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  • Title: Rain Fall
  • Author: Barry Eisler
  • ISBN: 9780399149108
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Rain Fall By Barry Eisler John Rain si e operato agli occhi per assomigliare ancora di piu a un orientale Durante la guerra del Vietnam ha lavorato per la CIA Tornato in Giappone, e diventato un killer Lavora su commissione Non importa chi lo paga, la sola cosa che conta e andare a segno La sua specialita omicidi che sembrano morti naturali utilizzando tecnologie d avanguardia Riceve l incariJohn Rain si e operato agli occhi per assomigliare ancora di piu a un orientale Durante la guerra del Vietnam ha lavorato per la CIA Tornato in Giappone, e diventato un killer Lavora su commissione Non importa chi lo paga, la sola cosa che conta e andare a segno La sua specialita omicidi che sembrano morti naturali utilizzando tecnologie d avanguardia Riceve l incarico di eliminare Yasuhito kawamura, un corrotto funzionario governativo lo segue in metropolitana e grazie a un sofisticato sistema elettronico gli provoca un arresto cardiaco e la morte La settimana successiva incontra per caso la figlia della sua vittima, Midori, una giovane e bella pianista jazz Ma nel frattempo qualcuno sta iniziando a cercarlo.
    Barry Eisler
    Barry Eisler spent three years in a covert position with the CIA s Directorate of Operations, then worked as a technology lawyer and startup executive in Silicon Valley and Japan, earning his black belt at the Kodokan International Judo Center along the way Eisler s bestselling thrillers have won the Barry Award and the Gumshoe Award for Best Thriller of the Year, have been included in numerous Best Of lists, and have been translated into nearly twenty languages Eisler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and, when he s not writing novels, blogs about torture, civil liberties, and the rule of law from the author s websiteSeries John Rain

    Rain Fall By Barry Eisler


    4.5 stars This book blew me away.I m not fond of assassins as main characters so normally I wouldn t have picked up this book But it was on sale at Audible and I liked the narrator so I decided to give it a try And oh boy, I m so glad I did.The story starts a bit slowly but then it gets tremendously exciting, extremely sad and very thought provoking Why would a man like John Rain who not a bad person choose a life like this The answer is not simple or even logical but it s heartbreaking There ar [...]

    Andrew Smith
    Having previously read a mid series book, it was a relief to go back to the start My first experience of John Rain in Extremis showed me a rather one dimensional man a hired killer, cold and efficient but not much else However, this book brings the character alive, drawing out his background and the key events that shaped the man The first half of the book is my favourite part as Rain shows himself to be a rather complex dude with a lot to offer, over and above his propensity to induce the big s [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)
    I m a little torn because 3 stars might indicate I like the book when it would be accurate to say I don t intensely dislike it, thus 2 There are some interesting parts in this read Unfortunately between these parts there a long sections that are not only fairly uninteresting but often have little or nothing to do with the story There are sections like the surveillance was going nowhere so and we get a section where he sits in a coffee shop and remembers We need you see to get an insight into th [...]

    I picked up this book a few years ago and I ve read it about 4 times and I still can t get the story out of my mind john rain an Assassin with a gift he makes his kills look like natural Causes Half American, half Japanese he can blend in anywhere to get the job done 5 out of 5 stars

    L.A. Starks
    This is the first book in the John Rain series I really enjoyed the Japanese setting of the story, and the stuck between two cultures battle of Rain I am looking forward to reading other books in the series.

    I ve been wanting to read this series, but so much time has gone by I realized I needed to reread this book Unfortunately, I don t remember it at all.Now I know why Too much angst While the rest of the series is supposed to be good, I really don t want to read another right now Otherwise, my review remains the same, although I m dropping this to 3 stars.October2012 Review 4 stars A pretty good mystery thriller, although there s a bit too much angst for me Reminds me of David Morrell s characters [...]

    I enjoyed this book because I liked witnessing the main character, who is a skilled assassin, navigate the complicated plot and kill his enemies, usually with his bare handsLooking at that sentence now, I wonder if I shouldn t be disturbed by my sentiment I mean, I just admitted to enjoying an account of a man who makes a living by killing other people Ask me point blank if this is ok, and my answer is, No, of course not You shouldn t go around killing people So what makes this book ok How much [...]

    Audible download According to the author s website, Eisler has a black belt it shows in the books, Rain s fights are described in loving detail by judo and karate movement name , worked for the CIA and must not like most of them, for , in this first of the series at least, the CIA does not come off well and worked in Japan for several years and has high respect for Japanese customs One always feels guilty reading listening, actually to a book like this for the hero is just about as anti social a [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, so much that I started it this morning and finished it this afternoon.A thriller with a difference, the main character is an assassin working in Tokyo The author makes the assassin likeable and very intriguing in a fast paced thriller I am interested to read that many of the reviewers on consider that this series gets better so I intend to read .

    I m huge spy assassin story fan so I have been looking forward to picking this up off my TBR pile This is Eisler s first novel from 02 and having read his most recent, Fault Line, I must say it s wonderful to see how far he s come as a writer Not that Rain Fall is a poor first novel, far from it I found this first book of the Rain series to be a solid, entertaining read Although the character s aren t overly developed I would like to know a little about Kawamura s daughter, Midori , Rain is a l [...]

    João Carlos
    Tokyo by night Tokyo Killer um thriller protagonizado por um ex agente secreto dos EUA no Cambodja e Vietname Jack Rain um assassino profissional, meio americano, meio japon s frio, s dico, cruel e desprovido de emo es, mas que tem um singular c digo de tica nada de mulheres ou crian as, nenhuma actividade contra terceiros e nenhum outro fornecedor contratado para resolver o problema em m os Uma emocionante hist ria que tem como cen rio a cidade de T quio, cosmopolita e ex tica, povoada por pers [...]

    Lance Charnes
    Eisler s John Rain isn t a cop or private detective or even on the right side of the law he s a highly paid assassin, well into middle age, stuck between the Japanese and American cultures represented by his now late parents That you can find sympathy for a hit man even one with ethics is a tribute to how well Eisler sets up his hero and, importantly, his world, which is if anything sleazier and corrupt than is Rain himself The picture of Japan presented here is massively unflattering, one of [...]

    My eldest turned me onto this first of a series thriller over the Christmas holidays and I m glad she did Eisler is a soulful writer who takes his readers on an emotional roller coaster in this introduction to the primary antagonist John Rain.As with most thrillers, this is not Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award material Nevertheless, Rain Fall is a good little read and kept my interest throughout The setting is unique as I don t recall ever reading anything from this genre that uses the Japa [...]

    4.5 starsJohn Rain is awesome He is a highly skilled assassin who lives and works in Tokyo s underworld.The story is fast paced and excellent love all the little details that make John untouchable and super effective.I would recommend the audio version as it is read by the author and you can hear how all the Japanese is pronounced.Looking forward to reading of these

    Is it wrong to like the assassin I liked John Rain than I liked the story Well, no I liked John Rain and I liked the story But it took a long time to tell it Willing to give the next in the series a try.

    This series is cracking and I listened to them in those pre years.

    Greg (adds 2 TBR list daily) Hersom
    It s been a long time since I read a modern thriller I guess that s the genre for this book With all the bad ass assassin books out there it s really hard to make one stand out So Mr Eisler really made the right choice by renaming this one A Clean Kill in Tokyo, cause that title is what caught my interest It made me think of a John Woo movie At times I thought John Rain was gonna be one of those Jason Bourne type protagonist, with skill and knowledge that rival a Super hero like Batman And is li [...]

    Anna M.
    I m just not feeling this one now maybe another time.

    Ryan Sampey
    The book Rain Fall by Barry Eisler is 363 pages, published in 2002 by Penguin Books Ltd The genre is a little bit of mystery, thriller, romance, and realistic fiction The story is a first person tale of John Rain He s an ex marine from the Vietnam era and a hit man who specializes in assassinations that look natural What starts as a routine kill ends up in complete chaos Rain falls in love with the daughter of his target and must face old enemies that are trying to control him The book really fo [...]

    I purchased this book, A Clean Kill in Tokyo John Rain, 1 by Barry Eisler to read on my Kindle based on the recommendation of a member Not knowing really what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised The novel has a little bit of everything to please all tastes mystery, thriller, romance, and espionage John Rain, the protagonist, is an assassin, an ex marine from the Vietnam era and a hit man who specializes in assassinations that look natural John had combat experience and a mercenary history War [...]

    I wasn t expecting too much from this book, but it turned out to be a surprisingly complex and well written thriller that never lost its forward drive It stands out from other books in this genre because of the atmosphere that Eisler has captured with his strong sense of place, his authenticity, and his articulateness There are a few images in this book that are stunning, such as his description of Japan s lights at night Eisler has also managed to fill this book with soulfulness while never let [...]

    Rating 2.5Recently I read somewhere, which said something like, sometimes, to enjoy literature, pick up a novel that you think you might enjoy and read it without judgement So, I picked up this one It was hard at times not to judge it, but as I continued reading I could manage to be less skeptical of few things.There were mainly 3 reasons for choosing this novel,1 It has something to do with Japan and I was hoping it would give some insight into the mysterious Japanese society.2 It has an assass [...]

    So I was trying to think of how to eloquently state everything I was feeling after reading this, then I read my GR friend DG s review, and that pretty much sums it up Beautiful, sad, exciting, poignant I liked how instead of all the usual guns and knives and bloody violence, John was straight forward and simple and if you needed killing he snapped your neck and was done with it It seemed realistic that all the flash All the complicated particulars of his traveling around the city and backtracki [...]

    Julie Davis
    25 2010.Recommended by Matt American born, half Japanese, John Rain is a professional hit man with a strict set of rules for his targets no women or children, only principles in a dispute He specializes in natural causes deaths and has just pulled one off while giving us a bit of back story Interestingly as the story goes on through fascinating twists and turns, we are not asked to find John a sympathetic character We learn of his story so that his life s work makes sense but the character doe [...]

    Good story about a half Japanese, half American assassin, who falls for the daughter of one of his targets Great details about Tokyo.

    In Barry Eisler s a Clean Kill in Tokyo aka Rain Fall , the first instalment in the John Rain thriller series, this would hook you on the first page and keep you in suspense right to the end John Rain is a half Japanese, half American assasin, who s speciality was giving his victims natural causes It all started when he went after his mark on the subway in Japan and gave him a heart attack in Tokyo Then he gets involved with Midori, a beautiful jazz pianist in a band When while he tried to get o [...]

    Gerald Sinstadt
    This is an ambitious first novel that suffers as such endeavours often do from wanting to say too much This is, after all, a thriller maybe a bit too violent nevertheless and it is a thriller with a devilishly clever plot and a setting that is fresh and intriguing, strongly conveyed It earns its four stars.John Rain, the central character, is a Japanese Ameriican plying a shadowy, not to say shady, trade in Tokyo He becomes romantically involved with the daughter of a murder victim to say would [...]

    John Rain is the kind of assasin that internet conspoiracy theories are made of He s not the kind of guy to stab and shoot his targets though he s than capable of that but to poison a target over time so that his her death seems to from natural causes to use just one example Plotwise the beats that make up the story job goes wrong, protagonist finds out it was a set up, protagonist sets out to find out who set him up, uses too cool for words martial arts skills to work his way up or down the co [...]

    John Doez
    No es nada del otro jueves pero tiene varios puntos a favor Que el personaje sea un asesino y la narraci n se haga en primera persona tiene su punto Probablemente se le podr a sacar m s partido, pero como idea es atractiva Se lee r pido porque quieres saber qu pasa a continuaci n Est ambientada en Jap n, con lo que explota las diferencias culturales y lugares de Tokio Quiz abusa de las escenas de acci n, pero est n bien narradas y da la sensaci n de que el autor sabe de artes marciales.Veremos s [...]

    1 in John Rain series.John Rain is a half America, half Japanese Viet Nam veteran now living in Tokyo as a freelance assassin After a contract on the Tokyo subway, he finds his victim had a disk sought by almost everyone He meets Midori, the victim s daughter, a jazz pianist, and finds she is in danger because the bad guys assume she has the disk Exotic locale and wheels within wheels.

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