite A red flag came less than twenty pages in when he said I m not going to talk here to any great degree about specific [...]

    Cedric Hendrix
    Full disclosure When it comes to anything and everything St Louis Cardinals, I am an unabashed homer My bias is deeply ingrained, and cannot be removed Perhaps that is why it pains me to say that while Tony LaRussa s One Last Strike certainly has its moments, it is by and large a disappointing read My reasoning is simple there simply is not enough there thereR is a remarkably intelligent man, possessing perhaps one of the greatest baseball minds of his generation But that doesn t always come acr [...]

    Okay, so I am a die hard, utterly devoted St Louis Cardinals fan so obviously I was going to love reliving the AMAZING 2011 Championship season It is not just a loving rehashing of that great season and postseason it is also very much a memoir of Tony LaRussa s life in baseball While it is a great read for other Cardinal fans, hardcore baseball lovers, or anyone who wants to learn about coaching or managing a baseball team, it might not be the right read for the casual baseball fan The writing [...]

    Shannon Lovejoy
    I love baseball and I score every game I attend I love the statistical part of the game I also enjoy the physical and mental aspects of the game However, I am not a Cardinals fan To enjoy and understand this book, you have to love all three baseball, statistics, and the Cardinals It is interesting to get into the head of a MLB manager because sometimes you watch a game and wonder what he was thinking when he makes a substitution or doesn t let a pitcher stay in the game longer One Last Strike gi [...]

    Jason Russell
    I m a huge Cardinals fan, so perhaps fans of other teams might not rate it so highly It tells a great story, even one whose ending is known beforehand It could perhaps be a little shorter, and sometimes La Russa s storytelling thread gets tangled up a bit when he looks back to other moments during his career There were also a few head scratching items that seem like errors for example, right at the end, he seems to say Tim Lincecum won the Cy Young in 2010, when actually Roy Halladay won A very [...]

    Jane Patterson
    Tony LaRussa talks about the last year of his career ending in a World Series title He looks back to the other teams he has managed talks about various players and coaches Full of stats and believe me he keeps Notes If your not into stats this may bore you, but if your a true fan or at least a Cardinal fan this is a keeper.

    Al Snyder
    Insightful perspective into the mind of the former Cardinals Manager It still surprises me that so many of my close friends and loyal Cardinals fans despise Tony La Russa so much Perhaps if they read this book, they might appreciate the great care that Tony took into his profession.

    Reid Mccormick
    There s no metric that can adequately measure the size of a guy s heart Once upon a time, the manager was king He made the decisions He was the general The team was his soldiers His coaches were his trusted lieutenants.The days of the authoritarian baseball manager are gone Blame it on sabermetrics Blame it on free agency and the big business of baseball No longer do billionaires give complete control of their millionaires to a single manager More than ever, baseball has become a team sport, fro [...]

    Dmitri Chambers
    One Last Strike is a must read for any Cardinals fan, any baseball fan, and really any fan of a good underdog story.Now, I may be biased with my review being that the 2011 Cardinal s season will resonate in my memory for the entirety of my life, I can only hope to experience the emotions felt that year again which this book helped rekindle the rollercoaster of emotions all Cardinal s fan endured that year The book walks you through the season, highlighting key moments as well as giving you some [...]

    Collin Hecker
    One Last Strike is the captivating account of St Louis Cardinals manager, Tony LaRussa and his ups and downs as the head coach of one of the greatest baseball teams in history Being the third most decorated manager in baseball, LaRussa was able to win three pennants and two World Series championships in his sixteen years with the Cardinals Regardless, if you are in the mood to pick up a feel good book, I strongly recommend One Last Strike.In writing One Last Strike, Tony LaRussa attempted to bri [...]

    Collin Hecker
    By writing One Last Strike, former St Louis Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa gave the reader an idea of what goes on in the mind of a Major League Baseball manager s head and the thoughts and strategies that will ultimately lead to success and sometimes, failure If you have ever watched a Cardinal game and wondered, What is going on in La Russa s head then you should definitely read this book, for what better person to tell you than La Russa himself The theme of One Last Strike is simple and ver [...]

    Pete Wung
    As a converted Cardinal fan, the 2011 season was a roller coaster ride of a season, one that tested every fan s capacity for excitement The subsequent post season became a microcosm of the season, albeit in a much exciting form and a compressed time scale.I had hoped that someone would write a book about the season, but I was delighted and a bit conflicted after hearing that Tony La Russa was working on such a book excited because I knew we would get a look behind the curtain, conflicted becau [...]

    Nolan Phillips
    Have you ever wondered what is was like to manage a MLB team Well Tony La Russa knows what it s like Tony La Russa, who wrote One Last Strike talks about how managing is hard, and that it s not as fun as it used to be He also talks about how managing is a very serious job and that it should be taken seriously Tony La Russa wrote a very serious and sad book about his life of a manager of a MLB team, like the Saint Louis Cardinals Following his life from managing the White Sox, to the Oakland A s, [...]

    I didn t really know much about Tony La Russa when I started this book, and I m not sure I know a lot now that I ve finished it The book is built around the St Louis Cardinals improbable run to World Series champions in La Russa s last season 2011 as the Cardinals manager As you would expect, the book contains a lot of detailed analysis of particular games, certain players, and managerial decisions, both good and bad Those parts were very interesting Perhaps to fill out 400 pages, there are als [...]

    Jayson Pappas
    The book One Last Strike by Tony La Russa is a must read Throughout the novel Tony discusses all the highs and lows throughout his time in the game He is the third all time winning manager and has three World Series rings to show for this tremendous accomplishment The 2011 Cardinals team had very good chemistry, something a tested leader would love to keep intact Having their share of Veterans and Rookies it created a good team vibe All the thrills and team efforts that are required after a stre [...]

    Jon Hauer
    One Last Strike was one of the all time greatest baseball St Louis Cardinals books ever written Tony LaRussa was and will always be my favorite manager of the Cardinals Tony s purpose of writing this book was to show that even after coming back after a terrible season and starting out bad too doesn t mean to give up, it means to push all the way through and see what happens in the end He wanted to show us just how he was able to motivate the St Louis Cardinals in the 2011 season and to win the 2 [...]

    After following TLR for the past 16 seasons and watching the number of controversies and rivalries he had started with seemingly the majority of the NL, it was odd that this book took a benign stance when it came to the controversial subjects He doesn t go into much detail about the Colby Rasmus trade other than to say that he thought Rasmus could be a middle of the lineup player who would contribute on par with the Pujols, Holliday and Berkman core if he ever reached his potential, which the re [...]

    Tom Gase
    I remember when watching Game 6 of the 2011 World Series and all the drama behind it I said to myself, This is going to be a great book Nobody will believe all this actually happened in one game Two years later, I ve read the book by the former Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa And yes, I still don t believe it happened.This book not only talks about the epic Game 6, which I believe is probably the greatest game I ve ever seen although 1988 s Game 1, 1991 s Game 7 and the Dodgers back to back to [...]

    The cover jacket for One Last Strike says that the book was written by Tony LaRussa with Rick Hummel Of course, any one who follows baseball knows who Tony LaRussa is However, outside of St Louis, not too many people know Rick Hummel Rick is the beat baseball writer for the St Louis Post Dispatch He is also a past president of the BBWAA and is a member of the Hall of Fame You would think that, with those kind of credentials, it would be a well written book about Tony s 50 years in baseball and, [...]

    Tony La Russa with Rick Hummel has written an excellent memoir La Russa uses the St Louis Cardinals 2011 late and post season as a narrative thread for reflections on his career in baseball The book begins with the last dozen or so games of the regular season and follows the Cardinals through ultimately winning the Series against the Rangers.La Russa breaks away from a straight inning by inning account of that season to give explanations of his decision making and the players involved, as well a [...]

    La Russa chronicles one of the greatest comebacks in not just baseball, but all of sports history As a Cardinals fan, it was a retelling of a season that I had already closely experienced in person Baseball has one of the longest seasons, demonstrating a need for longevity and motivation from the players and coaching staff In both the good and the bad times of the 2011 season and parts of his previous work with the Chicago White Sox and Oakland A s , La Russa elegantly explains the team s reacti [...]

    Tony La Russa is one of my favorite managers, so this is a must read for me I m not a big fan of authors who read their own books, but when it is autobiographical, it can be an enhancement You can imagine my surprise, when Chapter 2 began without the rich tones of Tony s voice continuing from Chapter 1 Not only am I disappointed that Tony is not reading, but I am highly disappointed with the high pitched narrator reading the book On top of a bad choice for a voice, the recording quality is terr [...]

    Wieberg Christopher
    One Last Strike was another book i read about Tony LaRussa, I didn t think it was as good as 3 Nights In August but it still was a very good book This book in the beginning talked about his how he used to manage for the Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics But it most talks about the St Louis Cardinals 2011 season and the cardinals great comeback TLR talks about how he kept the team positive and some of his techniques he used in the game of baseball He explained how Dave Duncan was a great pi [...]

    A very insightful read on how a manager thinks in terms of a baseball gamed not just any manager, but Tony LaRussa, a long time manager over 50 years with three teams At first I thought this would be an overview of Tony s last season with his story of how he made it to the Cardinals.but rather the opposite was true This book is mainly about his last season with the Cardinals and all the decisions that were made which ultimately helped them win the World Series.Its a good read for those who like [...]

    Brendan Kane
    This book confirmed for me that no matter how hard I might try there is a layer of complexity and nuance to baseball that I will never come close to understanding while admiring it all the while While Three Nights in August is technical and detailed, this book also exposes you to the incredible mind of Tony LaRussa As a Cardinal fan I enjoyed his recollection of the incredible 2011 season I must confess though that I am perhaps not a good enough student of the game to appreciate the many times [...]

    Not bad but not great eitherDocuments Tony La Russa s final season as a Manager in the Major Leagues with the St Louis Cardinals It documents Spring training, regular season and 2011 post season.The book was ok, we get a small glimpse into what happens behind the scenes I was hoping for During Spring Training and Regular Season he gave us a small glimpses, we get his thoughtson a couple of games I was hoping for The book does get better in the post season.For most post season games we get his t [...]

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