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  • Title: Red
  • Author: Libby Gleeson
  • ISBN: 9781741758535
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback

  • Red By Libby Gleeson A gripping mystery unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that leaves a young girl unable to remember her name or where she comes fromMud In her mouth, her nose and her eyes Mud in her hair and caked on her neck and her arms Mud filling her shoes and seeping through the thin cotton weave of her trousers She lay sprawled on her side, a garbled, barely distincA gripping mystery unfolds in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that leaves a young girl unable to remember her name or where she comes fromMud In her mouth, her nose and her eyes Mud in her hair and caked on her neck and her arms Mud filling her shoes and seeping through the thin cotton weave of her trousers She lay sprawled on her side, a garbled, barely distinct sound coming from her jaymartinjaymartin Her world was mud and pain What s your name A boy was sitting on a kitchen table floating in a muddy pool At his feet was a child s doll, the head lolling to one side.Red can t remember the cyclone She can t remember anything her name, where she lived, or who her family might be Her identity has been ripped away Then she makes a discovery, and finds she has an important mission to accomplish But in this chaotic, bewildering world, can she do it on her own Who can she trust
    Libby Gleeson
    I was born in Young, a small town in south western NSW in 1950 After a few years we moved to Glen Innes, on the northern tablelands and then when I was ten we moved out west to Dubbo We moved because my father was a schoolteacher and each change meant a promotion for him.There were six children in the family I was number three and there wasn t a lot of money We didn t have television and of course there was no such thing as a computer.Books and reading were hugely important I remember going to the library on a Saturday morning and borrowing five or six books and reading them all by Sunday night.When I finished High School I studied at the University of Sydney I had a great time studying mainly history but also getting involved in lots of things happening at the University and the city It was the time of the anti Vietnam war protests and the rise of the Women s Movement.I taught for two years in a small town, Picton, which is just outside of Sydney I really enjoyed that time but I wanted to travel and in 1976 I headed off for five years I based myself first in Italy where I taught English and then in London where I started writing my first novel, Eleanor, Elizabeth I attended a creative writing group where the other students pushed me to write a better book In London I also met my husband We came back to Sydney in 1980 We ve got three daughters When we first came back I taught at the University of NSW but now I write full time I ve written thirty books and I ve also taught occasional courses in creative writing and I ve visited lots of schools to talk about my work.I write picture books, novels for young kids and also novels for slightly older readers I ve done a book about writing and also a small amount of writing for television Bananas in Pyjamas and Magic Mountain.The writer s life is pretty good It s a job where you work for yourself, in your daggy track suit, at times that suit you What could you ask for from libbygleeson biogra

    Red By Libby Gleeson


    Red by Libby Gleeson is set in Sydney after a cyclone has destroyed most of the coastal suburbs A girl wakes up and has no recollection of who she is but a boy nearby lets her tag along with him Peri has been living on his own, even before the cyclone, but is very guarded about his past Together they try and piece together what happened to her, and he nicknames her Red because of her t shirt.Libby is a well known Australian author and I was sure I d read other books of hers but looking at the li [...]

    Matilda Rose
    I didn t like Red It wasn t what I expected, which is probably my fault Don t shoot me It was because I looked at the front cover, interesting Looked at the back cover, interesting Australia Yes Flip through it and find towns that you ve lived around Author name, okay it must be good Recommendations, yep yep And it s on the new books shelf at the library But I felt a bit mislead I picked it up believing it to be a YA Then, I got into it, and the girl was described as being 11 12 The plot that I [...]

    Why I decided to read this book I decided to read the book Red by Libby Gleeson because the blurb really caught my attention when I read it and a friend recommended this book to me it fits under a book recommended by a member of your family box on the bingo board.What the book is about The book is about Red Rhiannon Chambers She falls victim to a terrible cyclone in her home town of Sydney, Australia She is found out doors covered in mud by a boy named Peri, she has lost her memory and doesn t r [...]

    Saniya Telang
    I really enjoyed reading this book, as I was able to read it in just one sitting I think that this book was a just right one for me as it used very simple and understandable language Each character in the book had very distinct and unique personalities and I thought that the plot was very intriguing This book is about a girl given the name of Red by a homeless boy who finds her after a disastrous cyclone has hit the city of Sydney, Australia Red wakes up totally unaware of who she is or what has [...]

    I should of known going into this book that it was going to be a bit too young for me, but that didn t stop me from enjoying it.Firstly, I thought the story was going to be a lot different when I first picked up this book I also didn t expect the characters to be 12 or 13 and slightly stupid Don t get me wrong, some of the things they thought of was actually quite smart but Red made some stupid decisions for example, when she kept telling people about the secret message from her dad when he spec [...]

    Sharon Marchingo
    Red by Libby Gleeson is a riveting little read that hooks the reader right from the start when the protagonist awakens with mud in her mouth and hair, without any idea of who she is and where she lives She is the survivor of a catastrophic cyclone that has torn her suburb in Sydney apart She remembers nothing about her past except for one name, Jay Martin , that keeps circulating around in her brain She is rescued by a homeless boy called Perri He tries to assist her to find out her identity but [...]

    You are all alone, covered in mud, your memory gone Things could hardly get worse or so you might think In the aftermath of a disastrous storm that has devastated the city of Sydney, Australia, a young girl struggles to discover who she is and where she comes from But for Red as she is called by the homeless boy who befriends her the she learns about herself, the dangerous her situation appears to be Soon, she is on the run from the police, learning to rely on her courage and resourcefulness a [...]

    When I was in grade five or six, we had this book club Basically we picked a book as a group, brought some cookies to school once a week and discussed the book we had chosen In our group we had five 10 year olds rolling around on the floor laughing at the complete stupidity of the book Red TEN years olds.I m sorry, but Libby Gleeson really failed this book It is boring, predictable and not to mention unrealistic to the point that I wonder if Libby was on meth The idea was alright I guess, had it [...]

    Linsey Painter
    Libby Gleeson delivers another fantastic read Raw and real, Red will keep you guessing and turning pages until the end Waking up, covered in mud and with no memory of who she is or what has happened, Red is given her name by the boy who discovers her Driven by her need to know her identity and find anyone related to her Red and her friends are soon involved in a dangers journey, not knowing who to trust or how they will accomplish the task set before them It s so great to read a book that s set [...]

    Charmaine Clancy
    Great book for younger teens Starts right in the action, the opening scene showing our protagonist awakening in a park, caked in mud She can t remember who she is, why she s here or anything, only one name runs through her head, but she doesn t know who the name belongs to.We follow this girl, nicknamed Red by the homeless boy who finds her, as she tries to figure out who she is and why she s in so much danger.The setting for the story is quite unique too, it seems a cyclone has hit Sydney harbo [...]

    Adele Broadbent
    A girl wakes up to find herself lying in a sea of mud It s in her mouth, her hair and encrusted across her body What happened Where is she When she is found by a street kid, he asks her her name She can t remember and so he calls her Red after the red shirt she is wearing.A cyclone has hit Sydney and now she has to find out who she is and where she belongs And why is there a locket around her neck with a USB inside A gripping quest story intertwined with Red s confusion and memory loss over her [...]

    I really liked this book which starts in a Sydney recovering from a cyclone and moves to Melbourne as Red heads off to find her father and her memories with her new friend, a homelass boy who has helped her when she was lost in ways that one I did think that much was sacrificed to achieve a quick read and I do appreciate a quick read for the target young teen audience I would have liked to read a longer version of this one that teased out a few of the complications inherent to the plot.

    Gripping thriller for children A massive cyclone has devastated Sydney and teenager Red wakes from unconsciousness with mud in her mouth, covered in cuts and bruises and a name in her head Jay Martin Taken under the wing of a young street kid named Peri, Red must discover her identity and work out the significance of the strange locket she is wearing After being identified by an old school friend, Red begins to learn about herself and discovers she has an important mission to fulfil that leads [...]

    Karen Bartlett
    A cyclone has destroyed much of Sydney, and a young girl awakes on her own, covered in mud, and with no recollection of what has happened or who she is She teams up with a young boy, who nicknames her Red for her red hair and together they set out to discover her identity and locate her family Glimpses of her life come back to her, and she discovers a Memory Stick, and knows that it holds important information that she must get to someone but who And why A good little mystery for younger adolesc [...]

    It has been a while since I ve read Libby Gleeson discarding her picture books which are always amazing , and I had high expectations going into Red.I wasn t disappointed.This gripping story weaves natural disaster with suspenseful thriller, all through a character who doesn t even remember her full name.I ll be posting a full review on my blog in the next week or so, but until then consider this a must read as soon as it hits the shelves.

    Pam Saunders
    The girl on the cover is one of the students at my school She was pretty pleased about this of course and that meant I had to read the book It is adventure and suspense for upper primary and first year high school students A tropical cyclone hitting Sydney didn t quite ring true to me but with the strange weather events lately maybe it should I enjoyed reading how Red Ruby Rose Rhiannon discovered who she really was after suffering amnesia.

    This is one of those stories that could be real Even through all the bad events, its still believeable.A young girl wakes up covered in mud, with no idea who she is or where she is There s a young boy asking who she is, she tries to remember but cant After nicknaming her Red, Peri takes her under his wing Which is a good thing he s afraid of people finding out who he is, or they wouldn t have done their bravest thing ever

    This book has a couple of things going for it Firstly it s an Australian perspective which makes a nice change It deals with the bravery of a girl after a tropical cyclone that wreaks havoc on Sydney It is written quite simply and would appeal to 10 14 year olds, and is a relatively fast paced adventure.One thing I didn t like is that the cover is much mature than is merited by the characters or the writing story.

    An amazing, inspiring, breathtaking an simply spectacular story about a girl who was caught in a Cyclone in Sydney She woke and couldn t remember anythng including her name, where she was, what had happened or anything about her past except one thing, the name Jay Martin The boy who found her and one of her old friends help her regain her memory and help her on her mission to find out who Jay Martin really is.

    Probably for middle aged students, but certainly suitable for year 8s too.This mystery story builds suspense nicely against the backdrop of a catastrophic disaster cyclone and tsunami type thing along the Eastern coast of Australia, specifically Sydney.Red s amnesia heightens the tension and Gleeson does a nice job of making the kids resourcefulness believable and possible.

    St Clare's Library
    We have lot of new books available in the Library today but Red is the pick of the bunch It looks really interesting and is a must read for Yr 7 upwards Have a look at the teacher notes allenandunwin _uploads

    The blurb sounded interesting and Libby Gleeson is a well known author but somehow I was a little disappointed when I got into the plot Don t think this would hold the attention of Year 8 classes or perhaps Yr 7 the plot was a bit too predictable and simple.

    Mrs Child
    Red has lost her memory and survived the cyclone which tore through Sydney s northern beaches Trying to put her life together she finds herself on a dangerous mission to save herself A page turner but a little hard to believe

    Glad red is back at her freinds family homeShe should of told Jazz mum or dad.ey would of help herJazz dad works for the policeNot very safe to sleep at a train station in melbourne for a young girl but glad she was safe.

    It was an inspirational book that was to short for the story.I think that it should have a sequal or second book.

    Good read for Years 6 7 Good little mystery

    Awesome book and very hooking

    Thought this book was about surviving a disaster but turned into a crime bookn t recommend

    Coco Chanel
    awesome It s set in Australia D


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      336 Libby Gleeson
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