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  • Title: The Cryptographer
  • Author: Tobias Hill
  • ISBN: 9780571218370
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Cryptographer By Tobias Hill John Law is a man full of secrets People call him the Cryptographer, or the Codebreaker He is mysterious and charming, the world s first quadrillionaire When tax inspector Anna Moore is assigned Law as a new client, her first task is to discover just what he is trying to hide.
    Tobias Hill
    Tobias Hill born London, England, 30 March 1970 is an award winning British poet, essayist, writer of short stories and novelist.Tobias Hill was born in Kentish Town, north London, to parents of German Jewish and English extraction his maternal grandfather was the brother of Gottfried Bermann, confidant of Thomas Mann and, as owner of S Fischer Verlag, German literature s leading publisher in exile during the Second World War 1 Hill was educated at Hampstead School, a comprehensive institution, and Sussex University He lives in Cricklewood, north London.Hill first came to attention in the 1990s as a poet and author of short stories, with early work appearing in magazines such as The Frog Papers he has since become established as a novelist As a poet Hill has published four collections,Year of the Dog 1995 , Midnight in the City of Clocks 1996 , influenced by his experience of life in Japan, Zoo 1998 and Nocturne in Chrome Sunset Yellow 2006 the last of these was described by The Guardian as A vital, luminous collection is rare to come across a collection of poetry that you know with certainty you will still be reading years from now, but for me, this is such a book 2 Hill s only collection of short stories, Skin 1997 , was serialized on BBC Radio 4, was shortlisted for the 1998 John Llewellyn Rhys Mail on Sunday Prize, and won the International PEN Macmillan Silver Pen Award.From

    The Cryptographer By Tobias Hill


    I always doubted that poetry and crime fiction fit well together Hill proves they don t I like mystery, but don t like it if the plot remains a mystery to me I admire myself for having reached the last page when I immediately threw the book away lest my daughter finds it and commits suicide Anna, a neurotic tax inspector staggering through an investigation, falling in love with her client and in the end eats breakfast with her ex lover ex colleague Meanwhile she admires an expensive building enc [...]

    Simon Mcleish
    Originally published on my blog here in January 2008.In all the history of literature, the number of central characters in novels who are tax inspectors can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand And of these, four will be satirical, leaving The Cryptographer unique as a thriller with a tax inspector heroine Anna Moore is good at her job, and when the UK Inland Revenue discovers discrepancies in the accounting of John Law, the richest man on the planet, she is chosen to investigate The n [...]

    No s si ponerle 1 o 2 estrellas a este libro Todos mis instintos me incitan a ponerle solo una, m s que nada porqu nunca sufr tanto al leer un libro Si bien la premisa es, a mi parecer, bastante original por lo menos en lo que a mi concierne nunca antes le un libro cuya protagonista fuese una inspectora de impuestos y Tobias Hill tiene un manejo del lenguaje envidiable, eso no basto para hacer de este libro uno que pudiese disfrutarse Los personajes protagonista incluida me parecieron vac os y s [...]

    Madhavi Reddy
    A sort of Gatsby for the Bitcoin age instead can barely rise above the level of Twilight fanfic Huge disappointment Everything that worked in The Love of Stones is tossed aside what a letdown that Anna seems to be the very opposite of Katherine Thankfully he returned to form in The Hidden s The Love of Stones and The Hidden share the elements of parallel narratives full of specialist knowledge that not only ground the plot and character but also sometimes make up for the plot holes and some weak [...]

    What a strange little book and I only mean little in the sense that at 260 pages its small compared to most I read these days.It seems to be a book of opposites substantial the detail is meticulous but easy to read but somehow I am feeling as if I ve missed something whilst reading it Its not dissatisfaction as such perhaps a sense of when I finished it I wanted to say what a strange story , almost as if I can t quite put my finger on why I liked it, or disliked it.As for the characters, you be [...]

    i enjoyed this, the story of a tax inspector anna sent on a routine investigation of business man john law john is a cryptographer, making his millions from writing a programme for paperless worldwide currency the problem is the code he has writen is unhackable which means that should anything go wrong with it it can t be hacked into to put rightor is it there is also a subplot involving retired tax inspector lawrence, anna and john.oh and theres a little twist at the endry articulate and beauti [...]

    Rana Yousif
    hmmm, I was so exited about this book however after reading it , it somehow was not that great ere were some moments in which I found the book interesting but most of the time it got boring ybe this book is just not for me but since I saw that there was romance in it I told myself this would be a great book the problem is that it mostly talked about the SoftMoney , and that was the most boring part in this novel I liked Anna and her character , she seemed a fine lady , however I hated the fact t [...]

    My 2006 bookcrossing review This is a curious book and to be honest I think I need to read it a few times to really get to grips with all that was going on Who knows when I ll get to that, considering the TBR book mountain I have waiting But I liked this book It s about love and about money and the question of whether the two are seperate, two opposite ends of human experience or not There s quite a cool, almost brooding atmosphere throughout the whole book.Also makes you think about what money [...]

    Katrina Tan
    A slow waltz of romance and longing set in the very near future of a tax inspector Not normally what I d read a little too emo, a little too much navel gazing It s a romance enough said.But the relationship is so doomed and so tragic that I want to read onI don t think I can read another of his works, but the long drawn out courtship, the insecurity and uncertainty, and the final doomed ending is just bitterly endearing.I think the quote at the back of the book is perfect Nothing in this oddly f [...]

    James Targett
    I liked this book, but felt that although it was a romance hung around a science fiction premise, the ideas of that premise a electronic currency, and the failure of would have been better explored by a science fiction writer I d love to see what Charlie Stross could have done with the story One example would an electronic currency replace all other currencies by the year 2021 Even in 3rd world countries where not everyone has access to a computer Really And this is where the book falls down in [...]

    Pointless piece of prose that classifies itself as a thriller It is just a soporific piece of fiction that promises than it delivers.No thrilling aspect at all Pieces of futuristic technology mix oddly with bits of retro, which doesn t help the credibility The plot is infantile The love story is so flimsy, it is laughable, and Anna is such a boring person I think she is well suited to her job as tax inspector The only saving grace of this book is its decent writing Pity for failed storyline and [...]

    While I liked the setting of this near future science fiction, especially the mundane aspects, and also the reserved protagonist, this was a thriller with no tension and an almost absent plot Hill writes beautifully but it s not enough to sustain the weak narrative.

    Kirsty Darbyshire
    In the beginning I liked the style of this book and the fact that I was finding a story that revolves around an Inland Revenue tax inspector interesting amused me too As the book went on though I didn t find the plot to be gripping enough and the elegance I found in the writing was really just because it s written in the present tense Not a bad book but not enough to make me look the author out again.

    This book couldn t figure out if it wanted to be a semi serious romance novel, a light thriller, or a near future SF novel I had trouble with the latter, as it kept reading like William Gibson s later work, or Ian Banks s thrillers, or even something by Ballard, but was never as dark or cynical as any of those, even as it was clearly convinced it was.

    I was expecting something like a Dan Brown when I started this book but it turned out that Tobias Hill has a much different style It is not a thriller as such and the action and mystery the reader might expect, never arrives I read this book in Greek and I believe that the translation does not do it justice, it brakes the flow of Hill s writing I should have read it in English.

    Imogen Herrad
    I m only half way through this and already tempted to give it five stars Such delicious language Hm Finished now Delicious language, yes, but such a weak plot, and a weaker ending Shame, that, it began so promisingly.

    An immersive, almost submersive, near future journey that scratches the shiny surface of electronically transmitted power The attraction of the book lies in the rubbing together of tectonic plates of traditional form and futureworld content Are these characters well drawn or heavily pixilated

    Possibly one of the worst novels I have read dull characterisation, thin and unlikely plot, messy dialogue Too clever by half resulting in a boring narrative and uneventful conclusion Give it a miss.

    Tony O"Donahue
    Very intrigued by this as the plot is somewhat out of the norm It does take some deciphering on the part of the reader and I continually wondered where everything was going but ultimately I found the effort well rewarded.

    Angel Serrano
    Estamos en el Reino Unido de 2020 El dinero f sico ha dejado paso a una forma de dinero electr nico imposible de falsificar Su inventor, al estilo de Bill Gates, es el hombre m s rico de la tierra Pero esto cambiar con una investigaci n fiscal.

    jj aitken
    This is my favorite kind of fiction Tobias has created one of those rare and wonderful worlds, where you have never been before, it feels very alien yet very much like home Elegant, simple and beckoning.

    Denise Kearney
    Kindle Free an interesting read

    Katie Mcsweeney
    An easy, fun, quick read.

    Donelle Fox
    It had a lot of potential I enjoyed the idea but the story itself went nowhere, the behaviour of the characters was unbelievable.

    Science fiction not normally my kind of thing, but this was so well written that it drew me in, and I quite enjoyed it.

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      Tobias Hill