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  • Title: Coming to England: An Autobiography. by Floella Benjamin
  • Author: Floella Benjamin
  • ISBN: 9781406315967
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

  • Coming to England: An Autobiography. by Floella Benjamin By Floella Benjamin Floella Benjamin reveals the hopes and fears, and the pain she experienced when leaving the Caribbean for an unfriendly new life in England Her feelings are shared by any child who has had to adapt to a new life in a strange environment and culture.
    Floella Benjamin
    Floella Benjamin, OBE, was born in 1949

    Coming to England: An Autobiography. by Floella Benjamin By Floella Benjamin


    Excellent, autobiographical account of children s TV presenter Floella Benjamin and her experience as a young child leaving her home in Trinidad to come to England.This is a deceptively simple read with some deeper issues thrown in Floella, in Trinidad, is proud to be part of the British Empire She knows English grammar and history than many of her counterparts in England She loves her tropical island life.Then she arrives in a cramped, damp, flat in London She s picked on at school, made to fe [...]

    Having received the famous Floella Benjamin hug at my graduation ceremony Uni of Exeter where she was the chancellor until recently , I was very interested in finding out about this inspirational woman Whilst this is a kids book and ok, the deadline for the 2017 reading challenge was also a motivation to pick up this short read , it doesn t shy away from discussing issues such as colonialism and racism which is so refreshing We need like this for young readers.

    A Severs
    Simply written but compelling very easy for children to read but hard hitting in its content.

    Helena Spiteri
    Coming to England is the biography of a young girl who leaves her home in Trinidad in 1960 to move to England with her family That young girl is Floella Benjamin, renowned broadcaster and children s author The story opens with idyllic descriptions of her childhood and family life in the tropical paradise of her homeland Much of the novel centres around the values of her mother and how those values such as working hard and having a positive attitude regardless of what is going on around you influ [...]

    Jamila Kamal
    This book is an autobiography of Floella Benjamin and her unique record of the experience of immigration to Britain When Floella Benjamin first came to England from Trinidad in the early sixties, she hadn t seen her parents for fifteen months At first, her joy at being reunited with her mother overcomes the shock at her new surroundings in cold, noisy London but when she starts school she is upset by the taunting and rejection she faces Determined to survive, Floella realizes that the only way i [...]

    Coming to England is an engrossing tale of Jamaican refugees moving to England to begin a new life Floella is from a wealthy background however life is difficult in her home country and as a result, like so many otheres, her parents deicde to relocate to the UK Sceptical at forst and also subjected to considerable racism, the book inclues adult themes and would appeal to readers of all ages For the 10 11 year olds who I read the book with, they were in fact hugely satisfied with the playful lang [...]

    A fascinating story of growing up in London in the times of mass immigration from the Indies, a time when no blacks, no Irish no pets signs were common in shop windows on adverts It was the London I was born into and moved away from to grow up We forget it was not so long ago that attitudes were so entrenched and vocal and so growing up as a young black woman must have been tough Soem of it is harrowing The content is quite dispassionate the emotion is checked and surprisingly British stiff uppe [...]

    This I m sure a not uncommon story and oft told here though told simply, effectively and directly through a child s eyes.Aimed primarily at children this is an important book and very informative, especially so to those who have little or no knowledge of the experience of a child making the transition from a happy family life in the Caribbean to the Mother Country England in the 1950 s 60 s and all the trials, tribulations and unexpected rejection that came with that Such an experience as pointe [...]

    Children and adults alike will enjoy Floella s triumphant personal account of early life in Trinidad, followed by a long and difficult period of separation from her family, and finally, emigration to London, England Her writing is vividly descriptive and engaging She is determined to succeed in her new country and stands up to her bullies and learns speak the Queen s English at school She learns when it is appropriate to speak in her beloved rich Trinidadian accent Floella s story provides an in [...]

    It was really hard to rate this book It was not the best book I have ever read, but having said that, I don t read many autobiographies so don t have much to compare it to and I did enjoy it I am glad I read it, as Floella Benjamin is someone from my childhood memories who never failed to make me smile She was so full of energy and warmth, I wanted to find out a bit about the life of this amazing woman It was an interesting read that I would recommend to anyone who watched her on TV as a child. [...]

    Interesting enough as a quick read Quite poignant in today s political climate.

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