[MOBI] ☆ De ce e sexul o plăcere? Evoluția sexualității umane | By ã Jared Diamond #2020

  • Title: De ce e sexul o plăcere? Evoluția sexualității umane
  • Author: Jared Diamond
  • ISBN: 9789735016999
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback

  • De ce e sexul o plăcere? Evoluția sexualității umane By Jared Diamond In comparatie cu obiceiurile sexuale ale celorlalte animale, cele ale oamenilor par bizare suntem singura specie care isi duce viata sexuala departe de privirile indiscrete ale semenilor mai mult, oamenii fac dragoste oricand, reproducerea nefiind singura ratiune a sexului Cartea lui Jared Diamond demonstreaza rolul crucial al sexului, alaturi de cucerirea pozitiei bipeIn comparatie cu obiceiurile sexuale ale celorlalte animale, cele ale oamenilor par bizare suntem singura specie care isi duce viata sexuala departe de privirile indiscrete ale semenilor mai mult, oamenii fac dragoste oricand, reproducerea nefiind singura ratiune a sexului Cartea lui Jared Diamond demonstreaza rolul crucial al sexului, alaturi de cucerirea pozitiei bipede si de cresterea dimensiunilor creierului, in conturarea trasaturilor omului.Biolog, fiziolog, biogeograf, preocupat si de lingvistica, istorie sau de stiintele sociale, Jared Diamond este una dintre cele mai complexe figuri ale stiintei contemporane In afara de cariera academica este profesor la UCLA , Jared Diamond este si autor a numeroase carti adresate publicului larg In 1998 a primit Premiul Pulitzer pentru Guns, Steel, and Germs.
    Jared Diamond
    Jared Diamond is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Guns, Germs, and Steel He is Professor of Geography at UCLA and has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society He has dedicated this book to his sons and future generations.

    De ce e sexul o plăcere? Evoluția sexualității umane By Jared Diamond


    I had forgotten just how good this book actually is I ve read most of the popular stuff Diamond has written and enjoyed all of them My favourite is Guns, Germs and Steel, but this one is also very good.Although this one has a particularly fine title I have to say that it does make me want to ask another equally important question why are there so few really good television documentaries that come out of the USA I mean, there was Cosmos, which was mind blowing, but there have been few that reach [...]

    While sort of dating somebody that was very, very ill suited for me much that I was absolutely certain that we had no future, he would never be introduced to my family, et cetera et cetera, I really started being interested in the subject of sex Attraction The difference between women and men s approaches to it, the difference between pure physical attraction and what people call chemistry Pure, simple sexual attraction and then the kind of attraction that develops While ultimately I didn t plac [...]

    Ashley Reid
    This was a mostly tedious book to get through The only thing that stopped it from being 1 star was a few interesting facts and details that bumped the rating.

    , r P

    Why is sex fun Who the eff cares It just ISif you re doing it right, that is Ha I thought the book had a lot of promise, but it failed to deliver on many, many levels Diamond s lack of footnotes really irked me and I was left questioning a lot of his research I mean sure, learning about the number of hermaphroditic fashion models really boosted my self esteem, but hello Source please I don t have time to go digging around through his entire bibliography looking for relevance Ultimately, I learne [...]

    Indri Juwono
    2010 27 baca itu seru baca ini saru Begitu mungkin yang ada di pikiran orang orang ketika membaca buku ini, dilihat dari judulnya Mengapa Seks itu Asyik Sesudah membaca buku ini, aku merasa buku ini bisa dihadiahkan pada anakku ketika nanti dia menginjak masa remaja, dan organ reproduksinya tumbuh sempurna Namanya juga punya anak perempuan, jadi harus dijaga baik baik.Seperti dijelaskan di pengantarnya, buku ini tidak akan mengajari anda posisi posisi baru dalam menikmati hubungan seks, namun da [...]

    Jared Diamond n her kitab ufkuma ufuk kat yor Kitab n ad maalesef bir pazarlama al mas r n Zira i eri i keyif konusunun ok tesinde Hatta alakas bile yok eviri muazzamd lgilendi im bir alandaki terc meleri okurken genelde ok tak l r m Neredeyse hi tak lmad m diyebilirim.Favori yazar m olmaya devam ediyor Diamond Bu kitab n da iddetle tavsiye ederim.

    Ana Rînceanu
    I ll admit I cam into this expecting sociology with a little bit of biology, but instead I got the reverse There are a lot of comparisons drawn between humans and other species, as an evolutionary explanation for our sexual evolution is attempted I think not including any observations on how lgbtqia people may fit into the picture is an oversight, but overall this was an informative book.

    It seems that Jared Diamond got better and better with every book he wrote With practice he got exceptionally good at making comparisons between species, cultures, etc He also developed a better focus on the subject with every book.However this book was written before any of that While it is easy to read, it contains little info and has strange examples It also alludes too often to the author s sex life in a Look at me I m a successfully married man with a sex lifehoray way Diamond tries to expl [...]

    Kitab n o unu Amsterdam da okudum Yani tam da olmasi gereken yerde Benzer kitaplar okudu um i in beklentim biraz y ksekti Hele ki yazari Jared Diamond olunca Beklentilerimi tam kar layamad Ama alabla ilgili ilgin ve e lenceli bilgiler renmek isteyenler i in ideal.

    Emily C.
    This book was fascinating and so engaging and easy to read for a book based in biology In it, Jared Diamond brings up numerous facts about human sexuality that we all take for granted Humans have sex for fun whether or not they are fertile, at any time of the month or year Human females experience a distinct decline and then abrupt stop in fertility around middle age Women usually have little idea of when they might be ovulating unless they are using some form of modern technology to tell them T [...]

    and why is that I read this whole book, cover to cover, by Jared Diamond, whose previous book that I d read features in my top 10 non fiction books of all time, to find out the answer to why do we do it But, alas, in vain I learnt about the sexual practices and reproduction methods of baboon, gorilla, chimps, pigeons, frogs, elephants, ants, flies, and million other animals and birds whose name I heard for the first time, but didn t learn why is it fun for us, the humans, to have sex Every time [...]

    Arnab Paul
    , Why is Sex Fun the evolution of human sexuality Jared Mason Diamond , , , , , , , Sexual behaviour , , , , Survival Sexual Cannibalism , Survival Sperm , , , , Gene Transfer Parental care , , Natural selection , , , , , , Parental care , Placenta Mammal, , , ,Natural selection care , Sperm , Natural selection , , Genetically programmed Gene Concealed ovulation, Intercourse immature , care Survival , Intercourse , Care , Intercourse polygamous Natural Selection Concealed Ovulation , Period , ,R [...]

    Shame on Mr Diamond for luring me in with this clever title What this book really is is a scholarly tome for the serious anthropology student It is interesting that, when it comes to sex, humans do a lot of things very differently than even our closest animal cousins The book looks at why men have nipples, why humans continue to have sex even during pregnancy when there s no chance of additional procreation, and how various species evolved with obvious or hidden signs of ovulation complete with [...]

    In short, I may describe this book as another diamond from Jared s bag of gems, where he told us a story of human sexuality from the evolutionary perspective In this book, he described that the attributes of human sexuality e.g concealed sex, monogamous society, recreational sex, non existence of male lactation were developed because of specific evolutionary reasons More interestingly, even the evolution of female menopause is a deceptive game of evolution to make by making less He also argued [...]

    Sheikh Rajiuddin

    3.5 starsI must admit that I would never have picked this book up if I hadn t come to know of Jared Diamond s brilliant writing in his other book Guns, Germs and Steel Although human sexuality is an endlessly fascinating topic, books attempting to scrutinize it are all too often filled with nothing than bumbling rhetorical questions and weird, irrelevant anecdotes So knowing how amazing Guns, Germs and Steel was, I was fairly confident Jared Diamond would not disappoint in Why Is Sex Fun My fin [...]

    I was enjoying it up until he started discussing human lactation which immediately revealed that he knows just about nothing about the subject Human lactation is energetically very expensive, and nursing mothers eat like men This is hardly the same as eating like an active man Studies have shown that most healthy breastfeeding women maintain an abundant milk supply while taking in 1800 2200 or calories per day Breastfeeding your baby, on average, burns 200 500 calories per day kellymom He claim [...]

    Kevin Cecil
    Jared Diamond does not posses Carl Sagan s gift of enriching all he writes with a grand sense of poetic wonder he also lacks the verve and wit of a science writer like Phil Plait Diamond s books, however, are absolutely essential for those seeking to understand our universe and ourselves because he invariably chooses such fascinating topics From the development of civilizations in his masterpiece GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL, to their potential decline in COLLAPSE, Diamond leaves one with a deeper und [...]

    Cu n s ch i theo t i t ng quen m l , t ng l s ch t m l gi i t nh h c ai d l nh n ch ng h c c xong cu n n y c c ch em s bi t m nh s c n c th r ng c bao nhi u tr i tr ng n a trong ph n i c n l i T i sao m nh l i m n kinh m 500 anh em kh ng m n tinh u l di s n ti n h a tinh hoa nh t c a ph n sau 6 tri u n m T i sao ng gi 90 tu i v n c th c con m n Hay ch i vui t m th i i m ng d c c a lo i ng i hi n i aka v sao homo sapien c th quan h t nh d c h ng ng y h ng gi m kh ng m ng t i th i i m ng d cG p l [...]

    You get the feeling reading this that the author has a fair amount of potential He promises a lot, and sort of delivers The most interesting bit for me was about why there might be selection pressure for menopause This may be disturbing for some to read Basically, for most of recent evolutionary history, as a woman gets older, childbirth is likely to kill her Because human children are helpless for so long, this will likely kill some of her children too, if she s given birth at all recently In [...]

    Alison Buck
    Thought provoking across the board and convincing in some places, Diamond makes a evolutionary biology argument that posits part of human distinctiveness arises from our unusual reproductive characteristics concealed ovulation, recreational sex, and female menopause Diamond s meditations on how menopause may have been selected for and why men don t breastfeed their children were compelling and carefully argued When he ventured into the territory of human social arrangements however, Diamond hams [...]

    If you picked this book up thinking it was a 150 page Cosmo article you sure were in for something else Physiological expert Jared Diamond never fails to answer the questions that everyone asks but quickly dismisses For a book based on human biology Diamond has the ability to make things simple and understandable for the dedicated reader Sure he s no Carl Sagan, unlocking the secrets to the universe unless you re reading Collapse, where he unlocks the secrets to the future of humanity , but he i [...]

    Alan Bevan
    I always enjoy Jared Diamond s books and this was no exception It can t be compared to Guns and Germs and Steel because it lacks the depth and breathtaking perspective of that book Nevertheless, it is an intriguing exploration of the evolution of human sexuality and makes a strong case that we are the animal with the weirdest sex life.Diamond explores questions I had never previously considered, such as why men don t lactate That question is of itself interesting but I also found myself reflecti [...]

    This is the first evolutionary biology book I have ever read and I am mostly new to the subject, so I don t have much to say whether it lacks scientific rigor or not, but it definitely caught my eye and lured me to read about the subject neglecting the evident reason that I am a male undergrad His arguments sounds convincing to me as long as they matched my intuitions but I actually never looked for detailed scientific references of his claims.The writing is attractive enough for a reader to fi [...]

    It s so much fun for the same reason that getting smashed is so much fun you re not in a normal mental state Who in their right mind would want to stimulate a part of their body until it swells to bursting with blood, then stick it into a wet and slimy part of another person s body and gyrate it about until some fluid is released I think women should have had their vaginas situated on the left shoulder, with men s penises a specially adapted forefinger Then you could just politely and hygienical [...]

    Isi tidak semenarik judulnya Seks ualitas manusia diperbandingkan dengan kerabat kerabat nya di dunia hewan Terlalu banyak fakta yang terus, terus dan terus diulang Sayangnya, homoseksualitas, masturbasi dan juga jumping gender sebagai bagian dari evolusi seksual pada beberapa hewan yang disebutkan dalam buku ini tidak ikut terbahas.Typo dan terjemahan yang kaku membuat buku ini agak membosankan untuk dibaca.

    Amirhossein Zakerin

    Pretty cool for a scientific book Most ideas were discussed thoroughly However, from time to time the attention of the narrator seemed to drift away and touch other topics that were vaguely in connection to the initial subject Therefore I think I would have probably liked the book better if it had some sort of system of chapters that corresponded to shorter essays.

    Artem Huletski
    , , .

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