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  • Title: Alien Assassin
  • Author: T.R. Harris
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  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Alien Assassin By T.R. Harris Adam Cain is now an intergalactic assassin, making a living fulfilling contracts mainly on the most unsavory of the alien criminal element When his main benefactor is himself assassinated, Adam is in for a surprise when he meets up with his main competition In the meantime, the Juireans have moved a massive force into The Fringe to search for the Klin and are subsequenAdam Cain is now an intergalactic assassin, making a living fulfilling contracts mainly on the most unsavory of the alien criminal element When his main benefactor is himself assassinated, Adam is in for a surprise when he meets up with his main competition In the meantime, the Juireans have moved a massive force into The Fringe to search for the Klin and are subsequently involved in a spectacular space battle with the Klin surrogate Humans and The Fringe Pirates, lead by Riyad Tarazi We learn some secrets about the Klin Human relationship that will leave you guessing as to what s really going on Then Adam, Riyad, and the two aliens, Kaylor and Jym, all meet up again to pursue the best lead they have as to the hiding place of the Klin and their Human army in The Fringe Adam eventually is able to build his own rebel force out of displaced Humans and attempts to squelch the Klin plan for the Humans, a plan that could destroy the entire Human race From n
    T.R. Harris
    T.R. Harris Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alien Assassin book, this is one of the most wanted T.R. Harris author readers around the world.

    Alien Assassin By T.R. Harris


    I can t decide if this book is actually better than the last one, or if I m just becoming immune to terrible books with how many I read last month Or it could just be that ANYTHING seems good when you re sitting in your calculus class and hating your life.A lot of my complaints from the first book remain, though The aliens are, uh, let s say disappointing, his grasp of science seems handwavey at best, and Adam is still in asshole.So let s focus on the asshole comment for a moment, shall we Well, [...]

    To start, if you haven t read book one of the series called Aurora CV 01 or book two, The Rings of Haven, you need to read those in order before picking this one up or everything will have a hard time coming together.I like science fiction with a futuristic military bent, especially if it involves future tech that I am able to wrap my head around conceptually and the author delivers on this front The author continues his good job of continuing the storyline, but without having a spoiler appears [...]

    Lisa Hapney
    So I ve become engaged with the story itself It s really a lot of fun, but the proofreading is not good In some places the editing is so bad that you have to go back to see how the paragraph fits together I m not a big stickler for a small mistake here and there, but suggest the author invest just a little for some copy editing That being said I have thoroughly enjoyed the story It s a great adventure and moves along at a good pace The story is engaging and the characters have really rounded out [...]

    J.R.C. Salter
    So, the decision Adam takes to be an assassin in the first book seemed a little rash to me, but putting that aside, in this book, he tries to make a name for himself in his chosen career With his special abilities and training, he is able to be quite successful.However, despite the title, this isn t really about his job, this is a continuation of the previous book, and after a relatively eventful but slightly underwhelming opening and middle, we get an epic space battle with Klin, Juireans, and [...]

    Per Gunnar
    This novel is slightly longer than the first one but not by much Adam s quest for returning to Earth continues from the first book and, not surprisingly, he leaves a trail of dead aliens behind him As with the previous book this is a light but fun read.There are some twists in the plot that makes it interesting and Adam s alien stomping rampages are as fun as ever to read Some things are a bit silly of course For example, if you were a human on the run from almost everything, would you charge in [...]

    Ron Towery
    Are we the Antha This series follows an old theme in sci fi stories are we humans left out here in this desert of stars alone for some sinister, strange, and utterly terrifying reason Years ago I read a short story that describe a race so powerful that it took the combined efforts of numerous other intelligent star spanning species to destroy the one race, or so they thought It turned out that the species had some how managed to survive That species had clawed its way back from the stone age and [...]

    Sam Jaffe
    My book The Alien Assassins by T.R Harris is an interesting and heart pounding science fiction novel It contains futuristic fight scenes and mysteries that will make you jump out of your seats This was also one of the best science fiction books and series I have ever read I feel this way because it contained lots of humor and had a variety of action and fighting This book reminds me of Star Trek It reminds me of Star Trek because it has a lot of cool technology and awesome fighting It also uses [...]

    Book II Adam Cain, previously a Navy Seal on Earth, just wants to go home but until then he needs an occupation to survive in The Fringe, the part of the universe to which he has been abducted Since he is stronger and faster than the average alien, almost to the point of being a superman without being able to fly and in addition to being a crack shot his natural choice is to be an assassin for hire.This book is full of gun fights and space ship chases and just a darn lot of fun I really like thi [...]

    Okay, I guess I ll just have to admit that this series has become my shameful pleasure True, the writing is barely above mediocre, the editing is lousy, and the characters are about as deep as a summer rain puddle ButI can t help but enjoy this pure space opera and I want to find out, ultimately, where it goes.There s room for improvement but, if Harris grows as a writer through this experience, there s certainly the potential to turn out some good science fiction in the future.

    Jeffrey Oliver
    Another decent read TRAnother decent read TRThe story continues with an interesting new character The author s aversion to words with two letters or less, proper verb tenses, sentence structure, etc continues If this is what came from the editor, I can t even imagine what the editor got I will still continue to read the series, albeit with all the literary speed bumps.

    I was intrigued enough by the first book in the series to pick this one up Right away, I had several issues with the book.First, the font size and formatting used in publishing made the book look and read terribly on my Kindle.Second, the first couple of chapters come of as simple wanton self indulgence of the author.By the end of chapter three, I just couldn t continue any I archived the book and moved on to something else.

    Brian Turner
    Second book in the Human Chronicles series.Although there was a lot happening, not much actually happened.Adam Cain is still trying to find the location of Earth, but this book was really a series of him killing his way through the alien population as he worked towards that goal.Some interesting parts, but not as good overall as the first book in the series.

    Kartik Santhanakrishnan
    The book rehashed a lot of the book 1 in the series Since I read a bundle with both books 1 and 2, I found a large part of the first half to be boring The author also rehashed a lot of the story from each character s perspective but the narrative form left a lot to be desired Having said that the second half really picked up and was very entertaining Overall, 3 stars.

    A good followup to the first novel, as once again TR Harris is giving us a good romp through his universe Unfortunately, he has yet to actually put much depth into said universe but another one is coming, I will definitely read it whatever it is or isn t, I am finding reading it to be fun.

    Steven R. Gustafson
    FastThis novel was a fast read I stayed awake all night reading it The plot was exciting It also showed variety.

    Love the seriesI love the series and can make enemies into partners for the greater good And the galaxy is against them.

    The first book was fun Pulpy, but fun Unfortunately, the second one is badly written, and stretches the credulity a bit too much.

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