UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition - by Charles Eisenstein #2020

  • Title: Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition
  • Author: Charles Eisenstein
  • ISBN: 9781583943977
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

  • Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition By Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth Today, these trends have reached their extreme but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a cSacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth Today, these trends have reached their extreme but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being This book is about how the money system will have to change and is already changing to embody this transition A broadly integrated synthesis of theory, policy, and practice, Sacred Economics explores avant garde concepts of the New Economics, including negative interest currencies, local currencies, resource based economics, gift economies, and the restoration of the commons Author Charles Eisenstein also considers the personal dimensions of this transition, speaking to those concerned with right livelihood and how to live according to their ideals in a world seemingly ruled by money Tapping into a rich lineage of conventional and unconventional economic thought, Sacred Economics presents a vision that is original yet commonsense, radical yet gentle, and increasingly relevant as the crises of our civilization deepen.Sacred Economics official website sacred economics About the Imprint EVOLVER EDITIONS promotes a new counterculture that recognizes humanity s visionary potential and takes tangible, pragmatic steps to realize it EVOLVER EDITIONS explores the dynamics of personal, collective, and global change from a wide range of perspectives EVOLVER EDITIONS is an imprint of North Atlantic Books and is produced in collaboration with Evolver, LLC.
    Charles Eisenstein
    Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution His writings on the web magazine Reality Sandwich have generated a vast online following he speaks frequently at conferences and other events, and gives numerous interviews on radio and podcasts Writing in Ode magazine s 25 Intelligent Optimists issue, David Korten author of When Corporations Rule the World called Eisenstein one of the up and coming great minds of our time Eisenstein graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and spent the next ten years as a Chinese English translator He currently lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and serves on the faculty of Goddard College.

    Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition By Charles Eisenstein


    Charles Eisenstein s Sacred Economics is a radical book penned with a lot of passion and the best of intentions This treatise on alternative economics serves up some very worthy ideas that are compromised by a handful of the author s less rigorous tendencies and intellectually insupportable positions As a whole, the book had a decidedly divisive effect on my psyche.Even for someone reticent to call anything sacred, there is a lot to love about Sacred Economics Eisenstein is one of many early 21s [...]

    Bill O'driscoll
    Terrific, even visionary argument that the way we think about economics, and specifically about money, is fundamentally flawed, thus inevitably leading us to bad decisions, bad living and an increasingly damaged planet Eisenstein traces much of the problem to interest, and the dilemma that wealth that is, money, the only kind of wealth we recognize can grow even while it is idle, yet our true wealth that resides in the land, air and water is finite This all leads us to an artificial sense of sca [...]

    Elmaneca Cabrera
    I hope with great earnest that this vision becomes reality.

    Einsenstein presents new ideas about possible economic futures new to me anyway The move away from the money economy itself isn t new Nor is the idea to create a new money system most students of history could tell you this and then recite a list of examples as long as my arm and written in tiny handwriting I give this two stars because while the book itself is easy to read and understand, it doesn t delve into practical realities we will still have jobs people don t want to do and paying people [...]

    I absolutely love this piece while the end result is highly idealistic, the ideas and approach within are nevertheless applicable on a local scale today and should be strived towards Eisenstein is remarkable in his approach to the topic of economics and optimistic in his view of what we could become as a people By stripping back all of history to come to a general understanding about the generative nature of economics and then rebuilding it in a way that exemplifies the possibilities and necessi [...]

    Nick Stibbs
    Eisenstein is a contemporary philosopher, who has penned several tomes after The Yoga of Eating and The Ascent of Humanity, this is his latest book, addressing economic issues He upholds a spiritual perspective, albeit one which locates spirituality in the heart of matter, expressed through our lives, bodies and relationships on and with the earth Seeing the body as an expression of soul and not in a dualistic opposition, he continues a tradition going back through Blake, the Hebrew tradition an [...]

    Money is like the taboo topic of our time Seems like so much of how we define ourselves and others are wrapped up in how much we re worth materially I ve always been fascinated with our shared magical belief that green pieces of paper have worth and even stranger today, that taps from computers add and subtract numbers to bank accounts Eisenstein leads us through a brief history of economics and how we reached this point in time He s not scolding or nostalgic for a return to an earlier time But [...]

    I was first introduced to the work of Charles Eisenstein through the website Reality Sandwich, brainchild of Daniel Pinchbeck In fact, I think the passage I read was an excerpt from this book The entirety of Sacred Economics is hosted in bits and pieces on Reality Sandwich, so if this piques your interest you can check it out at no charge Following that introduction, I read Eisenstein s book The Yoga of Eating which I really enjoyed, and helped me make the decision to read Sacred Economics.Sacre [...]

    In his overly long, unbearably redundant book, Eisenstein drowns a few valid concepts namely, the importance of community, a reversal of pervasive commodification, and a restoration of our connection with the goods and services we buy in a lukewarm broth of lazy, unscientific ideas Through a blatantly narcissistic exposition, Eisenstein preaches that modernity depravity, that the Second Law of Thermodynamics has been repeatedly violated by technologies confiscated by occult powers, and that our [...]

    In the opposite of Mr Eisenstein s writing style, I will keep this succinct Largely a Buddhist vision of money and exchange, Sacred Economics does offer some interesting and hugely important insights into the possible future of the global economic system An important read for the chapters on negative interest and the backing of money with the things we wish to preserve.

    Charles and I wrote our books concurrently, without awareness that we were both exploring the same concepts What a pleasure it was to discover a kindred spirit, and to consciously work with Charles to build a field of awareness around these ideas Beautiful book beautiful man I highly recommend this one

    Leland Beaumont
    Author Charles Eisenstein begins this bold and well written book examining why innovation, labor saving devices, and all of the earth s bounty fail to deliver prosperity to most of the people After centuries of technological advances, why do we find ourselves working just as much as ever he asks, before observing For centuries, futurists have predicted an imminent age of leisure Why has it never happened The reason is that, at every opportunity, we have chosen to produce rather than to work les [...]

    Mark Findlater
    There is no question Eisenstein is smart but his writing is immature and his eulogy is aimed hard at the converted and by definition they need no conversion.The history of money was fascinating, the economics simple, the ideas beautiful, the potential infinite, Eisenstein s dreams fantastical and the research, proof points and hard science, lacking.It would be easy to dismiss the ideas as impossible, but if there is one great takeaway it is that through a little introspection you will realise ho [...]

    Stephanie Hallmark
    I bought this book at one of his lectureswhere I was actually blown away Listening to him it was like someone had taken every really important thread I had been following for the last twenty years and woven them together into a coherent narrative I suppose it is the application of buddhism to political economy.d doubtless others have said interesting things than I can come up with here, but definitely recommended reading.

    Charles is publishing it serially at the webmagazine Reality Sandwich, you can read it as it comes out weekly or so here realitysandwich homepaSo far, it s beautiful I can t imagine it getting less so as it goes on.

    Negatif faize Dem raj ba l olarak, Servetin da l m ndaki bozuklu u d zeltme, r yen para kavram yla biriktirmeye dayal ekonomik yap y de i tirme fikirleri ok iyi Ancak, sistemin i leyi i konusunda neriler b l m nde 3 B l m zay f kalm.

    Genel olarak be endim Arma an ekonomisi, r yen para, b y menin kontrol alt na al nmas kontroll k lme fikirlerine genel olarak yatk n m Kitab n son b l mlerindeki tekrarlar okumay g le tiriyor.

    I m halfway through Charles Eisenstein s Sacred Economics Money, Gift Society in the Age of Transition, and I couldn t wait to share a little of what it s about This is one of the few books I think should be required reading for every college student Given the economic crisis we have been facing for well over two centuries, it is highly important that we stop, yes stop, and really think about the origins, purpose, and impact of the monetary system on our lives, and indeed the plant.This book ans [...]

    Burl Hall
    I have read two of Eisenstein s books, this one and A Most Beautiful World Eisenstein is one o the leaders for the dawning of humanity in moving from the Genesis 2 curse in which we are to toil and to be enslaved by the Man The Man in the sense I am using it entails corporations, government, etc that comprise top down governance Eisenstein s work fosters the evolution of the human being into a creature that is bottom up so than top down Thus, the curse of Genesis, And the Man shall rule over th [...]

    Brilliant This book explores the history of money and gifts in society It underscores how money is devouring the Commons which used to be free for everyone and how our system of usury is perpetuating infinite debt which will result in the complete destruction of the Commons, unless we change Capitalism is a system based on infinite growth in a finite system this means our current economic system is UNSUSTAINABLE Read this book to learn about other possibilities, you won t be sorry and I guarante [...]

    This book is one of my top recent reads When I first started it, I set it aside after reading the first chapter or the intro thinking it might not be new information Then I picked it up and started reading in the middle and got really fascinated by his ideas then went back and read the first half I love his take on our current money system, gift economies, and his attitude that changes to our money system are already happening I feel super inspired by his ideas of adopting a negative interest sy [...]

    Freja Friborg
    This book was really amazing for me to read, it put words on so many of the feelings that I have had through time but had difficult to explain And it gives and amazing positive and possible future ahead for our world and economic system A clear down to earth explanation of what we can do I would recommend everyone to read this book and be inspired

    Emily Mellow
    Well I WANTED to like this book I tried reading it online and couldn t get into it I was inspired by a book group to try again, so I got it from the library and still, it is just not written in a way that works for me Sad, because I love his ideas and have really enjoyed watching his videos.

    His philosophies and ideas about money, economics, greed, community, etc, resonated with me absolutely, but I think it falls a little flat in the practical solutions department.

    Claudia Hays
    although too big picture, optimistic about his particular theory, and a bit slow in the beginning I do agree with considerable portions of his outlook on sharing gifting styles of economy.

    Julita Vassileva
    Excellent philosophical book that changed my view of the world.

    Andrew Long
    A towering, shattering, monumental work of scholarly synthesis A deeply peaceful work of contemplation Impractical and brilliant Obvious.

    I found some of the principles set forth to be appealing but was disappointed at the lack of research provided to support broad claims.

    I haven t read this cover to cover, properly read the first four chapters and bits of later chapters I intend to read later

    Denis Berman
    This book spoke volumes to me but I highly doubt it will be the same for everybody The concept makes sense, all based on gift giving But, how can you control people at such a large scale based on favor and perception of that other person s value to give to you I am writing this in 2017, 6 years after this book has been written and where I am from not much has changed, and in fact it has even gotten worse I guess things got to get worse first before better The place where I am from will be the la [...]

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition - by Charles Eisenstein
      499 Charles Eisenstein
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